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The Best Water Business Names

People can be very careful and discerning when it comes to choosing water brands or businesses. So, if you want to succeed in the world of water, you need to have the right brand name to help you stand out, and if you’re looking for wonderful water business name ideas, we’re here to help.

The BizNameWiz water business name generator is the perfect tool to use when you’re looking for water business names. It can create hundreds of water business name ideas for you in an instant, and the water business name generator is totally free to use, too.

This guide will also take a look at some of our favorite water business name ideas, and we’ll look at some methods you can use to create water business names of your own. Plus, we’ll analyze some real-world water business names to see how and why they work so well.

15 Catchy Water Business Name Ideas

In the water industry, people are often looking for companies that offer high standards of quality, purity, health, and flavor. So it’s important to keep these concepts in mind when you want to create cool and catchy water business name ideas.

  • Pure Hydration  
  • The Healthy Water Co.  
  • Fresh & Crisp   
  • Thirst Blast   
  • Fresh Springs   
  • Natural Drop   
  • Ocean Expanse   
  • River Fresh   
  • Water Wellness    
  • Drink Deep 
  • Healthy Sip
  • Soothing Water 
  • Cool N Fresh
  • Elevated Water  
  • Next Level Purity

Tips for Creating Catchy Water Business Name Ideas

If you want to make catchy water business names that will help you generate attention and draw in more customers, it’s a good idea to focus on key words and concepts that make people think of high-quality water. Words like pure, natural, healthy, crisp, cool, and refreshing are all useful here, and you can type these kinds of words into our water business name generator for even more ideas.

15 Water Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

It’s no secret that rhyming words and words that start with the same letter (alliteration) work really well for business names including water business names. When you combine these kinds of words, you create names that are easy to remember and fun to say out loud. Here are a few examples, designed specifically for water companies.

  • Wonderful Water   
  • Happy Hydration  
  • Healthy H2O    
  • Wellness Water    
  • Water Wealth   
  • Let’s Go H2O   
  • Pure & Pristine  
  • Perfect Purity   
  • Hydration Station   
  • The Drip Trip   
  • Splendid Spring   
  • The Clean Clarity Water Company   
  • Liquid Line    
  • Bottled Beauty   
  • Aqua Master

Tips for Creating Water Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

Making water business names with rhyming words or alliteration isn’t too tricky. All you have to do to get started is list some key words that are associated with your brand. You might choose generic, water-related words like aqua, H2O, hydro, and river, for example, and then try to find other words that sound similar. Once again, you can also use our water business name generator and hone in on the ideas that contain rhyming or alliteration if you need a helping hand.

15 Unique Water Business Name Ideas for Bottled Water Brands

There are lots of different bottled water brands out there nowadays, including mineral water brands, spring water brands, and others. In order to compete in this increasingly crowded market, you’ll need to come up with some unique and original names to give to your business. Here are some original water business names for up-and-coming brands to consider.

  • RejuvenAqua   
  • PurHydro  
  • Hydrat’d  
  • Quench’d   
  • Aqua Pura    
  • Hydro Blast   
  • RevitaWater  
  • Natura Aquatic   
  • Ocean X   
  • SipFresh   
  • Drinkly    
  • Drink Clean   
  • Nature’s Gift   
  • Drip Drop   
  • The Waterfall Co.

Tips for Creating Unique Water Business Name Ideas for Bottled Water Brands

When it comes to creating unique and original water business name ideas, the key is creativity. You need to be willing to think outside of the box and use words and phrases that aren’t commonly seen elsewhere. This is what will help your brand to stand out. Don’t be afraid to make up new words or combine existing words to generate new concepts.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Helpful Hydro
  • Hydro Pro
  • Pro Hydro
  • H2Hydro
  • H2O Outfitters
  • Wellness Water
  • Water Well
  • Water Waiter
  • Wealth Of Water
  • Water Flow
  • Flowing Water
  • Streams Of Water
  • Clean Streams
  • Sure Streams
  • Certain Streams
  • AquaWorld
  • NeptuneWater
  • ClearWater
  • TastyWater
  • Magic of Water
  • Mr. Water
  • WaterX
  • WhaleWater
  • Blue Waterfall
  • Briliant River
  • Waterlix
  • Hydroso
  • Watersy
  • Aquaga
  • Hydroyo
  • Water Well
  • Watering Hole
  • Water Hole
  • Well Water
  • Water Plant
  • White Water
  • Water Shed
  • Holy Water
  • Fresh Water
  • Water Me
  • Clean Water
  • Water Wishes
  • Water Down
  • Water Park
  • Just Water

The Best Real-World Water Business Names

If you need some inspiration when trying to think of water business name ideas, a good method to try is to look at some real-world businesses and think about how and why they named their businesses the way they did. Let’s take a look at a few really clever water company names to see what makes them work so well.


How Smartwater Got Its Name
Smartwater is the name of a bottled water brand, first introduced in 1996 in the US. The brand’s name was chosen to reflect the “smart” method of processing it undergoes in order to remove impurities and add vital minerals.

Why Smartwater Is A Great Water Business Name
Smartwater works well as a water brand name because people immediately associate the word “smart” with products that are better than normal or special in some way. The name of this brand suggests that there’s strong science behind it, which makes people believe that the water is of better quality and may even be better for their health.

Pure Life

How Pure Life Got Its Name
Pure Life is a brand of bottled water produced by Nestlé. The name reflects how the water in each bottle is pure and how water is a life-giving source.

Why Pure Life Is A Great Water Business Name
As explained earlier on, “Pure” is one of the best keywords to consider using in your water business names, as people care a great deal about the purity of their water. The name Pure Life, therefore, works very well, as it contains two powerful, evocative words that people really care about.


How Aquafina Got Its Name
Aquafina is an American bottled water brand, owned by the PepsiCo company. The name combines the words “Aqua” and “Fina” which translates to English as “Fine”.

Why Aquafina Is A Great Water Business Name
Aquafina works well as a water business name as it’s short, simple, and easy to remember. It also suggests that the water produced by this brand is of fine quality.

Most Successful Water Business Names


How Fiji Got Its Name
Fiji is a high-end brand of water, sourced and bottled in the island nation of Fiji, hence the name.

Why Fiji Is A Great Water Business Name
Fiji is a very powerful brand name, owing a lot of its success and impact to the reputation of Fiji, the country, itself. Fiji, as a nation, is famed as a picturesque, pristine haven, with clean waters and beautiful nature. The brand name plays on these associations, creating an image of purity and quality.

Mountain Valley Spring Water

How Mountain Valley Spring Water Got Its Name
Mountain Valley Spring Water is an American brand of spring water that is bottled in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The company was originally called Lockett’s Spring Water, but was renamed Mountain Valley Spring Water in honor of a small community close to where the source spring is located.

Why Mountain Valley Spring Water Is A Great Water Business Name
Mountain Valley Spring Water is an example of a long water brand name, but even though it’s longer, it still works really well. Each word adds something to the name, and the use of the words “Mountain Valley” adds a touch of nature and purity to the name.


How Evian Got Its Name
Evian is a French bottled water company. It was named after the city in which it was founded.

Why Evian Is A Great Water Business Name
Evian is a short, simple, and attractive bottled water brand name. The name is easy to remember and has an exotic touch. It shows that naming bottled water companies after towns and places can be an effective strategy.

Tips for Creating Your Own Water Business Name

Use Strong Key Words

One of the golden rules when it comes to naming a water business is to make smart use of keywords. This is particularly important in the water industry because people care a lot about the water they consume and will be more likely to trust brands that have the best-sounding names. Words associated with concepts of health, purity, nature, and wellness can work very well for water brands and businesses.

Think About Your Audience

It’s also a good idea to think carefully about your audience when you’re coming up with water business names or brand names and try to think of names that will resonate with your target customers and draw them to your brand. For example, if you’re trying to create a high-end, artesian style bottled water, you may want to use a very elegant and refined name. If you’re aiming at a more general crowd of customers, simpler words can suffice.

Focus on a Unique Selling Point

Another good tip to keep in mind when naming your water business is to try and focus on one unique aspect or feature of your water to set it apart from the others. For example, you might want to pick a name that talks about how pure your water is, or you might want to focus on the health and wellness benefits of your water, its mineral content, or the way in which it is sourced. Either way, pick something special about it and use that to make great name ideas.

Check Availability

It’s always important to check and see if the business names that you want to use are actually available, as you might find that someone else already had the same idea as you and has already claimed the relevant website address and social media account names associated with your chosen brand name. So, before you start setting up your new business and creating your website, do a little research and check that the name you want to use is actually available to claim.

Use the Water Business Name Generator

It can be hard to come up with water business name ideas all by yourself. That’s where the BizNameWiz water business name generator comes into play. What is the water business name generator? Well, it’s a simple tool that can create hundreds or even thousands of name ideas for you in a matter of seconds. All you have to do to use the water business name generator is think of one or more words that sum up your business, type them into the box, and press the Generate button.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you find some useful methods and interesting ideas to help out when it comes to naming your water brand or company. It really is important to take your time with naming your brand, as the right name can help massively in terms of getting eyes on your business and raising the number of customers you have. So make sure to take naming seriously and follow the tips and tricks listed in the guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are lots of ways to potentially pick your next water brand or business name. A good method to get started is to list as many key words and phrases as you can think of that are associated with your brand, and then use those words to make name ideas.

In the real world, we can see countless examples of great water brand names. Short names like Evian, Fiji, and Aquafina can work really well, as well as longer names like Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Absolutely, our water business name generator tool is totally free to use, and super simple, too. Just type one or more words into the box provided and hit the Generate button.
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