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The Best Wedding Business Name Ideas

Weddings are some of the happiest and most magical days of all, and many couples find that they need a little help in planning their perfect big day and making all of their wedding dreams come true. So, they turn to wedding businesses like wedding planners and specialized venues.

Running these kinds of businesses can be a really rewarding experience, as you get to play a part in helping people have the happiest times of their lives. And with the right wedding business names, your company can be a huge success!

However, thinking of wedding business name ideas can be a challenge. It’s important to think carefully and choose the right words to make your company’s name catchy, exciting, engaging, and effective, and the BizNameWiz wedding business name generator can help with that.

The wedding business name generator is the perfect tool to create hundreds of amazing wedding business name ideas in a matter of seconds! Test it out today, and read through our guide to learn more about making great wedding business names.

15 Beautiful Wedding Business Names for Wedding Venues

One of the most important elements of any wedding is the venue. The venue provides the scene and stage for this special occasion. It needs to be beautiful, and it needs to have a beautiful name to match. Here are some great wedding business name ideas for stunning wedding venues.

  • Blossom Barn   
  • Celebration Hall    
  • The I Do Corner   
  • The Love Conservatory   
  • Lakeside Lodge   
  • Maison d’Amour   
  • The Sanctuary   
  • Castaway Island   
  • Lovers’ Paradise     
  • Fairy Tale Cottage   
  • Happy End Ranch   
  • Sunset Auditorium
  • The Mirror’s Edge
  • Skylight Peak 
  • Winter Dream Lodge

Tips for Creating Beautiful Wedding Business Names for Wedding Venues

If you’d like to create wonderful wedding business names for your fabulous venue, try to focus on beautiful and elegant words. Place words like sanctuary, cove, cottage, barn, and lodge work well for quite, cozy, and intimate wedding venues, while words like hall, auditorium, island, and conservatory can be better-suited for bigger-scale spaces and events.

15 Original Wedding Business Name Ideas for Wedding Planners

One of the best ways to get into the wedding industry is to become a wedding planner and help people plan their perfect day. There are many fabulous planners out there, and here are some great wedding business name ideas for planners to help you get ahead in this competitive industry.

  • The Perfect Day   
  • Together Forever   
  • Make it Magical   
  • Magical Memories    
  • The Strategic Approach    
  • Love Strategy     
  • No Worries Weddings    
  • Effortless Events   
  • Unstoppable Wedding Planning    
  • Enchanted Events   
  • Magic Memory Makers     
  • Precious Moment Planning    
  • The Happiest Bride
  • The Wedding Guru   
  • Ever After Weddings    

Tips for Creating Original Wedding Business Name Ideas for Wedding Planners

If you want to create super business names for your wedding planning services, try to focus on keywords that are connected with reliable, high-quality services. Words like effortless, reliable, strategy, and no worries can work well to show that your business can be relied upon to deliver. You may also want to tug on people’s heartstrings with romantic words and phrases like precious moments, magic memories, and enchanted events.

15 Unique Wedding Business Name Ideas for Destination Weddings

Many young couples love the idea of destination weddings, hoping to set off and celebrate their special day somewhere far away, like a beautiful beach in the Caribbean or on their own private island in Southeast Asia. If you’re setting up a business that specializes exclusively in destination weddings, here are some great wedding business name ideas to consider.

  • Destination Dreams   
  • Worldwide Weddings   
  • Jet Set Weddings   
  • I Do Exotic  
  • Overseas Weddings  
  • Beautiful Beach Weddings    
  • Exotic Ceremonies   
  • Wedding Travel Planners  
  • Adventure Weddings 
  • Wanderlust Weddings 
  • See the World Weddings 
  • Flyaway Wedding 
  • Ticket to Wed
  • Forever Destinations
  • Fairy Tale Destination Weddings

Tips for Creating Unique Wedding Business Name Ideas for Destination Weddings

If your business focuses mainly on destination weddings, you need to get that message across to people in your company name. To do this, try to focus on travel-related words and phrases, such as destination, travel, adventure, exotic, destination, flight, travel, and ticket. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Wedding Wishes
  • Wanted Weddings
  • Perfect Day
  • Wishful Day
  • Dream Weddings
  • Dream Day
  • Enchanted Events
  • Celebrations Co.
  • Be Our Guest
  • Eventive Weddings
  • Exquisite Events
  • Down The Aisle
  • Mellody Events
  • Lauren’S Events
  • Dragonfly Event
  • Be Happy
  • Be Together
  • Best Day
  • Best Wedding
  • Happy Bride
  • Beautiful Bride
  • One Bride
  • Bride #1
  • Wedding Team
  • Brilliant Bride
  • Brilliant Wedding
  • Wedding Palace
  • Guru of Wedding
  • Honey Bride
  • Planet of Wedding
  • Trendy Weddings
  • Weddings Gloriale
  • Merryweddings
  • Groovy Weddings
  • Sleekweddings
  • Dream Weddings
  • Dazzling Weddings
  • Radiant Weddings
  • Brightweddings
  • Bloomy Weddings
  • Bride’N Grooms
  • Unique Weddings
  • Eventmaritas
  • Royal Weddings
  • Eventify

The Best Real-World Wedding Business Names

Another great way to find ideas and inspiration when naming your wedding business is to look at some real-world wedding business names. By analyzing these names, you can find out what makes them work so well and use those lessons as part of your own naming strategy.

Fait Accompli

How Fait Accompli Got Its Name
Fait Accompli is a hugely popular and successful wedding planner business that was involved in planning the weddings of British royalty, like the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. The brand’s name was taken from the phrase “Fait Accompli”, which refers to something that has been completely done or accomplished.

Why Fait Accompli Is A Great Wedding Business Name
Fait Accompli is a fun and interesting business name with an exotic twist since it makes use of French words. This gives it a certain poetic beauty, especially in the English-speaking world. Also, the name has a clear meaning behind it and suggests that this is a company that can get things done.

Southern Affairs

How Southern Affairs Got Its Name
Southern Affairs is a wedding planning and design firm that specializes in Southern-style weddings and Southern hospitality, hence the name.

Why Southern Affairs Is A Great Wedding Business Name
The word “Southern” has a lot of great associations in terms of friendly people and great hospitality, so it works well when used in the wedding planning industry. This business name is also very short, simple, and easy to remember, too.

The Nouveau Romantics

How The Nouveau Romantics Got Its Name
The Nouveau Romantics is a wedding planning firm that aims to offer fresh, exciting weddings with timeless style and bold, adventurous ideas. The brand’s name comes from its “Nouveau” approach to romantic celebrations.

Why The Nouveau Romantics Is A Great Wedding Business Name
The Nouveau Romantics is a really fun and vibrant name for a wedding business. It has a ton of personality and almost sounds like the name of a rock and roll band or theater troupe, which helps to immediately attract attention to the business.

Most Successful Wedding Business Names


How FĂȘte Got Its Name
FĂȘte is a New York City based wedding company that has worked with such famous faces as horror author Stephen King. The company’s name was taken from the French word FĂȘte, meaning party or celebration.

Why FĂȘte Is A Great Wedding Business Name
FĂȘte is a bold choice for a wedding business name. It’s really short, easy to remember, exotic, and expressive, all at the same time.

JZ Events

How JZ Events Got Its Name
JZ Events is another New York City based wedding planning firm that has helped to organize such high-profile weddings as that of Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian. The company’s name was taken from the initials of its founder, Jennifer Zabinski.

Why JZ Events Is A Great Wedding Business Name
JZ Events shows that you don’t necessarily need to spend hours searching for the perfect poetic words to use in your wedding business name; if you want, just like Jennifer Zabinski, you can simply use your own initials or surname as part of the name.

Toast Events

How Toast Events Got Its Name
Toast Events is the name of a successful wedding planning company based in Georgia, which has helped to plan weddings for NFL stars and other celebrities. The brand’s name is a simple one, inspired by the art of “making a toast” at celebrations and weddings.

Why Toast Events Is A Great Wedding Business Name
Toast Events is another simple name for a wedding business, but it’s also a pleasant and effective one. When we hear the word “toast”, we think about people at weddings raising a glass, sharing speeches, and enjoying happy, memorable moments together.

Tips for Creating Your Own Wedding Business Name

Make it Magical

A wedding is a magical, memorable occasion, where two people and their family and friends all come together to celebrate the miracle of love. When planning and preparing for weddings, couples tend to be in a magical kind of mood and will naturally be drawn to companies that have that same happy vibe. So, when thinking of great wedding business names or looking for words to type into our wedding business name generator, try to focus on the most magical and exciting words.

Make it Beautiful, Too

A magical name is a great way to get started with your wedding company, and it also helps to ensure that your chosen name is beautiful. It needs to be pleasant to say and hear, which is why a lot of the best wedding business name ideas tend to include pretty words and ideas like dream, enchanted, blossom, flowers, and elegance. Using these kinds of words in your wedding business names will help them be truly beautiful, and it’s also a nice idea to choose words that rhyme, start with the same letter, or flow together nicely so that the name is nice to say out loud.

Be Accurate and Honest

Another good tip to follow when it comes to using our wedding business name generator or picking wedding business name ideas of your own is to choose a name that is both accurate and honest about your business. If you’re setting up a wedding planning company that focuses on elite, high-budget, fancy weddings, for example, use appropriate words in your name to get the message across and attract the attention of your target clients. Similarly, if your company specializes in destination weddings, try to use words like destination, voyage, travel, and exotic in your name.

Check for Availability

After a lot of hard work, you may think that you’ve found the perfect wedding business name for your company, and you might be ready to make it official, set up your website, and get to work on building your brand. However, before you do any of that, you’ll need to make sure that the name you want to use is actually available and hasn’t already been claimed by someone else. Do some research using search engines and social media to check that the name is free. If not, you’ll have to think of something else.

Use the Wedding Business Name Generator

To help you create great wedding business names, we made the wedding business name generator. TheBizNameWiz wedding business name generator is the perfect tool to use for naming a wedding company, as it can give you tons of name ideas in a matter of seconds. All you have to do to use the wedding business name generator is type a word (or several words) into the box provided and click Generate. And, in case you were wondering, the wedding business name generator is totally free to use, too!


Whether you’re setting up a wedding planning business, a wedding design company, or opening a beautiful new wedding venue in a luxurious location, you’ll need to find the right name to attract customers and build your brand. Hopefully, this guide has given you the insight and ideas you need to choose the perfect name. Remember to use the wedding business name generator if you want to speed up the naming process and find awesome ideas in an instant. 

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It all depends on what kind of business you're running. If you're setting up a wedding company that focuses on design and planning services, for example, you may want to use words like beautiful, elegant, luxurious, and special in your business name. If your business is more of a wedding venue, you may want to focus more on words that specifically describe your location.

There are plenty of great wedding business names that already exist, such as Fait Accompli, Southern Affairs, and The Nouveau Romantics, and you can research wedding planner and design companies to find even more awesome names to inspire you.

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