Fried Chicken Wings Business Name Ideas

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Best Fried Chicken Wings Business Name Ideas

The chicken wing – Buffalo’s gift to the world! Starting out as a solid American staple, wings are quickly becoming a favourite fast food option on highstreets across the globe. 

With growing competition and a trendy (albeit messy) reputation to uphold, a cool name for your fried chicken wings business is absolutely paramount – read on for our ultimate guide to choosing your own fried chicken wings business name, sure to have you drooling by the end!

One-Word Fried Chicken Wings Business Name Ideas 

One-word business names tell potential customers exactly what they’re going to get, upfront and simple – much like a chicken wing. The knack to achieving a distinctive fried chicken wings business name is to make it easy to remember, and what’s easier to remember than one single word?

Using our fried chicken wings business name generator, having turned on the one word filter, I entered in some wing-related words and terms to help create some fantastic one-word fried chicken wings business name options. Here are some of the best ones I got:

  • Chickden
  • Wingman
  • Buffaholic
  • Wingathon
  • Cluckin
  • Wingzilla
  • Birdish
  • Wingsnest
  • Birdarc
  • Stickyshack
  • Buffnest
  • Chicktastic
  • Peckish
  • Cluckorama
  • Chick-ish

Tips For Creating a One-Word Fried Chicken Wings Business Name

While there’s lots of fun to be had playing around with names for your fried chicken wings business, one-word names can be tricky. You want to be as original as possible, which is where coming up with associated words and combining them using our one-word fried chicken wing business name generator becomes really useful. For instance, I typed in chicken and den to get ‘Chickden’ – which, if you speak fast enough, sounds a bit like chicken…? Sort of.

One-word names can be tricky!

Identifying your unique selling proposition (USP) can be a great help when coming up with a clear and concise one-word wing business name. Though there is no vegetarian option on the list of industry filters, perhaps you could tick the organic option if your wing business will serve healthier meat alternative options – ‘Chick-ish’ was the result of my thinking along those lines.

Rhyming Fried Chicken Wings Business Names

The beady eyed among you will have noticed that not all of the names on this list actually rhyme – stay with me, though. Our fried chicken wings business name generator includes a number of filters through which results can be refined depending on what you’re after, and one of those is the rhyming filter. When you switch it on, the results include rhymes, half rhymes, alliterations and alike. See below a selection of impressive ‘rhyming’ wing business names: 

  • Wing Tings
  • Cluck Council
  • Buffalo Bowl
  • Cluck Corner
  • Rule The Roost
  • Cluck Chook
  • Best Nest
  • Tasty Platez
  • Fire Flyz
  • Grill Game
  • Big Bird’s
  • Taste Trail
  • The Wing Well
  • Grill Grub
  • Fried Flock

Tips For Creating a Rhyming Fried Chicken Wings Business Name

The starting point is to focus on coming up with a name that will appeal to your customer’s values and what they expect from your chicken wings business – words like taste, fried, grill etc can offer up some fantastic combinations for a fun rhyming wing business name. 

Once you get started you’ll likely be surprised by just how many you come up with on your own! Our chicken wings business name generator not only offers a plethora of effective names, but also inspires your own ideas. For example I got ‘Wing Things’ and ‘Wings & Things’ from the generator, but to modernise I dropped the ‘h’ and came up with ‘Wing Tings’. Keeping in mind your target market, their likes and dislikes and even their vernacular is essential in creating the best possible name for your chicken wings business.

Pun Fried Chicken Wings Business Names

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Why did the chicken cross the road? The list of chicken and wing-related puns is endless! 

Typing in the same keywords into our fried chicken wings business name generator is a great start, but this is where you can think outside the box. Think of rhymes, well known sayings and word play to have some fun with creating your pun wing business name. Here are some of the ones I got:

  • Chick Magnet
  • Fry By
  • Wingmen
  • Chickopedia
  • Wings & Queens
  • Cluck n Roll
  • Chick Flick
  • Wing Or Lose
  • TasteAWay
  • Wing My Bell
  • Wingin’ It
  • Chicken Bun
  • Hot Chicks
  • Award Wingin’
  • Poultrygeist

Tips For Creating Pun Fried Chicken Wings Business Names

The overall informality of the dining experience means that name ideas for your fried chicken wings business can be witty, humorous and colloquial, incorporating pop culture trends or slang words to create names like ‘Chickopedia’ or ‘Wingmen’. Think of words that rhyme with or sound like your keywords to help you come up with phrases you can turn into names, for instance ‘Cluck n Roll’ and ‘Wing Or Lose’.  

Remember to refine your results and play around with the filters for the best possible variety. One we haven’t mentioned so far is the ‘Insert Keyword Before/After’ filter – does what it says on the tin and is great for when you feel like your results are sounding a bit repetitive.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Wing Stop
  • Wingman
  • Wing Thing
  • Wild Wings
  • Juicy Wings Cafe
  • Full Wing
  • Wingspan Wings
  • Well Winged
  • Winning Wings
  • Winging It
  • West Wing
  • Wingfest
  • Wing World
  • Wall Of Wings
  • Wing Universe
  • King Of Wings
  • Wing King
  • Wing Royalty
  • Royal Wings
  • East Wing
  • Barbecue Wings
  • Wings of Glory
  • Sugar Wings
  • Tasty Wings
  • BBQ Wings
  • Wings Palace
  • Wings Picnic
  • Mr. Wings
  • Doctor Wing
  • Just Wing It
  • Weggie Wings
  • Red Wings
  • Spicy Wings
  • WingsMan
  • Guru of Wings
  • Wings Gallery
  • Bull Wing
  • McWings
  • Wings Club
  • Chicwing
  • Wingfing
  • Fingwing
  • Wings Of Time
  • Eagles Wings
  • Wingology

Best Real-World Wing Business Names

Best Real-World Wing Business Names

Bunny Jackson’s

The Name
Doesn’t give much away does it! As quirky as the venue is, according to the folks at Bunny Jackson’s the name was inspired by an old man from New Orleans with one leg, one eye and a harmonica…called Bunny Jackson.

Why It Works
Bunny Jackson’s sounds eccentric, individual and a little bit different, perfectly capturing the atmosphere created by the jukebox music and the kooky decor inside – not to mention the wings, which are second to none. With an established cool vibe, a random name can work wonders in terms of memorability and is sure to stand out from the crowd.


The Name
Simple but effective. Wingmans started out as a pop-up and has taken London by storm, having established two popular restaurants and a solid reputation as the wing spot in the capital.

Why It Works
It confidently lets customers know that yeah, we’re the wing guys, whilst shrewdly attracting the cool crowd it’s aiming for. By playing on the modern colloquialism ‘wingman’, this name suggests a relaxed sense of togetherness, somewhere to share some great food with mates.

Gurt Wings

The Name
You’d be forgiven for assuming that ‘Gurt’ is someone’s name, but it’s not! This clever use of West Country slang to market big, tasty finger food has helped make this food truck a local favourite.

Why It Works
Based in Swindon, Gurt Wings shows literary prowess and takes pride in local vernacular. For the non-natives among us, ‘gurt’ literally means ‘large’ but can also mean ‘very’ – as demonstrated on the Gurt Wings website: “Gurt Wings dishes up gurt tasty buttermilk soaked free-range chicken wings”. Gurt Wings authenticism is mirrored in its homemade, responsibly sourced menu.

Most Successful Wing Business Names


The Name
Established in Texas in 1994, Wingstop is now known worldwide for its original recipes, fresh flavours and, of course, aviation-themed logo and restaurants.

Why It’s Successful
It literally tells customers, “stop here for wings” – it doesn’t get much more direct than that! Wingstop’s aeroplane wing logo and strapline “The Wing Experts” enhance the feeling of efficient service and top quality fast-food created by the name.


The Name
Though the name has absolutely nothing to do with the tasty chicken wings they serve, Hooters has been a household name since it was founded in 1983. Though it may not be the wings that attract attention initially, they have certainly validated Hooters as a successful and authentic fried chicken wings business.

Why It’s Successful
The logo is an owl, owls have wings, Hooters serves chicken wings…bit of a stretch? As is the case here, random or quirky business names often prove the most popular. No matter the USP, a memorable one-word name and clever marketing strategies can work wonders.

Random or quirky business names often prove the most popular!

Buffalo Wild Wings

The Name
Having been left disappointed by the lack of chicken wing restaurants around at the time, two friends started Buffalo Wild Wings in 1982. Since then, this memorable name has become one of if not the most associated business with the beloved chicken wing in the USA.

Why It’s Successful
Buffalo Wild Wings tells customers almost everything they need to know in three words. Buffalo, New York is said to be the birthplace of the chicken wing, so incorporating that into the name is a strong start. Followed up with an alliteration, ‘wild wings’ is catchy, easy to remember and lets us know to expect a hot and tasty menu.

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Fried Chicken Wings Business

By now, hopefully you’re feeling inspired and ready to create a catchy name for your very own chicken wings business. Along with using our fried chicken wings business name generator and taking heed from the respected and popular established chicken wings businesses above, take a look below at our list of top tips to help you on your wing business naming journey:

Tip 1: Keep It Simple

Whether immediately identifiable as a wing business like Wingstop, or totally out there and random like Bunny Jackson’s, simplicity is key for choosing a memorable and successful name for your fried chicken wings business. Creativity and simplicity can and often do go hand-in-hand – look at Gurt Wings – you just have to take your time and fine tune your ideas.

 Keep it simple!

Like we discussed earlier, brainstorming your ideas is a must when deciding on what to name your business! Think of what you’re going to be selling to customers – will your menu focus on the traditional, Buffalo-style wing? Try Buffalo Bill’s. Focusing on offering variety to your customers? Consider Chickopedia. This is where you need to identify and really know your USP inside out and, most importantly, your target market. Which leads nicely onto our next top tip…

Tip 2: Test On Your Target Market

Your target market for a fried chicken wings business is a pretty easy one to identify, but within the herd of meat-eating food lovers, there will be a slightly more specific market for you to aim for – and it’s these people whose feedback you need. You might come up with what you think is a fantastic idea for a wing business name, but until you trial it with the people who will be potential future customers, you won’t know for sure. Once you’ve identified exactly who your target market is, communicate your wing business name ideas with a small focus group. Ask them focused questions such as:

  • Does this name work for a fried chicken wings business?
  • Does this sound like somewhere you would like to eat?
  • What do/don’t you like about it?
  • Do you have any suggestions for a better name?

A focus group is a really useful way to review where you’ve been successful so far and where you might need to make some changes. Make sure to present them with a few options – you don’t want to go in with one that you love only to hear your target audience aren’t fans. Of course, you can always ask family and friends for their opinions and suggestions, but there’s always a chance your nan will tell you anything you come up with is the best thing since sliced bread!

Tip 3: Check Availability

Considering the scope for using wordplay, alliteration and puns to name a fried chicken wings business, coming up with something original and unique may at first appear easy, but be sure to do your research. Market research and looking at competitors and successful businesses in your field is a crucial aspect of starting your business, but it becomes extra important and useful for checking that the names you love aren’t already taken!

Social media is a great tool for checking out modern businesses, so be sure to do extensive Instagram and Facebook searches for other wing places. Start local – you wouldn’t want to get all the way to opening up shop only to find that there’s another Cluck Council down the road! A really useful tool is to check available domain names, which you can easily do through Go Daddy when using our wing business name generator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As with any business, there are variables to consider, but in short - yes, chicken wings can prove highly profitable. Wings only appear to be growing in popularity and small, bitesize finger foods like wings provide a great opportunity for staff to upsell and rack up bigger orders in a restaurant.

Social media is a fantastic tool for advertising your chicken wings business and for building up a following in the early days, so keep on top of posting regularly and interacting with customers. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth recommendations either - if people have had a good meal, they’ll tell their friends about it!
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