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The Best Writer Name Ideas

Being a writer, running a writing business, or setting up your own writing club is a great way to bring your passion for writing into a professional setting. But in order to be successful in the professional writing world, you’ll need some good writer-name ideas.

If you’re looking for creative names for writers or catchy names for writing pages, this guide will cover all you need to know. We’ll go over some of the best writer name ideas in various categories, as well as looking at some examples of successful real-world names for writing pages and businesses.

We also invite you to make use of the BizNameWiz writer name generator if you want to make a great name for your writing page without having to spend hours brainstorming all by yourself. The generator will create lots of writer-name ideas for you, totally for free.

15 Cool and Catchy Writer Name Ideas for Writing Businesses

If you’re setting up your own writing business, whether it’s focused on publishing ebooks or fostering an online writing community, it’s important to come up with a catchy and creative name that gets people interested. Here are some fun writer-name ideas to get you started.

  • The Written Word 
  • On the Page 
  • Write or Flight 
  • The Expressionists 
  • Written and Read 
  • Promising Pages 
  • Know Your Prose 
  • If Pages Could Talk 
  • Ink and Quill 
  • Writers Alliance 
  • Happy Writers
  • Storytellers Together 
  • The Writer’s House 
  • Ink Society 
  • The First Letter

Tips for Creating Cool and Catchy Writer Name Ideas for Writing Businesses

The writer name ideas listed above primarily include writing-related words that help to get the message across about your writing business, such as written, word, page, paper, ink, book, story, and so on. Using these kinds of keywords is a good way to make your name relevant, honest, and helpful to people who want to find out more about your business.

15 Clever Names for Writing Pages on Social Media

These days, many writers are setting up their own pages and accounts on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Having a writing page or account of your own can be a good way to show off your writing, get people interested in your work, and connect with like-minded writers. Here are some fun creative names for writers to consider.

  • The Book Cover 
  • WriteBetter 
  • Creativity Incorporated 
  • Magic Ink 
  • Novelish 
  • Written Wishes 
  • Story Hour 
  • Pages for Ages 
  • Digital Storyteller 
  • Tale Teller 
  • Whispered Words 
  • Inky Expressions 
  • Inkcraft
  • Pensworthy 
  • Tale Factory

Tips for Creating Clever Names for Writing Pages on Social Media

The best names for writing pages tend to feature emotive adjectives and words that are connected to writing and reading. They can also be quite creative, and a good way to come up with a creative name for a writing page is to blend existing words together or take a word you love, like book, read, write, or novel, and then twist it in unusual and unexpected ways.

15 Unique Name for Writing Page Ideas

How about if you’re setting up a writing club or writing community online and want to create a page, social media account, or site where all the members can come together to share ideas and exchange information? Here are some fun and original creative names for writers to consider.

  • Write for Life
  • Wordsmiths 
  • Crafty Writers 
  • The Ink Creative 
  • Pen Warriors 
  • Creative Writers Inn 
  • Penmaniacs 
  • Writing Pads 
  • Write Offs 
  • Let’s Write 
  • Ticket to Write 
  • Write Minded 
  • Pen and Paper Pals 
  • Pro Prose Writers 
  • The Writer’s Way 

Tips for Creating Unique Name for Writing Page Ideas

If you’re interested in making some creative names for writers’ clubs and pages, try to think of names that are a little out-of-the-box, rather than sticking with boring or commonly used words and names. Think of fun phrases that sum up what your club or page is all about to attract people who might be interested, and make use of grammatical techniques like alliteration in your name for writing page to draw even more attention.

Think of names that are a little out-of-the-box!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Well Written
  • Prose Pros
  • Expressionists
  • Self Expression
  • Written Word
  • Write Or Flight
  • Express Yourself
  • Pen Language
  • Pithy Pages
  • Page By Page
  • Pages For Ages
  • Page Promises
  • Promining Pages
  • Hand Guide
  • Writing Wall
  • Little Writers
  • Prose society
  • Pen and Pencil
  • White Paper
  • Big Notebook
  • Book society
  • Ink Society
  • InkMan
  • Book Lovers
  • White Cover
  • Blue Cover
  • Red Ink
  • Black Cover
  • Novelish
  • Young Authors
  • Write On
  • Write of Way
  • Write Me Up
  • Write it Down
  • Write Offs
  • Write me
  • Write To me
  • Just Write
  • Write Away
  • Ticket To Write
  • Let’s Write
  • Ghostwriters
  • Writing Arm
  • Writing Pads
  • Writing Board

The Best Real-World Writer Names

Another good tip for finding great writer name ideas or names for writing pages is to look to the real world. You can find some amazing real examples of creative names for writers and writing businesses being used all around you. Here are some examples of a few of our favorites.


How Chronicles Got Its Name

Chronicles is the name of the world’s biggest sci-fi and fantasy online community, where writers and readers come together to talk about fantastical books and stories.

Why Chronicles Is A Great Writer Name

The name of this writing community works really well, as it makes use of a powerful, story-related word to draw in users who like to read and write. It’s just one word, too, which helps to make it easier to remember.

Typewriters Voice

How Typewriters Voice Got Its Name

Typewriters Voice is the name of a popular writing Instagram account. Its name combines words that are commonly associated with writing.

Why Typewriters Voice Is A Great Writer Name

Typewriters Voice is a very charming and poetic example of a writing account name. In terms of names for writing pages, it’s easy to remember and works well at attracting people who are interested in writing and the written word in general.

Writer’s Den 

How Writer’s Den Got Its Name

Writer’s Den is another Instagram account where writers can come together to share their work and exchange ideas and inspiration. The name “Den” suggests a safe space, inspiring people to share their stories freely.

Why Writer’s Den Is A Great Writer Name

Writer’s Den proves that simple names for writing pages can be some of the most effective names of all. It uses simple words and creates a clear vibe with its name, telling people exactly what they can expect from the account right away.

Simple names can be the most effective!

Most Successful Writer Names

Writer’s Digest 

How Writer’s Digest Got Its Name 

Writer’s Digest is the name of a successful American magazine that has been running since 1920. It follows in the naming tradition of other magazines throughout history, like The Literary Digest and Architectural Digest.

Why Writer’s Digest Is A Great Writer Name

This name works well on several levels. It fits in with the “Digest” series of magazines, which have developed a reputation for being high quality and trustworthy, and it also clearly states its subject matter and target audience in the very first word.

The Next Big Writer

How The Next Big Writer Got Its Name

The Next Big Writer is a global forum where writers can share their work and get feedback from others. The name inspires amateur and aspiring writers who want to get better and plays on the phrase “the next big thing”.

Why The Next Big Writer Is A Great Writer Name

The Next Big Writer works well as a writing community name, as it’s very easy to remember and works well at drawing in people who want to be big and successful writers and are looking for sites and resources to help them get better.


How Underlined Got Its Name

Underlined is a writing community created by the popular publisher, Penguin Random House. It has a single, one-word name that instantly evokes associations with writing.

Why Underlined Is A Great Writer Name

Underlined shows that sometimes, great writer name ideas can consist of a single word. One-word names like this can be really easy to remember and convey a certain sense of authority. They’re also ideal for marketing purposes.

Tips for Creating Your Own Writer Name

Be Creative, But Not Too Much  

If you’re a writer or someone who is passionate about writing and reading in general, you may have quite an active imagination and a creative mind. This can be really effective in terms of coming up with great writer name ideas, and it’s a good idea to be creative and think of names that sound fun and fresh and exciting. However, don’t go too far with it; some writers make the mistake of using overly complex words or super-long names that can be quite off-putting and don’t work well when it comes to marketing and SEO.

Be Creative, But Not Too Much!

Make Use of Keywords

Another top tip for creating clever writer-name ideas is to think carefully about the language you use and make the best use of writing-related keywords. These words will help to catch the eye of people who have an interest in writing and encourage them to find out more about what your page, community, or business is all about. Try to focus on words like writing, page, stories, tales, storytellers, ink, paper, and so on. When people see these words, they’ll immediately start to think about writing and start to build an impression about your business.

Think About Your Audience

It’s also a good idea to keep your target audience in mind throughout the process of picking names for writing pages. Let’s say you’re starting an online writing community aimed at fantasy story writers, for example. You might want to use words that are associated with the fantasy genre, such as treasure, dragon, forest, myth, and legend in order to attract those kinds of people. Think carefully about who you’re hoping to attract and then think of words, phrases, and names that are specifically designed to target that audience.

Check the Availability

Whenever you’re coming up with any kind of business, account, or page names, including names for writing pages, it’s always important to check the availability. This means that you need to go online and do some research, with the aid of Google and social media sites, to check that the name you want hasn’t already been taken. Many people find that their dream names are already gone, and it’s better to find out this information as soon as possible, rather than waiting until after you’ve already started building a site and designing a logo.

Use the BizNameWiz Writer Name Generator

If you want some great writer-name ideas but can’t think of too many by yourself, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to come up with writer name ideas and names for writing pages, but the BizNameWiz writer name generator is the perfect tool to help out. You can use the BizNameWiz generator for free at any time; all you need to do is enter one or more words into the generator and then watch as it creates a long list of awesome writer names just for you, based on the words you entered. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It all depends on what sort of writing club you're running and what sort of people you want to attract. Before you start creating a name, take some time to think about words and phrases that express what your club is all about, as well as thinking about your intended audience. Then, try to make names that are catchy, short, and relevant.

Some real-world examples of creative writer page names and writing business names include Writer's Digest, Writer's Den, Chronicles, Poets, Daily Writing Tips, and The Next Big Writer. These names work well for various reasons. Some of them work due to their clear and concise nature, while others make use of specific language and keywords to draw in their target audience.

When it comes to crafting good writer names or catch writing club names, there are many ways to go about it. To start off, you can think up some writing-related words and then brainstorm ideas to create a list of potential names. You can also enter some words into the BizNameWiz free name generator to get lots of names created for you automatically.
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