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How To Generate Business Names With BNW

The average business owner spends too much time thinking of their “perfect” business name. Our business name generator is easy-to-use and helps you create cool name ideas with a click of a button.

5 Simple Steps to Generate Business Names

Step 1
Enter up to six keywords associated with your business

Step 2

Browse through suggested creative business names

Step 3

Shortlist the potential names that you like the most

Step 4

Refine them if you find it appropriate

Step 5

Register your selected name and domain name

business name ideas

20 Names From Our Generator

Here are 20 catchy name ideas from our generator to inspire your search for the perfect name.

Try some of the most searched words and phrases people use on our free business name generator.

The Business Name Creation Process

point Brainstorm Creative Business Name Ideas

Don’t undervalue the effort that goes into choosing the right business name. Take the time to research and find the relevant keywords, verbiage, and tone that resonates with your customer base. You can also make a list of key differentiators from other brands in your industry.

point Thoroughly Analyze Your Competitors’ Business Names

A competitor analysis helps you understand the types of names used by other businesses in your market. When you generate potential names, focus on ones that stand out from the competition. Let your name tell a compelling story that will empower your brand and marketing efforts for years to come.

point Use The BizNameWiz Generator

Enter words from your list one-by-one into our business name generator — up to 6. You’ll get thousands of cool name ideas that you can shortlist. You can even instantly check which domain name you can register.

point Add Your Own Twist To It

With a shortlist of the best names, add your own twist by mixing and matching or merging words together. Get creative, but keep your business name short and simple.

point Get Feedback on Your Business Name Idea List

Your company may be highly personal to you, which is why it’s critical to avoid bias when choosing a business name. Gather feedback from team members, friends, and most importantly, from your target customers.

point Brand Identity Is Key

You can work on brand identity at any stage of the naming process. But ensure your identity and name are in alignment before communicating to your audience.

point Visualize the Brand

Now that you’ve settled on your new brand name, see how it would look in practice. Experiment with fonts, colors, and designs to visualize how it will look on your website or store.

Try Our Business Name Generator

How To Generate Business Names For Different Industries

We have generators for different niches and industries. No matter what type of business you’re starting, chances are we have a generator for you.

What Makes A Good Business Name?

The right name can help your business stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of potential customers. Here are some tips and best practices you should follow when picking your catchy business name.

point Short And Easy-To-Spell

Shorter names are easier to remember, and easy-to-spell names are easy to type into a search bar. Easy enough?

point Simple

Consider how the name sounds when spoken aloud. Make sure it’s easy to say.

point Memorable

You can extend on a name as long as it’s memorable and easy to find online. Memorable names build strong brands and increase awareness.

point Relevant

When researching your name, use keywords relevant to your niche and  tie them into the name. This will make your name more appealing to potential customers.

point Avoids Numbers And Symbols

Domain name availability for .com may tempt you to use numbers and symbols, but they’re hard to pronounce.

Let’s say you pick the name ‘My Business 87.’ Imagine saying, “My Business 87, that’s spelled with the number, not words,” every day with customers.

point Has Appeal

Ask these questions:

  • What will my target audience find interesting? 
  • What will they gain? 
  • What will keep them coming back?

point Brandable

People connect with brands, not businesses. The tips above are a good start, but sometimes a name is still not brandable when the process is complete. Visualize your business name on every single piece of marketing material you can imagine first, then make a choice.

Create Your Perfect Business Name

Our Business Name Generator can create thousands of name ideas for you to choose from and instantly check which names have available domain names. You can also save your favorite creative business names and come back to them later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Start with settling on the right business name. From there, you can register your business with the governmental organization in your area that handles those matters. You’ll also want to register the available domain name, social media handles, and trademarks.

This depends on the laws of your country. For example, if you’re starting an LLC in the US, you will have to use “LLC” or “limited liability company” in your official company name. Check with your local authorities if there are any rules you have to follow during the naming process.

Start by searching existing trademark databases to ensure no one else is using the same company name. Then, apply with your local trademarking and patent office. You can check with your local authorities to learn more. is a great source of information on international trademarks. Remember, having the matching com domain name doesn’t ensure you can trademark your business name.

Think beyond descriptive words. Are there any metaphors you can use in the name? You can also play with popular sayings and idioms and rearrange them for relevance. Use our generator to find creative names for your business idea.

Big businesses were small at one point, so the same naming principles apply. Use words that represent your business to generate names and check .com domain availability with our business name generator. Go for a short, memorable, appealing, and catchy name and register the domains directly from our site. Then, get feedback from potential clients to ensure they find your company name appealing.

Catchy and cool name ideas are the names people remember. A catchy name is easy to spell and pronounce and make people smile when they first hear them. You can start by analyzing the most memorable names in your niche to see what makes them catchy. Be creative when searching for a catchy business name.

Our business name generator instantly shows which generated names have available domain names, so it acts as a domain name generator. You can find domain name availability by clicking the “plus” sign next to each name. Go with popular domain extensions for your business idea.
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