Creative Business Name Generator

Find creative business name ideas for your company or product.

Product Name Generator

  1. Use descriptive words that describe what the product does.
  2. Be creative with real words like ‘Gym Giants’ or ‘Cardio Cloud’ for a fitness product.
  3. Create a compound word by putting two words together like PhotoShop.
  4. Use or create a verb as your product name, like Skype did, now it’s common to say “i’ll skype you later”.

Company Name Generator

Needing a creative, clever or cool company name? We’re here to help. Enter a word or two that you’d like to use in your company name or describes what your product or service is. We’ll then come up with thousands of name ideas for your company, use the filters to find trending names and filter by industry to find the best suited name for your company.

Brand Name Generator

One of the most important parts to building a brand if not the most important part is going to be the brand name. Something memorable, something that positively communicates your company or product. Try using a mix of dictionary words and made up pronounceable words in our brand name generator to find thousands of name ideas for your brand.

Store Name Generator

Thinking of starting an online ecommerce store? Use our store name generator by entering a word or two that are related to the products you’ll be selling and we’ll help you come up with name ideas. You can use the domain availability widget on the results page to see if your name idea has an available domain name.

Latest Business Name Generators

How to come up with a business name

  1. First think of around 10 words associated with your business or product, put these words into our business name generator separately and save names that you like. You can find industry specific guides here: business names.
  2. Now go through your list of saved ideas crossing off names that are hard to spell, hard to pronounce, confusing or may have negative connotations. You should now be left with a list of memorable names.
  1. Now consider the future, if you’re thinking of taking over the world then don’t restrict yourself with your choice of name. Think carefully about choosing locations specific names for example New York Cleaners, if it’s a product name do you want to only limit yourself to that product? And if you’re looking to sell the company in the future perhaps don’t use your own name.
  2. Now check business name and domain availability, we have a handy availability tool on our name ideas results page. If it ‘s a product name then check for trademarks.
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