Animal Business Names

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Naming your Animal Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Animal business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Animal business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Perfect Pets

Protected Pets

Welcome Waggin’

Loving Laps

Purrfect Pawtners

Pet Purchase

Fetch Some Fun

Prize Supplies

Happy and Healthy

Animal Alliance

Main St. Humane

Humane Help

Humane Health

Four-Legged Luxury

Toto Treats

Animal Appetite

More Meows

Life’s Not Ruff

Furry Friends

Treat your Pets

Pet Prizes

Prized Pets

Purrfect Purchase

Furfect Friends

Furfect Treats

Treat Jar

Treats and Toys


Want a Treat?

Wagging Winners

Wagging Wonders

Worth the Wags

Animal Healthcare

Animal Care Co.

You Lucky Dog

Animal Welfare Care

Animal WelCare

Animal Care Clinic

Go Fetch!

Victory Vets

Let’s Play Fetch

Fetch Your Favorites

Humane Home

Four Legged Favorites

Having a Ball

Toys for Toto

Rex’s Best

Fido’s Favorites

Sniff and Play

Anything’s Pawsible

Endless Pawsibilities

Creature Care

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

Kingdom Animalia

Animal Husbandry

Intelligent Animals

Elegant Animals

Cool Creatures

Animal Love

Fur Friends

Fur Fancy

Funny Furrys

Fur First

Fur Fun

Creature Comforts

Active Animals

Animal Expo

Animal Extra

Super Species

Amazing Animals

Fantastic Fur

Fin and Fur

Exotic Animals

Dog Duds

Bird’s the Word

The Cat and the Canary

The Dog House

The Bird Cage

Cat Nip

Real Reptiles

Animal Time

The Animal Kingdom

Animal Attraction

Awesome Animals

That Animal Place

Great Animals

Animal Farm

Animal Mine

Fuzzy Friends

Animal Adventure

Animals Alive

Spirit Animals

The Animal Pen

The Animal Spot

The Animal Yard

Animals Only

ABC Animal Supplies

A1 Animal Supplies

A-Plus Animal Care

Animal World

Animal Universe

The Animal Department

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus





Leopard Fur

Leopard Printz

White Panther




Animal Farm


Creature Guys


Clever Creatures

Clever Cubs

Cute Attack


Fur Babes

Fur Babies

Furry Babes

Furry Babies

Fur Kids

Fur Kidz

Kittens & Cats

Cats vs. Dogs

Doggie Days

Doggie Dayz


Doggone Good



Free Elephants

Ivory Tusks

Rare Cubs

Puppy Pals

Pup Pals



Perfect Pup

Perfect Pups

Pretty Pups

Pretty Puppy

Perfect Puppies

Cool Catz

Kool Katz

Kool Kittens

Kool Kreatures

Cool Creatures

Lioness Place

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Newgenesis pet store

K-9 paradise

Paws’nbeaks petstore

Bluesparrow feed store

Bluejay feedstore

Bluejackal petstore

Blissfulhaven shelter

Valleys animal shelter

Foster shelters

Pethaven shelters

Treasure animals co


Puppies world

Wildpassion vet care

Princequarter stables

Wanderlust animal shelters

friendlies pet house

Flourish animal care

Wildgate veterinary clinic

General vet cares

Sublime animal stores

Fins and gills acqua

earthcenter animal stores

Animaltopia services

Animasense supplies

Animalwise consults

Sano animal care

Fresco animal products

Wildfare animal care

Heleavenbreed stores

Greenfield’s animal solutions

White falcon feeds

Owltrove vetinary


Fuzzyplace petstore

Furryfriends petstore

The Reptile Shed

Paw Symposium

Feathery friends petstore

Hoofs and paws petstore


Bunnylove petstore

Pawsandbubbles Grooming

Bunnyfair petstore

Falconsnest petstore

Bluedolphin dog grooming

Waging tails pet store


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