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The Best Apartment Name Ideas

A person’s home will always be one of the most important places in their life. It’s a place of rest, relaxation, comfort, and safety, and when looking for new apartment homes, many people will gravitate towards buildings and complexes that have a welcoming, inviting names.

If you’re looking for apartment business name ideas or apartment business names, the BizNameWiz apartment business name generator can help. Our apartment business name generator is a free-to-use tool that can create hundreds of apartment business name ideas in an instant.

In this guide, we’ll also look at some methods and tricks you can use to create your own apartment business name ideas, and we’ll take a look at some real apartment business names from some of the best buildings and complexes around the world.

15 Catchy Apartment Business Name Ideas

Cities are expanding and evolving all the time, with new apartment buildings and complexes being constructed every day. In order to draw people to your apartment buildings, you’ll need catchy, engaging names. Here are some great apartment business name ideas to get started.

  • Welcome Home
  • Relaxing Apartments
  • Peak Living
  • Sunset Homes
  • Pristine Apartments
  • Value Living
  • Luxe Living
  • The Sweetest Homes
  • Sea View Apartments
  • Prime Location Apartments
  • Cozy Nest Apartments
  • Honest Homes
  • Safe N Secure Living
  • Welcome Retreat
  • The Comfort Court

Tips for Creating Catchy Apartment Business Name Ideas

If you’re interested in creating apartment business names that are catchy, cool, and fresh, it’s a good idea to focus on powerful key words and phrases that make people think about safety, comfort, and high standards of living. Words like safe, secure, retreat, comfort, living, rest, and luxury can all work well here. Try typing some of these words into our apartment business name generator for even more ideas.

15 Apartment Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

Whenever you’re naming any kind of business, it’s important to try and create a name that is easy to remember and pleasant to say or hear out loud. One good trick to do this is to use words that rhyme or sound similar. Here are some fun apartment business names made with similar-sounding words.

  • Happy Housing   
  • A-Grade Apartments   
  • United Units   
  • Luxury Living   
  • Varsity Village    
  • Sunny Square   
  • Vista Views   
  • Haven Homes   
  • Picture Park      
  • Healthy Habitat    
  • Sunset Springs     
  • Parkview Plaza   
  • Peaceful Places   
  • Lakeside Living   
  • Restful Rentals

Tips for Creating Apartment Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

If you’re interested in creating apartment business names featuring rhyming words or alliteration, it’s actually quite easy to get started. Simply write down words that you’d like to be associated with your apartment building or complex, which could be words like welcome, warm, cozy, luxury, or value, and then try to find other words which sound similar or start with the same letter to build awesome apartment business name ideas.

15 Unique Apartment Business Name Ideas for Apartment Complexes

In the modern world, with so many apartment buildings and complexes being constructed, people have more choices than ever before in terms of where they want to live. This is why it can be very important to try and create a unique and original name that helps your business stand out, especially in big cities and areas with lots of apartments to choose from. Here are some unique and original apartment business name ideas to consider.

  • The Den  
  • The Station   
  • The Hive   
  • Peaceful Retreat    
  • Skyside   
  • Sunspot   
  • Dwell    
  • HubLife   
  • New Life  
  • Elevated Homes   
  • La Maison    
  • The Alley   
  • RevitaLife    
  • RestLife   
  • PeaceCube 

Tips for Creating Unique Apartment Business Name Ideas for Apartment Complexes

If you really want to set your apartment business apart with a truly unique and original name, you need to try and be as imaginative and creative as possible. You can’t simply settle for basic-sounding apartment business names using the usual words like “apartment” or “unit”. You need to think outside of the box and look for rarer and less commonly-used words, and you may even want to create your own words or phrases that sum up your business’ values.

Some name ideas for you:

  • United Units
  • Luxury Landing
  • Apartners
  • Neighborly Nest
  • Nesting Neighbors
  • Luxurious Landing
  • With a View
  • Sunset Square
  • The Pointe
  • The Village
  • The Green
  • The Views
  • Greenspace
  • The Oaks
  • Park Place
  • The Den
  • The Millenial
  • Millenial Haus
  • Haus on Main
  • New House
  • Silver House
  • La Casa
  • Casa on Main
  • The Casita
  • Gold Star
  • The Villas
  • The Village
  • Sunset Villas
  • Blue Sky
  • The Glenn
  • Sunshine Place
  • Sunny Place
  • Perfect Place
  • Heavenly Homes
  • Heartfelt Homes
  • New Homes
  • Pleasure Place
  • Harmony Park
  • Harmony Place
  • Soothing Village
  • Cheery Homes
  • Cheerful Homes
  • Cheer Village
  • Gaiety Place
  • Gleeful Homes

The Best Real-World Apartment Names

If you want to find some inspiration and ideas to help you create your own apartment business names, a good way to get started is to look at real-world apartment buildings, complexes, and companies and see what names they’re using and what makes those particular names work so well. Here are a few examples.

The Cube Houses

How The Cube Houses Got Its Name
The Cube Houses is the name of an apartment complex in the Netherlands which features a series of cube-shaped homes, arranged in an unusual and attractive architectural fashion.

Why The Cube Houses Is A Great Apartment Business Name
The Cube Houses works nicely as an apartment business name, as it has an artistic edge, while also being highly informative. From the moment you hear the name of this apartment complex, you begin to conjure an image in your mind of what it might look like, and the name encourages people to want to find out more.

Spectrum Apartments

How Spectrum Apartments Got Its Name
Spectrum Apartments is the name of an apartment complex in Australia. The complex was named due to the fact that it features a wide range of colors spread out across the sides of the building, with each apartment having its own unique color, creating a rainbow or spectrum-like effect.

Why Spectrum Apartments Is A Great Apartment Business Name
Spectrum Apartments is another great name, due to the fact that it’s so descriptive, yet also unique. The word “Spectrum” isn’t usually associated with apartments or living complexes, but here, it conjures ideas of color, diversity, and variety, which are all important factors for many people when looking for a place to live.

The Wave

How The Wave Got Its Name
The Wave is the name of a Seattle-based luxury apartment building with beautiful architectural design and waterfront views.

Why The Wave Is A Great Apartment Business Name
The Wave is a simple yet powerful name, with the word “Wave” being associated with strength and power, as well as the relaxing, calming nature of the open water.

Most Successful Apartment Business Names


How Pinnacle Got Its Name
Pinnacle is one of the biggest and most successful property management companies in the US, managing tens of thousands of apartments nationwide. The name was chosen to reflect the company’s high standards and aim to be at the peak or pinnacle of its industry.

Why Pinnacle Is A Great Apartment Business Name
Pinnacle is a fantastic name for an apartment business, or any other kind of business, as the word “Pinnacle” represents the very top of something. It suggests that the business in question has extremely high standards of quality.

25 Verde

How 25 Verde Got Its Name
25 Verde is the name of a unique apartment building in Italy, which is covered in greenery all over the outside. The greenery of the building is reflected in the “Verde” part of the name, which translates to “Green” in English, while the number 25 represents the address of the building itself.

Why 25 Verde Is A Great Apartment Business Name
25 Verde introduces a clever naming concept. It makes use of both the address of the building and the most unique and interesting feature of the building, combining both to create a special and intriguing name.

Habitat 67

How Habitat 67 Got Its Name
Habitat 67 is another unique apartment complex, situated in Canada. It was first introduced at the 1967 World’s Fair, hence the name.

Why Habitat 67 Is A Great Apartment Business Name
Habitat 67 is a sleek, simple, and stylish apartment building name. It shows simple and direct names can work very well in this industry, and the use of numbers can be an interesting way to differentiate buildings and businesses from one another.

Tips for Creating Your Own Apartment Business Name

Be Creative

When it comes to naming apartment buildings and complexes, naming really does matter. The right name can draw people to your business and make people want to live in your buildings, while the wrong name can put people off or cause your buildings to be seen as boring and dull. That’s why it’s wise to try and be as creative as possible when naming your complexes, using powerful key words that make people think about a happy home.

Use Important Key Words

It’s always important to think about key words when naming any kind of business, especially an apartment business. Key words are designed to trigger reactions and emotions in your audience, and if you pick the right words, you can make people think and feel certain things whenever they hear your business’ name. Try to find the most powerful and evocative key words for your apartment buildings, focusing on words that express ideas of comfortable, peaceful living.

Think About Your Audience

Another important tip to keep in mind when it comes to apartment business names is to think about your audience. Always keep them in mind and think about how your target customers or residents will react to certain words and names. If you’re aiming to create an apartment complex for young students and graduates, for example, you may want to prioritize words that will resonate with a younger audience. Meanwhile, if your new apartment building is aimed at a wealthy crowd, words associated with luxury and elegance will work well.

Check Availability

Once you’ve found the perfect apartment business name for your new building or brand, you’ll probably want to quickly get started on marketing your business and getting your first customers. However, before you rush ahead, it’s important to check that the name you want to use is available. So, take the time to do a little research online and check that your chosen name hasn’t already been claimed by somebody else. If it’s available, try to claim the website address and social media accounts ASAP.

Use the Apartment Business Name Generator

The BizNameWiz Apartment business name generator can be a very useful tool for naming an apartment business. Our apartment business name generator is free to use and so simple, too. All you have to do is think of one or more words that sum up your business’ vibe and philosophy, and then type those words into the box provided. Then, click the Generate button. The apartment business name generator will then create hundreds of amazing ideas for you to read through.


We hope that our guide has helped you learn more about how to name an apartment building or complex, as well as showing you a few interesting examples of apartment names that might inspire you when it comes to naming your own business. With the right name, your apartment building can draw in lots of residents and become the hottest place to live, so make sure you choose the perfect name.

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There are plenty of great names you can use for apartment buildings. A lot of the best names tend to have artistic or elegant sounds to them, like The Wave or 25 Verde, while others focus more on key aspects of the building, like the high standards of luxury, the beautiful views, or the great prices of each apartment.

There are lots of ways in which you can create names for your apartment business. A good starting point is to think up as many key words as you can which describe your business and then use those words to create catchy names.

Yes, the BizNameWiz apartment business name generator is totally free to use. It's also very simple! Just type your chosen words into the box, press the Generate button, and then read through the many ideas provided for you.
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