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Best Architectural Services Business Name Ideas

Creating a unique name for your architectural business can be challenging, especially in today’s competitive market. But fear not, this guide is here to give you all the advice you need for creating a strong and memorable business name. From one-word catchy names to fun and entertaining names, you will find ideas that match your architectural vision. Just keep on reading to find out how to use the architectural services business name generator!

One-Word Architectural Services Business Names

One-word business names are catchy and memorable to customers. This is due to the simplicity and lack of complicated phrasing. You can use a single word to represent your architectural services, or you can combine two words to make one. For example, if you like the words ‘build’ and ‘design’, you can join them together to make ‘BuildDesign’.

Simply think of root words associated with architecture. I used the words ‘build’, ‘blueprints’, ‘rooms’ and ‘structure’ and typed those into the architectural services business name generator. Then I chose what business names sounded best and included them below!

  • Structureoryx
  • Constructable
  • BlueprintsZen
  • Roomsology
  • Buildify
  • Constructify
  • BuildNest
  • RoomsLux
  • BluePrintX
  • StructureX
  • Buildscape
  • ConstructEX
  • Roomsnetic
  • RoomsDeck
  • Buildium

Tips For Creating One-Word Architectural Services Business Names

Consider using punctuation or capitalization to enhance your business name. For example, ‘RoomLux’ has a capital letter in the middle of the word that makes it sound sophisticated. Customers would focus on the ‘Lux’ part and think about your luxurious services. You could also use exclamation marks to bring more attention to the business name.

Make sure to select the ‘one word’ option in the filtered list to only show one-word business names. It could also be helpful to scan through the ‘industry’ list and choose genres that relate to your services. This should give you more accurate results for architecture names.

Rhyming Architectural Services Business Names

Rhyming business names sound satisfying and look visually pleasing. Customers will notice your business name and feel intrigued to try your services. Consider using half-rhymes or alliterative phrases that easily roll off the tongue. For example, ‘Bold Builds’ and ‘Brilliant Blueprints’ are good examples of alliterative names. I used the same root words from earlier and typed those into the architectural services business name generator!

  • Storm Structure
  • Sky Structure
  • Structure Stack
  • Regal Rooms
  • Ace Architecture
  • Architecture Angel
  • Buzz Blueprints
  • Behold Blueprints
  • Build Blazing
  • Bop Bop Builds
  • Broadway Builds
  • Boss Builds
  • Boom Rooms
  • Rockstar Rooms
  • Boost Blueprints

Tips For Creating Rhyming Architectural Services Business Names

You can click on the ‘rhyming’ option on the filtered list to only show rhyming business names. Consider changing your root words if you want to find different names or experiment with other words related to architecture. The architectural services business name generator has plenty of business names that half-rhyme, so make sure to scan through every page. If you can’t find many rhyming words, you can search online for rhyming examples and phrases. Just make sure the rhyming words relate to your services and make sense in the business name!

Fun Architectural Services Business Names

Customers will most likely try your services if they feel drawn to your fun business name. You can use fun words that shine a positive and humorous light on your business. Some fun words might be ‘crazy’, ‘bold’, ‘snazzy’ and ‘creative’. Simply pop those words into the architectural services business name generator and choose a name that sounds best. Make sure to search fun names on the internet if you want more creative and unique ideas!

  • Build Your Dream
  • Crazy Secure
  • Architecture Bolt
  • Creative Champion
  • Build Expert
  • Creative Ark
  • Build Power
  • Crazyworks
  • Big and Bold Visions
  • Trending Constructs
  • Big Star Blueprints
  • Creative City
  • Construct Buzz
  • Snazzy Structures
  • Doctor Construct

Tips For Creating Fun Architectural Services Business Names

The internet will help you find fun words that enhance your architecture business name. You can use the architectural services business name generator to create names or you can use a brainstorming map to combine words. For example, you might write ‘architecture’ in the middle of the page and draw fun words around it. This method should give you ideas when you visually study the words. Experiment with fun names until you find the right one!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Architech
  • Archetypes
  • Better Building
  • Structure Services
  • Architect Alliance
  • Ground Up
  • Best Builders
  • Better Builders
  • Build it Better
  • Well Built
  • Building Brothers
  • Buildable
  • Structure Success
  • See Success
  • Frame Game
  • A to Z Architecture
  • Artitecture
  • Creative Columns
  • Smart Architects
  • Able Architects
  • Blueprint Designs
  • Basic Blueprints
  • Better Blueprints
  • Stylistic Symmetry
  • Under the Arch
  • Attic Down
  • Ground Up
  • Decorative Details
  • Architect Ranch
  • Under the Roof
  • The Building Boys
  • Building Beach
  • Build City
  • Architecture City
  • Building Box
  • Structure Station
  • Structure City
  • Build-A-Structure
  • Design & Build
  • Design n’ Build
  • Bag o’ Blueprints
  • Blueprint Beach
  • Blueprint Dreams
  • Blueprint Building
  • Blueprints 2 Life

Best Real-World Architectural Services Business Names – How They Got It and Why It Works

Foster + Partners

How Foster + Partners Got Its Name
Norman Foster created this architecture firm in 1967 to design sustainable buildings. This business is committed to “supporting diversity and inclusivity” among team members. Foster + Partners have offices across the world that support urban designs and culture.

Why Foster + Partners Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘foster’ is personal to Norman who first created the business. Adding ‘partners’ to the name represents everyone else who continued his legacy. Customers will most likely gravitate towards a name that is meaningful and represents diversity among the people.


How CannonDesign Got Its Name
CannonDesign was created to “help people continuously flourish”. They want to design creative buildings that represent the beauty and structure in the world. This architecture business has earned nearly 600 awards over the last 15 years.

Why CannonDesign Is A Catchy Business Name
This one-word name is easily memorable to customers who want to use their architecture services. ‘Cannon’ could represent big and bold ideas and ‘Design’ simply states the purpose of these services. Combining the two creates a catchy architecture business name.

ADAM Architecture

How ADAM Architecture Got Its Name
This architecture business has offices in London and Winchester and is run by 6 design directors. They create “classical and traditional” architecture that incorporates the team’s vision. ADAM Architecture has award-winning projects that range from private to historical buildings.

Why ADAM Architecture Is A Catchy Business Name
ADAM Architecture was originally called ‘Robert Adam Arcitectects’ but changed to ‘ADAM Architecture’ to represent the “individual design profiles of the directors”. Customers may remember the word ‘ADAM’ if they know it relates to the hard-working team members.

Most Successful Architecture Businesses


How Gensler Got Its Name
Gensler was founded in 1965 and has firms in 50 different locations over Australia, Middle East, Asia, Europe and America. They believe that the “power of design can spark positive change”. Gensler wants to become more sustainable when designing huge projects.

Why Gensler Is A Catchy Business Name
Gensler is a unique name that doesn’t directly link to architecture. The originality of the name will help customers to remember it. A one-word name is also good for long-term memory, as people won’t need to remember complicated phrasing or names that have loads of words.

Cooper Carry

How Cooper Carry Got Its Name
Jerry Cooper and Walter Carry founded Cooper Carry in 1960. This business has many studios that design different buildings and landscapes. They believe that “connectivity is the centerpiece” of their architectural planning and design services.

Why Cooper Carry Is A Catchy Business Name
The name ‘Cooper Carry’ takes the surnames of Jerry and Walter. This personal name can easily resonate with customers who want to invest in a passionate business. ‘Coopy Carry’ also has alliteration which encourages customers to remember it.

Perkins & Will

How Perkins & Will Got Its Name
Lawrence B. Perkins and Philip Will, Jr. founded this architecture business more than 80 years ago. They believe that “design has the power to inspire joy” among community members. Perkins & Will design a range of different landscapes and buildings.

Why Perkins & Will Is A Catchy Business Name
Perkins & Will is another personal name that takes the surnames of Lawrence and Philip. These two men joined their names to create a legacy. Now 80 years later, they have a memorable name that represents their passion for building beautiful and sustainable architecture.

Tips On How To Create Your Architecture Business Name

Creating a strong business name is important for attracting your target audience. The name should be unique and represent your services. Of course, everyone has a different process when it comes to naming a business, but following the tips below should help you get started. Remember to write your notes and refer to your name planning throughout the process!

Tip One: Read About Architecture Firms

The first thing you can do is research architecture businesses that have exciting and cool names. Make sure to write the names you gravitate towards the most. How are these names catchy? Do they relate to their services? Will you remember that name in a few months? Consider answering these questions to understand more about the business names.

You can also look at the history behind the names and how these businesses created catchy names for their services. Some names might be personal and some names might have random words that seem fun and unique. Maybe you’ll find words that resonate with you. For example, if you find ‘Crazy Builds’ and ‘Grand Constructs’, you might combine words to create ‘Crazy Constructs’ for your own business. Gaining inspiration is important for creating your name.

Tip Two: Keep The Name Short And Sweet

Customers will remember names that are short and don’t contain unnecessary letters and phrasing. For example, if you created a name like ‘Creative and Bright Architecture’, customers would soon forget it. You could change this name to ‘Bright Buildings’ instead, which creates a rhyming effect and also represents your design style. Simply type the words you want to use in the architectural services business name generator and choose short but effective names! Consider keeping your business name under four words to help with memorability.

Tip Three: Use Literary Devices

Using literary techniques will strengthen your business name. You could use half-rhymes or alliterative phrases. For example, ‘Dandy Designs’ and ‘Angel Architecture’ are alliterative names that sound pleasing to say and link together thematically. Alliteration also looks visually aesthetic in logos, so it’s worth choosing a name that plays on this literary technique.

If you can’t think of rhyming words, then click on the ‘rhyming’ option on the architectural services business name generator to find examples of rhyming names. You can write what names sound best and ask your family and friends what they think of it. They will most likely choose names that have a good rhythm or flow when spoken.

Tip Four: Locate Your Selling Point

Your unique selling point is important for attracting the right target audience. You need to create a name that represents your originality in the architecture market. Consider the following questions when establishing your unique selling point:

  • Who are my customers?
  • How am I different from other architecture businesses?
  • Why should someone use my services?
  • What are my strengths in the business?

For example, if your unique selling point is creating buildings out of sustainable materials, you might name your business ‘Green Designs’ or something similar. Just make sure you use a business name that will attract your target audience.


Overall, you should think of a name that represents your passion for architectural design. Make it fun and intriguing for customers! Don’t forget to use literary devices to strengthen your business name and give it that extra power. The architectural services business name generator is your best friend when it comes to creating names that are exciting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to come up with root words associated with ‘architecture’ before creating a name. Simply pop those root words into the architectural services business name generator and scan through the pages of names. Don’t forget to experiment with the filtered options!

Consider naming your architecture business something personal. You could use your last name or refer to a special memory. If you don’t want to make the business name personal, you can search for names that highlight your passion for design and construction.

Some other words for architectural design are ‘engineering’, ‘blueprinting’, ‘surveying’ and ‘designing’. You could use these words to create names for your architecture business. Just type them into the architectural services business name generator.
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