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The Best Avocado Brand Names and Name Ideas for Avocado Businesses

Avocados have become one of the most popular foods on Earth in recent years. Adored by younger generations and equally enjoyed by older people too, they’re perfect to eat on their own, smashed up on toast, or pureed into delicious guacamole.

Since the popularity of avocados is on the rise, it’s a great time to get into the avocado industry and start your own new avocado business. However, in order to do so, you’ll need to come up with some super avocado business name ideas.

You can start off with the help of our avocado business name generator. The BizNameWiz avocado business name generator is able to create thousands of catchy and appealing avocado business name ideas. Plus, it’s totally free!

The guide below will also include some of our favorite avocado business name ideas, as well as tips and methods you can follow to make awesome avocado business names of your own. Not only that, but we’ll analyze a few real-world avocado business names, too. So let’s get started.

15 Inventive Avocado Business Name Ideas for Avocado Farms and Plantations

One of the best and simplest ways to break into the avocado industry is to set up your own avocado farm or plantation. You can plant your own avocado trees and grow your own avocados to sell to other companies or to use to make your own products. Here are some super avocado business names for farms and plantations.

  1. Green Growers   
  2. Sunnyside Avocados 
  3. Big Seed Farms   
  4. OrganiCado 
  5. AvoOrganic Farms
  6. Happy Toast Farms   
  7. Smash Farms   
  8. Guac Farms   
  9. The Guac Plantation   
  10. Awesome Avocados    
  11. The Green Avocado  
  12. Pure Source Avocados   
  13. Lakeside Avocado Farm  
  14. Mountain View Avocado Farm   
  15. Go Go Avocado

Tips for Creating Inventive Avocado Business Name Ideas for Avocado Farms and Plantations

If you want to make avocado business names for farms and plantations, it’s best to be clear and informative, including some sort of direct link to avocados in your name. Words like green, seed, sun, and organic can work well here, and you can test them out in our avocado business name generator to get more great ideas. You may also want to highlight the fact that your farm is organic by including words like organic, natural, and pure.

15 Beautiful Avocado Business Names for Avocado Cosmetics Companies

Another way in which you can burst onto the scene of the avocado industry is by setting up your own avocado cosmetics brand. These days, avocados are seen as a key natural ingredient in tons of great beauty products, with avocado oil offering tons of benefits to the hair and skin. With that in mind, here are some lovely avocado business names for new cosmetics companies.

  1. Beauty Avocado 
  2. AvoCosmetics
  3. Avocado Essences
  4. Avocado X
  5. The Green Touch 
  6. Big Seed Beauty 
  7. Avocado Power 
  8. Avo Skincare 
  9. AvoPure  
  10. AvoFlawless 
  11. The Avocado Life   
  12. AO Skincare 
  13. Avocado Extracts 
  14. Avo Nourish    
  15. Belle Avocado

Tips for Creating Beautiful Avocado Business Names for Avocado Cosmetics Companies

If you’re interested in making beauty or cosmetics avocado business names, try to focus on the positive aspects and natural benefits that avocados can provide for the body, skin, and hair. Words like nourishing, replenishing, and soothing can work well here, and you can also use words that are associated with beauty to grab people’s attention and make them want to learn more about your brand.

15 Tasty Avocado Business Name Ideas for Avocado Cafes and Restaurants

Another kind of Avocado business you might like to create is a cafe or restaurant that uses avocados as a major ingredient. This can be a profitable venture, especially as avocados are so popular right now, particularly with younger people all over the world. Here are some fun avocado business name ideas for eateries that specialize in dishes like avocado toast.

  1. The Guac Shack   
  2. Avo House   
  3. The Avocado Palace   
  4. The Avocado Menu   
  5. Green Treats   
  6. Big Seed Treats  
  7. Guac O Clock   
  8. Avocados Unlimited 
  9. The Tasty Avocado   
  10. All About Avocados  
  11. The Avocado Republic   
  12. Avo Central    
  13. Creamy Greens    
  14. Delicious Avocados   
  15. The Pit Stop  

Tips for Creating Tasty Avocado Business Name Ideas for Avocado Cafes and Restaurants

When it comes to creating avocado business name ideas for cafes and eateries, it’s important to think about the flavors and tastes of avocados, making use of evocative words that will make people hungry and encourage them to step inside. It’s also wise to find ways to make your name catchy and memorable, such as using rhyming or similar-sounding words.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Perfect to the Pit
  • Green Dreams
  • Green Goldmines
  • Green with Envy
  • Avocado Envy
  • Well Grown
  • Excellent Exports
  • A is for Avocado
  • ‘Cado Creations
  • Avocadory
  • AvocadGro
  • Can Do ‘Cados
  • AvoLove
  • Avo True
  • Avo Perfect
  • Avocados R Us
  • Go Avocado
  • AvoPure
  • The Big Seed
  • Avo Craze
  • Avo Amazing
  • Avocado Fancy
  • Avo Yum
  • Avo Authentic
  • The Pit Stop
  • The ‘Cado
  • The Guacathon
  • Avocados Galore
  • Avocado Show
  • GuacShop
  • Guaclub
  • AvoClub
  • Ole’ Guacamole
  • The ‘Molé
  • TastyMole
  • TastyCado
  • AvoWanted
  • Avollicious
  • Rock’n’Guac
  • Guac Bottom
  • Grab-A-Hass
  • Avo Addicts
  • AvoGreatDay
  • DailyAvocados
  • AvoBite

The Best Real-World Avocado Business Names

So, we’ve seen some of the best avocado business name ideas created by our experts and the avocado business name generator, but now let’s take a look at some real-world avocado business names and analyze how well they work.


How Avocaderia Got Its Name

Avocaderia is one of the best-known and most beloved avocado restaurants in the world. This New York restaurant has a fully avocado-oriented menu, with some delicious avocado toast options and so on. The name makes use of the Spanish suffix “-eria”, which is usually added to words when talking about shops or stores that sell certain items, like a Joyeria (jewelry store) or a Pescaderia (fish market).

Why Avocaderia Is A Great Avocado Business Name

Avocaderia is a really inventive and fun name for an avocado restaurant. It tells us clearly that avocados are a big focus here, and the use of some Spanish language elements adds an exotic note to the business, too.

Bella Vado

How Bella Vado Got Its Name

Bella Vado is the name of an avocado oil brand based in California. The brand’s name makes use of the Italian words Bella, meaning beautiful, and Vado, meaning go. When placed side by side, the words create a sound that is similar to “Avocado”.   

Why Bella Vado Is A Great Avocado Business Name

Bella Vado is an exotic and attractive avocado business name. It evokes the beautiful lands of Italy and is very pleasant to say out loud.

Wholly Guacamole

How Wholly Guacamole Got Its Name 

Wholly Guacamole is the name of an avocado company that specializes in avocado dips and guacamole. The brand’s name is a lighthearted play on the phrase “Holy Guacamole”, replacing “Holy” with “Wholly” to reflect the brand’s focus on avocado-based products and pure, whole ingredients.   

Why Wholly Guacamole Is A Great Avocado Business Name

Wholly Guacamole is a fun and vibrant avocado business name that puts a smile on people’s faces and clearly tells us what the brand is specialized in.

Most Successful Avocado Business Names

Del Rey Avocado Co. 

How Del Rey Avocado Co. Got Its Name

Del Rey Avocado Co. is the name of one of the top avocado farms in California. This family-owned business has been running since the late 1960s.     

Why Del Rey Avocado Co. Is A Great Avocado Business Name

Del Rey is a surname that derives from the word “Royal”, with “Rey” literally meaning “King” in English, so this is a super name for an avocado farm, as it evokes notes of quality and refinement, suggesting that this is one of the best sources to find high-quality avocados.


How Avohass Got Its Name

Avohass is the name of one of the best brands of avocado oil for use in cooking. The brand’s name features a shortened version of the word “Avocado”, along with “Hass”, which refers to the Hass Avocado, which is a particular type of avocado grown in the US and other locations.   

Why Avohass Is A Great Avocado Business Name

Avohass is a short, snappy, and memorable name that includes avocado-related keywords and works perfectly for a brand that wants to make its mark on the avocado industry.

Farmhouse Fresh

How Farmhouse Fresh Got Its Name

Farmhouse Fresh is the name of an organic and natural skincare collection that specializes in avocado products, like its Guac Star skin mask.    

Why Farmhouse Fresh Is A Great Avocado Business Name

Farmhouse Fresh works great as both an avocado business name and a general skincare and beauty name, as it evokes positive images of freshly grown, organic, natural farm ingredients.

Tips for Creating Your Own Avocado Business Name

Make Avocados the Star of the Show

If you’re setting up an avocado business, whether it’s an avocado farm, and avocado oil company, or an avocado eatery, it’s clear that your focus needs to be on the avocado itself. You need to tell people clearly and directly that your brand is obsessive and passionate about avocados, which is why it can be a great idea to use either the word “Avocado” itself or some sort of derivative of it in your name, just like Avohass and Avocaderia. 

Get People Craving Your Products

Another great tip to keep in mind when coming up with avocado business names or experimenting with our avocado business name generator is to try and create names that will make people want to try your products. Think about words that evoke positive feelings and associations and are connected with avocados, such as creamy, green, tasty, delicious, smash, and toast. These kinds of words are really useful for naming an eatery, in particular, but can work for other kinds of avocado business, too.

Ask for a Second Opinion

It’s never a bad idea to ask for a second opinion on your chosen business name before you go ahead and make it official. By getting extra views and opinions, you might notice something that you hadn’t seen before, or you might realize that a name that sounded great to you doesn’t quite have the same effect on other people. This is why a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs ask their friends and family members for their thoughts on business names before confirming them.

Opt for Something Youthful and Modern

Even though there are plenty of older people who love avocados, these green fruits are primarily associated with younger generations, like millennials. So, millennials may be a big part of your audience when it comes to selling your products, and you need to pick a name that will appeal to them. Modern and youthful-sounding names can therefore work very well here, and millennials also tend to be drawn to brands that are associated with nature, eco-friendly ideas, and organic practices, too.

Simplify Things with the Avocado Business Name Generator 

It can be very tedious and time-consuming to brainstorm avocado business name ideas without any help, so why not use our avocado business name generator? The BizNameWiz avocado business name generator has been specially created to generate hundreds of super avocado business names for you in a matter of seconds! To use the avocado business name generator, just type a word into it and then click on Generate.


We hope that this guide has given you the insight, advice, and inspiration needed to make a truly mind-blowing avocado business name. Never forget that the right name can make a major difference to your brand’s chances of success, so be sure to take it seriously and use all of the tips and tools available, including our avocado business name generator, to find the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the best names that are already being used for avocado businesses all over the globe include Avohass, Farmhouse Fresh, Del Rey Avocado Co., Avocaderia, Bella Vado, and Wholly Guacamole.

It depends. Naming an avocado farm is very different compared to naming a guacamole brand or an avocado oil specialist. Try to find words that are relevant to the products you provide and think carefully about names that will resonate well with your target customers, too.

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