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How To Find The Perfect Name For Your Baby Shop + Ideas!

Finding the perfect, most adorable name for your baby shop seems simple enough — but it has a catch. If you’re selling baby products, that means that the end-user of your products (kids) are not the same as your real target audience who will make the buying decisions (aka the parents).

If you need baby brand name ideas, you need to think of what moms and dads want, what their parenting style is, and what brand tonality would speak to them. Fret not, our Baby Shop Name Generator will help you come up with thousands of baby shop name ideas to choose from for your new business. Additionally, we’ve gathered some sound advice from our branding experts here so that you can make the best choice for your unique brand.

The Best Names For Baby Shops

15 Names For Shops Selling Baby Essentials

There are certain essentials that every parent needs to buy well before their baby’s arrival, such as a crib, a diaper changing table, or a baby monitor. Sure they could just get them in a general store but if you specialize in good quality baby essentials, they will be willing to pay a competitive price for them in order to give their little one the best care they need. If you want to stand out from the crowd, pick a baby shop name that says “I’m an expert at baby stuff,” just like these examples below.

Baby Toiletries Shop Names

  • Little Things
  • Basic Baby Needs
  • BabyBerry
  • Mom’s Haven
  • Teeny-Weenies

Baby Gear Shop Names

  • Tiny Gears
  • Gear Babe
  • Bababoo
  • Kids & Gears
  • Make-Peace

Baby Crib & Nursery Furniture Names

  • Lotti World
  • Cribs & More
  • Amy’s Little World
  • Bundle Of Joy
  • Moms & Pops

Tips For Naming Your Baby Shop Selling Essentials

The more specialized your product selection is, the more specific you can get with your name. However, describing literally what you sell is not the only strategy. Picking from more emotive baby brand name ideas can really strike a chord with new parents which can even be as simple as naming your store after popular baby names.

15 Baby Toy Shop Names

Playing is absolutely essential in an infant’s developmental journey. Besides the satisfaction parents gain from watching their little ones have fun, they also want to make sure that they build the necessary motor and sensory skills they need at an early age. These kids shop names should give you some great ideas on naming your toy store selling dolls, plush toys, baby gyms, or toys encouraging skill development.

Baby Shop Names For Toys Improving Skills

  • Teensy Genius
  • Puzzles & More
  • RiddleMe
  • Smart Toys
  • GrowOnMe

Doll & Plush Toy Shop Names

  • Marionette
  • Plush ‘n’ Lush
  • Teddies
  • Furry Friends
  • Bellina

Shop Names For Baby Gyms & Playmats

  • Playmates
  • Tiny Adventurer
  • MiniGym
  • FunFair
  • Peekaboo

Tips For Naming Your Baby Toy Shop

Every parent wants to think of their baby as a genius, a happy child, and a cute little adventurer. You can include these sentiments in your kids shop name in order to create a stronger brand emotion. On the other hand, if you specialize in good quality products in a certain category, you can always highlight the product name or its key features in your baby shop name.

15 Names For Baby Clothes Stores

There are many routes you can take with your baby shop name ideas but remember, your name should speak to the parents and what they want for their toddlers. Whatever sets your store apart from the rest is your strength as a business and it should come across in your name. Contrary to the common myth, the fewer types of products you sell the stronger your brand recognition will be so if you only sell bodysuits or shoes instead of a whole line of clothing for kids, you can play to that strength and hint at it in your name.

Names For General Baby Clothes Stores

  • Little Duck
  • Miss Mini
  • Dolled Up
  • Tiny Trends
  • BeautyQueen

Baby Bodysuit Shop Names

  • Pinks & Blues
  • 0-To-24
  • Suit Up Baby
  • GoPurple
  • First Year Fashion

Baby Shoes Shop Names

  • Tiny Boots
  • My First Sneakers
  • Baby Feet
  • Scooby Doo’s
  • BabyKicks

Tips For Naming Your Baby Clothes Shop

There’s much more you can express with baby brand name ideas than you may think! For example, if you sell a classic line of pink and blue bodysuits for babies, you could name your store Pinks & Blues. However, if you represent a more gender-neutral philosophy as a brand, you can name your store after an unconventional color for baby clothes like yellow or purple. Another example could be, if you specialize in bodysuits for newborns up until 24 months old, is to name your store something like 0-To-24 or First Year Fashion.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Better Baby
  • Little Ones
  • Bye Bye Baby
  • Peek-a-Baby
  • Blossoming Baby
  • Beautiful Baby
  • Buttercup Baby
  • One-Stop Little Ones
  • Little One Stop
  • Fun Little Ones
  • Bouncing Babies
  • Baby Born
  • Stork Store
  • Born Beautiful
  • From the Stork
  • Stork Supplies
  • Bottle Fed
  • Bottles on the Wall
  • Welcome Wagon
  • Sweet Peas
  • Peas in a Pod
  • Peapod
  • Blooming Babies
  • Busy Baby
  • Baby Boutique
  • PlayFactory
  • Baby Love
  • Sugar Babies
  • Sweetness Central
  • Sweet Somethings
  • Something Sweet
  • Little Loves
  • Little Laughs
  • Trusted Toys
  • Childsplay
  • Beaucoup Baby
  • ‘Bout the Baby
  • Top Notch Toys
  • Baby Bundles
  • Bundled Baby
  • Beautiful Bundle
  • Bundle of Joy
  • Brand New Baby
  • Ta-da Clothings
  • Bold Babies
  • Kiddies County
  • Little Wands
  • Kids Park
  • Dress Up
  • Smileeys’
  • Kid’s Town
  • Toys N’ Dolls
  • Bebe’s Delight
  • LittleTown
  • Baby Mall
  • Baby Pod
  • LittleCounty
  • WeLoveBabies
  • Bebe’s Palace
  • Kids Republic
  • Sunshine Cuties
  • Cottage County
  • The LittleMan
  • Little Beauties
  • Baby Paradise
  • Kiddle Place
  • Superheroes Inc
  • Little Adventurers
  • Mini Palace
  • Kids Kupboard
  • Infant Leaps
  • Little Darlings
  • Plush Beauties
  • Angels R’ Us
  • Toys Republic
  • FancyPants
  • Charming Softies
  • Lovely Newborns
  • Elle’s Babies
  • Nex Babies

The Best Real-Word Baby Shop Names


How Zulily Got Its Name

Although Zulily’s name sounds simple enough, there was actually a lot of thought that went into it. Founders Darrell Cavens and Mark Vadon hired brand consultant Chris Johnson to help them with their brand name strategy. Johnson led them through a brainstorming exercise where they listed words that would appeal to kids and another one that would appeal to moms.

Capitalizing on the core values of the brand, the aim was to come up with a unique name that was playful but not too “cutesy” like most other brands. One that had a “boutique” quality to it that would appeal to fashion-conscious moms. So they picked “zoo” from the kids list and “Lily” (a popular baby name) from the moms list, matched it together, and gave it an easier spelling, Zulily.

Why Zulily Is A Great Baby Shop Name

The brilliance of the brand name Zulily lies in its simplicity and its resonance with the brand values of the company behind it. Cavens and Vadon knew their audience really well so they consciously chose a name that would speak to fashion-conscious moms who will shop there. They also decided to set themselves apart from mainstream baby brands and chose a distinct tone to their baby shop name.

Buy Buy Baby

How Buy Buy Baby Got Its Name

Buy Buy Baby (stylized as buybuy BABY) reminds us of a pop culture reference, namely the famous song Bye Bye Baby by The Four Seasons released in 1965. Changing “bye bye” to “buy buy” turns this name into a straightforward message that says “you can buy everything you need for your baby here.”

Why Buy Buy Baby Is A Great Baby Shop Name

It’s a common strategy for brands to use pop culture references in order to create a sense of familiarity. Psychological experiments have shown that we instinctively like and trust things more that we are familiar with, so piggybacking on known names provides a shortcut for new brands to earn the trust of their first customers.

Buy Buy Baby appeared on the market in 1996 so that means that the parents that they targeted at their time of launching were the kids that grew up listening to the song “Bye Bye Baby,” which infused a dash of nostalgia of their childhood into the brand name. Genius isn’t it? The alliteration of the three Bs is just the cherry on top.

The Honest Company

How The Honest Company Got Its Name

Founder Jessica Alba started the company in 2011, inspired by her own experience as a mom. Her daughter Honor went through a series of childhood illnesses and was affected by skin conditions caused by baby products. Tired of toiletries loaded with petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances, she decided to start a company with safe and eco-friendly alternatives. The name The Honest Company signifies transparency and trust that guarantees health-conscious and sustainable product ingredients.

Why The Honest Company Is A Great Baby Shop Name

There’s much more behind the success of The Honest Company than just the fame of celebrity Jessica Alba. It’s her personal story that makes the brand so powerful and her commitment to the core values of the company. The name The Honest Company captures the essence of this brand identity and makes a bold statement that clearly differentiates it from other brands on the market.

How The Most Successful Baby Brands Got Their Names

Most Successful Baby Brands Names


How Carter’s Got Its Name

Carter’s is a children’s apparel store founded by and named after William Carter in 1865. Incidentally, the word carter also means the person driving a cart which creates an added association with shopping. However, this name choice was likely made because of previous trends in brand names such as naming stores after their founders and passing the name down through generations.

Why Carter’s Is A Great Baby Shop Name

Carter’s is a bit of an odd-one-out in terms of its naming strategy on the baby market, yet they are one of the largest retailers to date. Today, it’s less common for baby shops to be named after their founders and more likely to be named after baby names. If you see a company named after its founder, it’s likely that it’s been on the market for decades and therefore capitalizes on a hard-earned reputation.

Hello Bello

How Hello Bello Got Its Name

Hello Bello is a company that sells premium, plant-based baby products. Its founders, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell chose this name partially because both of their daughters’ middle names are the same: Bell. Hello Bello was a riff on that name that got stuck with them so they decided to name their brand so.

Why Hello Bello Is A Great Baby Shop Name

Hello Bello is one of those brand names that have a catchy rhythm and rhyme that makes it instantly memorable. It also shows that you don’t always need a huge story or philosophy behind your brand name as long as it sounds good or there’s something personal you can tie to it. Fun facts like the idea that gave birth to your kids shop name are always great topics for your PR initiatives and interviews you give as a founder.


How Dyper Got Its Name

Dyper is a subscription service to sustainable bamboo diapers that are extremely soft and comfortable, as well as free from any harmful toxins found in other similar products. They come in biodegradable bags and recyclable boxes that parents can use to send used diapers back through Dyper’s compost project. Dyper established a whole new level of standard on the baby products market and was equally brave in choosing a name that suggests they own this category.

Why Dyper Is A Great Baby Shop Name

Can you think of any name that’s easier to remember than the actual name of the product? Me neither. And since you can’t trademark product names, all Dyper needed was a smart change of a letter to claim the most obvious brand name for their company.

5 Tips For Creating Your Own Baby Shop Name

Survey Parents

The best way to find out what your customers want is to ask them directly. Survey the parents who might need your products and ask them about product features, their preferred style of customer service, and of course, your potential brand names. Ask them to choose their favorite from your best baby brand name ideas and, perhaps, explain why they were drawn to it.

Build A Customer Avatar

Remember, parents are your real customers. But since there are no two parents who are the same, you need to get much more specific about whom you’re selling to. Are they fashion-conscious cool moms (or cool dads) or parents who care first and foremost about their baby’s health and the environment? If you feel that looking at the details of your avatar persona instantly makes you think of a real person, you know you’ve nailed it.

Break Away From The Norm

Not everything is pink and blue in the kids department anymore, some mothers cringe when they hear “cutesy” baby talk, and it’s not enough for your products to be good for the babies but they also need to be good for the planet. The baby product market has changed and the language that traditional parents would still resonate with will be a complete turn-off for single moms or same-sex parents. The brands of today don’t just sell, they take a stand — and it’s no different in the toddlers department. Using a language of inclusivity and being socially and environmentally responsible in your communication style can go a long way.

Use Our Baby Shop Name Generator

If you’re currently brainstorming to come up with baby brand name ideas, don’t sit in front of a blank page! We’ve created the Baby Shop Name Generator to help you in your creative process and give you thousands of baby shop name ideas at a single click. Just enter a word that comes to your mind about your new baby business and start browsing.

Check The Availability

Most importantly, don’t forget to check the availability of the domain name associated with your brand. Luckily, the Baby Shop Name Generator will do the work for you and automatically check if the domain names linked to your new baby product brand are still up for grabs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best kids shop names speak the language of parents and build on the competitive advantage of its products.

Our favorite baby shop name ideas are Lotti World, Peekaboo, and Miss Mini. Read our article to find 45 creative baby shop name ideas for your business.

Some of the cutest real business names for baby shops are Zulily, Buy Buy Baby, and Hello Bello. Read our article to find out how they got their names.
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