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The Best Beads Business Names

Beads may be small items, but they also have lots of super uses. They can be used for making or customizing jewelry, for example, as well as crafts, kids’ projects, greeting cards, decorative items, and so much more.

This is why there’s always a demand for beads businesses, including bead stores, bead makers, and others. If you’d like to set up one of these kinds of businesses, we’ll help you pick the perfect name, and you can get started with the help of our beads business name generator.

The BizNameWiz beads business name generator is able to make hundreds of beads business names for you in a matter of seconds. It can speed up and simplify the process of naming your new bead brand or shop, helping you find the right beads business name ideas to connect with your customers.

Not only that, but in the guide below, we’ll look at several other methods and tips you can use to make your own beads business names. Plus, we’ll provide dozens of our own beads business name ideas, and analyze real-world bead brand names, like Artbeads and Beadsmith.

15 Beautiful Beads Business Names for New Bead Brands

One of the best ways to break into the beads business is to set up your very own beads brand. You can start making your own beads in a wide range of shapes, colors, and styles, giving your customers countless options to play around with for their own ideas, crafts, and creations. Here are some super beads business name ideas to start with.

  • Rainbow Beads 
  • Snazzy Beads 
  • Beauty Beads
  • Belle Beads 
  • Lil Colors 
  • Lily Beads   
  • Allure   
  • Grace Components  
  • Eligana Beads  
  • Aphrodite Beads  
  • Crafter’s Partner   
  • Crystal Shimmer 
  • Shiny Stones
  • Starlight Beads 
  • Myriad Beads 

Tips for Creating Beautiful Beads Business Names for New Bead Brands

Beautiful brand name can be a great way to grab attention!

When setting up a new bead brand, a beautiful brand name can be a great way to grab attention, and one of the best ways to make these kinds of beads business names is to use powerful and evocative words that are associated with beauty. Words like beautiful, belle, elegant, and alluring are great to use. You can also play around with other concepts, like using the names of flowers or beautiful sights of nature to include in your beads business names.

15 Inventive Beads Business Name Ideas for Craft Businesses

Another great way to break into the beads industry is by setting up your own craft business that focuses on bead-based designs and ideas. You could create a craft blog or website, for example, giving people ideas and guides to make their own beaded jewelry. Or you could make and sell your own bead craft kits. Either way, here are some beads business name ideas you could potentially use.

  • The Bead Academy 
  • Beading 101
  • Crafting with Beads
  • BeadsCraft
  • The Beads Bros 
  • BeadDesign  
  • Beaded Beauties   
  • Bedazzle   
  • Bead It Up   
  • DIY Beads   
  • Creator’s Beads   
  • Crafty Beads   
  • Arts ‘n Beads   
  • Precious Pearls   
  • Making Masterpieces      

Tips for Creating Inventive Beads Business Name Ideas for Craft Businesses

If you want to make bead business names for craft businesses, try to think of as many relevant keywords that are connected to what you do as possible. Once you’ve got a good list of words, you can start using them to build inventive name ideas, or throw them into our beads business name generator to have names made for you. Using similar-sounding or rhyming words is another great way to make your names sound more memorable and fun.

15 Brilliant Beads Business Name Ideas for Bead Stores

Another type of bead business you can make is a bead store. You can create your own physical store or online business selling beads from lots of different brands. This is a great way to connect with a craft-loving audience without needing to actually make your own beads or manufacture any other of your own products. Here are some great beads business name ideas for new bead stores.

  • The Treasure Chest
  • The Magic Box
  • Bead Paradise
  • Sunken Treasure 
  • Bead City
  • The Dragon’s Cave 
  • Rainbow’s End
  • Starry Sky Beads 
  • Pearls and Diamonds
  • Pot o’ Beads  
  • Bead Buds   
  • Beadmania  
  • Beadtastic 
  • Bead Dreams   
  • Glorious Beads

Tips for Creating Brilliant Beads Business Name Ideas for Bead Stores

One great way to create beads business names for bead stores is to use words like gems, treasures, pearls, and stars. These words are great alternatives to play around with when you don’t want to simply use the word “Beads”. You can also try out names like The Dragon’s Cave or Sunken Treasure to make your store feel like a great place for finding the most precious gems and prettiest craft components.

Use words like gems, treasures, pearls, and stars!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Beaded Beauty
  • Bead for Speed
  • Bead Bounty
  • Beads By Design
  • Well Rounded
  • Beadazzled
  • Bead Yourself
  • Better Beads
  • Leading Beads
  • DIY Beads
  • Need for Beads
  • Stylish Strands
  • Grand Strands
  • Jeweler’s Gems
  • Bead Better
  • Bead Express
  • Bead Bugler
  • World Beads
  • Bead Creations
  • Beads Plus
  • Beads and More
  • Beyond Beads
  • Best Beads
  • The Bead Supply
  • Luxury Beads
  • Create Beads
  • The Bead String
  • The Glass Bead
  • The Crystal Bead
  • Bead Basics
  • Strung Up
  • Stringed Up
  • Stringz
  • Beaded Boys
  • Beaded Babes
  • Bead Me Up
  • Beaded Up
  • All Beaded Up
  • All Strung Up
  • Strung High
  • String Me
  • Bead Me
  • Bead Buddies
  • Bead Bash
  • Beady Eyes

The Best Real-World Beads Business Names

Best Real-World Beads Business Names

In this section, we’ll look at some real-world beads business names, such as Dreamtime Creations and Shipwreck Beads, and think carefully about what makes these names work so well and what lessons we can learn from each one of them.

Shipwreck Beads

How Shipwreck Beads Got Its Name

Shipwreck Beads is the name of a leading online beads retailer. It sells a wide range of beads and other craft supplies. The name was chosen to create an idea of the store’s beads being like a ship’s treasure.

Why Shipwreck Beads Is A Great Beads Business Name

Shipwreck Beads is a super beads business name because it’s so creative. It makes us think of pirate treasure chests, filled up with colorful beads and precious gems. This is a really great name for drawing in your audience and grabbing the attention of imaginative people.

Dreamtime Creations

How Dreamtime Creations Got Its Name

Dreamtime Creations is the name of one of the most popular online bead retailers. This store sells many different beads from all the major brands, along with other crafting essentials and tools. The name was chosen to reflect the store’s focus on creativity and crafts.    

Why Dreamtime Creations Is A Great Beads Business Name

Dreamtime Creations is another lovely example of a beautiful bead business name. The word “Dreamtime” makes us think of all the wonderful, imaginative things we see when we sleep, while the word “Creations” is perfect for attracting the attention of creative craft lovers.


How Preciosa Got Its Name 

Preciosa is the name of one of the top bead manufacturers. This name is taken from a Spanish word which translates to “Precious” in English.   

Why Preciosa Is A Great Beads Business Name

Beads often look like precious gems, stones, or diamonds, so a name like Preciosa is perfect for capturing the beauty and wonder of these little crafting components. Preciosa also shows that it can be an interesting idea to use non-English words in your beads business name ideas if you want to stand out.

Most Successful Beads Business Names

Most Successful Beads Business Names

The Beadsmith

How The Beadsmith Got Its Name

The Beadsmith is the name of a leading wholesale supplier for bead stores around the world. This company has existed for decades and grown from a simple one-man garage operation into a major bead supplier. Its name is a play on the idea of “Blacksmith”, but with beads.    

Why The Beadsmith Is A Great Beads Business Name

The Beadsmith is a really powerful and authoritative name that works perfectly for encapsulating the work and products provided by this company. It’s also creative and easy to remember.


How Artbeads Got Its Name

Artbeads is the name of a leading bead brand. It simply blends the words “Art” and “Beads” together into one.   

Why Artbeads Is A Great Beads Business Name

Beads are often used for artistic purposes, creating arty projects and beautiful creations. So, the idea of combining the words “Art” and “Beads” is a simple but highly effective one. This is a name that is descriptive, clear, and perfect for appealing to artistic individuals who like to get creative with beads and other craft components.

Bead World

How Bead World Got Its Name

Bead World is the name of an online bead business. It sells beads and bead supplies, as well as providing guides, tips, and tutorials for bead lovers to use to create their own beaded items.   

Why Bead World Is A Great Beads Business Name

Bead World is the perfect name for a site like this, which offers so many products, services, and resources for bead lovers all over the world. It may be a simple name, but it’s also one that has a clear sense of authority and professionalism.

Tips for Creating Your Own Beads Business Name

Make it Beautiful 

Beads are known for their beauty, appearing like little colorful gems to be used for all sorts of artistic creations and decorative items. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that the name you use for your beads business is also attractive and beautiful in its own way. Real-world names like Preciosa and Dreamtime Creations have that unique sense of beauty that draws people to each of these brands, so try to find beautiful words and pretty phrases to use in your beads business names.

Use Some Creativity 

Most people who shop for beads and use beads regularly tend to be creative. They’re often people who like to use their imagination to come up with fun projects and ideas, as well as using their hands to bring those ideas to life. These are people who enjoy creativity in all of its forms, and if you want to appeal to them, having a creative name can help. This is why names like Shipwreck Beads have proven to be so effective in this industry.

Don’t Rush 

Don't rush!

This is a good tip when coming up with any kind of business name, including beads business names: don’t rush through it. You might be tempted to simply pick the first name you come up with, but it’s much better to give yourself some time and create at least a few different beads business name ideas before you decide which one you want to use. This will allow you to find a name that you can really feel proud of, rather than simply settling for one that isn’t quite right.

Simple and Succinct 

When you look at real-world beads business names like Artbeads, Preciosa, and Beadsmith, you may notice that many of them are very short and relatively simple, too. A lot of them clearly include a reference to beads, and many of them are just one or two words in length. This shows that simple and direct names tend to be the most effective in the bead world, so try to copy this trend and keep your own beads business names as succinct and simple as possible.

Use the Beads Business Name Generator 

Another great way to get amazing beads business name ideas is to simply use our beads business name generator. What is the beads business name generator? Well, it’s basically a tool that can automatically generate hundreds of beads business names for you, based on your own custom input. For example, if you type a word like “Rainbow” into the beads business name generator, it will give you lots of name ideas that use the word “Rainbow” in some way. Give it a try to find your business’ new name.


Hopefully, this guide has given you the tips, tricks, and ideas you need to find the perfect name for your new beads business! Whether you’re setting up a bead store, a beads-based blog, or even your own new brand of beads, we wish you luck in finding the right name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good way to start with beads business names is to simply list lots of words that are connected with beads and then use them to build name ideas. You can also look at real-world beads business names to get some inspiration, or use our own beads business name generator to have ideas made for you.

A few of our favorite beads business names include Beadsmith, Artbeads, Shipwreck Beads, and Dreamtime Creations.

Yes, our beads business name generator is completely free to use and can give you hundreds of beads business name ideas at the click of a button.
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