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The Best Bistro Business Name Ideas

Looking for brilliant bistro business names for your brand new bistro? Well, you’re in the right place. BizNameWiz can offer the expert advice, tips, and tricks you need to make the best bistro business names and bring success to your bistro.

With the right name, you’ll be able to attract more attention, get more customers, and boost your profits. And in the guide below, we’ll look at different methods you can use to create amazing bistro business names, as well as providing some bistro business name ideas of our own.

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We’ll also introduce you to the bistro business name generator, a simple but powerful tool that can create hundreds of bistro business names just for you. So, let’s get started and look at some super ways to make bistro business name ideas.

15 Delicious Bistro Business Name Ideas 

One of the best ways to name a bistro, or any kind of food and drink business like a bar or restaurant, is to use words that are associated with tasty foods and refreshing drinks. By using food-related language, you can actually make people feel hungrier and become more eager to step inside your bistro and enjoy the foods you have to offer. Here are some bistro business name ideas designed to sound delicious and inviting.

  • Bistro Delicioso   
  • Tasty Snacks Bistro   
  • Grab a Bite    
  • Red Wine Bistro    
  • The Merlot House   
  • Cab-Sav Bistro    
  • Seared Steaks Bistro    
  • Yum Bistro    
  • Butter Bistro   
  • The Stew House
  • The Steak Atelier
  • Wines & Steaks
  • The Pepper Mill
  • Big Feast Bistro   
  • Sugar & Spice

Tips for Creating Delicious Bistro Business Name Ideas

If you want to create bistro business names that get people feeling hungry, try to use words that would have the same effect on you. You could consider including adjectives that are often associated with food and drink, such as delicious, tasty, scrumptious, refreshing, and tempting, for example, or directly mention some of the foods or ingredients you use, like stew, steak, butter, pepper, and merlot.

15 Homey and Cozy Bistro Business Names

One of the things that separates many bistros from bigger eateries is the fact that they tend to be smaller, cozier, and more like home. They offer simple, traditional cooking, with rich, delicious dishes that make you think of your favorite home-cooked meals. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to use a homey or cozy-style name for your business. Here are some cozy-sounding bistro business name ideas to consider.

  • The Cozy Bistro  
  • Fireside Bistro   
  • Just Like Home   
  • Country House Bistro  
  • The Soft Chair    
  • The Small Table   
  • The Little House   
  • Living Room Bistro  
  • Stonefire Bistro  
  • The Secret Bistro 
  • Traditional Bistro 
  • The Family Bistro 
  • Fireplace Bistro 
  • The Cozy Shelter
  • The Secret Snug 

Tips for Creating Homey and Cozy Bistro Business Names

If you like the idea of creating a homey and cozy atmosphere with your bistro business names, try to include words that are associated with home, such as comfort, cozy, quaint, traditional, family, country, snug, shelter, and fireplace. If you want to create many more ideas quickly, try typing one or some of these words into our bistro business name generator.

15 French Bistro Business Name Ideas 

The concept of the bistro comes from France, and many bistros all over the world pay homage to those French roots by having French names or including at least one French word or reference in their name. This can be a smart and simple way of showing people what kind of food and vibe you aim to provide. So, here are some bistro business name ideas with a French touch.

  • Le Bistro   
  • Bonjour Bistro   
  • Bonsoir Bistro   
  • Bonne Soirée    
  • Flavor Maison
  • Chez Nous
  • La Petite Table 
  • Le Tablier  
  • Tire-Bouchon   
  • Du Vin et Des Rêves  
  • Il Etait Une Fois  
  • Salut! 
  • Rêverie  
  • A L’Aise  
  • Pot-Au-Feu

Tips for Creating Bistro Business Name Ideas Which Are Easy to Remember

Being able to speak French is an advantage when it comes to creating bistro business names in French. However, even if you aren’t too familiar with the language, you can use online guides and translator tools to help you. Just make sure to verify that the terms you are using are correct and accurate in order to avoid any confusion, and try to check with a French speaker before confirming your chosen name.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Beaucoup Bistro
  • Bonsoir Bistro
  • Pepito Bistro
  • Beachside Bistro
  • Bayside Bistro
  • Bistro by the Bay
  • Hometown Bistro
  • Molto Bistro
  • Bene Bistro
  • Tiny Tavern
  • Bar & Bistro
  • B-Side Bistro
  • Bistro Bias
  • Brother’s Bistro
  • Butter Bistro
  • Global Bistro
  • International Bistro
  • Bordeaux Bistro
  • Malbec Bistro
  • Solo Bistro
  • Bistro Maestro
  • Open for Bistro
  • Better Bistro
  • Bebe Bistro
  • Small & Savory
  • Subtle Savors
  • Candlelight Bistro
  • Butterland Bistro
  • Riverfront Bistro
  • Bistro Street
  • Stonefire Bistro
  • Small Table Bistro
  • City Bistro
  • Downtown Bistro
  • Fireworks Bistro
  • The Bench Bistro
  • Oven Bistro
  • Flavortime Bistro
  • Pepper Grill Bistro
  • The Cozy Bistro
  • Bistro Europa
  • Main Street Bistro
  • Lakeside Bistro
  • Valley Bistro
  • Butterfly Bistro

The Best Real-World Bistro Business Names

The Best Real-World Bistro Business Names

You may also be able to find some ideas and inspiration to help in naming your bistro by looking at the names of bistros that are already popular and well-established. In this section, we’ll look at some real-world bistro business names and break them down to see what makes them work so well.

Little Frog

How Little Frog Got Its Name

Little Frog is the name of an authentic Parisian-style bistro based in the Upper East Side in New York City. The name is a lighthearted reference to French cuisine, which is associated with dishes like frog legs.

Why Little Frog Is A Great Bistro Business Name

Little Frog is a cute and charming name for a bistro. It has plenty of personality and even a little dose of humor, which helps to encourage people to feel comfortable and step inside. It also gives you some idea of the sort of cuisine you can expect to find on the menu, and anyone interested in classic French fare will be drawn to this bistro.


How Bistronomic Got Its Name

Bistronomic is the name of a very popular bistro based in the city of Chicago. Designed to imitate the classic bistros of France, but with more of a modern vibe, this bistro’s name simply blends the words “Bistro” and “Gastronomic” into one.   

Why Bistronomic Is A Great Bistro Business Name

Bistronomic is a modern and sleek bistro business name. It’s also very easy to remember, thanks to the fact that it consists of only one word.

Art of the Table 

How Art of the Table Got Its Name 

Art of the Table is regarded as one of the best bistros or small restaurants in the whole of the United States. This small and cozy establishment is based in Seattle, Washington. Its name reflects the passion and care that its cooking staff put into the creation of every dish and dining experience.    

Why Art of the Table Is A Great Bistro Business Name

The best bistros and restaurants really care about every aspect of the dining experience, from the presentation of the table to the décor of the room and, of course, the mix of ingredients on the plate. A name like “Art of the Table” really shows that this bistro cares deeply about the food it serves and wants to offer truly artistic experiences for its diners, so anyone looking for true haute cuisine will be drawn here.

Most Successful Bistro Business Names

Le Bouchon 

How Le Bouchon Got Its Name

Le Bouchon is the name of a highly-rated bistro based in Chicago. Its name translates to “The Cork” in English.    

Why Le Bouchon Is A Great Bistro Business Name

A lot of the best bistros have French names, and Le Bouchon is a great example of this. It’s a name that is classy, pleasant to say, and clearly communicates that diners can expect to find some fine wines served here.

WeHo Bistro

How WeHo Bistro Got Its Name

WeHo Bistro is the name of a popular and successful bistro based in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. The bistro’s name simply combines the short form of West Hollywood – WeHo – with the word “Bistro” to produce a pleasant rhyme.    

Why WeHo Bistro Is A Great Bistro Business Name

Rhyming names can be really effective in terms of building brand awareness and giving your bistro some personality. People tend to remember a rhyming name more easily than one that doesn’t rhyme, so WeHo Bistro is a super name in terms of generating attention and getting people talking about this eatery.

Rhyming names can be really effective!

Chez Maman

How Chez Maman Got Its Name

Chez Maman is the name of a highly-rated and beloved bistro based in San Francisco. Like many others, this bistro has a French name. It translates to “Mom’s House”.    

Why Chez Maman Is A Great Bistro Business Name

Chez Maman is another lovely French name for a traditional bistro. A name like “Mom’s House” or “Mom’s Place” is also very effective in terms of creating a homey and cozy atmosphere where people will really feel at ease.

Tips for Creating Your Own Bistro Business Name

Think French

As we can see from looking at some real-world bistro business names, a lot of them make use of French words or include French references to foods like frog legs and escargots. If you want to make a truly traditional, Parisian-style bistro, you may want to follow this trend and include some French words or references in your name, too. Don’t forget to check with a French speaker and ensure that all of the grammar is correct to make your chosen name truly authentic.

Think French!

Trigger Hunger

When it comes to creating any kind of food or drink business, it helps to have a name that will trigger a reaction in your customers and make them feel hungry or thirsty. Ideally, you want people to pass by on the street, see your business name, and start feeling hungry right away, as this will encourage them to step right through the doors and take a seat at one of your tables. Try to use food-related words as much as possible in your bistro business name ideas in order to generate this kind of effect.

Succinct and Simple

If you look at real-world bistro business names, you may notice that many of them consist of just two or three words, maximum. There are very few bistros that have long or complicated names, and they mostly make use of relatively simple and basic words that anyone can understand. So, when creating your own bistro business name ideas or using our bistro business name generator, try to favor the names that are succinct and simple, rather than anything which sounds too complicated or confusing.

Make it Sound Inviting

Another great way to get people interested in your bistro and eager to step inside is to choose a name that sounds cozy and inviting. Many of the best bistros are quite small and quiet places where diners can feel at home and won’t have to worry about busy or noisy rooms. They can also be very homey and warm places where people are made to feel very welcome. Using gentle and comfortable-sounding words as part of your bistro business names is therefore a super method to make the place sound more inviting.

Test Out the Bistro Business Name Generator

The BizNameWiz bistro business name generator is the perfect partner to help with naming your new bistro. It can give you hundreds of amazing bistro business name ideas, and it’s totally free to use, too! Here’s how it works: think of a word that sums up your bistro’s vibe or style, and then type it into the box of the bistro business name generator. Then, click on the Generate button and watch as the generator provides you with a long list of personalized name ideas based on the word you entered.


Choosing a great name is a super way to give your new bistro a big head-start and get lots of positive attention in those all-important early days and weeks. We hope that this guide has provided you with the tips and tricks you need to make the most amazing name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A lot of bistros have names that talk about the kinds of food they serve, so this may be an angle you like to use, as well. Or, you could pay homage to the French roots of all bistros by using a French or European-style name. You can also use our bistro business name generator to help you come up with many more great name ideas.

WeHo Bistro, Chez Maman, Little Frog, Art of the Table, and Bistronomic are some of our favorite real-world bistro business names.

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