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Coming up with the ideal name for your book company might be a challenging job, but that’s what this guide is for. It includes essential information you can use to make things easier!

Best Book Company Name Ideas

Best Book Company Name Ideas

Your book company name is one of the most crucial aspects you have to think about when you’re running this type of business. Here are some examples that might inspire you:

Literature and Mythology Name Ideas

When you think about books, it’s easy to remember some of your favorite quotes from works of literature. The following options came to mind by thinking about famous myths and novels!

  • Alice in Bookland
  • Wilde House
  • Neverland Publishing
  • Magic Book Store
  • Pemberley Publishing House
  • Mandrake Publishing
  • Olympus Books
  • Eyre Publishing
  • Austen Books
  • Orion Publishing
  • Apollo and Artemis Publishing
  • Valhalla Publishing
  • The Big Whale Publishing
  • Pinocchio Publishing
  • Fairytales Publishing

Catchy Name Ideas

Just because you’re running a book business doesn’t mean you can’t choose a name that’s catchy. The following alternatives were inspired by fun words that can make other people interested in what your company offers.

  • Parachute Books
  • Creative Books & Co
  • Flourish Publishing
  • Splash and Grow Books
  • Phoenix Books
  • Rare Bird Publishing
  • Diamond Books
  • Gemstone Publishing
  • Sterling Publishing
  • Turtle Publishing Group
  • Voyager Books
  • Argo Publishing
  • Wisdom Books
  • Secret Garden Books
  • Fantasy Garden Publishing Group

Creative and Inspiring Name Ideas

Books are one of the most obvious resources you can use to get inspired. Thus, picking a creative name is a fantastic way to motivate your potential customers, and that’s exactly what originated the next few options.

  • Rainbow Books
  • New Beginnings Publishing
  • True Tomorrow Books
  • Little Book Publishing
  • One Word Publishing
  • Inkwater Books
  • Pen and Paper Books
  • Read to Live Publishing
  • Writers’ Corner Books
  • Reader World Books
  • Independent Publishers Books
  • Little Book Publishing
  • New Directions Publishing
  • Create Your World Books
  • Writer World Books

Some name ideas for you:

  • Bookends
  • Double Booked
  • Page by Page
  • The Book Look
  • Bound and Found
  • Lost and Bound
  • Page Turners
  • Turning Pages
  • Book Buffet
  • Book Barn
  • Raised Bar Books
  • Find Your Bind
  • Look for Books
  • Freshly Bound
  • Fresh Pages
  • The Book Co
  • Book Pages
  • The Turned Page
  • We<3Books
  • Books4U
  • Book Country
  • Buy the Book
  • Write the Book
  • Novel Source
  • A Novel Idea
  • The Book Supply
  • Books and More
  • Book Call
  • Book It
  • Wish Books
  • Synergy books
  • Elite books
  • Minute books
  • Dawn books
  • Apex books
  • Muse books
  • Champion books
  • Winner books
  • Devine books
  • Fore books
  • Bold mind books
  • Cave books
  • Queen books
  • Queen books
  • Royal books

Best Book Company Names

Best Book Company Names

Although there are hundreds of book companies out there, not all of them have catchy names that inspire you to pick the best one for your business. This section focuses on five top examples of fantastic names for companies in this niche.

Penguin Random House

This company is one of the most famous ones to publish fiction and non-fiction books. Penguin Random House has published immensely famous works, and its book genres range from western to romance.

The name appears to have no specific origin, but if you think about it, the term ‘penguin random’ is very catchy and it goes with the type of books that the company publishes. Unlike other businesses, this one has published major fiction works, so a fun and creative name like this helps transmit that to its readers.

Harper Collins

In this case, the book company name is very different from the previously mentioned one. While Penguin Random House focuses on fiction and non-fiction, Harper Collins only publishes adult, children, Christian books.

Its name originates in the merging of several publishing houses’ names. It’s very effective because it transmits a more serious style, which goes with the kind of works that the publishing house prints.

Arcade Publishing

This name might sound weird for a publishing company, especially because you don’t often think about arcades when you imagine a book business.

However, the unusualness of this name is what makes it a fantastic choice. Customers can easily remember it because it’s nothing like what they already know.

Arkham House

If you’re looking for a book company with a unique and easy-to-remember name, this is it. Arkham House publishes weird fiction and horror books, and it has one of the most effective names.

The name Arkham House comes from DC’s Arkham asylum for mentally ill criminals, which is the place where famous villains like the Joker are usually held. 

Therefore, the name perfectly encompasses what this company publishes, and comic books fans can quickly remember it because of its reference to DC.

Flame Tree Publishing

This company is an independent publishing house, and it focuses on publishing science fiction, fiction, and horror books. 

It is not clear where the name comes from, but it’s effective because it’s easy to remember and it represents what the company does. 

The word ‘publishing’ makes it clear that it’s a book publishing business, and ‘flame tree’ is an unusual sentence that allows you to quickly remember it because of its creativeness.

Most Successful Book Company Names

Now that you know about a few companies with effective book business name ideas, you need to check out the best ones out there. The following examples are the most successful names in this niche and drawing inspiration from them is a fantastic way to come up with options for your own business.

McGraw-Hill Professional

This book publishing house is one of the most famous ones because of its collaboration with immensely recognized authors. It mostly focuses on publishing non-fiction works, and most of its titles are about psychology, business, marketing, and so on.

The name comes from its founders, James McGraw and John Hill. Thus, as you can see, combining two easy-to-remember names is a great idea for a book business.

Pearson Press

Founded in the mid 1800s by Samuel Pearson, this company mainly focuses on publishing educational titles. 

Pearson Press is very successful and famous, and its name is simply the founder’s last name. It’s another example of how you can use your own name for your business, and it’s a great idea if you believe it’s catchy and easy to remember.

Use your own name for your business!

Bloomsbury Publishing

It started in 1998, and the name comes from a specific district in London. Nowadays, this company is famous because it publishes fiction and non-fiction books, and it’s so exclusive that it doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts unless they come from a reputable literary agent.

The name ‘Bloomsbury’ is both catchy and creative. This business shows you that you can draw inspiration from street names or similar words and use that for your own company.

Bard Press

It’s a Texan company, and it started in 1996. The business mainly publishes business books, and it’s immensely famous because it only publishes one or two titles per year.

If you take a look at the name ‘Bard,’ it’s obviously very easy to remember, and it’s creative enough for it to be effective. Using short words in your book business name is a fantastic idea, and that’s what you can take from this company.


This company has existed for over two centuries. It started in 1807, and since then, it has published award-winning non-fiction books about business, technology, finance, ethics, and more.

The name ‘Wiley’ is a short version of ‘John Wiley & Sons,’ which clearly stems from the name of the company’s founder. Currently, most people know this business as simply ‘Wiley,’ which is both easy to remember and catchy.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

Trying to come up with an effective book business name is often challenging, so you should keep several things in mind to make sure you do a great job. 

Even though the journey may seem difficult at first, you are able to run your business. However, you need to pick the best name possible, so take a look at the following tips:

Be Unique

If you want others to remember your company, you have to make sure that the name you choose is completely unique.

The good thing about this is that it allows you to be creative and wild when you’re coming up with ideas. Everything you think of is valid, so don’t restrain yourself – brainstorm all the options that come to mind.

Be unique!

Customers love unique names because they can remember them, especially when they’ve bought their favorite books from the brand. Many people, for example, know about Bloomsbury Publishing because it published the Harry Potter series in British English.

Thus, coming up with a unique and memorable name is a great way to guarantee that others know your brand and think about it with love. This, in turn, is fantastic if you want to have loyal customers that recommend your company.

Get Inspired

If you’re running a book publishing company, it means you probably love reading. Therefore, you can get inspired from what you usually read, or take a look at the most famous works of literature to choose a name that works for you.

Drawing inspiration from unusual places is one of the strategies that can help you find a unique and rememberable name. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of reading works of fiction, checking out street names, or even doing research about foreign places.


When you’re coming up with a book business name, you need to have as many options as you can. It will take a while before you pick up the best alternative, so you must make sure that you have enough names to get started.

Brainstorming is a fantastic method to achieve this. Sit down and grab a notebook or open the notes app on your phone. Then, start writing all the names you can think of, even if you don’t like them.

If you spend some time doing this, you might be surprised at the number of names you can come up with when you’re focused on this task. Once you have your list, a few names might pop out as the most promising ones, which means you can start narrowing down the options.

Consult with Friends

Suppose that you already have a couple of options to choose from for your book business name. However, you’re still unsure of which one you should pick.

If you have reader friends, this is the perfect moment to call them and get their opinion. People who read a lot are often creative and have a wide vocabulary, so showing them your alternatives might be very useful to get some insight from someone else.

Nonetheless, not everyone has reader friends to call, and you might be wondering what you should do in that case. When that happens, you shouldn’t worry – you can still consult your loved ones and ask for their opinion, or even go online and join forums to get other people’s thoughts on the options you have.

Be Firm

Once you pick your brand name, you should be firm with your choice. You can’t change the company name every day just because you’re not confident about your decision – if you do this, you might even lose potential clients.

Be firm!

Some people change the name of their company at some point, and this is completely valid. However, it doesn’t mean that you should change it every week since that can only hinder your growth.

Try to pick a name that you love, and if you have to change it, you can do so, eventually. When you’re getting started, picking a name sounds like a final decision that can never be undone, and it can be quite daunting. Nonetheless, it can also be very fun if you’re firm about your choice and focus on growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can come up with effective and fun book business name ideas if you brainstorm and write down all the alternatives you can think of. Furthermore, you can include names from works you already know, or choose other options, such as names of famous places.

The book business name generator works by giving you several name options to choose from. You need to input the keywords you want in your name, and it comes up with various alternatives using those words.

Unique names for book businesses include puns or using your own name, such as Pearson or McGraw-Hill. Another fantastic idea is to use the name of a specific place, like Bloomsbury Publishing does.

Some fantastic names for a book publishing company are the ones that reference works of literature, such as Alice in Bookland, or Wilde Publishing.
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