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Naming your Brows Business

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Brows business names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Brows business name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Wow Brows

Creative Curves


Take a Brow

Bronze Brows

Meow Brows

Glamour Groomers

Glamorous Groom

Dressing Groom

Brow Brow

Wowed with Brows

Tied with a Brow

Brows That Wow

Brows of Beauty

Beautiful Brows

Perfect Arch

A+ Arches

Ample Arches

Arch Affair

Bold Brows

Go to Town Brows

Definition Mission

Dedicated Definition

Brow Town

Bonafide Brows

Brow Babes

Brow Behavior

Brow Brothers

Brow Bar

Brows of Beauty

How to Brow

Best Brows

Brows Around Town

Eye Designs

Framed Faces

Eyebrow Wows

Excellent Eyebrows

Immaculate Eyebrows


On Point Professionals

Fabulous Fillers

Filled and Fab

Filled and Fierce

Filled and Fleek

On Fleek

Fleek for Weeks

Idyllic Eyes

Eyes on the Prize

Prized Eyes

Busy Brows


Highbrow Brows

Pow Pow Brows

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

Beautiful Brows

Brow Beauty

Dainty Brows

Brow Lines

The Black Brow

The Brown Brow

Brow Love

The Passionate Brow

Fierce Brows


The Tattooed Brow

Better Brows

The Shining Brow


Strong Brows


Brows and More

Extreme Brows


Brow Designs

Brow Techniques

Brow King

Queen Brows

Regal Brows

Royal Brows


The Happy Brow

High Brows

Brow Basics

Better Brows

Brow Do


Luxury Brows

Fancy Brow

Star Brows

Brow Pros

The Brow Experts

The Brow Specialists

The Plucked Brow

Brow Waxers

Brow Masters

Master Brow

The Brow Bureau

Sleek Brows

Trendy Brows

Perfect Brows

The Furrowed Brow



Brow Confidence

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus

Beautiful Brows

Beauty Brows

Beautify Brows

Brow Babes

Brow Baby

Brow Babies

Brow Babe

Brow Wow

Wow Brow

Wow Brows

Wowy Browy

Browy Wowy

Browie Wowie

Wowie Browie

Wowzer Brows

Wowzer Brow

Wonder Brows

Wonderful Brows

Brow Buds

Brow Buddies

Excellent Eyebrows

Exeeding Eyebrows

X-Cellent Eyebrows

X-treme Eyebrows

Extreme Eyebrows

Eye Buds

Eye Buddies

Face Framers

Face Framing

Waxing World

Wax World

Wax Wonderland

Waxing Wonderland

Waxing Wonders

Wax Wonders

Wax Wisdom

Waxing Wisdom

Wise Waxing

Wise Wax

Wise Waxers

Wisdom Waxing

Wisdom Wax

Wisdom Waxers

On Fleek!

Eyebrows on Fleek

Brows on Fleek

Brow Fleek

Fleek Freaks

Fleek Freak


BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Cute Touch

Fine lines

Prime looks

Perfect gaze

Hallmark brows

Sunrise looks

Enchantment looks

Precious brows

Cultured looks

Allure brows

Top class brows

Surreal looks

Game on brows

Sensitive looks brows

Priceless brows

Glamour brows

Sunshine brows

Authentic looks

Complete brows

Penchant brows

Radiant gaze

Topical brows

Peerless gaze

funfair brows

Zigzag Brows

Sharp gaze brows

Pedigree brows

Stupendous looks

Amazing gaze

Awakening gaze brows

Alive looks

Ageless looks

Evergreen brows

attractive gaze

Affectionate looks

Faithful gaze

Mesmerizing brows

Fascinating looks

Paradise gaze

Superb brows

Catchy looks

Surprise gaze

Celebration gaze

Concentration brows

Elation looks

Euphoria gaze

Talented brows

Heartfelt looks

Heartwarming gaze

High effect brows

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