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The Best Clothing Brand Names

The Best Clothing Brand Names

The right name can make all the difference when setting up a clothing brand or fashion business, and if you’re looking to find the best clothing brand name ideas, the BizNamWiz clothing brand name generator is the tool you need.
You can use the fashion brand name generator to create hundreds of fashion brand name ideas in an instant. All you have to do is input one or more words into the clothing brand name generator and then let it do all the hard work for you.
Along with our clothing name generator, you can also read through the lists below of great clothing brand name ideas and real-world fashion brand name ideas to help you on your way to crafting the very best fashion brand names.

15 Cool and Catchy Clothing Brand Name Ideas

When you’re trying to create good clothing brand name ideas, it’s often wise to include words that are relevant to the fashion industry, such as modern, trend, and style. Here are some examples of fashion brand name ideas with these cool and catchy key words.

  • Modern Trends 
  • Sunglow Fashion 
  • Freestyle Fashion 
  • The Latest Style 
  • Retro Walk 
  • Trend City 
  • Elegant Apparel 
  • Fashion Vault 
  • Style Palace 
  • Trend Closet 
  • Current Style 
  • Sleek Couture 
  • Well Worn 
  • What to Wear  
  • Dressed to Impress

Tips for Creating Cool and Catchy Clothing Brand Name Ideas

If you want to create great clothing brand name ideas, it’s a good idea to think of one or two key words you want to include, like style, trend, or elegant, and then think of names involving those words. Or simply input them into the clothing brand name generator. The clothing name generator will give you lots of potential names to use in no time at all.

15 One Word Fashion Brand Name Ideas

Some of the best clothing brand name ideas are very short, consisting of just a single word. One-word names can be highly memorable and convey a sense of style and authority all by themselves. Here are some examples of clothing brand name ideas consisting of only one word.

  • Looks 
  • Threads 
  • Threaded 
  • Fuze 
  • Retrowear 
  • Wearly 
  • Textilmatic 
  • Dressify  
  • Fashionata 
  • Stylicious 
  • Lavish 
  • Chaperon 
  • Twistedwear 
  • Vintagewear 
  • Resonate 

Tips for Creating One Word Fashion Brand Name Ideas

If you’re thinking about creating a one-word clothing brand name, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. You can either pick a real word that has power and significance for your brand and sense of style, like Resonate or Lavish. Or, you can choose to make up your own new word by blending existing words together. Think of words like style, wear, and fashion and mix them up with other words to create whole new statements with your brand.

15 Clothing Brand Name Ideas with Alliteration or Rhyming

Alliteration and rhyming can be helpful for making your fashion brand names more memorable and marketable. Here are some ideas of names that make best use of these linguistic techniques.

Alliteration and rhyming can be helpful!
  • Fresh Threads
  • Trend Town
  • Super Style
  • Fade Fashion
  • Fashion Fuel
  • Chic Clothing
  • Fab Fabrics
  • Thread Trends
  • Sleek Style
  • Fashion Fever
  • Teen Trends
  • Clothing Crew
  • Awesome Attire
  • Classy Couture
  • Wear it Well

Tips for Creating Clothing Brand Name Ideas with Alliteration or Rhyming

If you’re interested in using alliteration or rhyming in your brand name, try to think of a few words that sum up your brand’s products, values, and style. Then, find words that rhyme with the words you selected or have the same first letter. To make things faster, you can also use our clothing brand name generator. The clothing name generator can create alliteration names for you easily and quickly.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Life’s Looks
  • Fast Fashion
  • Fashion Friends
  • Friends of Fashion
  • Threaded
  • Threaded Needle
  • Culture Couture
  • Needle Eye
  • Thread and Tread
  • Thread Co.
  • Looks at Life
  • FastWear
  • Wear Affair
  • Dare to Wear
  • Quality Queen
  • Core Clothing
  • Clothing Crew
  • Chic Clothing
  • Curve Clothing
  • Classy Clothes
  • Cycle Clothing
  • Charm Clothing
  • Crisp Clothing
  • Clothing Condo
  • Choice Clothes
  • Chosen Clothing
  • Cotton and Color
  • Clothing Canyon
  • Clothes Cruise
  • Clothing Circus
  • Resonate
  • Sedation
  • Body Canvas
  • Tingle
  • Kent Street
  • DimeInd
  • Full Effect
  • Odin Marie
  • Parachute
  • York & Dante
  • Active Pilot
  • Carmine
  • Foreign Falcon
  • Ingenue
  • Wrender

The Best Real-World Clothing Brand Names

The Best Real-World Clothing Brand Names

As well as using the BizNameWiz fashion brand name generator for ideas and inspiration, it’s also a good idea to look into the real world for some great examples of super fashion and clothing brand names. Here are some amazing examples.

Forever 21

How Forever 21 Got Its Name
Forever 21 is an American fashion brand based in California. It was originally called Fashion 21, but the name Forever 21 evokes feelings of youthfulness, modernity, and everlasting style.

Why Forever 21 Is A Great Clothing Brand Name
Forever 21 works really nicely as a fashion brand name, because many people want to find clothes that make them look young, beautiful, and trendy. This brand name suggests that you can look and feel younger by shopping in its stores and buying its products.

American Eagle Outfitters

How American Eagle Outfitters Got Its Name
American Eagle Outfitters is an American lifestyle and clothing brand. The name was chosen to reflect the brand’s high American standards and pride in American culture.

Why American Eagle Outfitters Is A Great Clothing Brand Name
This brand name can appeal to anyone who loves America, likes to buy American products, and enjoys the American sense of style. The “Outfitters” part of the name is also a very clear statement about what the company does.

Victoria’s Secret

How Victoria’s Secret Got Its Name
Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie and fashion brand. The “Victoria” part of the name was chosen in reference to Queen Victoria and the elegance of the Victorian era, while the “Secret” part refers to what hides beneath one’s outwear, as the brand specializes in underwear.

Why Victoria’s Secret Is A Great Clothing Brand Name
Victoria’s Secret has become one of the most iconic names in the fashion world because it works on so many levels. It’s teasing and tantalizing in equal measure, managing to be both suggestive yet sophisticated at the same time.

Most Successful Clothing Brand Names

Most Successful Clothing Brand Names

Urban Outfitters

How Urban Outfitters Got Its Name
Urban Outfitters is a fashion retail brand that specializes in modern, urban-style clothes and accessories.

Why Urban Outfitters Is A Great Clothing Brand Name
This brand name has huge appeal, especially to the younger demographic, with many young people and teens interested in urban style and looking for the latest clothes to wear around the city. The name is also short, clear, easy to understand, and simple to remember, too.


How Topshop Got Its Name
Topshop is a British fashion retailer with a name that combines two small words into one compound brand name.

Why Topshop Is A Great Clothing Brand Name
This name works because it’s short, sweet, and direct. It suggests that this is the best place to shop, and it also rhymes, which makes it easier to remember and more appealing to many prospective customers.


How Gap Got Its Name
Gap is an American clothing brand that was named as a reference to the “generation gap”.

Why Gap Is A Great Clothing Brand Name
Gap is an example of a very short but effective brand name. It shows that you don’t need lots of words or complex adjectives to make a successful clothing store name or brand name. Sometimes, the shortest and easiest-to-remember words work the best.

Create short but effective brand name!

Tips for Creating Your Own Clothing Brand Name

Use Relevant Keywords

When it comes to making fashion brand names, it’s a good idea to use relevant key words that make people feel like your store is one they can rely on to find high quality clothes and modern fashion. Words like trend, style, street, urban, fashion, modern, now, or current can work nicely for these sorts of companies. If you’re struggling to think of any ideas, don’t forget that you can use the clothing brand name generator for free to create lots of names in an instant.

Dare to Be Different

If you look at many of the most successful fashion brands in the world, you’ll notice that a lot of them have quite unique, original names.

Dare to Be Different!

This shows that creativity and originality can be valuable tools when naming a fashion brand, and you shouldn’t be afraid to try something different. One-word names can work really well and even inventing whole new words or phrases can help to get people engaged and turn prospective customers into paying customers for your brand.

Be Honest

Another good tip to follow when naming a fashion brand is to choose a name that is honest in regard to the products you sell. There’s no point in calling your store something like “Urban Style” if you don’t actually sell a lot of urban or street-style clothes. The name needs to reflect the products and vibe of the brand itself, as a vague or unreliable name will put people off your brand and make them less likely to shop with you in the future. Again, don’t forget to use the clothing brand name generator if you need more ideas.

Check the Availability

After using the clothing brand name generator to create your next fashion brand name, you’ll need to actually confirm that the name you want to use is available. After all, there are lots of brands in the fashion business, and you might find that a name you want to use has already been claimed by someone else. So make sure to check online and do some research to ensure that your chosen name is free. Be sure to claim the URL address for your new name and the social media accounts, too, as this will help you a lot in the future for digital marketing and brand development.

Use the BizNameWiz Clothing Brand Name Generator

The BizNameWiz brand name generator fashion can be your best friend when coming up with fashion business names, and you can start using our fashion brand name generator today, for free, without any commitments or payments required. The clothing brand name generator will automatically create a long list of potential names for you to consider. To use the clothing name generator, simply type one or more words into the box provided and then let it do the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many different ways in which you can name clothing or fashion brand. A good way to start is to start thinking of important key words that are connected to your brand and the products you make or sell. If you run a teen fashion brand, for example, words like youth, teen, trend, and modern might be relevant to you. You can then build names with those words or simply type them into our very own fashion brand name generator to create fun name ideas in an instant.

Catchy fashion brand names tend to be short, direct, and evocative, and you can see plenty of examples of this in the world around you, with successful brands like Gap and Victoria's Secret. So, if you want to create a similarly catchy and cool fashion brand name, try to keep it short, limiting yourself to just two or three words at the most. Choose your words with care and try to find ways to blend words to create names that are memorable and pleasant to say out loud.

Yes, our brand name generator for fashion companies is 100% free to use. It's also very simple to use, and you don't need any special experience to get started. All you have to do is type one or more words into the box provided. The generator will then create hundreds of possible brand names for you to use as inspiration for building your own unique fashion name. Just remember to check the availability of any name you want to use before claiming it as your own.




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