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Top Brands:

H&M: Their name stands for Hennes & Mauritz. It is a globally known name, with authority and recognition in the apparel and accessories industry. It abbreviated form is simple and instantly recognizable.

American Apparel: A very generic name that clearly carves out their target industry. Even someone who has never heard of the company would instantly know what they do, which is a valuable marketing asset.

ASOS: ‘As Seen on Screen,’ is a digital marketplace for millennials. Their name, as well as their selling strategy, is heavily targeted towards this age group. Even the use of an acronym is synonymous with the generation they are targeting: think YOLO, FOMO, LMAO, etc.

Polo Ralph Lauren: The flagship brand of the company, Polo is named after the founder’s interest in sports. The brand began in 1968 and since has become a leader in menswear. Polo is considered a wealthy sport, leading more weight to the expensive brand.

Thinx Underwear: A more ‘thoughtful’ approach to women’s menstrual products, Thinx speaks to the creator’s desire to help make periods less inconvenient and unpleasant for women around the world.

Vans: A name synonymous with skateboarding, the brand has been able to carve out a unique niche for their style of shoes. The name is simple, instantly recognizable and easy to remember –  an ideal combination.

Uniqlo: A Japanese apparel company that has expanded to Western markets. Part of their appeal is their ‘alternative’ style and interesting name, which is a portmanteau of ‘unique’ and ‘clothing’.

Nike: Named after the Greek goddess of victory, the name, when combined with the famous ‘tick’ and ‘just do it’ slogan, represent the leading brand in sportswear. Its meaning has led significantly to its growth as a brand for winners and elite athletes.

Adidas: A combination of letters from the founder’s name, Adidas has become synonymous with elite sport. Easy to pronounce, and hard to forget, Adidas is the ultimate success story for a made-up word.

Happy Socks: One of the first companies to bring patterned socks to the mainstream market. Their name is simple, memorable and speaks to the essence of the business: a desire to spread happiness through socks.


Clientele & interests:

The apparel industry touches the lives of every single human on the planet – we all ‘need’ clothes. However, the plethora of brands and clothing styles speak far more to our desire for social proof and our need to display our unique preferences and tastes. Apparel and accessories show a plenitude of information about the wearer. Companies exploit this desire to stand out by creating a never ending stream styles and accessories.

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Industry Related Words

Shirt, t-shirt, clothing, clothes shop, designer, handbag, jersey, sweater, vest, dress, skirt, pants, trousers, underwear, lingerie, purse, necklace, jewelry, watch, shoes, trainers, heels, stilettoes, v-neck, crew-neck, cotton, silk, earrings, fashion, style, runway, catwalk, designer, models, fashion show, fashion week, boho, preppy, sporty, classic, blouse, top, jacket, coat, shorts, mini-skirt, collar, bowtie, tie, chic, boutique, label, brand, cutting edge, online-store, activewear, beauty, curve, plus size, denim, jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, jumpers, cardigan, jumpsuit, onesie, maternity, petite, tights, socks, singlets, leggings, jeggings, workwear, chinos, sunglasses, boots, sneakers, polo shirt, joggers, runners, loungewear, blazer, vintage, prints, patterns, uniform, sandals, 60s-inspired, 70s-inspired, 80s-inspired, active, gypsy, lacy, lingerie, comfy, in style, contemporary, plush, oversized, old-fashioned, plunging, faux, knit top, scarf, tie, socks, robe, shapeware, slacks, pajamas, cardigan, iron,

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

There are millions of different clothing labels peddling hundreds of millions styles and products to billions of people. A few ‘buzzwords,’ however, still stand out.


Classic, effortless, timeless, on-trend, hot, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, in-season, exclusive, trendy, sleek, simple, essential, in style, latest, edgy, essential, must-have, flattering, glamourous, form-fitting

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