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It’s not just a brick. It’s a work of art. That also happens to be a brick.

For you construction, building, infrastructure designers guess what… the foundation to your business starts with A GREAT NAME.

A great name is like discovering the 9th Wonder of the World. There’s something spectacular about it that stays with you days after you’ve gone home. And when it comes to construction the sky is the limit for what type of name your company should go with.

Construction is like no other business out there. No matter what stage of the game your company is in – be it the designing part, a construction service, or something in the middle — your product literally pierces the clouds and touches the Heavens. How cool is that?

Sixty years from now what you helped create will still be standing. Shouldn’t the name of the company that made this possible live beyond the years?

Biz Name Wiz thinks so. 

Top Brands:

CAT: Short for ‘caterpillar’, which refers to the continuous track system used on construction vehicles, this brand name is almost synonymous with construction machinery.

Komatsu: As Japanese companies are world-renowned for manufacturing, the use of a traditional name reinforces a high standard of quality.

Hitachi: Again, the use of a Japanese name indicates to customers that these construction vehicles are manufactured to a high standard.

Makita: A major manufacturer of power tools, Makita’s name is unique and easily memorable, and again connotes high-quality manufacturing with its Japanese roots.

Craftsman: By using the word ‘craft’, this name reminds customers of the creativity and attention to detail involved in construction that is often overlooked in the broader building process, thus adding appeal.

Home Depot: By using the word depot, meaning “a building where supplies are kept”, this brand name tells customers that every possible home need can be solved at their stores.

Stihl: Although named for its founder, Stihl is short, memorable, and carries a degree of strength and authority.

Bechtel: This construction company, also named for its founder, is one of the largest and oldest in the world. Its name its sophisticated and powerful, reminding customers of their history and importance.

John Deere: Though named for its founder, John Deere plays upon its ‘deer’ homophone for a degree of humor, using the slogan, “Nothing Runs Like a Deere”.

Dulux: Playing on the words ‘deluxe’ and ‘lux’, this brand name assures users of its high-quality products and services.



Clientele & interests:

The range of potential clients in this industry is staggering, but can be broken down into three main groups; individuals, small businesses, and large construction corporations. Each has an abundance of different needs and wants, but above all they want quality, value for money and work done promptly.

Renovation, home improvement, model construction hobby, engineering, architecture, quantity surveying, mining, civil constructing, mechanical construction, business, property, real estate

Industry related words:

Construction, development, manufacture, plan, planning, structure, system, architecture, assembly, build, foundation, infrastructure, roadwork, hats, helmet, sky-scraper, walls, bridge, prefab, prefabrication, project manager, heavy machinery, drill, hammer, nails, screw, screwdriver, jack hammer, spade, bucket, wheelbarrow, roller, paintbrush, paint, paint tin, boots, steel-toed, work gear, digger, hardware, carpentry, tools, drill, cordless, civil construction, engineer, saw, pliers, hacksaw, measuring tape, gloves, sledge hammer, chainsaw,  truck, bulldozer, bucket wheel excavator, tractor, mining, backhoe loader, skip, loader, paver, dump truck, crane, crew, masonry, concrete, sand, brick, frame, safety glasses, home improvement, renovation, chisel, line level, ladder, tiles, structure, building, organization, formation, arrangement, fabrication, form, composition, shape, frame, assembly, architectural design, erection, development, version, assemblage, framework, edifice, plot, land, tunnel, truck

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Marketing to clients in this industry means meeting certain criteria: longevity of products, low costs, sound equipment, and speed. Particular words can be used to get this message across to customers, including:


Durable, powerful, heavy-duty, affordable, robust, optimal performance, improve your home, increased productivity, lower costs, reliable, better work, precision, ‘built for it’.


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