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Do you save the fortunes from your fortune cookies?

We’ve known this beautiful girl for over a decade — she’s driven, funny, the type of person who makes you believe in miracles and to this day she has saved EVERY fortune she’s ever had.

We kid you not — she keeps them in a scrapbook.

Recently we asked her why. Her response, “I love the words.”

She has a point. The words on the page matter. For you restaurant and bar owners, isn’t it true more creative names on a menu get asked about and ordered than your everyday items?

Name has everything to do with expectations and the name on the billboard outside your company is the difference maker between sales and going cold-turkey in the kitchen.

Top Brands:

Coca Cola: Although the company name is derived from the beverage’s original two ingredients, cocaine leaves and kola nuts, its repetition and catchiness are effective and memorable.

Starbucks: By amalgamating two common words to make a unique and recognizable name, Starbucks successfully created a brand image.

Nestle: Named for its Swiss founder, the brand name ‘Nestle’ carries exotic and high-class connotations.

Kelloggs: By using the founder’s name as a brand name, this company achieves a family-oriented, homely feel for its food products.  

Pepsi: The name is derived from the Greek ‘pepsis’, meaning ‘digestion’, but this unique and memorable name has become a common word in and of itself.

Red Bull: The name is adapted from a Thai beverage Krating Daeng, which translates into the English language as Red Bull. Use of the word ‘bull’ allow connotes strength and energy, which is important for an energy drink.

Nespresso: A portmanteau of Nestle, the founding company, and ‘espresso’, allows the company to put a personalized touch on a well-known concept, this being espresso coffee.

Heineken: Named for its founder, Heineken has become synonymous with premium quality imported beer.

McDonalds: Founded by the McDonald brothers, the use of their family name allowed the pair to create a homely, family-friendly feel in their restaurants.

Burger King: The use of ‘king’ in conjunction with ‘burger’ expresses the idea that the company produces top-notch, high-quality burgers.


Clientele & interests:

Food can be very inclusive, but also very divisive. Veganism and being a vegetarian are still considered to be controversial, unnatural or just plain wrong amongst a significant percentage of the population, and many other dietary preferences receive similar treatment. Tastes also fragment the market, as do health trends, scientific discoveries or nutrition revelations that drive people either towards or away from certain food groups.  What is clear, however, is that large swathes of society love certain foods: burgers, pizzas, and alcohol.


Fast food, health shops, food delivery services, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils, cooking, entertaining, cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, bottle stores, food blogs, recipe books.

Industry related words:

Burger, nom nom, om nom, all natural, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, pasta, pizza, French fries, junk food, health food, fast food, GMO, a la carte, dinner, lunch, breakfast, brunch, entrée, meze, garnish, frozen, fresh, fruit, vegetable, meat, eggs, milk, harvest, appetite, addictive, sugar, sweets, lollies, candy, bitter, sour, culinary, cuisine, crunchy, delectable, chain, espresso, soda, soft drink, carbonated, chef, cook, banquet, digestible, diet, juice, juicing, cleanse, cleansing, flavorful, mouth-watering, dessert, pudding, gourmet, confection, confectionary, crop, farm, factory farm, connoisseur, calorie, eatery, café, home economics, low fat, sugar-free, menu, nourish, nourishment, nutrition, nibble, snack, organic, super food, anti-oxidant, restaurant, sticky, steam, store-bought, sieve, utensils, knife, chopping, tea, coffee, tasty, tasteless, taste buds, tart, tapas, tangy, yummy, weight, succulent, simmer, bake, bakery, baker, butcher, fizz, filtered, gorge, chow, grains.

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Keeping on top of trends is the best way to ensure that a business stays relevant in the food industry. Targeting niche markets is also a common strategy used, and using buzzwords such as ‘super-food’ can be a highly effective marketing strategy.


Super-food, high in antioxidants, mouth-watering, ‘finger licking good’, all natural, organic, non-GMO, health food, nutritious, low calorie, low fat, low sugar, sugar-free, delicious, delectable, flavorful, succulent, nourishing


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