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Is it better to have loooooooong copy or short? You marketing business experts probably think about this as much as a philosophy 101 student wonders if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make noise. WOW, right?

Look it’s all relative until it’s not. But when it comes to merchandising, marketing, advertising, branding, sales promotions it’s NEVER relative. See what we did there? Huh? Huh?? Huh???

Marketing 101, lesson 1, day 1 written in the Bible of marketing clearly states THE TITLE = GODLINESS.

Top Brands:

Google AdWords: Their name describes what ads looked like when Google first released their ad offerings, and the genius of ‘Adwords’ is in its simplicity.

AdRoll: A simple, concise, and easy to remember name. The name is descriptive of their main service – rollover ads that retarget leads and customers.

Accomplice: Like an accomplice who helps you commit a crime, this company helps customers better manage campaigns and cross-promotional advertising. Their name conjures a sense of friendship and cooperation.

MailChimp: The quirkiness and uniqueness of this company name makes this newsletter and mail delivery service highly memorable.

Contently: A name that explains what this company does; creates marketing content, but also signals a sense of calmness and contentedness to customers. Contently has the added value of being both generic and unique at the same time.

SocialBakers: By cleverly using the tasks and duties of a baker as a comparison for social media marketing, this company name implies the mixing of key metrics and data to increase effectiveness and provide delicious results. 

Carat: A smart reference to a measurement of precious metals, the name implies company value to potential clients.

Mother: A brand-storytelling company that aims to draw comparisons to a mother telling a story to her children in their name.

Pace: Described as the future of marketing, this company’s name aims to draw a correlation between a leader at a sporting event who sets the pace for the rest of the competition, and their own pace setting in the marketing industry.

Yodle: The business model of this company seeks to help local businesses be ‘heard’. The play on the word ‘yodel’, which is a loud call, reaffirms this in clients’ minds.

Clientele & Interests:

Clients interested in marketing and advertising services range from individuals hoping to increase the appeal of their individual brand to large corporations that want to use the most innovative marketing and publicity tools on the platforms relevant to their target audiences. Marketing is usually used to increase growth, website views and sales, but, if done correctly, it can also be used to increase rapport amongst clients.


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Industry related words:

Actionable analytics, advertisement, brand identity, big data, content is king, clickbait, contextual marketing, disruptor, freemium, gamification, growth hacking, hyperlocal, ideation, innovators, jacking, marketers, KPI, print, web, video, low hanging fruit, millennials, mobile optimization, Omni channel marketing, netiquette, paid placement, pain points, influencers, quality, social media, Instagram, snapchat, virility, viral marketing, user-generated content, real-time engagement, retargeting, snackable content, repurposing content, storyscraping, second-screen, transparency, though leader, user-generated content (UGC), visual storytelling, wearable tech, wantrapenuer, web personalization, conversation marketing, culture of content, data-driven publishing, holistic, content shock, native advertising, content discovery platforms, promoted posts, influencer marketing, content performance, ad blockers, virtual reality (VR)

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Companies enlisting the services of marketing agents or advertising software usually aim for a good balance of quality placement and low cost. They typically want high effectiveness and an increased growth rate, but without paying sky-high fees.


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