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Best Marketing & Advertising Company Name Ideas

Business names should be fun and intriguing in order to attract customers. This is especially important for a marketing business that wants to collaborate with new clients. But don’t worry about the naming process – this guide is here to literally guide you through it.

Business names should be fun and intriguing!

The marketing & advertising company name generator will prove helpful when finding creative names. You can type in a bunch of different keywords to generate interesting results that will certainly grab the attention of customers. Make sure to keep this website open during your naming process, and most importantly, just have fun with it! 

One-Word Marketing & Advertising Company Name Ideas

One-word names are catchy and directly state the company’s mission. You could use one-word names to get the point across fast or increase the memorability of your name. Customers usually gravitate towards names that aren’t too complicated and don’t contain complex words.. For example, ‘MarketYouX’ is a simple name that clearly states the marketing purpose.

You need to think of words associated with ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’ in order to create business names. I used the root words ‘promote’, ‘media’, ‘digital’ and ‘connect’ and popped those into the marketing & advertising company name generator. Then I chose the best names!

  • PromoteHut                              
  • Mediaquipo                         
  • Promoten
  • Mediaworks                              
  • MarketGeniX                      
  • Mediatastic 
  • ConnectX                                 
  • ConnectDeck                      
  • Connectegy
  • Digitalscape                             
  • Marketify                             
  • Marketops
  • PromoteLux                             
  • Digitoryx                            
  • Digister 

Tips For Creating One-Word Marketing & Advertising Company Names

Choosing the ‘one word’ option in the filtered list will show only one-word business names. You can also select ‘corporate’, ‘ecommerce’, ‘marketing’, ‘media’, ‘services’ and ‘tech’ on the industry list to view more accurate results. Just experiment with the filters to find names that are suitable for your marketing & advertising company.

You can also combine words to make a one-word business name. For example, ‘Mediatastic’ is a combination of ‘media’ and ‘fantastic’. Customers would understand the positive connotations of ‘fantastic’ and feel more inclined to invest. Take the time to play around with the words! 

Rhyming Marketing & Advertising Company Name Ideas

Rhyming names are important for customers to feel engaged with the company. Pleasing sounds, like half-rhymes or full rhymes, will have strong memorability. For example, ‘Accept Connect’ is a rhyming name that directly states the marketing services. 

You can also use alliteration to create a smooth flowing name. I used the same root words from earlier and typed those into the marketing & advertising company name generator! Below you will find strong examples of rhyming names for your company.

  • Media Mention                          
  • Market Metrics                     
  • Market Makers
  • Digital Dome                             
  • Discover Digital                    
  • Digital Digging
  • Promote Pals                            
  • Promote Puff                        
  • Promote Pages 
  • Creative Connection                 
  • Connect Castle                    
  • Connect Connect! 
  • Media Machine                         
  • Media Maxi                        
  • More Media

Tips For Creating Rhyming Marketing & Advertising Company Names

Click the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered list to see pages of rhyming and alliterative names. I looked through all the pages before deciding on the best 15 names. If you don’t see many rhyming names you like on the generator, just search up ‘fun rhyming words’ online. This should give you plenty of rhyming choices to combine with your root words. Don’t forget to use different root words in the marketing & advertising company name generator if you want more results!

Descriptive Marketing & Advertising Company Name Ideas

Customers usually like to visualize names that hold special meanings. This may help them gain a better understanding of your company. For example, ‘Marketing Meetings’ would make customers think about consultation. They might feel encouraged to try your services if they know you provide vocal support. I used the same root words and combined them with descriptive language. Descriptive names require creative thinking and lots of time! 

  • Deep Blue Marketing                 
  • Promote Your Quote               
  • Vote to Promote
  • Social Media Friends                 
  • Our Digital World                    
  • Colossal Market
  • Promote Your Success              
  • Growing More Markets           
  • Digital Universe 
  • Online Connections                   
  • Check and Connect                
  • Connecting Visions
  • Media Enhancement                 
  • Generation Media                 
  • Media Flourish 

Tips For Creating Descriptive Marketing & Advertising Company Names

You need to think outside of the box if you want to create descriptive names. How would this name make customers feel? Would customers understand the company? It’s great to have a fun and engaging name, but it’s more important to have a name that makes sense.

 Think outside of the box!

Consider searching for fun words and phrases online. This should give you inspiration for the descriptive company names. You can type words you like into the marketing & advertising company name generator! 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Get Social
  • Market Winners
  • Adaptive Media
  • Marketing Magic
  • Market Manor
  • Marketing Mania
  • Memo Marketing
  • Mega Marketing
  • Merry Marketing
  • Moral Marketing
  • Promedia
  • Market Motive
  • Ad Arsenal
  • Cool Media
  • Advertising Assent
  • REACH Agency
  • Marketingo
  • Outreach
  • Creative Muse
  • AdRace Agency
  • Story Share
  • Sharify
  • BrandWave
  • hYpe Media
  • Point Vision
  • Spread Vision
  • Visible Gurus
  • Hype Genius
  • Digital Crowd
  • In Front Media
  • Organic Crowd
  • Made to Market
  • Ab Able
  • Marketing Mavens
  • Marketing Gurus
  • Ad to Cart
  • AdGeneration
  • LeadGen
  • Valued Voices
  • Voices Heard
  • A+ Agency
  • DigiDelivery
  • Far Reach

Best Real-World Marketing & Advertising Company Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Best Real-World Marketing & Advertising Company Names - How They Got It And Why It Works

Iconic Digital

How Iconic Digital Got Its Name
Steve and Maria Pailthorpe first established Iconic Digital in March 2012. They wanted to create a digital marketing agency “with a difference”. This company gives 30% of their profits to good causes and charities. Steve has said that “the more we grow, the more we give”.

Why Iconic Digital Is A Catchy Company Name
The word ‘iconic’ has positive connotations that represent how effective this agency is. ‘Digital’ will tell clients what type of marketing company they’re working with. Combining these words together suggests this company has a positive reputation.


How MintTwist Got Its Name
MintTwist is a digital marketing agency that has a “passion to craft memorable experiences” for customers. They have a team of digital experts who help create a vision for clients. This company wants to inspire people and build long-lasting relationships in the marketing industry.

Why MintTwist Is A Catchy Company Name
MintTwist is quite an unusual name for a marketing company that doesn’t really relate to marketing or advertising. This may be why the name is so catchy for customers. It’s uniqueness is easily memorable and shows that this company wants to stand out.

Juicy Marketing

How Juicy Marketing Got Its Name
Juicy Marketing has worked with thousands of organizations over the past 20 years. They aim to help these organizations “grow their business in the best way for them”. This company can help with website design, brand creation, design prints and digital marketing ideas.

Why Juicy Marketing Is A Catchy Company Name
The word ‘juicy’ is also unusual to use for a marketing company, but it still has positive effects on the customer. ‘Juicy’ is made to feel passionate and fulfilling, which is something this company wants to achieve. Unique names also resonate with customers the most.

Most Successful Marketing & Advertising Companies

Most Successful Marketing & Advertising Companies


How OuterBox Got Its Name
OuterBox was created over 17 years ago to help great clients grow their business. They are focused on “designing, developing and marketing websites” for diverse clients. This company likes to create powerful marketing strategies that “wow” clients across different industries.

Why OuterBox Is A Catchy Company Name
The name ‘OuterBox’ almost sounds like the phrase ‘think outside of the box’. Clients may view this name and perceive the company as imaginative and original. The one-word name is also memorable for clients and has a catchy vibe to it.

Whole Whale

How Whole Whale Got Its Name
Whole Whale was founded in 2010 to help nonprofits and for-good companies grow their business websites. They use web data and technology to increase the impact of social media campaigns. Whole Whale also works with over 100 organizations.

Why Whole Whale Is A Catchy Company Name
This company actually states that ancient coastal communities used to look at “each part of a whale”. Following this, they wanted to look at an organization’s resources in “a different way”. They are focused on maximizing valuable resources, which is why they chose this name.

Content Guppy

How Content Guppy Got Its Name
Content Guppy is a digital marketing agency that helps “companies get more traffic to their content”. They aim to experiment with marketing strategies and create new advertising campaigns for clients and businesses who are frequent customers.

Why Content Guppy Is A Catchy Company Name
Content Guppy is a unique name that symbolizes this company’s motives. After doing some research, ‘Guppy’ could represent “an awareness of necessities” when using essential resources. This company wants to be extra careful when sparing their resources among marketing strategies. The word ‘content’ simply suggests that they help boost content for clients.

3 Tips For Naming Your Marketing & Advertising Company

Planning your name and documenting your creative ideas will help you during the naming process. You can keep the notes for the future if you want to rename your company or start another business. Some people like to write their naming journey on the computer, as this keeps the planning documents all in one place. But of course, everyone plans names differently. 

Don’t forget to use the marketing & advertising company name generator if you get stuck on names! This generator should provide you with plenty of name options. You can also use this website to check the domain availability of each name! 

Tip One: Research Your Target Audience

You need to understand your target audience before you decide on a name. A target audience is a specific group of people who would be interested in your services.

 Research Your Target Audience!

They are more likely to invest time and money into your company. Consider these following questions to help you locate your relevant target audience:

  • Who would your marketing services appeal to?
  • How can your company help these customers?
  • Why would these people use your services?
  • Are they mostly online users? 
  • How would you contact these customers?

Once you have answered these questions, you can think of a name to suit them. For example, if they are mostly digital clients, you can create a name that focuses on digital marketing. Some names might be ‘Grow Online’, ‘Digital Deals’, ‘Manic Media’ and ‘Social Flourish’. Make sure your company name would attract the target audience to your marketing services.

Tip Two: Focus On Colors and Fonts For Your Name

Colors and fonts may not seem important, but they’re good for highlighting your company name to customers. Do you want to seem quirky? Or do you want to appear more sophisticated? You could show your company’s vibes through the fonts. For example, if you want to remain simple and sophisticated, you could stick with a bold font that is readable in logos. Customers may understand your experienced company through the professional font. 

Colors are also good for presenting a theme. If your company name was ‘Deep Blue Marketing’, you would have a rich blue color in the font. The name doesn’t need to have a color, but it’s good to understand your company’s theme beforehand. Consider using online websites that allow you to experiment with names using different fonts and colors.

Tip Three: Keep The Name Short And Sweet

Customers won’t like names that are complicated and contain unnecessary words. This is why you should stick with a name that is under four words. Focus on the most important words that tell customers exactly what to expect in your company. For example, ‘Marketing Meetings Digital Platforms’ could be reduced to ‘Market Meetings’ to clearly state the company’s purpose. Look at every word and consider these following questions:

  • Does it have meaning?
  • Is it relevant to my services?
  • Would the name make sense without it?
  • Can I change the words?
  • Could I cut those words out?
  • Are those words engaging?


Overall, you should create a name that appeals to customer values. You can use the marketing & advertising company name generator to find names that make your business appear fun and intriguing. Don’t forget to use online resources when finding inspiration from other marketing and advertising businesses. The most important thing is to enjoy the naming process!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You should create a name that tells customers exactly what to expect. For example, ‘Magical Marketing’, ‘Target Visions’ and ‘Media Mansion’ are some good names to use. Just use the marketing & advertising company name generator to find creative names!

Consider thinking of root words you want to apply to the marketing & advertising company name generator. Some root words may be ‘deals’, ‘promote’, ‘share’ and ‘media’. Simply pop those into the generator and search for names that represent your company’s mission.

Your name should be related to social media and online services. You could have names like ‘Social Stories’, ‘ClickGalore’, ‘Digital King’ and ‘Chic Society’. If you need more names, use the marketing & advertising company name generator to find creative and interesting ideas.




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