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What is more important for a website — the copy OR the images? Graphic designers and copywriters both know they’re equally valuable. Pictures have the power to convey a million words. And words don’t mean anything if you don’t have something to show for it.

The ideal website has both of these forces working together to promote your website. And the best way for them to see eye to eye is by creating the perfect business name. Check out these free name ideas.

Top Brands:

Shopify: One of the world’s largest e-commerce web development platforms, its name is unique, catchy and speaks to the functionality of the business.

Squarespace: A name that speaks to the functionality of their web services. Their platform uses segmented squares to make building a web page (or ‘space’) easier for users.

Wix: A company whose mission is to make website development, cool, fun and accessible. Their unique, quirky name matches this product offering perfectly.

Webflow: Another website builder, Webflow promises a flowing development process with no coding knowledge required.

Firefox: A web browser named after the red panda, also known as the ‘fire fox’. Unique, easy to remember and linked directly to their logo, it is a brilliant name.

WordPress: Powering 25% of the web, WordPress is synonymous with web development and hosting. Its name is descriptive to its mission; to act as a medium for anybody to publish (press) their ideas or expressions (word).

Fiverr: A graphic designer marketplace, its name is derived from the popular saying; “I’ll give you a fiver” for work done.

Adobe Illustrator: A company that oozes quality, Adobe’s software offerings are simple in name and clearly define their use. Illustrator is no exception to this.

Graphic Burger: Describing themselves as a “buffet of premium designs,” the company has positioned itself as a market leader in graphic design services.

99 designs: A marketplace for logos and other graphic designs, its name speaks to its wide range of designs on offer.

Clientele & interests:

As services needed by almost every company, self-employed business owner, and aspiring entrepreneur, web development and graphic design services have expanded to cater to all different types of customers. E-commerce and small business owners, however, would make up the vast majority of clients for these kinds of services, as more and more people discover the relative ease in making money online.

Logos, freelance work, e-commerce store, web hosting, personal website, blog, web portfolio, graphic design, coding languages (HTML & CSS), webhosting, small business, entreprenuership

Industry related words:

Internet, e-commerce, blog, graphic design, illustration, HTML, CSS, logo, copywriting, mobile friendly, front end design, back end design, templates, visual design, web design, design process, structure, configuration, unified design, emergence, reification, multistabilty, cloud computing, amazon web service, WordPress, Tumblr, Shopify, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, invariance, good figure, closure, recognizable pattern, symmetry, headers, content, links, backlinks, SEO, hosting, domain name, navigation, drop down menus, gestalt principle, typography, photography, proximity, continuation, cookies, meta tag, responsive design, slider, site map, analytics, API, user experience, accessibility, backlink, bandwidth, bounce rate, breadcrumb, browser, cache, caching, cascading style sheets, comment, CSS framework, element, favicon, font family, graphical user interface, https, hyperlink, golden ratio, rule of thirds, serif, scripts, monospace, hierarchy, tracking, RGB, Hex, palette, monochrome, CMYK, pantone, icon, style guide, scale, aspect ratio, resolution

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Ease of use, scalability, a low price point, and visual appearance would be the main contributing factors in making a decision about which service to use. Companies would do well to remember this and play up their strengths and the features their competition do not have.

Dynamic, responsive, visually appealing, scalable, low bounce rate, strong backend, SEO friendly, mobile friendly, simple navigation, informative, functional.

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