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“First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down.” — George Burns.

George was an American comedian and actor with insight that feels like it was made specifically for Home Service Companies. Picture your business and all the cleaning services it offers. Whether you’re a startup or an established force in the market your company name is your calling card.

A bad company name, one that isn’t catchy or unique to your business will cost sales. No two ways about it.

And here’s why — If you have a generic name for your landscaping company people forget it. And once they forget your name, your companies face is next. Yes, it’s just like what George said. It’s a downward spiral and first impressions mean everything so why not impress!

How about a name that says, “We are experts at appliance repairs!” How about a name that shows off how modern your cleaning services are? How about a name people won’t ever forget!?

This shouldn’t feel like some type of fantasy or step one leading to a daunting task. Coming up with the perfect business name for your home service company is meant to be fun, memorable and jam packed with GREAT NAME IDEAS.          

 Top Brands:

Domestos: By modifying the word ‘domestic’ to make a relevant but still unique and memorable name, Domestos creates a strong brand image.

OMO: OMO is an acronym for ‘on my own’, which indicates the ease and effectiveness of using their products to customers.

Dettol: This short and snappy name has an air of ‘cleanliness’ or hygiene about it, and has long been associated with medicinal and surgical use, which is an effective selling point for a cleaning product.

Windex: A portmanteau of the words ‘window’ and ‘express’, this brand name is memorable and clearly conveys the product’s usage to customers.

Mr Muscle: Slightly humorous and easy for customers to remember, this brand name is unique and unlike most other cleaning product names.

Finish: Conjuring up ideas of simplicity and finality, ‘Finish’ assures users that it can handle any cleaning job with ease.

Easy Off: By indicating to customers exactly how easy the cleaning process is when using this product, Easy Off is an effective name.

Preen: A mixture of the words ‘clean’ and ‘pristine’, this product name leaves no doubt in customer’s minds as to its effectiveness.

Vanish: Vanish tells customers that it works almost like magic on stains and difficult spots, and is short and snappy.

Glad: This brand name plays into customer’s basic desires for happiness and reassurance, and leaves users feeling calm and safe.


Clientele & interests:

Clientele range from individual households to large cleaning companies, both of whom are looking for the best products to fit their needs. Undoubtedly, quality and longevity come in first for customers. Cruelty-free offerings, non-toxic chemicals, and child safe options are essential, especially for the individual households buying these products. A new trend within this industry is the environmental movement. This trend has resulted in more and more companies beginning to offer eco-friendly and green alternatives, either in tandem to their main offerings or even downright changing their core ingredients.

Cleaning products, health, home, neatness, cleanliness, household products, home improvement services, furniture, family, business, property, tourism

Industry related words:

Household, spotless, bright, fresh, hygienic, immaculate, tidy, unblemished, washed, laundered, speckles, sanitary, antibacterial, disinfectant, germ-destroying, germ-free, sterilized, rinse, sponge, mop, broom, sink, basin, bucket, soap, bleach, washing machine, dryer, clothes-hanger, smudge free, scrub, scour, kitchen, carpet, counter, bed, walls, window, floor, hands, body, hair, shampoo, body lotion, bubble bath, bubbles, conditioner, steep, soak, shower, wipe, dishwasher, tablets, spray, lather, rake, scrape, rout out, flush, polished, vacuum, steam, spring-clean, dust, stains, dirt, chores, rubbish, pests, rodents, cockroaches, ants, insects, fragrance, polish, dusting, cleanliness, clean, shiny

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

When buying cleaning products customers want to feel like they are protected from germs, that their home is inviting to guests, and that the effort expended while cleaning is minimized.

Deep clean, healthier living, all-purpose, sparkle, shine, kills 99.99% of germs, powerful, toxic-free, safe, lasts longer, cuts through grease, fresh, spotless, germ-destroying, shiny


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