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The Best Computer Business Name Ideas

Computers play a huge part in today’s world, and this means that there will always be a high level of demand for computer shops, computer repair businesses, and other kinds of computer companies. If you’re thinking of setting up your own computer business, you’ll need to think of a good name for it.

The BizNameWiz computer business name generator is a super tool to use to help you come up with computer business name ideas. In just a few seconds, the computer business name generator can create hundreds or even thousands of great-sounding computer business names.

In this guide, we’ll also look at some lists of our favorite computer business name ideas, go over some methods you can use to create your own computer business names, and look at some real-world computer business names to see what makes them work so well.

15 Catchy Computer Business Name Ideas 

In the world of computer companies, having a catchy and engaging name can really help you brand stand out from the crowd, drawing in more customers and earning more money, too. Here are some cool and catchy computer business names to use as inspiration.

Create catchy and engaging name!
  • Rapid Computing   
  • Computing Solutions  
  • The Hardware Crew  
  • Computing Excellence  
  • Desktop Magic   
  • Computer Outfitters     
  •  Vortex Computing     
  • Pinnacle Technology 
  • Top Computer Team
  • The Comp Shop
  • Apex Computing   
  • The Computer Haven 
  • Best Budget Computers 
  • The Drive Mind
  • Take a Byte

Tips for Creating Catchy Computer Business Name Ideas

The key to creating catchy computer business name ideas is to try and focus on key words and phrases that are associated with computers and technology in general. This will allow you to create computer business names that instantly inform people in terms of what your business is about. Focus on words that are connected to computers, like hardware, software, bytes, drives, data, and so on. You may also want to use words that are associated with quality, like premium, excellence, peak, and optimal.

15 Computer Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

Across many different industries, it’s quite common to see rhyming words or words that start with the same letter being used in business names. These techniques can be very effective in terms of creating names that not only sound pleasant when said out loud but are also easier to remember, too. Here are some computer business name ideas that make use of rhyming or alliteration.

  • Gadgets & Gizmos  
  • The Computer Crew  
  • Classic Computing  
  • The Tech Team  
  • Binary Bros     
  • Motherboard Magicians
  • Processor Pros   
  • The Computing Cafe
  • Data Docs    
  • Keyboard Kings
  • Bits & Bytes 
  • The Code Crew
  • The Data Dudes
  • Premium Parts 
  • The Gadget Gurus

Tips for Creating Computer Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

Creating computer business names with rhyming and alliteration is actually quite easy when you know how. All you have to do to get started is think up some key computer-related words or words that express your business’ values and personality. Then, simply try to find similar-sounding words that you can use to make great names. Try using our computer business name generator if you’re struggling to find ideas.

15 Unique Computer Business Name Ideas for Computer Repair Companies

Naming strategies for computer companies can vary, depending on what kind of computer company you want to run. If you’re setting up a computer repair company, for example, you may want to focus on a particular set of words and ideas in order to build your computer business name ideas. Here are some examples that are tailor-made for people who fix and repair computers professionally.

  • Fixing Pixels  
  • No More Errors  
  • The Computer Doctors 
  • iFixit
  • Top Tech Repairs
  • Good As New Computing
  • We Fix Anything 
  • Rapid Repairs   
  • Great Value Repairs  
  • The Computer Wizards   
  • The Genius Team   
  • Programmed to Perfection   
  • Back to Life
  • The Computer Clinic   
  • Patch’d

Tips for Creating Unique Computer Business Name Ideas for Computer Repair Companies

If you’re setting up a computer repair company and looking for great computer business name ideas, try to focus on powerful words that convey a sense of expertise, speed, quality, and reliable service. Words like premium, genius, rapid, and value can all be helpful here. You may also want to choose a light-hearted name to show a bit of personality or come up with a clever pun to make customers smile.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Quick Computing
  • Processor Pros
  • Intel Instruments
  • New Network
  • Computer Pros
  • Clever Compute
  • Microtech
  • Desktop Doctor
  • Micro Magicians
  • Compu Build
  • Softwarehouse
  • Dr. Processor
  • Software Aware
  • Desktop Drivers
  • Compuparts
  • Compuscientists
  • Careful Computing
  • Pixel Fixers
  • Computer Ville
  • Computer Town
  • Computer Land
  • Icomputer
  • Computers Galore
  • Computer Mania
  • Computer Madness
  • Access Computers
  • Online Computers
  • Byte Me
  • Byte The Bullet
  • Byte Back
  • Compupartners
  • Take A Byte
  • Data Byte
  • Byte By Byte
  • The Data Way
  • The Data Base
  • Byte Size
  • The Byte Side
  • The Disk-O
  • Tech Knuckle
  • Gone Phishing
  • Hacked Off
  • The Data Mat
  • Bit By Bit
  • Over Byte

The Best Real-World Computer Names

Another good way to find some ideas and inspiration to help name your computer company is to look at real-world businesses and carry out some analysis of real brand names. In this section, we’ll look at some popular and successful computer companies and see how they came up with their brand names.


How HelloTech Got Its Name
HelloTech is the name of a leading computer and tech repairs company. Customers of this company can get expert-level support and assistance with computers and other devices around the home.

Why HelloTech Is A Great Computer Business Name
HelloTech works well as a computer business name, as it’s very catchy, simple, and easy to remember. There’s nothing confusing or vague about this name; it’s very clear and direct, telling you everything you need to know about the company in one simple soundbite.

Geek Squad

How Geek Squad Got Its Name
Geek Squad is the name of a computer and tech repair services company that was founded in 1994 and has gone on to become part of the Best Buy brand. The name was chosen as a light-hearted take on the idea that “geeks” are the best people to contact when it comes to computer repairs.

Why Geek Squad Is A Great Computer Business Name
Geek Squad works well because it’s got so much personality. It almost sounds like a superhero team of computer geniuses, ready to solve any problem that you might be experiencing and get your computer back up and running, even when it seems to be dead.

Circuit City

How Circuit City Got Its Name
Circuit City is a computer and electronics retail company, founded back in 1949. It was originally called Wards Company but was later renamed due to its focus on computers and computer parts.

Why Circuit City Is A Great Computer Business Name
Circuit City is a clear example of alliteration being used to great effect in the world of computer companies. By choosing two words that start with the letter C, the creators of this brand name made something that sounds pleasant and is super easy to remember, too.

Most Successful Computer Business Names


How Dell Got Its Name
Dell is an American computer company and tech brand that was founded in 1984. It was named in honor of the man who founded it: Michael Dell.

Why Dell Is A Great Computer Business Name
Dell shows that sometimes, using your own surname or nickname as a brand name can work quite well, especially if your name is short, easy to remember, or has a unique sound. Dell is a particularly great name, thanks to the fact that it’s short, easy to say, and highly memorable, too.

Use your own surname or nickname!


How Microsoft Got Its Name
Microsoft is one of the biggest tech and computer companies in the world, known for creating Windows and PCs. The brand’s name was created by Paul Allen, co-founder of the company, who decided that “Micro-Soft” would work well as a shortened version of “Micro-Computer Software”.

Why Microsoft Is A Great Computer Business Name
Microsoft has grown to become one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable names in the computing world. It works well because it makes use of computing terminology, without being too complex or confusing. It’s also easy to remember, consisting of just one single word.

Best Buy

How Best Buy Got Its Name
Best Buy is one of the biggest computer and electronics retailers in the world, renowned for its great prices and impressive levels of customer service. When the brand was founded, its creators wanted to help people buy the best products to meet their needs, at the fairest prices, which led to the creation of the company’s name.

Why Best Buy Is A Great Computer Business Name
Best Buy is another example of alliteration being used to great effect. This name is short, catchy, fun, and informative, too. It triggers a reaction in people who hear it and tells them that this is a great place to shop if they want to have the best products, prices, and experiences.

Tips for Creating Your Own Computer Business Name

Use Appropriate Terms and Words

The world of computers almost has its own language, with words like hard drive, software, programming, motherboard, and gigabyte. A good way to name your computer business is to use some of these words and terms in fun and creative ways. This will not only help to inform people that your business is computer-oriented, but it can also help to convey a sense of authority and specificity, which customers should find appealing.

Consider the Competition

If you’re setting up a computer shop, a computer repair business, or any other kind of computer company, it’s a good idea to take a look at the local area or browse online to find out about your competition. Look at the names that your competitors have chosen to use. You can use their names to help inspire you while creating your own company name, but it’s also a good idea to avoid using the same words as them if you want to stand out.

Focus on Your Best Feature 

These days, there are lots of different computer companies out there, from computer shops to computer service agencies. People have lots of options to choose from when they’re looking for things like new computers, computer parts, and so on. So, to help your brand truly seem to be unique, it’s a good idea to focus on the very best aspect of your business. Maybe you have great prices, for example, or perhaps you aim to offer the very best levels of service. Either way, identify your brand’s best selling point and make it a part of your business’ name.

Focus on Your Best Feature!

Check Availability

Once you’ve found the perfect computer business name for your new store or company, you’ll probably want to quickly get started on marketing your business and bringing in your very first customers. However, before you start on all of that, it’s important to check that the name you want to use is free and available. So, take the time to do a little research online and check that your chosen name hasn’t already been claimed by somebody else. 

Use the Computer Business Name Generator 

The BizNameWiz computer business name generator is a super useful tool when it comes to naming a computer business. In fact, our computer business name generator can create hundreds of name ideas for you in an instant, and it’s totally free, too. All you have to do to use it is think of one or more words that sum up your business’ products, services, or values, and then type those words into the box provided. Then, click the Generate button. 


With the help of the tips and tricks in this guide, combined with the power of the BizNameWiz computer business name generator, you should have no trouble at all coming up with a really great name for your computer company.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If we look into the real world, we can find lots of great names for computer companies. Some great computer brand names include Dell and Microsoft, for example, and some super computer shops are called things like Best Buy and Circuit City.

A good way to begin the process of naming your computer company is to try and think of as many key words as possible to express what your business offers and what makes it special. Then, use those words as building blocks to create great names.

Yes, the BizNameWiz Computer business name generator is totally free to use. Just type one or more words into the box provided and click on the Generate button to get started and see what it can do.
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