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The Best Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas

Having the right brand name can make a big difference in the cosmetics industry, where there’s a lot of competition and it’s important to stand out. The right cosmetics shop names can help you attract customers and set your brand apart from all the others out there.

If you’re struggling with ideas, the BizNameWiz Cosmetic Brand Name Generator can help. Simply type in some words that are relevant to your brand and browse through thousands of awesome cosmetic business names and cosmetics shop names made just for you.

You can also read on through this guide for some great cosmetic brand name ideas and inspiration. We’ll look at some attractive, interesting, and exciting brand names you might like to consider, as well as explore the secrets of the success behind some of the biggest brand names in the business.

15 Cosmetics Business Names Focused on Beauty

Beauty is the aim of the game when it comes to cosmetics, and people look for these kinds of products and services because they want to look and feel their best. It’s logical, therefore, to think of cosmetic business names that convey a sense of beauty and elegance.

  • Best Beauty
  • Blossoming Beauty
  • Worldly Beauty
  • Queen Bee Beauty
  • True Beauty
  • The Beauty People
  • Big City Beauty
  • Beauty Lifestyle
  • Simple Beauty
  • What a Beauty
  • Ultra Beauty
  • Beauty on a Budget
  • New Age Beauty
  • The Beauty Beasts
  • Millennial Beauty

Tips for Creating Cosmetic Business Names Based on Beauty

Including the concept of beauty or aesthetics in your cosmetics shop names is a great way to instantly get attention and set the tone for what your business is all about. Try to keep the name straightforward and simple, including a word like beauty or a synonym, such as elegant, refined, attractive, or aesthetic.

15 Cosmetics Shop Names with Alliteration

Alliteration, which is when you use words that start with the same letter, can be a powerful tool when naming a business or devising eye-catching cosmetics shop names. Here are some super examples of cosmetic brand name ideas that feature alliteration.

  • Fresh Faced
  • Magic Makeup
  • Brilliant Beauty
  • Budget Beauty
  • Cosmic Cosmetics
  • Clean Cosmetics
  • Cosmetics Corner
  • Bloom Beauty
  • Lipstick Love
  • Lovely Looks
  • Lovely Looks
  • Facial Fantasy
  • Painted Precision
  • Cool Coverage
  • Classy Cosmetics
  • Cool Cosmetics

Tips for Creating Cosmetics Shop Names with Alliteration

If you want to use alliteration in some way in your cosmetics shop names, the key is to find words that start with the same letter and are relevant to your business. So, if you want to market your company as focused around cosmetics, use the word “Cosmetics” and then find other words that start with the letter “C”, such as clean, cool, classy, comforting, and so on.

15 Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas Focused on Specific Products

Depending on what sort of cosmetics business you’re running, you may want to pick cosmetics shop names that highlight a particular product or specialty of your brand. Here are some cosmetic brand name ideas based on individual products like mascara and lipstick.

Focus on Specific Products!
  • Mascara Maniacs
  • Excellent Eyes
  • Elegant Eyeshadow
  • Mascara Matrix
  • Flawless Lipstick
  • Perfect Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow Excellence
  • Perfect Pores
  • Lipstick Time
  • Mascara Time
  • Eyeliner Timer
  • Skincare Solutions
  • Lotions and Potions
  • Radiant Skin
  • Fabulous Eyes

Tips for Creating Cosmetic Business Names Focused on Specialties

If you want to make your company’s specialty or main product a key part of your brand name, you first need to highlight what it is that your business does best, such as making high-quality eyeliner or providing super lipstick products. Then, you can find descriptive words to make your brand stand out, including emotive adjectives like excellent, flawless, beautiful, or stunning.

15 Cosmetic Shop Names Based on Nature

These days, a lot of people are favoring organic and natural cosmetics that are derived from natural ingredients and harness the power of Mother Nature. You can convey a natural theme through your cosmetic business names.

  • Mother Nature Cosmetics
  • Natural Beauty
  • Herbal Beauty
  • Herbal Cosmetics
  • The Natural Look
  • One with Nature
  • Beauty with Nature
  • Naturally Beautiful
  • Naturally Gorgeous
  • Natural Makeup
  • Natural Glow
  • Organic Glow
  • All-Natural Cosmetics
  • The Organic Beauty Co.
  • Mother Earth Beauty

Tips for Creating Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas Based on Nature

If you want to convey a sense of nature through your brand name there are certain keywords that you need to focus on. Words like organic, natural, earthy, and so on will help to get the message across to customers that your brand embraces nature and makes the best use of natural ingredients to provide your products and services.

More Cosmetic Shop Names Ideas

Still, stuck on that perfect name idea? Here are some unique name ideas and business naming tips from the team at BizNameWiz!

Tips from Craig

For my name ideas, I focused on creating names that appeal to customer values using words like Beauty, Natural, Healing, Young. A business name that lets your customer know what solutions you provide or the core values your business hold is a great way to make your business appear trustworthy and relevant.

Here are a few name ideas I came up with:

  • Fresh Face
  • Cool Coverage
  • Layered Luxury
  • Painted Face
  • Cosmo Cosmetics
  • Applied Assurance
  • Painted Precision
  • Applied Artwork
  • Applicable Art
  • Face the Music
  • Face First
  • Face Forward
  • Fortunate Face
  • Face of Fortune
  • Symmetry Systems
  • Subtle Symmetry
  • Supple Symmetry
  • Angle Angels
  • Find Your Angles
  • Confident Cosmetics
  • Careful Cosmetics
  • Cool Cosmetics
  • Health First
  • Natural Makeup
  • Natural by Nature
  • Naturally Stunning
  • Stunning Operation
  • Coated Coverage
  • Full Coverage
  • Happy Highlights
  • Headlight Highlights
  • Fresh Glow
  • Glow and Go
  • Glow Up
  • The More You Glow
  • Glow it All
  • Glow Away
  • Beauty Bee
  • Queen Bee Beauty
  • Beauty Glow
  • Before Beauty
  • Best Beauty
  • Blossoming Beauty
  • Get it Cosmetics
  • Refined Reveal
  • Master Makeup
  • Cosmopolitan Cosmetics
  • Worldly Beauty
  • Beauty Blossom
  • Beauty Bloom
  • Blooming Beauty

Tips from Kate

A great way to make a memorable business name is to use rhythm or alliteration, these types of business names sound great and are extremely brandable. For example, some names could be Bloom Beauty, Beauty Bonanza, Cosmetic Corner, Campai Cosmetics.

With that in mind, here are more business names I came up with:

  • Natural Beauty
  • True Beauty
  • The Beauty Beasts
  • Beauty Bonanza
  • The Beauty People
  • The Makeup People
  • Makeup Masters
  • The Makeup Gurus
  • All Natural Makeups
  • Cosmetics Queen
  • Cosmo Cosmetics
  • Big City Beauty
  • Big Time Cosmetics
  • Fresh Faced
  • Ageless Cosmetics
  • Age Defying Beauty
  • Clear Water Cosmetics
  • The Cosmetics Shoppe
  • Exclusive Cosmetics
  • On Point Cosmetics
  • On Trend Cosmetics
  • The Beauty Band
  • Cosmetics Cafe
  • Magic Makeup
  • Better Beauty
  • Good Better Best Beauty
  • Celeb Cosmetics
  • Beauty Lifestyle
  • Simple Beauty
  • On Brand Beauty
  • New Age Beauty
  • Millenial Beauty
  • What a Beauty
  • Ultra Beauty
  • Mega Cosmetics
  • Cosmetics Warehouse
  • Makeup Superstore
  • Discount Cosmetics
  • Beauty on a Budget
  • Budget Cosmetics
  • Designer Brand Beauty
  • The Influencer
  • Hottest Trend Beauty
  • Sliver Bullet Beauty
  • Makeup for All
  • Neighborhood Beauty
  • The Cosmetics Corner
  • City Slick Cosmetics
  • Clean Cosmetics
  • All Natural Makeup Co.

Tips from Marcus

When developing your business name, it’s useful to do a competitor analysis. Dissect and understand why their business name works for them and how you can use those techniques in your own business name. Some of the top Cosmetics Firms are Pantene, Nivea, Olai, Avon Products.

  • Lipstick Lovers
  • Lipstick Leavers
  • Lip Time
  • Lippy Time
  • Lippy Lover
  • Mascara Matrix
  • Mascara Maniac
  • Mascara Maniacs
  • Cosmetic City
  • Cosmic Cosmetics
  • Complex Cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Cavern
  • Cosmetic Cove
  • Cosmetic Cave
  • Cosmetic Community
  • Metal Mascara
  • Mean Mascara
  • Maniac Mascara
  • Mantry Mascara
  • Eccentric Eyes
  • Eccentric Eyeliner
  • Eccentric Eyeshadow
  • Excellent Eyeshadow
  • Excellent Eyes
  • Excellent Eyeliner
  • Xcellent Eyeliner
  • Xcellent Eyeshadow
  • Xcellent Eyes
  • Xcellent Eyebrows
  • Excellent Eyebrows
  • Xtreme Eyeshadow
  • Xtreme Eyes
  • Eye Time
  • Pretty Eyes
  • Poreless
  • Mascara Time
  • Eyeshadow Time
  • Eyeliner Time
  • Perfect Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow Perfection
  • Perfection Eyes
  • Perfect Eyes
  • Beauty Time
  • Beautiful Time
  • Beautiful Times
  • Princess Face
  • Royalty Face
  • Royalty Faces
  • Queen Face
  • Face of Queens

Tips from Sandra

When deciding on the perfect business name, don’t forget to get feedback on your ideas from potential customers! Be sure to ask questions like: Does this sound like a trustworthy business? What quality of product or service would you expect to get from this business? Do the answers align with your business goals? That said, here are some name ideas to help you create the perfect business name:

  • Perfect touch solution
  • Recherché paint
  • Touch up cosmetics
  • Lavish make up
  • Elegant touch
  • Beauty kits
  • Skin glow co
  • Facial fantasy
  • Fantastic look
  • Face beat company
  • Spotlight
  • Unique makeup
  • First class touch
  • Ace face beat
  • Unadulterated skin cosmetics
  • Elite cosmetics
  • Beauty clinic
  • So-fine cosmetics
  • Impeccable touch solution
  • Flawless look
  • Spotless face beat
  • Pluperfect look solution
  • Queen cosmetics solution
  • Maven look
  • Hone appearance solution
  • Perfection cosmetics
  • Pitch face beat
  • Fashionista cosmetics
  • Paints and makeups
  • Ultimate make overs
  • Perfect make overs
  • Delight cosmetics
  • Pleasure face beat
  • Knockout make over
  • Ravish paints and cosmetics
  • Honey skin clear cosmetics
  • Intense beauty touch
  • Blush touch solution
  • Barbie touch
  • Unbroken beauty solution
  • Phoenix cosmetics
  • Complete seduction touch
  • Intense look
  • Plush facials inc
  • Home of paints
  • Home of make overs
  • Cosmetics paradise
  • Splash touch
  • Beauty tools

The Best Real-World Cosmetic Business Names

A good way to get inspiration for your own cosmetic business name is to take a look at some famous beauty and cosmetics companies from around the world. Here are a few real-world companies and the stories behind their successful naming strategies and super cosmetic business names.

Natura Siberica

How Natura Siberica Got Its Name

The Natura Siberica name comes from the fact that this Russian cosmetics company uses natural ingredients sourced from regions of Russia, like Siberia.

Why Natura Siberica Is A Great Cosmetic Business Name

This brand name instantly conveys a natural feel, which can appeal to people who want pure, natural ingredients. It also rhymes, which is a good branding technique, and it has an exotic element, thanks to the word “Siberica”, which conjures images of beautiful natural landscapes and clean snowy scenes.


How bareMinerals Got Its Name

bareMinerals was named due to the fact that it makes use of mineral-based products with natural ingredients.

Why bareMinerals Is A Great Cosmetic Business Name

This brand name can appeal greatly to people who are looking for natural and pure products, as it gives off a sense of bareness, truth, and authenticity, as well as highlighting the brand’s specialty of mineral-based products.

NYX Cosmetics

How NYX Cosmetics Got Its Name

NYX Cosmetics is named after the Greek goddess of night, who was a legendary symbol of beauty and power.

Why NYX Cosmetics Is A Great Cosmetic Brand Name

This name works on multiple levels. Firstly, the associations with a beautiful Greek goddess help to give the name a lot of value and power. Secondly, it also includes the word “Cosmetics” to convey useful information to new customers.

Most Successful Cosmetic Business Names


How MAC Got Its Name

The MAC name is actually an abbreviation. It stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics, which is actually the full name of the business, but most people simply know it as MAC.

Why MAC Is A Great Cosmetic Business Name

MAC works wonderfully well as a business name because it’s short and easy to remember. Plus, since it’s only a single word, it’s easy to tag on to other words when talking about products, like “MAC lipstick” or “MAC eyeliner”, which helps with branding and marketing possibilities.

Estée Lauder

How Estée Lauder Got Its Name

Estée Lauder is named after a real person. It was the American businesswoman, Estée Lauder, who founded the company in New York City back in 1946, with her husband, Joseph Lauder.

Why Estée Lauder Is A Great Cosmetic Business Name

This company is an example of how some businesses succeed with founder-based names, especially if the founder has a particularly unique or beautiful-sounding name, as Estée Lauder does. This won’t always work, but including your name in your brand name can be an effective method for success.

Create founder-based names!


How Shiseido Got Its Name

The name Shiseido actually comes from a Chinese expression, which translates to “praise the virtues of the earth which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values”.

Why Shiseido Is A Great Cosmetic Business Name

Shiseido is one of the most successful cosmetic brands on the planet, and it’s an example of a company with a distinct, one-word name that can have different interpretations to different people. In the West, it can be seen as an exotic and mysterious name, while those who know its true meaning can understand the connotations of nature, virtue, and beauty.

Tips for Creating Your Own Cosmetic Business Name

Keep It Simple

When you look at most of the big, successful businesses in this industry, you notice one thing: they all have quite simple, short, to-the-point names. There’s no need to over-complicate things when picking your cosmetic shop name, so try to stick to a maximum of three words and use simple language that people can understand and relate to. If you pick something too long or complicated, people won’t remember it.

Make Sure It’s Relevant and Accurate

Another key tip for naming your cosmetics business is to ensure that you select a name that is relevant to what you do, as well as make sure that the name is an honest reflection of your company. If you don’t use natural or organic products, for example, then you shouldn’t be including words like “nature” and “organic” in your business name. Try to choose something that really expresses what your company does and what makes you different.

Make Sure It’s Relevant and Accurate!

Think About the Future

When deciding on your business name, don’t just think about what your business is doing right now. Think about how it might change and grow in the future. Perhaps, for now, you’re focusing on makeup products, but maybe you’ll expand into skincare and other products in the future? Or maybe you currently sell lipstick but might expand into eyeliner and mascara in the future. In that case, a name like “Lovely Lipstick” wouldn’t be very future-proof. Pick a name that will always work.

Check The Availability

Before you make your new name official, you need to check that it’s not already taken. Not only that, but you also need to check things like URL address availability and social media profiles. It will make things a lot easier and help massively with your branding if you can get the relevant URL and social media accounts for your chosen name. So do some research and see if the name is available before you claim it.

Use The Cosmetic Business Name Generator

There’s no need to struggle along on your own as you try to figure out your perfect cosmetics shop names. The BizNameWiz Cosmetic Brand Name Generator can help, providing you with thousands of example names and cosmetic brand name ideas that you can even use or build on to make your own unique name. All you have to do to get started is type a couple of words into the generator and let the magic happen. Within seconds, you’ll have thousands of name ideas to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good way to start is to use the BizNameWiz generator to find thousands of cosmetic brand name ideas for your cosmetic company. It's completely free and easy to use, and you just have to enter one or two words to get started.

Catchy cosmetic business names may have certain grammatical aspects that help them stand out, like alliteration or some sort of rhyme. Metaphors and powerful adjectives can also help a cosmetic company name stand out.

It all depends on what sort of business you're running and what kind of name you want to go for. A cosmetics company focusing on high-end lipsticks may have a very different name than a budget-friendly brand of skincare products. It's all about finding cosmetic brand name ideas that are relevant and accurate in relation to your business. Trying to brainstorm some cosmetic brand name ideas and go from there.


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