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Best Creative Design Business Name Ideas

Starting your own creative design business can be a fantastic way to put your graphic design skills to good use and rake in profits during the process. But, before you start helping other businesses to craft their creative design, you need to name and design your brand.

The pressure is on, as your creative design will reflect your skills and provide an example of what you can do. One of the first steps in your business creation process is a suitable innovative design business name. Read on to learn how you can use the creative design business name generator to develop distinct and unique name ideas!

One-Word Creative Design Business Name Ideas

Since lengthy business names can often lose impact, you might consider opting for a snappier one-word name. I came up with these one-word creative design name ideas by coming up with some words associated with graphic design like site, click, and scroll, and popping them into the creative design business name generator. Then, I simply selected one-word names in the filter bar and selected the results I liked best!

  • DesignOnUs
  • ScrollVerse
  • SiteJet
  • ClickWind
  • Grapharo
  • IllustrateArc
  • PageX
  • DigiDeck
  • Webegy
  • DevelopWorks
  • Aspectya
  • Designly
  • Brandaro
  • Resolutable
  • Layoutify

Tips On Creating A One-Word Creative Design Business Name

To create your one-word creative business name ideas, try researching industry-related terms and placing them into the creative design business name generator. Then, select the results you like best and check the domain availability to ensure you can use the name for your business.

Rhyming Creative Design Business Name Ideas

Rhyming business names roll off the tongue better, and by creating a rhyming business name you can improve the way it sounds, and how easy it is to pronounce. To create rhyming creative design business name ideas, I simply typed in the root keywords I used to find one-word names and popped them back into the generator. Using the innovative design business name generator, I selected the ‘rhyming words’ filter, then chose the rhyming names I liked best.

  • Click Connoisseur
  • Scroll Roll
  • Design Duke
  • Site Slate
  • Graphic Goat
  • Illustrate Intoxicate
  • Site Swift
  • Page Pilot
  • Develop Dojo 
  • Page Prism
  • Digital Driver
  • Web Wildlife
  • Layout Lazer
  • Aspect Ace
  • Brand Bytes

Tips For Creating A Rhyming Creative Design Business Name

Your rhyming creative design business ideas do not contain a whole rhyme. They can be alliterative or even half-rhymes. Since it can be pretty difficult to find entire rhyming words off the top of your head, you can use rhyming word websites to find rhyming words.

Metaphorical Creative Design Business Name Ideas

Metaphorical business names use unconventional means of describing the function and purpose of the business, which can help to make them more unique. To develop some metaphorical creative design business name ideas, I came up with some popular design metaphors like names of famous artists such as Monet and placed these words into the creative design business name generator.

  • Bio Build
  • Construct Comrade
  • Ad Architect
  • Rah Reflect
  • Represent Roll
  • Orchestrate Orn
  • Create Cave
  • Online Canvas
  • Digital DaVinci
  • Domain Monet
  • Page Picasso
  • Click Chef
  • Brand Bricklayer
  • PagePaint
  • SiteGeneral

Tips For Creating A Metaphorical Creative Design Business Name

To create a metaphorical creative design business name, try thinking creatively to describe what you do. For example, I used to compare creative designers to artists to come up with some of my creative design business name ideas. 

The idea of a metaphorical business name is unique and finds a new and fun way to conceive of the service you provide. Try thinking about what you provide for people and similar services, place root words that are symbolic of these processes into the creative design business name generator.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Tactical Text
  • Creative Cohort
  • Creative Ally
  • A To C Creative
  • Acc Creative
  • Build A Brand
  • Brandbuilders
  • Brand Alliance
  • Catchy Creations
  • Daring Design
  • Impact Input
  • Build A Bang
  • Rave Creative
  • Ad Age Creative
  • Capital Creative
  • Millenial Designs
  • Designer Lifestyle
  • Designer Toolbox
  • Platinum Designs
  • Create To Live
  • Designer’S Nest
  • Creative Collective
  • The Design Co-Op
  • Main Street Design
  • Family Design Co.
  • The Design Table
  • Fireside Designs
  • Local Designs
  • The Design Room
  • Chic Design
  • Castellar Design
  • Dash Design
  • Dragon Design
  • Dreamy Designs
  • Design Desert
  • Design Diffusion
  • Glacial Design
  • Design Glitz
  • Design Gleam
  • Glimmer Design
  • Array Design
  • Bright Design
  • Vivid Design
  • Design Rich
  • Fine Design

Best Real-World Design Business Names

JKR Global

How Did JKR Get Its Name?
JKR Global is a brand design agency named after its three founders, Jones, Knowles, and Ritchie. The name uses the initial of each founder’s surname to create an acronym and specifies the locations the business can cater to using the word ‘global’.

Why Is JKR A Good Business Name?
JKR Global is a good business name as it is short and unique. It also pushes its founders to the forefront of the brand’s identity, humanizing its service.

Design Bridge

How Did Design Bridge Get Its Name?
Founders created the name Design Bridge to reflect the values and core beliefs underpinning this brand design agency. The company aims to create brand identities and ideas that reach out, engage, and emotionally connect with people.

Why Is Design Bridge A Catchy Business Name?
The name design bridge is catchy because it uses a metaphor and the idea of media as a bridge through which businesses can emotionally engage with people. The name is ambiguous and therefore extremely suggestive and thought-provoking, meaning that it leaves a lasting impression in mind.


How Did mousegraphics Get Its Name?
Mousegraphics is a pitch-free and minimalist brand, and its name combines two words associated with webpages and graphic design. The name is decapitalized as a stylistic choice, as decapitalization tends to be a trend associated with minimalistic design, precisely the style of creative design offered by mousegraphics.

Why Is mousegraphics A Catchy Business Name?
Mousegraphics is a catchy business name as it is simple and has only one word. The image of a mouse can be interpreted as both the animal and the computer accessory, giving the name a double meaning and provoking thought to make it more memorable. The decapitalization also stands the name apart and creates the image of a humble and un-entitled brand.

Robot Food

How Did Robot Food Get Its Name?
Robot Food got its name from the brand designers’ desire to create disruptive and subversive branding. The creative design agency isn’t focused on winning awards but rather on creating dynamic brand designs.

Why Is Robot Food A Catchy Business Name?
Robot Food is a catchy business name as it is unique and dynamic – just like the brand designs it produces. Robot Food is also a metaphor that suggests that the content they put out there ‘feeds the robot’ that is the internet.

Most Successful Creative Design Businesses

Most Successful Creative Design Businesses

Onfire Design

How Did Onfire Design Get Its Name?
Onfire gets its name from the famous catchphrase ‘you’re on fire’, synonymous with ‘you’re doing an amazing job’. The creative design company name converges with the motto ‘ideas served hot’ which creates the image of a design agency with fireball ideas.

Why Is Onfire Design A Catchy Business Name?
Onfire Design is a catchy business name as it uses a famous saying which makes it more accessible and memorable. The fire imagery of this brand sets it apart from others by stimulating visualization, which seals the brand clearly into the memory of potential clients.

Brand Opus

How Did Brand Opus Get Its Name?
Brand Opus is a name that comes from the word ‘opus’ referring to an artistic work, specifically a piece of artwork of a larger scale. The term ‘brand’ in the title clarifies that this company specializes in significant grand artistic work relating to brand identity.

Why Is Brand Opus A Catchy Business Name?
Brand Opus is a catchy business name as it uses a unique and antiquated word that one wouldn’t hear very often. This makes the brand seem more distinct, and the elongated vowel sounds in the word ‘opus’ give the brand a grand and elevated feel.

Savvy Agency

How Did Savvy Agency Get Its Name?
Savvy Agency is a Portuguese creative design business that gets its name from the English word ‘savvy’, which refers to an individual that is proficient, cutting-edge, and intelligent. This name is designed to reflect this company’s advanced design elements.

Why Is Savvy Agency A Catchy Business Name?
Savvy Agency is a catchy business name as it is memorable – you don’t often hear the word ‘savvy’ used, so the word sticks in mind. The name is concise and suggests a great deal using a limited amount of words and syllables.


How Did Thirst Get Its Name?
Thirst is a creative design agency that provides innovative brand designs for beverage companies. The name also suggests the popular common slang term ‘thirsty’, which refers to someone who is eager, or ‘thirst trap’, which is when someone posts content online to entrap a particular response.

Why Is Thirst A Catchy Business Name?
Thirst is a catchy business name as it is simple and yet suggests a wide variety of imagery. The name reflects the kinds of businesses it provides services for and is also a reference to pop culture and social media, making the brand appear more relevant and in the know.


How Did Cornershop Get Its Name?
Cornershop gets its name from the standard reference to shops located close to housing and housing estates, usually on the corner of the street. The name is accessible and niche and suggests that the brand, much like a corner shop, is available at all times and within reach of clients to assist in their branding needs.

Why Is Cornershop A Catchy Business Name?
Cornershop is a catchy business name as it makes use of a common phrase known to most, and it is an unusual term to use in naming a creative brand design business. The unusual quality of some business names makes them more memorable and helps them stand out from their competitors.

However, if you are planning to start a small creative design business, we would recommend using names that clearly state the purpose of your business, as most will never have heard of your business before.

How To Start Develop Your Creative Design Business Name

To start developing your creative design business name, you must first establish the underpinning values of your brand. What are your goals for the brand designs you produce for your clients?

Having an idea of the core values of your brand and the designs you would like to produce will allow you to have more clarity as you move forward and take steps to build your business. Some directions you can take with this are:

  • Dynamic designs – will your designs be groundbreaking and bold?
  • Creative ideas – do your talents lie in creativity and artistic direction?
  • Minimalism – will your designs be minimalist and stylized?
  • Emotional connectivity – will your designs strive to help businesses connect with people?

Once you have an idea of the core values that define the creative brand designs you provide, you will have a clearer image of the kind of name you should use for your business. There are certain naming choices and devices that can speak to your brand’s values, and these naming choices are as follows:

  1. Stylized capitalization/decapitalization – stylized capitalization involves using capital letters in unconventional ways simply to alter the appearance of your business name. This modern and stylish naming technique would work well to represent a minimalistic or dynamic creative design business.
  2. Unusual imagery – unusual imagery is an excellent way to communicate that your creative branding is unique and one of a kind. This technique can also help your business stand out from competitors and make it more memorable. Unusual imagery works well for creative and dynamic creative design businesses.
  3. Pop culture references – if you use references to popular culture in your business name, this can help to make your business appear in the know and on-trend. If a client is looking for current and relevant branding, this will draw them in. This kind of branding will work well if your business is oriented around emotional connectivity and dynamic designs.
  4. Rhyming – rhyme and alliteration are techniques you can use to name any kind of business, and they will help make your design company name roll off the tongue better and improve the way it sounds.
  1. Using your name – if you want to personalize and humanize your brand, you may benefit from using your name, or your and your partners’ names, as the creative design company name.
  2. Metaphors – metaphors are another business naming technique that can be applied to any business. Try thinking of metaphors such as animals, themes, and well-known figures that reflect an element of your brand’s core mission and values. An example of this would be the fire imagery used across the branding of Onfire Design.

By underlining your core values, you can determine which naming techniques would suit and reflect your brand’s mission statement. For example, unusual imagery may not suit your brand as stylized capitalization, particularly if you are trying to reflect an elevated and minimalist focus. Once you have named your business, you can move on to do what you do best and create a brand design for your own creative design company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To name your design business, use the creative design business name generator by typing in words associated with your brand’s core values and the brand designs you create.

Another word for a graphic designer would be a creative or graphic artist.

There are four main categories for design. These categories are business design, enterprise design, products design, and execution design.
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