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Best Crypto Business Name Ideas

Cryptocurrency is a growing enterprise, gaining more and more interest and practical use with each coming day. If you plan to start a crypto business, you’ll need the perfect cutting-edge crypto business name ideas.

Keep reading to learn how you can use the crypto business name generator to develop innovative names for your business. This guide will help you find inspiration and name your business competitively to gain an edge in this competitive market.

One-Word Crypto Business Name Ideas

By keeping your business name short you can increase its impact, as lengthy phrases tend to lose a reader’s attention. I created these crypto business name ideas by typing keywords associated with the cryptocurrency industry like crypto, cash, and coinbase into the crypto business name generator. Then, I simply filtered the results to show only one-word names and selected the ones I liked best.

Keep your business name short!
  • Cryptosy
  • Coinaro
  • CoinCog
  • CurrencyN
  • Moneyish
  • Capitsio
  • Cashium
  • Blockchainella
  • Coldwalletbea
  • CoinbaseWind
  • Bitcoinpad
  • BitcoinX
  • DogeCoinVerse
  • Altcoinops
  • Dogelia

Tips On Creating A One-Word Crypto Business Name

If you want to create a one-word crypto business name idea, you must first consider which root word you wish to use. Do this by pondering on the key focus of your crypto business and the services you want to offer. You can also consider what kinds of cryptocurrency you will handle.

Once you have your root words, pop them into the generator, filter the results, and select your favorites. You can then use the domain availability checker to see if you can use the name for your business or if someone is already using that name.

Rhyming Crypto Business Name Ideas

Rhyming business names are more cohesive and can add flow to your business name, drawing two distinct and separate words together. To develop these rhyming crypto business name ideas, I took my root words from earlier and placed them into the crypto business name generator. Then, I filtered the results to show only rhymed names and selected the ones I liked.

  • Currency Cosmos
  • Coin Cygen
  • Crypto Creed
  • Capital Cart
  • Money Munch
  • Capital Champion
  • Cash Cottage
  • Blockchain Bishop
  • Carbon Coldwallet
  • Coinbase Curl
  • Bitcoin Brazen
  • Altcoin A-Line
  • DogeCoin Drip
  • Backyard Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Bureau

Tips For Creating A Rhyming Crypto Business Name

To create a rhyming crypto business name, you can use two methods. You can either:

  • Use the crypto business name generator – simply filter the results to show rhyming names. You will also see alliterative phrases.
  • Use an online rhyme finder – if you want a complete rhyme, rather than alliteration or half-rhyme, you should try using an online rhyme finder and typing in your root words.

Both methods are simple and easy and don’t require you to spend hours thinking, ‘what rhymes with bitcoin?’.

Metaphorical Crypto Name Ideas

Metaphorical business names work well as they are more unique, describing the purpose of your business indirectly which allows for the use of powerful imagery. To create these metaphorical crypto name ideas, I simply used more abstract root words that described the crypto business more loosely or by association, such as gold dragon, which invokes the image of the treasure-loving mythical creature.

  • NewWorld Nitro
  • Savings Scrunch
  • Prima Profits
  • Midas Money
  • Generation GoldDragon
  • Shylock Slay
  • Ploutos Penny
  • Bank Bequest
  • Capital Collector
  • Bank Bonjour
  • Mercury Point
  • Gold Surge
  • Cyber Silver
  • DigiBronze
  • Gold Hack

Tips For Creating A Metaphorical Crypto Business Name

Try thinking of famous characters and motifs associated with money to create your own metaphorical crypto business name. I used deities and mythical creatures associated with gold and money to reflect the business’s core purpose in my name creation process. You can also use materials and motifs related to funds and cash in your name creation process.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Moderated Mediums
  • Arrange Exchange
  • Expedited Exchange
  • Expressexchange
  • Crytocreative
  • Cryptonite
  • Crypto Club
  • Crypto Creek
  • Curated Crypto
  • Current Crypto
  • Excel Exchange
  • Excellent Exchange
  • Exact Exchange
  • Expert Exchange
  • Traded Transaction
  • The Crypto Bank
  • Virtual Crypto Bank
  • The Krypto Kids
  • Local Crypto
  • Cry For Crypto
  • Iron Clad Crypto
  • Continuous Crypto
  • Crypto Investing Co.
  • Cash 4 Crypto
  • Crypto To Cash
  • Cash Cow Crypto
  • Crazy 4 Crypto
  • The Crypto Coach
  • Crypto Collective
  • The Crypto Creative
  • Opulent Crypto
  • Ample Crypto
  • Crypto Lavish
  • Crypto Infinite
  • Crypto Prolific
  • Crypto Chill
  • Crypto Complex
  • Tricky Crypto
  • Crafty Crypto
  • Wily Crypto
  • Crypto Devious
  • Crypto Cunning
  • Sly Crypto
  • Shrewd Crypto
  • Loyal Crypto

Best Real-World Crypto Business Names

Best Real-World Crypto Business Names


How Did CoinDesk Get Its Name?
CoinDesk is a popular news site that keeps interested parties up to date on current cryptocurrency news and trends. The term CoinDesk is a compilation of the two focuses of the business. The word desk refers to the convention of news anchors sitting behind a desk, referring to the news aspect of the company. The word coin also lets consumers know that this is a currency-related news site.

Why Is CoinDesk A Catchy Business Name?
CoinDesk is a catchy business name as it is one word, and therefore short and straightforward. The title uses stylized capitalization, which distinguishes the two words that have been brought together. Stylized capitalization is also a modern trend that indicates that the business is forward-thinking and cutting edge. Try stylizing the capitalization of the names you get from the crypto business name generator to make your name more modern.


How Did CoinTelegraph Get Its Name?
CoinTelegraph uses a similar naming strategy to CoinDesk, combining two words that indicate the purpose of the business. The use of the word coin indicates the enterprise’s focus on currency, and the word ‘telegraph’ clearly suggests a news site.

Why Is CoinTelegraph A Catchy Business Name?
The word telegraph is very familiar, and consumers are used to seeing newspapers titled with the word ‘telegraph’. This indicates the content the consumer should expect and also imbues a sense of officiality to the business, as ‘telegraph’ is commonly used to refer to reputable newspaper businesses.

News BTC

How Did News BTC Get Its Name?
News BTC gets its name from the abbreviated name of BitCoin, which is BTC. The business also clarifies its purpose with the word ‘news’.

Why Is News BTC A Catchy Business Name?
News BTC is a catchy business name as it uses an unconventional way to refer to Bitcoin and stands apart from its competitors. The name also indicates that this is a cryptocurrency news site and communicates which cryptocurrency it discusses most. This is an important consideration, as the readers of cryptocurrency news sites will mainly be interested in a particular kind of cryptocurrency.


How Did Robinhood Get Its Name?
Robinhood is an investment application designed to make stocks and cryptocurrency investments available and accessible to ordinary people. The name comes from the popular folklore tales of Robin Hood, an outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor.

Why Is Robinhood A Catchy Business Name?
Robinhood is a catchy business name as it makes use of a famous figure that most people have heard of. The implications of the name also make the company appear friendly to the average person and allies itself with everyday people who want to earn money by making investments.


How Did Coinbase Get Its Name?
Coinbase is a global financial infrastructure provider and allows for transactions and investments for the crypto community. The name is descriptive of the business’s financial purpose, and the word ‘base’ describes the company’s desire to act as a hub for cryptocurrency transactions.

Why Is Coinbase A Catchy Business Name?
Coinbase is a catchy business name because it is simple, constructed of two basic words, and suggests that this is the home and hub for all crypto transactions and investments.

Most Successful Crypto Businesses


How Did BitCoin Get Its Name?
Bit gold was the concept of proof-of-work money that existed long before BitCoin came into existence. BitCoin was simply a term used to define single coins of bit gold, thus BitCoin.

Why Is BitCoin A Successful Crypto Business Name?
BitCoin is a simple phrase, and it is easy to pronounce and remember. The name is unique, and its meaning is elusive and intriguing. The simplicity and uniqueness of this name are why it works so well.

Simplicity is key!

BitFarms Ltd.

How Did BitFarms Lrd. Get Its Name?
BitFarms is a cryptocurrency mining company. The name BitFarms Ltd. comes from the concept of farming cryptocurrency, which is an alternative metaphorical way to describe crypto mining.

Why Is BitFarms Ltd. A Successful Crypto Business Name?
BitFarms Ltd. is a successful crypto business name as it clearly communicates the company’s purpose and uses symbolic naming techniques. Metaphorical naming techniques create a specific image that connects to emotions. When advertisements and business names connect with a consumer’s emotions, this helps them leave a lasting impression.


How Did DogeCoin Get Its Name?
DogeCoin is one of the many alternative cryptocurrencies that came into existence following the rise of BitCoin. DogeCoin’s name comes from the widespread internet phenomenon and trend of Shiba Inu as ‘doge’.

Why Is DogeCoin A Successful Crypto Business Name?
DogeCoin is a successful crypto business name because it connects with internet users – the primary target audience for cryptocurrencies. Tech-savvy individuals were the first to gravitate towards the use of digital currency, and by clicking with its primary audience in a fun and lighthearted way, DogeCoin stands apart from other digital currencies.

Genesis Mining

How Did Genesis Mining Get Its Name?
Genesis Mining is a crypto mining company. The word mining in the name lays out the purpose of the business. The term ‘genesis’ is symbolic in the company’s name, referring to the idea of a beginning.

Why Is Genesis Mining A Successful Crypto Business Name?
Genesis Mining is a successful cryptocurrency business name as it clearly indicates the purpose of the business, but it is also packed with symbolic weight. The word genesis suggests that the company is bringing about a technological currency revolution, a new ‘beginning’ for the way we conceive of and use currency.

Riot Blockchain

How Did Riot Blockchain Get Its Name?
Riot Blockchain is yet another crypto mining company, and the word blockchain is a reference to the process of mining and thus forming crypto coins to add to the blockchain. The term riot also indicates that this is a provocative company.

Why Is Riot Blockchain A Successful Crypto Business Name?
Riot Blockchain is a successful crypto business name. It refers to the underpinning desire that drives cryptocurrency enthusiasts – a desire to subvert the traditional means by which currency is conceived. The word ‘riot’ is evocative of protests and calls for change, which speaks to the company’s target audience, and perhaps the company’s core values.

Tips For Coming Up With Your Crypto Business Name

When coming up with your crypto business name, there are specific processes you can use to make the naming of your business easier. Some of these naming techniques will help you make your name more reflective of the underpinning ethos of your company.

Use Literary Devices

Literary devices are a fantastic naming technique to improve your name’s sound and roll off the tongue. You can use alliteration and rhythm in your business name to make two words more unified and cohesive. Consider using rhythm with your business name to make its pronunciation more pleasant. Cultivate rhyme in your business name by rearranging words to create a pattern in the syllables that makes it more rhythmic.

Use Themes And Motifs

As we saw earlier, with my use of deities and famous figures associated with money or gold, themes and motifs can make your business name unique and more memorable. So, consider the most well-known figures related to money, banking, or gold, and work from there.

Use Themes And Motifs!

Your theme doesn’t even have to be related to money. Consider using elemental images or animal imagery to spice up your name and make it stand out from your competitors. Frequently, consumers gravitate towards businesses with names they like or find interesting, so this technique is most definitely worthy of consideration.

Use Your Name

If you want to leave your mark on your business, you can use your name. This can simplify the naming process and make things much easier for you. However, do remember that some sources suggest using your name for your business implies that you are more focused on yourself than your clients. So, you may wish to just use a part of your name by placing it into the crypto business name generator.

Consider What Services You Offer

Your name should speak to the purpose and intentions of your crypto business so that your customers know exactly what you can offer them. For instance, if your crypto business is a crypto news site, you will want to include a word or phrase that suggests you’re a source of information in the name.
Failing to communicate the purpose of your business in the name can often result in the loss of clients, as they do not know whether you offer the services they are looking for or not.

Keep It Simple

Complex or overly long names often lose impact, so it would be best to keep the name of your crypto business short and sweet. As with any media form, readers lose interest very quickly. Due to increased internet use, where snippets and short captions rule, people are becoming less fond of lengthy reading. To adapt to this change, try limiting your name to no more than two words and keeping the words in your name short and straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To choose a crypto wallet name, you will first need a clear idea of what you will use the wallet for. Consider which crypto wallet offers the best security, convenience, customer support, and other essential features to choose a crypto wallet name.

A cryptocurrency name is given to decentralized cryptocurrencies once they are mined using blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies then use cryptography to protect and secure transactions of the currency.

You can start your own cryptocurrency business by first considering your company's purpose, which may be providing news and updates on cryptocurrency or mining cryptocurrency. Then you should choose a business name that reflects this purpose and claim the domain name.
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