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Remember when you were young when you’d say to yourself, “When will I ever use Geometry? Never that’s when.” You didn’t see the point of history. And let’s not dive into how you got stuck as captain of the badminton team in high school.

These academic institutes just didn’t make sense. But you loved it. Education has always held a special place in your heart. You may not have agreed with the agenda at times but schools and teaching make you proud.

And now look at you!

You’re connected to the educational sphere more than ever before. You’re starting a tutor business or opening up a private school. You’ve retired your badminton shield for a captain of education hat – and yes, it looks great on you!

Top Brands:

EdX: Short and catchy, edX also means ‘education express’, rendering it a modern, simplistic approach to online education.

Khan Academy: By retaining his own name in the title of his online education institution, founder Salman Khan adds a personal and relatable touch to the company.

Duolingo: A quirky and memorable name in itself, Duolingo also means ‘two languages’, by combining ‘duo’ with the colloquial ‘lingo’.

Harvard: Named for its 1663 founder, Harvard has become synonymous with educational prestige and high-class learning, while retaining its traditional roots.

Lynda: By using a female first name as its brand name, this online course is memorable, and suggests to users a degree of personalization and approachability.

Babbel: A mixture of ‘babel’, meaning ‘a confusion of sounds or voices’, and ‘babble’, meaning ‘rapid chatter’, this online language course has a degree of cleverness in its name that is appealing to users.

Skillshare: Use of the word ‘share’ indicates to customers that this website is a community rather than a traditional educational institute, and ‘skill’ represents the broad array of topics that they offer.

CodeAcademy: The word ‘academy’ has long been associated with high-class educational institutes, and by adding ‘code’ to its name, this company puts a modern twist on classic institutions. 

Knewton: Using the name ‘Newton’, now synonymous with intelligence due to Isaac Newton’s legacy, with an additional pun on knowledge via ‘knew’, emphasizes the purpose of this online learning website.

Coursera: Based on the word ‘course’, which emphasizes their focus on online learning, this company uses ‘era’ as a suffix, to express that they are heralding a new era in the field of education.


Clientele & interests:

While education services are predominantly demanded by 5 to 30-year-olds, parents who want their children to go to the best schools and colleges must also be considered potential clients. This makes the education industry one of the largest in the world. With the advent of online teaching services and disruptive start-ups, anyone can be a student at any time – thus increasing the reach of the education industry even further.

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Industry related words:

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Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Education is about knowledge: knowledge to make better decisions, to get a promotion, and to ultimately be more successful. While the best schools have their histories and past students as social proof, newer institutions, especially those online, have to rely more on clever use of language to play on student desires, as well as customer reviews, to attain new students to enroll.

Elite, prestigious, change your life, revolutionary, university-level, ‘hand curated content’, 21st century, career-ready, college-ready, right-brain thinking, future-proofing, based on neuroscience, disruptive technology, advanced teaching techniques.


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