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Best Event Company Name Ideas

Creating a successful event company name will attract customers to use your event planning services. You can create fun and exciting names that highlight your company’s mission and provide extra detail about your goals. For example, ‘Make More Memories’ suggests your company wants to create positive and lighthearted experiences for people to enjoy.

Are you wondering how to create a unique name that represents your company? Well, keep on reading and you’ll find out! This guide is here to help you navigate the event company name generator and how you can use it to create original and thrilling names.

One-Word Event Company Name Ideas

One-word names will have more impact on customers who can’t remember long words. You can create a short name that is easy to vocalize and resonates with your target audience. For example, ‘EventLux’ tells customers you manage events, with the ‘Lux’ also symbolizing your luxurious offers. I used the root words ‘fun’, ‘plan’, ‘occasion’ and ‘premium’ and typed those into the event company name generator. Then I chose the best name on the lists!

  • Eventporium
  • FunTime
  • Eventlance
  • PremiumPlans
  • Planable
  • Planomatic
  • Planster
  • Eventgenix
  • Eventsy
  • Eventocity
  • PremiumParty
  • FunPlans
  • OccasionX
  • Occasion
  • Eventzen

Tips For Creating One-Word Event Company Names

Make sure to choose root words associated with ‘event’ and type those into the event company name generator. You can change letters in the names or combine words to make a one-word name. I selected the ‘one word’ option in the filtered list and scanned through the pages for suitable event names. If you want more accurate results, you can choose the ‘events’ and ‘luxury’ options in the industry list to highlight relevant event names.

Rhyming Event Company Name Ideas

Rhyming names use alliterative techniques and similar-sounding words to create lyrically pleasing sounds. For example, ‘Eccentric Events’ is an alliterative rhyme that is satisfying to hear aloud. I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the company event name generator. You can change the words if you want to explore more descriptive language. Simply add the words into the generator and choose a name that sounds best!

  • Plan Patrol Famous Fun
  • Party Planners
  • Premium Places
  • Fresh Fun
  • Extra Events
  • Fun Features
  • People Premium
  • Fun Function
  • Event Encore
  • Enchanted Events
  • Everything Events
  • Experience Events
  • Oh Oh Occasion!
  • Premium Planning

Tips For Creating Rhyming Event Company Names

Before typing the root words into the company event name generator, make sure you select the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered list. This option will show you relevant names that sound melodic and fun. You can also search for online rhyming websites that provide rhyming words and examples of alliterative techniques. The internet is your best friend for research!

Fun Event Company Name Ideas

Creating a fun name will give customers that impression that your company is exciting and provides solid entertainment in events. It’s important to choose a name that represents positivity and encourages customers to try your services. For example, ‘Want to Party?’ suggests you provide party events and the rhetorical question is direct and playful. I used the root words ‘fun’, ‘memory’, ‘party’ and ‘plan’ and popped those into the event company name generator!

Create fun names!
  • Party Temple
  • Party Pigeon
  • Fun For Less
  • Event Quest!
  • Now That’s An Event!
  • Party Pops!
  • Make Those Memories
  • Memory Monkey
  • Plan With Pals
  • Fun Connections
  • Magic Magic Memories
  • Expand Your Event
  • Plan and Provide
  • Party Phoenix
  • Endless Events

Tips For Creating Fun Event Company Names

Think of fun words associated with ‘events’ and type those into the event company name generator, making great use of the filters. These words might be descriptive or provide imagery to customers. If you offer fun and extravagant events, you can incorporate impactful punctuation in the names. For example, as shown in the example names above, ‘Party Pops!’ not only sounds melodic, but it has an exclamation mark that grabs customers’ attention.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Showtime Events
  • Exquisite Events
  • Day Makers
  • Simply Suited
  • Proper Planners
  • Planning Pros
  • Expedited Events
  • Events Expo
  • The Big Event
  • Your Big Day
  • Effortless Events
  • Helping Hands
  • Helping Hosts
  • Vision to Reality
  • Realistic Visions
  • Gemstone Events
  • Platinum Events
  • Five Star Events
  • Event Emporium
  • Event Expo
  • ABC Events
  • Excellent Events
  • Magical Events
  • Ion Events
  • Lion Events
  • Snap Events
  • Firework Events
  • Put on a Show!
  • Put on a Party!
  • Event Time
  • Supreme Setups
  • Supreme Getup
  • Silly Setups
  • Superb Setup
  • Superb Setups
  • Watch me Plan
  • Plan an Event
  • Plan A Party
  • Build a Party
  • Perfect Party
  • Party Perfection
  • Party Plaza
  • Party Planet
  • Luxury Parties
  • Wedding Wisdom

Best Real-World Event Company Names – How They Got It and Why It Works

Beyond Certainty

How Beyond Certainty Got Its Name
Beyond Certainty creates corporate and private events in the UK and also provides event management all over the world. They aim to “throw a party well beyond your dreams” which ties in with their name. This event company plans extravagant events with bold designs and colors.

Why Beyond Certainty Is A Catchy Company Name
The word ‘beyond’ suggests this company will stop at nothing to provide the best events for customers. ‘Certainty’ also relates to something being true, which adds to the customers’ first positive impression. Combining these words highlights the company’s dedication to creating the best experiences for customers and clients.

Giant Leap Events

How Giant Leap Events Got Its Name
Giant Leap Events was inspired by Neil Armstrong’s famous moon landing, which represents the ‘leap of faith’ to the moon. They aim to “push back the boundaries of excellence and quality” when delivering cost-effective events to customers. This company has over 30 years of experience in event management.

Why Giant Leap Events Is A Catchy Company Name
Customers might feel inspired when they associate the famous moon landing with this company. ‘Giant Leap’ encourages people to believe in this company and trust them to create the perfect event. Customers usually remember names that hold a special meaning.


How Eventurous Got Its Name
Eventurous was created in 1989 by a small team that wanted to showcase their big ambitions. They believe that “inspired, valued people, perform better” and deliver the company’s objective. They plan stage events to christmas parties to conference productions. Eventurous strives to create exceptional results through visually pleasing and organized events.

Why Eventurous Is A Catchy Company Name
‘Eventurous’ is a combination of ‘events’ and ‘adventurous’ which is an effective company name. This one-word name represents originality and is easily memorable for customers. Adventurous suggest this company exceeds limitations and takes on new creative ideas and designs.

Most Successful Event Companies


How Wonderland Got Its Name
Wonderland is a global award winning event production agency that supports brands and helps them to connect. They are passionate about delivering “exceptional inspired solutions and compelling experiences”. This company is popular because it takes steps to reduce carbon footprint and create strategies that help them recycle and donate equipment.

Why Wonderland Is A Catchy Company Name
Customers may think of Alice in Wonderland when they hear this company’s name, which might make them visualize fairytales and bright colors.’Wonderland’ is a positive name that tells customers this agency is all about creating dream experiences. A one-word event company name is also effective for long-term memory, as customers will remember the simplicity.


How Eventive Got Its Name
Charlotte Bradrick created Eventive in 2014 to create “unique, memorable and stunning experiences”. She wanted to design and plan events that gave brands the opportunity to collaborate and grow their audiences. Eventive is keen on creating events that inspire people.

Why Eventive Is A Catchy Company Name
This is another company that combines two words. Joining ‘events’ with ‘inventive’ shows that this company values originality when designing events. Customers will feel intrigued if they know Eventive steps outside of its comfort zone and provides unique experiences for everyone.


How MKG Got Its Name
MKG is a women-owned event agency that specializes in connecting brands to their audiences through engaging events. They believe in “creative storytelling and thoughtful, purpose-driven engagement”. This company aims to become environmentally responsible in their event planning and methods.

Why MKG Is A Catchy Company Name
‘MKG’ is a simple one-word name that customers will remember. Although it doesn’t directly link to events – the company’s message sticks with customers and reminds them that this is an event planning agency. MKG could highlight the initials of the original three female founders.

Tips For Creating Event Company Names

To create a fun name for your event company, you need to think about your target audience and mission. Who do you want to attract to the company? What are your long-term goals? What do you care about most in event planning? Considering these questions will help you locate a relevant target audience. This section will guide you through the process of creating an exciting name that highlights your company’s mission and standards!

Tip One: Research Event Companies

Consider researching event companies that have engaging names. You can write the names down and refer to them in the future when creating your own name. Look at the backgrounds of these companies and read how they created the name. For example, a company called ‘Ella’s Events’ might have a personal meaning attached to it. ‘Ella’ could represent the founder and her passion for event planning. Although your company name doesn’t need to be personal, you can still include words that mean something special or refer to your event planning skills.

Tip Two: Discover Your Selling Point

A selling point is a feature or service that attracts customers to the company. Finding your own unique selling point will engage customers with your event planning services. Consider these following questions before creating a relevant name on the event company name generator:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problem are you solving for customers?
  • What sets you apart from competitors?
  • Why will customers stay loyal to your company?
Discover Your Selling Point!

For example, if you want to create cost-effective wedding events, you might use a name that highlights weddings and low costs. Some names might be ‘Value Your Wedding’, ‘Weddings On A Budget’ and ‘Cheap Weddings?’. These names directly state the wedding services and provide words like ‘budget’ and ‘cheap’ to represent low-priced events. Make sure to answer the previous questions before deciding on a name for your event company.

Tip Three: Find Literary Techniques

Literary devices are important for making your company name sound exciting and unique. A literary technique could be alliterative phrases that have similar sounds near the beginning or end of words. For example, ‘Weekend Weddings’ starts with the same two letters, which may sound satisfying to customers. Try changing the filter to ‘rhyming’ on the event company name generator to find alliterative phrases like this one!

Another literary technique could be full-rhymes. For example, ‘Hearty Party’ easily rolls off the tongue and sounds lyrically pleasing. Customers will remember rhyming words that sound fun or interesting. Consider listing rhyming words associated with ‘events’ and type those into the event company name generator. If you’re unsure of what rhyming words to use, you can search for examples online or locate websites that provide rhymes for you.

Tip Four: Keep It Short And Sweet

Customers will most likely remember names that are short and fun. Consider using simple language that won’t confuse customers. For example, if your name is ‘Magical Memorable Events’, you may consider changing it to ‘Magical Memories’. This will help your name become direct and clear for customers to engage with. You can also change the filter to ‘one word’ options on the event company name generator to create short and snappy names!

Keep It Short And Sweet!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Consider naming your company something personal and memorable. For example, take your family name and incorporate that into the event company. This might be something like ‘Peter’s Parties’ or ‘Mika’s Memories’. This will create a legacy for your company!

Locate root words associated with ‘events’ and type those into the event company name generator. These words might be ‘fun’, ‘party’ and ‘occasion’. Simply click generate and choose a name that is suitable for your company’s mission!

Consider using words related to ‘weddings’ that create a positive and happy impression. If you’re unsure of words, maybe use ‘love’, ‘moment’ and ‘special’ and pop those into the event company name generator. These should give you names like ‘True Moments’, ‘Love Heaven’ and ‘Special Vowels’. Simply choose what name sounds best! Overall, you should create a name that sounds fun and exciting. Customers will most likely use your services if they feel inspired by your business name. Make sure to think about your event company name and how you want to represent your company. The event company business name generator is your best friend for creating names that are unique and interesting!
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