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Best Family Business Name Ideas

Starting a family business – brave? Exciting? Bit of both? However you’re feeling about stepping into business with your family, you’re going to need a fabulous family business name to lead you to success.

In our ultimate guide, we’ve got you covered with every tip and trick you’ll need to come up with the very best name ideas for your family business. Read on for how to get the most out of the greatest tool you could ask for – our family business name generator.

One-Word Family Business Name Ideas 

The first step to take is to make a list of associated root words and terms to enter into our one-word family business name generator. There are the obvious family terms – brother, sister, mother, etc. – but I also went with a few more family-related words like trust, loyal, bond, and genes. See below for some of the fantastic one-word name options the generator came up with:

  1. Trustable
  2. Bonded
  3. Bloodline
  4. Famology
  5. Sisterhood
  6. Motherly
  7. Genetix
  8. Famly
  9. Brolytical
  10. Famlux
  11. Ma-tropolis
  12. Famnest
  13. Genetegy
  14. Sisfluent
  15. Dadtastic

Tips For Creating a One-Word Family Business Name

Once you get started, there are so many associated words to choose from for a family business! I stayed as general as possible with this search and got some great combination one-word name options like ‘Dadtastic’. As well as merging existing words together, our one-word family business name generator will add suffixes to the words you put in to offer name ideas like ‘Famology’ and ‘Famly’ – ‘Famly’ I entered ‘fam’ into the generator to get ‘Famly’ and it’s one of my favorite’s because it looks and sounds like ‘family’. It made me think of other -ly family-related words – ‘Sisterly’, for example.

Using existing words is another great option for a one-word family business name – I thought of ‘Bloodline’ and played with the spelling of ‘metropolis’ to get ‘Ma-tropolis’. The beauty of the search for a business name like this is that you don’t have to restrict yourself with the industry filters on our business name generator – I ticked ‘all’, selected the one-word filter, and was presented with a plethora of great name ideas for a family business. 

Rhythmic Family Business Names

This is where we get to have some fun! There are plenty of associated plays on words, puns, jokes, sayings and alike that you could adapt into a rhythmic family business name, and switching on the rhyming filter on our family business name generator will help you on your way. See below some of the name ideas that I got:

  1. Like Mother Like Daughter
  2. Sista Sista
  3. Band Of Brothers
  4. Thick & Thin
  5. Mr & Mrs
  6. Big Bro’s
  7. Family Fortune
  8. Sister Sells
  9. The Matriarch 
  10. Family Tree
  11. Big Happy Family
  12. It’s All Relative
  13. Maker Mama 
  14. Family Affair
  15. Twin Thing

Tips For Creating a Rhythmic Family Business Name

As you can see, switching on the rhyming filter gives you more than just rhymes! I got alliterative family business name ideas like ‘Big Bro’s’ and ‘Dad Designs’ then came up with some of my own, for example, ‘Sista Sista’ and ‘Family Fortune’. It’s really useful to switch up your searches, whether that’s changing some of the keywords you enter into our family business name generator or playing with the filters. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ filters change wherein the name your keyword goes – for example, I clicked ‘before’ to get ‘Sister Sells’ and ‘after’ to get ‘Maker Mama’. 

With so many family-related puns and well-known sayings, you might find it hard to whittle your ideas down! Rhythmic names don’t necessarily have to rhyme or use alliteration, they just have to have a ring to them, like ‘Family Tree’ or ‘Like Mother Like Daughter’. Common phrases make for fantastic family business names because they are already easily recognizable and familiar to your target market. 

Industry-Specific Family Business Names

Families go into all kinds of businesses together, so for this search, I refined the filters and root words and terms I entered into the family business name generator depending on the industry – food, fashion, music, etc. Here are some of the ideas I ended up with:

  1. Brother Beats
  2. Thicker Than Water
  3. Sweet Sisters
  4. Close Knits
  5. In The Jeans
  6. Family Hairlooms
  7. Boho Bros
  8. Family Fits
  9. Thick & Thins
  10. Mama’s Meals
  11. Daddy Daycare
  12. Runs In The Family
  13. Granny Green Fingers
  14. Genes & Jumpers
  15. LoyalTea

Tips For Creating Industry-Specific Business Names

When focusing on a particular industry, follow the same steps as before – associated root words and terms in the generator, refine the filters, think of your own ideas – only this time, think about words that relate to the particular industry your family is going into business in as well. For instance, to get ‘Boho Bros’ I switched on the ‘creative’ and ‘fashion’ filters, for ‘Brother Beats’ I selected the ‘music’ industry filter, and to get ‘Sweet Sisters’ I clicked ‘food’, ‘cafe’ and ‘dessert’. 

This is yet another opportunity to take advantage of the variety of common family-related sayings and puns at your fingertips. There are lots of them, you should just take some time having a think about which ones are applicable to which industry. Some are more general and diverse than others – ‘Thicker Than Water’, for example – but some are quite specific. I came up with ‘Close Knits’ and ‘In the Jeans’ for a family clothes business name and ‘Family Hairlooms’ for a family-run hair salon.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Family Business
  • All in the Family
  • Family Run
  • Family Plan
  • Family Tree
  • Ties That Bind
  • Thick as Family
  • Fam Bam
  • Family Band
  • Band Together
  • Family Finance
  • Family Founded
  • All in the Family
  • One Happy Family
  • One Big Family
  • Generations
  • Familial Touch
  • Family Ties
  • The Bond of Family
  • Nothing like Family
  • Family People
  • The Local Family
  • Family Future
  • Join the Family
  • Family Forever
  • Family Freedom
  • Family Fun
  • Forever Family
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Sibling Station
  • Sibling City
  • Family Rivalry
  • Family Competition
  • Family Friendly
  • Family Inclusive
  • Bound by Blood
  • Dreamville
  • We believe inc
  • Hair cruisers
  • Dump it in
  • Sole guards
  • Our yummy dish
  • Home taste
  • Dream it together
  • We all matter

Best Real-World Family Business Names 

Smith & Daughters

The Name

This chic restaurant in Melbourne, Australia serves up ‘lovingly designed’ vegan food of the highest, trendiest standard.

Why It Works

This name uses the classic family business name combination ‘…& sons/daughters’, so it’s already memorable. This one is potentially even easier to remember as the norm appears to be ‘& sons’, making ‘Smith & Daughters’ more unique – daughters do family business too!


The Name

This non-profit organization was founded in 2001 by a group of families who came together to support each other in overcoming common challenges – now they are the largest family business in the UK!

Why It Works

IFB = Institute for Family Business. Easy! Initials can be risky but here they have made for a catchy name for this family business, this name explains exactly what this business is about and is easy to remember.


The Name

James Dyson somewhat accidentally fell into business after first being inspired by a disappointing vacuum cleaner in 1974. Fast forward to its founding in 1991, Dyson quickly became a household name and the rest is history.  

Why It Works

One-word names are always going to be catchy and easy to remember, and Dyson is proof of that. Using your family name for your business is a bold move – in this case though, it works!

Most Successful Family Company Names


The Name

Since Sam Walton opened the first Walmart store in Arkansas in 1962, the Walton family has opened thousands of stores across a number of countries and Walmart has become one of the most recognizable business names in the world.

Why It’s Successful

A perfect example of combining two words to create a business name! Walmart takes the first part of the family name Walton, merges it with the keyword ‘mart’, and hey presto, we have an effective family business name.  


The Name

Potentially the most recognizable business name in the world? Since its founding in Sweden in 1943, IKEA has grown into a hugely popular multinational conglomerate. 

Why It’s Successful

Founder Ingvar Kamprad has cleverly created a catchy acronym inspired by his roots – I for Ivan; K for Kamprad (so far so easy); E for Elmtaryd, the name of the farm he grew up on; A for Agunnyard, his local village. Wholesome and successful!


The Name

Having founded Porsche in 1931, Ferdinand Porsche was tasked by the German government to create ‘a car for the people’ – thus, Volkswagen was born.

Why It’s Successful

The English translation of German Volkswagen is ‘people’s car’, which is in line with Porsche being a family business and directly what was asked of them! 

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Family Business

If you’re still unsure what to name your family business, don’t worry, we have some last tips to finalize our ultimate guide and ensure you’re on the way to creating the best possible family business name. 

Tip 1: Think Of Your Values

Test On Your Market!

A business run by a family is expected, more than other businesses, to hold certain values – trust, reliability, loyalty, etc. When it is obvious from the name that your business is family-run, these expectations are heightened – which, of course, is not a problem, but it’s worth being aware of the extra presumptions people may make about your business.

That being said, it’s important to think about which particular family values your business will uphold and therefore be represented in your family business name. For instance, ‘Smith & Daughters’ or our generator’s creation ‘Mama’s Meals’ both highlight one of, if not the closest human bond there is – that between mother and child. The implied connotations of these business names are care, understanding, closeness, and alike, so make sure that if you choose a name like this, these values will be reflected in your business. In addition to the family relationship implications, both of these names indicate stereotypically feminine values – sensitivity, warmth, and kindness for instance. This is another important consideration to make when choosing a name for your family business – make sure the implied values are reflected in your family business’ products and services. 

Tip 2: Give It Meaning

There can often be a temptation to stick a ‘family’ word into a business name precisely for the values we just discussed – a ‘mother’ or ‘daddy’ can add reliability and trust to a business name. It goes without saying that your name should be honest, i.e. if you’re going into business with your brother, don’t call it ‘Sister Sister’! As with considering your values, you should really think about the industry your family business will be part of and ensure your name alludes to that as well as the fact that it is family-run.

For some businesses, it may not be immediately obvious from the name that it is a family business – that may be something your customers find out later. People like a story, and if there is one behind your family business name it will add interest to your business. Consider Volkswagen and IKEA, two of the most successful family businesses in the world – Volkswagen directly translates to the purpose of its product’s creation, whereas IKEA intrigues customers and leads to the story behind the business. Take inspiration from the success stories!

Tip 3: Test On Your Market

Once you’ve identified the target market for your family business, it’s useful to create a focus group to test your ideas. Brainstorming is really important when deciding on a name for your business, so make sure you gather all of the ideas you have and have a few names for your focus group to choose from – we’re sure your ideas will be fantastic, but having a few backups is always the safest bet!

Make sure to ask focused, direct questions:

  • Does this work as a family business name?
  • Is this the name of a business you would use? 
  • What in particular works/does not work about this name?
  • What, if anything, could I change to make this family business name better?

Of course, in the end, the name of your family business is up to you! But being able to take the opinions of your target market into consideration is a step towards success, and means you can go into business confident that you have created an effective name for your family business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As with any kind of business, there are pros and cons to starting a family business. Keeping a business in the family means that you will be in control, you’ll work for yourself and you can rest assured that there are jobs there for next generations should they want them. That being said, every family has its issues! It comes down to a personal judgement call in the end, so make sure to weigh up the potential benefits and downfalls before making the important decision to start a family business.

The same planning as with any business is required, however one benefit of a family business is that you know each other’s strengths and areas of expertise. Decide on each family member’s role early on and make sure to maintain regular and effective communication. It’s also important to discuss compensations, ownership, percentages etc early on to avoid any potential disputes further down the line.
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