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Best Flower Business Name Ideas

An excellent flower business must be artistic and incredibly professional to attract customers. A great name is a great way to attract customers before entering the store.

Names must be artistic and incredibly professional.

To give you the best chance of making an excellent flower business name, we created 45 flower business name ideas using our flower business name generator.

The Best One-word Flower Business Name Ideas

The flower industry is highly competitive, so you need an eye-catching name that will attract customers to your flower business. One-word names are a tried and tested method of achieving this because they are simple, catchy, and easy for a customer to remember.

We typed multiple relevant flower keywords (flora, flower, bloom, blossom, petal, florist) into our flower business generator using a one-word filter to get some excellent one-word flower business name ideas.

  • Floristify
  • Bloompad
  • Bloomverse
  • Flowerworks
  • FloraDeck
  • Bloomgenix
  • Florascape
  • Flowernest
  • Petalhut
  • Blossomzoid
  • Flowerdeck
  • Flowerhut
  • Floraprism
  • Floristporium
  • Petalverse

Tips For Making A One-word Flower Business Name

The most effective one-word names genuinely benefit from being one word instead of two; if the one-word name would be more effective as two words, it’s not a great one-word name. Additionally, the name must be memorable and straightforward.

You also need multiple keywords to create an effective one-word name. To get the best keywords, you can search for them using our flower business name generator.

Best Alliterating Flower Business Name Ideas

Another way to get customers in your flower store is with an alliterating name. An alliterative name can be playful and catchy and is an excellent way of making a longer two-word name more exciting.

We typed our flower keywords into our flower business generator using a rhyming filter to get some excellent alliterating flower business name ideas.

  • Petal Playground
  • Proper Petals
  • Brilliant Blossom
  • Floral Focus
  • Petal Plan
  • Bloom Bazaar
  • Flower Formula
  • Blossom Booth
  • Petal Passage
  • Florist Freedom
  • Bloom Bowl
  • Flower Forge
  • Flower Farm
  • Petal Patrol
  • Petal Prime

Tips For Making An Alliterating Flower Business Name

Because relevant keywords are vital when creating a flower business name, any other keywords you use have to make sense and compliment the flower keyword. The name also has to be easy for customers to remember and be catchy.

To find the best alliterating flower business name, you need to select keywords that pair together. To get these alliterating keywords, you can search for them using our flower business name generator.

Best Premium Flower Business Name Ideas

If you want to sell more expensive flower arrangements or target customers with more money, you need a brilliant and informative name to secure that target market. Additionally, the name and the rest of your branding must look and sound more professional and impressive than your competition.

We typed our flower keywords into our flower business generator using a luxury filter on our industry drop-down box to get some excellent flower business name ideas.

  • Imperial Petal
  • Ruby Flowers
  • Pegasus Petals
  • Flower Queen
  • Bloom Goddess
  • Jade Blossom
  • Flower Dynasty
  • Exquisite Flowers
  • Divine Flora
  • Crystal Bloom
  • Enticing Blossom
  • Floral Stallion
  • Lavish Flowers
  • Floral Fascination
  • Floral Extravagance

Tips For Making A Premium Flower Business Name

For a premium flower business name, the correct keywords are crucial. For example, you can choose keywords that sound more professional or select keywords that scream wealth and expensive products (regal keywords, for example).

To get the best keywords for a premium flower business name, use our flower business name generator or the Thesaurus.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Cut Club
  • Well Grown
  • Growing Glory
  • Pollen Pros
  • Flower Power
  • Flower Stop
  • Flowers On Main
  • Petal Pushing
  • Petal Pros
  • Per Petal
  • Petal By Petal
  • Flower Fixers
  • Just In Bloom
  • What’S In Bloom
  • Better Blossoms
  • Well Arranged
  • Active Arranging
  • Flower Power
  • Biz In Bloom
  • Well Watered
  • Bold Blossoms
  • Stem To Stem
  • Sunrise Flowers
  • Dewey Flowers
  • Flower Child
  • Flower Power
  • Flower Love
  • Timeless Flowers
  • Smell D Roses
  • Moonlight Florist
  • A-bunch Florist
  • Girly Flowers
  • Flowery Potz
  • Blissful Petals
  • Greenish Room
  • Pop’s Petals
  • Flowery Patch
  • Petals Yard
  • Smith Rosery
  • Sweet ‘N Scent
  • Daisy Flowery

What Are The Best Flower Business Names, And Why Are They The Best?

You can use our flower business name generator to create an original name and leave it there if you want. However, to produce the best flower business name possible, you need to research the competition. Here are three excellent real flower business names and why they work.


How BloomNation Got Its Name
The creators of BloomNation wanted to convey the size and reach of their business; ‘Nation’ implies that there is a location near you no matter where you are in America. They also use a flower keyword to provide clarity.

Why Does The Name Work?
The name is a simple and effective one-word name that effectively conveys the sheer scale of the business. It also uses a relevant but relatively underused plan keyword to make the name clear and memorable.


How Floraqueen Got Its Name
Floraqueen takes a similar naming approach to BloomNation. First, they wanted to create a one-word name to make it easier to remember. Second, they wanted a less common plant keyword to provide clarity and memorability (Flora). Finally, they wanted a name that spoke to their high quality (Queen).

Why Does The Name Work?
The name is effective for several reasons, including:

The one-word aspect makes it far more memorable.
‘Flora’ provides excellent clarity to the name; it’s also a less used keyword, so it helps to make the name stand out.
‘Queen’ adds a high-end quality to the name (it speaks to a premium audience).

Flowers Fast

How Flowers Fast Got Its Name
The Flowers Fast creators wanted to create a simple flower business name that speaks for itself. Flowers is a very common keyword for a flower business, but they wanted to provide undeniable clarity to the name. They also wanted to stress that they can fulfill customer orders very quickly, which is why ‘Fast’ is in the name.

Why Does The Name Work?
For a flower business name, clarity and originality are two primary focuses. Flowers Fast displays these focuses very well.

They include an obvious flower keyword in the name, and they display their USP to their audience very clearly.

What Are The Most Successful Flower Businesses And Why Do Their Names Work?

To maximize your chance of success when researching flower business competitors, you need to look at the businesses with the most success. Here are three of the most successful flower businesses and why their names are brilliant.

Prestige Flowers

How Prestige Flowers Got Its Name
Prestige Flowers is a name that focuses on the quality of the flowers. They wanted a keyword that would attract high-end customers and provide a sense of excellent quality and attention to detail.

Why Does The Name Work?
The creators of Prestige Flowers had a straightforward goal with their flower business name, and they achieved that goal. Prestige is an excellent keyword that provides a sense of professional and premium quality. Additionally, they use ‘Flowers’ to make the name clear and transparent.

Ferns N Petals

How Ferns N Petals Got Its Name
The goal the Ferns N Petals founders had for their flower business name was straightforward; they wanted to create a name that provided clarity and allowed them to expand to more sectors.

Why Does The Name Work?
The name is effective because it wisely includes two different plant keywords to provide a sense of variety to the flower business. Additionally, the keyword variety allows the company to expand to more plant industry sectors (weddings, for example). The name also has a catchy quality due to the use of ‘N’ instead of ‘and’.


How 1-800-Flowers.com Got Its Name
One of 1-800-Flowers.com’s best features is its 24-hour toll-free phone service for customers to place orders. To make their name as original as possible, they wanted to include this feature by adding ‘1-800’ to the beginning.

Why Does The Name Work?
The name is effective because it perfectly conveys one of the business’s most significant selling points. Contacting a flower business 24 hours a day is an attractive prospect for a customer, making including it in the flower business name a wise move.

What Elements Are Important When Creating A Flower Business Brand?

It’s challenging to become a success in the flower industry. 

To create a thriving flower business, you first need to create an excellent flower business brand. Here are some of our best flower business branding tips!

Tip 1: Find a Unique Selling Point (USP) To Make Your Flower Business Stand Apart

Find a Unique Selling Point!

To stand out from the flower business competition, your flower business has to have an element that will enable it to stand apart. You can choose to focus on the quality of the products, the service, a unique feature of your business, or the location.

For example, Prestige Flowers uses the high-quality of its flower arrangements to attract customers. Therefore, they use prestige in their name (a keyword relating to premium high quality). 

Alternatively, 1-800-Flowers.com uses one of their unique features to sell their brand; they have a 24-hour phone line running for their flower business, and because this is a valuable feature of customers, they promote it in their brand.

Tip 2: Make Your Branding Original With Creative Keywords

After you know your USP, you need to apply it to your brand. An excellent way to apply your flower business USP to your brand is to add creative keywords to the name. 

First, you need a flower-based keyword to clarify your flower business brand. Some businesses use ‘Flowers’ to provide complete clarity (Prestige Flowers, for example). However, some businesses use unusual flower keywords to add creativity (Ferns N Petals and BloomNation are excellent examples).

You also need another keyword to compliment your brand; this is usually the keyword that links to your USP, so you must ensure it relates to it. Some keywords are simple but convey their USP very well (Flowers Fast, for example), and some flower businesses like BloomNation use creative keywords with larger implications.

Tip 3: If You Want To Expand Your Business To Other Sectors, Don’t Make Your Branding Too Specific 

If you want to set up a flower shop that only sells flowers on small orders to customers, it’s alright to use a restrictive keyword like flowers. However, if you want to create a flower business that can expand to more sectors of the flower industry, you should create a brand that allows for that.

Ferns N Petals is an excellent example because it uses broader keywords and uses more than one plant keyword to suggest the intention of variety and expansion.

Tip 4: Keep Your Flower Business Name Simple

Our final tip is to keep simplicity in mind when branding your flower business. If you over complicate your name or make a cluttered logo, it can confuse your customers. Instead, you need to create a name that isn’t too long, keeps your USP in focus, and doesn’t add any irrelevant keywords.

Keep Your Flower Business Name Simple!

Please use our flower business name generator if you need more help to make some excellent flower business name ideas.

If you follow our flower business branding tips, you can create a flower business brand that is clear, concise, original, and exciting.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To create a compelling flower business name, you must consider many elements, including memorability, catchiness, clarity, and originality. Originality is essential because that’s the critical element that will set your flower business name apart.

If you need more help, you should use our flower business name generator to create numerous brilliant flower business name ideas.

The Society Of American Florists states that a successful flower business will make around $362,318 annually. However, when you first start a flower business, you will likely make under $200,000 annually until you gain success.

You need an original USP and an excellent brand to make your flower business successful.

To create an excellent flower business brand, you have to consider many elements, including:

-First, decide on an exciting Unique Selling Point (USP) to attract customers. -Second, use creative keywords to make a flower business name that is unique. -Finally, create a logo and store interior that compliments your name and brand.

Please use our flower business name generator if you struggle to create exemplary flower business name ideas.
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