Funny Business Name Ideas

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The Best Funny Business Name Ideas

The Best Funny Business Name Ideas

One way to get people to notice your business is to have a funny name. Funny business names can help any brand stand out, catching the attention of passers-by and giving the company more personality and character than those with more boring, bland names.

It’s not the right choice for everyone, but funny company names can work well in certain settings and industries. Funny brand names are great in the world of food and drink, for example, or for hair and beauty salons, and even funeral directors or vinyl shops can get in on the fun with funny LLC names.

If you’re looking for some funny business name ideas, we’re here to help. You can use the BizNameWiz funny business name generator to create thousands of funny business names in an instant, and you can read through our guide for more tips, tricks, and inspiration for creating funny brand names.

15 Funny Business Name Ideas for Restaurants

15 Funny Business Name Ideas for Restaurants

The food and drink industry is a great place to choose a funny name, especially if you’re running quite a casual, family-friendly sort of place, like a fast food joint or diner. Here are some amazing funny brand names from the world of restaurants.

  1. Planet of the Grapes
  2. Lord of the Fries
  3. Hurry Curry
  4. Eggcellent Eats
  5. Thai Tanic
  6. Wok This Way
  7. Pho Shizzle
  8. Mustard’s Last Stand
  9. Life of Pie
  10. Basic Kneads Pizza
  11. Earth Wind And Flour
  12. 9021 Pho
  13. Sweet Cheezus
  14. Fishcoteque
  15. Grill ‘Em All

Tips for Creating Funny Business Name Ideas for Restaurants

If you’re starting up a restaurant and want to pick a funny name that will make people laugh, it’s a good idea to focus on what makes your restaurant special or what kind of food you cook, and then go from there. For example, if you run a pizza restaurant, choose words like pizza, cheese, Italian, and sauce and try to create jokes or puns surrounding those words.

15 Funny Business Name Ideas for Salons

Hair, nail, and beauty salons are also a popular place for funny and pun-based names to be found. Here are some awesome funny company names from the world of hairdressers and beauty stylists.

  1. A Cut Above
  2. Fro-ternity
  3. Jack the Clipper
  4. My Hair Lady
  5. The Director’s Cut
  6. Love Me ‘Do
  7. Hairway to Heaven
  8. Live and Let Dye
  9. Time to Dye
  10. Knock Knock, Who’s Hair?
  11. Curl Me Crazy

Tips for Creating Funny Business Name Ideas for Salons

Think about puns or cultural references!

When it comes to picking funny business names for salons, a good idea is to think about puns or cultural references. Think about some of your favorite movies or songs, for example, and see if you swap out any of the words for salon-related words, like cut, snip, curl, hair, or dye, and then try to craft a funny name that way. You can also use our funny business name generator to create some hilariously funny LLC names automatically.

15 Quirky and Funny Business Names to Get Attention

There are many other kinds of businesses out there that can make use of funny brand names and quirky company names to get attention and stand out. Here are some examples, including everything from dentists to lawyers to funeral directors and contractors.

  1. Spruce Springsteen Cleaning Services
  2. Fiddler on the Tooth
  3. Come Stain or Slime
  4. Kick the Budget
  5. The Trusty Wrench Handyman Services
  6. Pane in the Glass Window Fixers
  7. Screw It Handyman Services
  8. Ditcher Quick and Hyde Divorce Lawyers
  9. Amy’s Winehouse
  10. Root On Us Dental Office
  11. Back to the Fuschia Florists
  12. Indiana Jeans
  13. Thorassic Park Chiropractors
  14. Darth Vaper
  15. Tech it Easy Electronics

Tips for Creating Quirky and Funny Business Names to Get Attention

If you want to catch someone’s eye and draw in customers with funny company names, it’s important to ensure that your name actually works well and gets laughs. Try to think of relevant jokes, puns, and references that match whatever your business is about. And be sure to test the name out with friends and colleagues to see if it’s truly funny before finalizing it.

The Best Real-World Funny Business Names

If you’re looking for great funny business name ideas and want to come up with some funny LLC names of your own, a great method is to look out at the real world and see some genuine examples of funny businesses that have been successful.

Look out at the real world!

Frying Nemo

How Frying Nemo Got Its Name

When it comes to funny business names, Frying Nemo often appears at the top of the list. This is a UK-based fish and chip shop that has become very successful and attracted diners from around the world, basing its name on the movie Finding Nemo.

Why Frying Nemo Is A Great Funny Business Name

Frying Nemo is a super example of funny brand names from the world of food and drink. The name works well because it’s short, simple, and hilarious. Plus, it includes a reference that is universally understandable, as the movie Finding Nemo was very popular and most people have seen it or at least heard of it, so can understand the joke right away.

Ash Wipe Chimney Sweeps

How Ash Wipe Chimney Sweeps Got Its Name

It was Ross Reed, founder of Ash Wipe Chimney Sweeps, who came up with the name for his Illinois-based company back in 1981 while having some drinks at a bar with his buddies. The name began as a simple joke among friends, but Ross decided to run with it.

Why Ash Wipe Chimney Sweeps Is A Great Funny Business Name

Ash Wipe Chimney Sweeps has become a very successful and long-standing chimney sweep business, running for nearly four decades so far. The name works well because it’s very funny, a little naughty, and actually matches with the service the company provides.

Vinyl Resting Place

How Vinyl Resting Place Got Its Name

Vinyl Resting Place is a vinyl record store in Portland, Oregon. It was founded by Patsy Smih and Toby Tobiason, a husband-and-wife team who wanted to create a vinyl store with a funny pun name to attract customers.

Why Vinyl Resting Place Is A Great Funny Business Name

Vinyl Resting Place has become a very successful record store and the owners don’t even need to do much marketing, because their store often appears online in lists of funny business names. It’s a funny play on the phrase “Final Resting Place” and always puts a smile on the face of new customers

Most Successful Funny Business Names

Most Successful Funny Business Names

Big Ass Fans 

How Big Ass Fans Got Its Name 

Big Ass Fans was originally called HVLS Fan Co. when it first started in 1999, focused on selling large ceiling fans for big rooms like warehouses and barns. People kept calling the company and asking for “big ass fans”, so the brand decided to rename itself, growing into a hugely successful business.

Why Big Ass Fans Is A Great Funny Business Name

The founder of Big Ass Fans, Carey Smith, says that the brand’s name shows people that the company is bold and direct. It gets the message across in a funny and almost outrageous way. This proves that bold funny LLC names can work wonders in certain industries.

Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace

How Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace Got Its Name

Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace is a very popular restaurant in Oklahoma. The name of this business plays on the word “salmonella”, which sounds very similar to “Sam and Ella” when said quickly.

Why Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace Is A Great Funny Business Name

At first glance, the idea of naming a restaurant after a bacteria that causes food poisoning could sound crazy, but Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace has been really successful because people find the name funny and talk about it online or with friends and colleagues. This helps to generate free marketing for the restaurant and gets more people through the doors.

Goin’ Postal

How Goin’ Postal Got Its Name

Goin’ Postal is a phrase that has been used in the past to describe someone who has a mental breakdown at work, leading to violence. The phrase was adopted by a shipping company in 2002, and the Goin’ Postal brand has become a big name, with hundreds of locations across the US. 

Why Goin’ Postal Is A Great Funny Brand Name

This is one of many funny business names that takes a classic phrase many people are familiar with and twists it in a fun and unexpected way to create something funny and fresh.

Tips for Creating Your Own Funny Business Name

Use Puns and References

So, how can you create some funny business name ideas of your own? Well, a good way to start with funny LLC names is to think about puns and references that you can use for your brand. You can really get creative here, thinking about popular movies, songs, or books, as well as classic phrases and sayings that people use all the time, and then trying to adjust those phrases or names in imaginative and amusing ways with words that are relevant to your particular business.

Keep it Relevant

It’s important to not get too carried away when coming up with funny business name ideas. You might create some really funny company names, but you need to make sure that they’re actually relevant to your business. For example, you might have a really funny company name idea for an Italian restaurant, but if you’re running a restaurant that serves lots of different kinds of food, picking such a specific name could confuse or put-off customers. Make sure that your name is authentic and accurate in regard to the products and services you provide.

Keep it Relevant!

Make Sure People Find it Funny 

One of the golden rules with funny business names is to make sure that they’re actually funny. You might laugh a lot at your own funny business name ideas, but that’s not enough; you need lots of people to laugh at them, so you have to check how well your funny company names work with other people. So, before you finalize any funny company names, ask friends, family, colleagues, or even conduct a poll online to see what other people think. This could provide you with valuable feedback to help you make a decision about the name.

Check The Availability 

Another good tip to keep in mind with funny business names is that you need to ensure that the name you choose is actually available. There are many people out there thinking of funny business name ideas all the time, and someone else could have invented the same name as you. Check online to see if the business name you’ve thought of already exists. If it’s available, claim it quickly and make sure to claim social media accounts and website URLs, too, so you can market your business once it’s up and running.

Use The Funny Business Name Generator 

If you’re looking for some hilarious business name ideas, the BizNameWiz funny business name generator is a great tool to use. It can generate thousands of funny business name ideas for you in a matter of seconds, and all you have to do is type in a couple of words that are connected to your brand and then see what the generator does. The funny business name generator is completely free to use, too, so there’s no risk in giving it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a few tricks you can try, such as thinking of puns, jokes, and wordplay with words that are relevant to your business. You can also take inspiration from real funny business names in your industry, or use the BizNameWiz funny business name generator for ideas.

A funny business name can work well in certain industries, and there are examples of businesses succeeding with funny names in the worlds of food and drink, hospitality, salons, cosmetics, construction, and more.

Some real-world examples of funny company names include Ash Wipe Chimney Sweeps, Vinyl Resting Place, Sam & Ella's Chicken Palace, and Tequila Mockingbird.




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