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Best Graphic Design Business Name Ideas

Starting a graphic design business can be a profitable venture— if you have the skills and the right company name, that is! 

While we can’t assist you with the skills part, we do have some great options and inspiration for how to come up with the best graphic design business name ideas that will turn heads, make waves in the industry, and keep your clientele hooked.

And it couldn’t be simpler, either: by using our graphic design business name generator, you can create a nearly endless variety of unique and memorable graphic design names. 

From simple one-word graphic design names to company titles that evoke a sense of power and prowess in the wide world of design, keep on reading to get started!

One-Word Graphic Design Business Name Ideas

One-word business names are great for a graphic design company because it keeps it simple and easy to remember. It’s also important to have a unique graphic design business name that lets your company stand out from the rest. 

So, I used some keywords from within the realm of graphic design like “illustrate”, “line-work”, and “typography” with our graphic design business name generator, filtered it to one-word results, and came up with these ideas:

  • Designish
  • LineDesign
  • TypeZoo
  • Illustratique
  • Designzilla
  • GraphIlly
  • Designaholic
  • Graphlandia
  • TypeDesign
  • Designify
  • Graphlytical
  • Lineworkish
  • DesignXYZ
  • IllustraDesign
  • Graphlia

Tips On Creating A One-Word Graphic Design Business Name

Enhance the potential of our graphic design business name generator by coming up with some great ideas that represent your company, the services you offer, and the overall theme you want to go for. These can be descriptive, assertive, or illustrative and will help steer your one-word graphic design business name in the right direction. 

Additionally, try out different word combinations by pairing design keywords with “graphic” or “design” to create a whole new word and unique business name!

Rhyming Graphic Design Business Name Ideas

One asset of rhyming business names is their memorability— it’s hard to forget a catchy company name! 

To come up with some great rhyming graphic design business names, I used more keywords for graphic design and selected the rhyming filter within our graphic design business name generator, and here are some of the results:

  • Gateway Graphic
  • Design Digital
  • Graphic Genie
  • Typography Theory
  • Guerrilla Graphics
  • Graph Guild
  • On-Goal Graphics
  • Illustration Intuition
  • Linework Lighthouse
  • Design For All Time
  • Diverse Designs
  • Graphic Goddess
  • Guided Graphs
  • Illuminate Illustrate
  • Design Dune

Tips On Creating A Rhyming Graphic Design Business Name

While a direct rhyme is not always necessary, it can be a fun twist for a company’s name. But you should also consider other classic literary devices used by poets for decades, including alliteration, consonance, and sibilance. These terms essentially refer to repeating the first vowel, consonant, or “s” sound in two consecutive words, like many of the examples given above.

Browse a rhyming dictionary if you are stuck, or rely on the rhyming filter for some unique and effective graphic design business name generator results!

Powerful Graphic Design Business Name Ideas

If you want to stand out as the forerunner of your industry, a powerful and professional company name is a great way to start. To come up with a powerful graphic design business name, think about some keywords for strength, power, and prowess. 

For design companies, these can often be geometric shapes or geological terms, as well as many others that evoke a sense of power— so, I entered similar keywords into our graphic business name generator to come up with the following options:

  • Quantum Graphics
  • Rubik’s Design
  • Bedrock Design
  • Graphic Effex
  • Diamond Graphics
  • Ignition Graphic Design
  • Graphic Advantage
  • Design Atlantis
  • Igneous Designs
  • Octagon Design
  • Design Majestic
  • Dolomite Designs
  • Regent Graphics
  • Alpha Graphic Design
  • Golden Graphic Design

Tips For Creating Powerful Graphic Design Business Names

The key to creating unique graphic design names that hold a sense of prowess is finding the keywords and phrases that make you think of a strong company. These can be taken from nature (“bedrock”), history (“regent”), or any other sources that inspire you.

The key is to tap into the innate power of your chosen words and use our graphic design business name generator to flesh out these ideas even more.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Design Duo
  • Designer’S Vision
  • Site Seekers
  • Finer Designers
  • Design Duty
  • Graphic Traffic
  • Victorious Visions
  • Great Graphics
  • Graphic Gold
  • Golden Graphics
  • Creative Coalition
  • Creative Corner
  • Build A Vision
  • Creative Hive
  • Limitless Design
  • Thrive 3D
  • 12 Principles
  • Vector Vision
  • Dare 2D
  • Granted Graphics
  • Live Designs
  • Digital Designs
  • Digitize Designs
  • 2D2U
  • Brought To Life
  • Look Alive
  • Graphics Gals
  • Graphics Gang
  • Good Graphics
  • Ultimate Design
  • Great Graphics
  • Luxe Logo
  • Vivid Design
  • Brand By Design
  • Monographatic
  • Vignette Images
  • Go Overlay
  • Visual Deco
  • Photostrations
  • Graphizine
  • Graphmatics
  • Trends Grafix
  • Pixels Dexterity
  • Graferrifix
  • Grafixmoon

Best Real-World Graphic Design Business Names: What Are They And Why Do They Work?

Best Real-World Graphic Design Business Names


How Anagrama Got Its Name
As a graphic design business out of New Mexico, the name Anagrama is actually the Spanish word for “anagram”, which fits for a company that uses typeface and fonts as a primary drive for its design ideas.

Why Anagrama Is A Great Graphic Design Business Name
Anagrama is definitely a fun and fresh graphic design business name, but it’s also quite technical in some ways— the relation to “anagram” can make clients think of playfulness, creativity, and a sense of artistic shift, all of which are key to a modern graphic design business.

A Practice For Everyday Life

How A Practice For Everyday Life Got Its Name
A primarily typography-based graphic design business, A Practice For Everyday Life’s unique company name came about by daily collaborative practices by talented artists who formed this graphic design studio, promoting mindfulness and experimentalism.

Why A Practice For Everyday Life Is A Great Graphic Design Business Name
Though on the longer side for a business name, A Practice For Everyday Life is still intriguing and catchy enough to entice customers. The idea of daily practice in the design world can make you think of routine, comfort, and evokes a sense of mindfulness.


How ManyPixels Got Its Name
As an on-demand digital graphic design company, the name came from the “many” creative workers who collaborated and formed the company in 2018, working in pixel formats— hence, ManyPixels.

Why ManyPixels Is A Great Graphic Design Business Name
Not only does ManyPixels stand out as a very unique name, made of two different words fused, but it also gives you a hint as to the specific realm of graphic design the company specializes in. “Pixels” immediately summons the idea of digital media, which is exactly right!

Most Successful Graphic Design Business Names


How Pentagram Got Its Name
Pentagram was originally founded by a group of five individuals working in a five-story building in 1972— so the name for a five-pointed star was a unique choice to represent those facts.

Why Pentagram Is A Successful Graphic Design Business Name
Using a strong, single-word company name can be a great asset, as Pentagram’s success has shown. Plus, the shape of a pentagram is reminiscent of other geometric forms, design rubrics, and vector images essential to certain aspects of graphic design businesses.


How MetaDesign Got Its Name
Leaning into the Greek prefix “meta” which roughly translates to “beyond” or “into”, MetaDesign founders chose the name to imply a sense of going beyond design or redesigning design itself to stand out in the industry.

Why MetaDesign Is A Successful Graphic Design Business Name
Not only does the word “design” feature prominently in this graphic design business name, but it’s also short and snappy enough to be memorable. Additionally, “meta” might make you think of both details and the whole picture, simultaneously, which is intriguing.

Happy Cog

How Happy Cog Got Its Name
A successful web design company, the name Happy Cog was chosen to elicit intrigue and slight confusion— what exactly is happiness, and are we just cogs in the wheel? The company chose a strange name to lure clients in and make them think.

Why Happy Cog Is A Successful Graphic Design Business Name
The naming convention for Happy Cog is very deliberate— it makes people curious about the company. And while this can be a risky move, without any references to graphic design in the title, a business name that trades in intrigue works for some.

How To Come Up With Great Graphic Design Business Names 

Names are hard— whether the subject is your company, your dog, or even your car. And the pressure is on when trying to figure out the perfect name for a business, as you can’t easily change the title after branding and marketing your company all over!

So, to avoid the pitfalls of a bad company name, we have some tips to create great graphic design business name ideas, so read on to find out the answers.

Tip One: Figure Out Your Graphic Design Business’s Purpose

Finding a gap in the graphic design industry is a good way to enter the sector, because it’s much easier to market and fulfill a niche when first starting out than trying to handle everything at once.

Similarly, figuring out the selling point of your company helps point you in the direction of a compatible graphic design business name.

For example, illustration design for children’s books is very different than designing movie studio posters or advertisements, so determining where your business sits in the wider realm of graphic design is key.

Tip Two: Brainstorm The Right Keywords

Keywords are essential to creating the perfect company name. So, sit down and consider the aspects of your graphic design business that you want to amplify and showcase to all potential clients. 

For example, what does your graphic design business specialize in? Do you work with typography or digital logos? Are you a creative and artsy company, or do you anticipate high-powered clients from profitable sectors? 

The words you use have a profound effect on the meaning, tone, and visual imagery evoked by your graphic design business name, so it’s important to come up with the right ones and narrow them down to the top selections.

Tip Three: Make It Memorable

You want people to remember your graphic design business name, so making it unique is a wise decision. Use literary devices like alliteration to make the name roll off your tongue, or use very visual imagery to make customers immediately think of an image or object when they see your business name.

Additionally, try to keep it quite short and to the point. Long business names can work out, but it’s definitely a gamble. A graphic design business name that is short, snappy, and simple is more likely to be remembered and passed through word of mouth than an entire sentence as a title!

Tip Four: Check For Graphic Design Business Name Availability 

The final step is securing your perfect graphic design business name before anyone else does. 

Once you have come up with the right keywords for your design market and made sure it’s memorable, you should check your business name’s availability through our graphic design business name generator. Just search for it and expand the information to see which domains are still free, and snap yours up quickly.

And though naming a business can be a long process before you even start the everyday operations of that company, coming up with a name is the first step. And by using our helpful guide, you should be able to create a great graphic design business name without hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Narrow down what types of design you might want to focus on, or at least what types are most marketable in the graphic design industry, like “illustration”, “typography”, “vector”, and “line-work”. Make sure your search includes any tonal or visual words that you want clients to associate with your graphic design business and make your graphic design name stand out from the rest of the competition.

Coming up with business name ideas is difficult, that’s why we have a design business name generator to help. But to begin, brainstorm words that you immediately associate with your company and the direction you want it to grow in. Then, narrow down the list and highlight any keywords that stand out to you. Why are they important? Focus on keyword compilation and go from there.

A person’s name sounds official but doesn’t give potential clients any information about the company or the kind of work you provide. It’s better to go with a name that can resonate with the public and showcase the type of graphic design business you have, using visual, sonic, or image-based words to convey it.
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