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What images flash across your mind when we say Sustainable Industries? For us it’s Green Energy.

Earth friendly businesses are one of the coolest companies out there because the possibilities are endless.

Biz Name Wiz has worked with over 20 countries, needless to say we’ve seen our share of environmentally conscious companies. We’ve helped giant established businesses completely revamp their names as well as created names for newbie startups.

Where ever you fall in one tip we often share with Green Businesses is to pick a name that is within your niche.

A lot of times when wrestling to find the perfect name we tend to go with the one that hits every angle possibly related to said product. The downside to this is what if you’re not selling everything possibly related to your product.          

 Top Brands:

Sea Shepherd: This organization uses the term ‘shepherd’ for its protective connotations, to express their commitment to protecting the sea.

Greenpeace: By using the emotive term ‘peace’ in conjunction with ‘green’, a commonly recognized environmental referent, this organization rallies supporters.

WWF: An acronym for ‘World Wildlife Fund’, this organization’s name creates a sense of authority and impartiality while also clearly expressing its purpose.

10Tree: A clothing label with a mission to plant ten trees for each item sold, their name is literal while also catchy and unique.

SolarCity: This solar energy company’s use of ‘city’ in their name establishes their strong presence and commitment to a large and expansive mission.

Sierra Club: Sierra, which is Spanish for mountain range, encapsulates the organization’s environmental focus while also allowing it to remain unique and memorable. A climate change movement, is cleverly named for the limit of CO2 in the atmosphere in parts per million (PPM) necessary for the planet’s survival. This not only draws viewers’ curiosity towards the issue, but also reinforces their mission.

Ecosia: By playing on the environmental suffix ‘eco’ to create a unique and quirky name, this green search engine is memorable for customers.

Rainforest Alliance: Using the term ‘alliance’ as a powerful collective phrase, this organization emphasizes the urgency of environmental issues and the importance of addressing them through collective action.

Weforest: A non-profit association dedicated to planting trees, this company’s simple but unique name creates a sense of involvement and obligation for consumers around the world.


Clientele & interests:

Customers who support green initiatives and prefer to buy from green companies are usually quite liberal in their beliefs. They tend to make it known that they support certain initiatives, causes or advocacy groups. In turn, this means that they typically have higher engagement rates than regular customers and are willing to spend more when buying a product. This combination of factors makes them highly sought after clients, as they not only spend more, but advertise on your behalf.


Veganism, vegetarian, humanitarian work, climate change, endangered animals, travel, health, food security, eco-friendly companies and products, electrical/hybrid cars, solar panel installation, organic food, locally grown food, conservation.

Industry Related Words:

Sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, ecological, environment, environmentally-safe, fair trade, alternative, farm-raised, balanced, free range, beneficial, good for the earth, bio based, biodegradable, green, chemical-free, clean, co-op, handmade, co-op, healthy, human, extinction, waste, humanitarian, hybrid, electrical, renewable, pollution, solar, wind, hydro, earth conscious, earth friendly, eco-elegant, eco-friendly, toxic, waste, local ecological, low-impact, next to natural, naturally derived, naturally, natural, non-toxic, organic, ethical, pollution, consumerism, alternative energy, alternative fuel, fossil fuel, recycled, biofuels, biodiesel, hybrid, biomass, CO2, carbon dioxide, methane, global warming, climate change, brownfield, mining, carbon footprint, carbon emissions, carbon market, cap and trade, carbon tax, carbon neutral, carbon offset, carbon sink, ocean acidity, mass extinction, conservation, national parks, corporate social responsibility, not tested on animals, deforestation, environmental justice, geothermal, fuel cell, going green, vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based.

Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

Marketing to environmentally conscious people is typically straightforward. Often customers will be enticed merely by learning that a particular company is green/sustainable/eco-friendly etc.


Eco-friendly, green, carbon-neutral, recycled, organic, earth-friendly, go green, % recycled packaging, natural product, ‘reduce your carbon footprint’, make a difference, positive impact, nature-friendly, save earth, eco-conscious, sustainable, ethical, fair trade, down-cycling, net zero, low VOC, low carbon footprint, compostable, vegan, cruelty-free.

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Umesh Khanna
Umesh Khanna
09/12/2018 4:41 AM

ecofriendly consultancy

Jenny Lin
Jenny Lin
10/12/2018 9:36 AM

Ethical and sustainable clothing brand focusing on the theme nature, looking to decrease the pollution on flowers

G v Sai Charan
G v Sai Charan
19/12/2018 5:54 PM

Charan Constrcution Market, where all the construction items will be available at one place