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Best Eco & Green Company Name Ideas

No matter what industry you’re in, it seems like every business is pushing for greener, more eco-friendly, and sustainable products, and practices – and about time, too! The name of your eco & green business is a badge of honor that will boost your goods and services to the world, so it’s important to pick a good one. 

Don’t know where to start? Read on for our ultimate guide to naming your eco & green business, starting with the most helpful tool for your business naming journey – our eco & green business name generator.

One-Word Eco & Green Company Name Ideas 

Before you start, make a list of associated root words and terms to enter into our generator. I started out with keywords like green, bio, and eco to get the following one-word eco & green company name ideas:

  1. Ecodo
  2. Naturworks
  3. Purenest
  4. Greenology
  5. Bioworks
  6. Veganistic
  7. Greenify
  8. Organix
  9. Bioverse
  10. Veganium
  11. Econest
  12. Biozen
  13. Naturology
  14. Biogenix
  15. Ecocog

Tips For Creating a One-Word Eco & Green Company Name

Once you’ve selected the one-word filter on our eco & green company name generator, make sure to scroll through the list of industry filters, too. I selected food, garden, health, nature, and organic to get the above results, but there are more that may be applicable to you depending on the specific products and/or services your eco & green company will provide – beauty, skincare, or fashion, for instance. 

Our one-word eco & green company name generator will merge words together to offer name ideas like ‘Econest’ and ‘Naturworks’, or combine the keywords you put in with appropriate suffixes to create options like ‘Greenology’. Though combinations are a great option for one-word name ideas for your eco & green company, there is also nothing wrong with words that already exist! For example, ‘Organix’ is a name I got from altering the spelling of ‘organics’. 

Rhythmic Eco & Green Company Names

The rhyming filter on our eco & green company name generator can work wonders! By turning it on and using the same associated words as before, I was offered the following fantastic options:

  1. Green Grown
  2. Beyond Bio
  3. Our Organic
  4. Eco Eden
  5. Viva Vegan!
  6. Mean Green
  7. Free From…
  8. Bio Base
  9. Organic Orchard
  10. Sweet Sustain
  11. Bio Guys
  12. Ever Earth
  13. Green Garden
  14. Plant Pals
  15. Go Eco

Tips For Creating a Rhythmic Eco & Green Company Name

Whether a rhyme, half-rhyme, or alliteration, a great way to make sure your eco & green company name is a memorable one is to use rhythm. Our eco & green company name generator rhyming filter will offer up options using all of the above literary techniques, and you can switch between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ filters to determine which position the keyword will be in your company name – first as in ‘Eco Eden’ or second like ‘Ever Earth’. 

It’s a great idea to try using punctuation in your eco & green company name, as with ‘Viva Vegan!’ and ‘Free From…’. Not only can punctuation make your company name stand out more, but it can help to convey the desired message to potential customers. 

Eco & Green Food Company Names

Within the eco & green industry, there are lots of different types of business, a common one being eco & green food companies. This time I honed in on food-specific eco & green root words and terms like vegan, veg, and plant-based, clicked the ‘food’ industry filter, and ended up with some of the great eco & green food company name ideas below:

  1. Green Grub
  2. Eco Eats
  3. Plant Palette
  4. VegiVerse
  5. Nature’s Nibbles
  6. Friendly Foodie
  7. Health Hatch
  8. Bio Bakes
  9. The Plant Base
  10. Naked Plates
  11. Green Goodness
  12. Veganable
  13. Vegiholic
  14. Organic On
  15. Eco Elite

Tips For Creating Eco & Green Food Company Names

Perhaps most important when naming an eco & green food company is to create a name that is trustworthy and reliable. The focus on being eco-friendly and ‘green’ makes it all the more important for customers to know that a company’s products are legit – particularly if those products are edible! Using ‘buzz words’ like health and naked for names like ‘Health Hatch’ and ‘Naked Plates’ immediately lets your target market know exactly what your company is about.

When you don’t restrict yourself to one or two words, rhyme or no rhyme, you really can let your imagination run free to create a name for your eco & green food company! I started by refining the industry filters – I went with cafe, food, garden, health, nature, and organic – then played around with the other filters on our eco & green company name generator to see what it came up with. Try a quick internet search if you’re feeling stuck, or have a go at thinking of some name ideas yourself – I got ‘The Plant Base’, adapted from the associated term ‘plant-based’. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Wide World Green
  • Greenology
  • EcoLove
  • Must Love Nature
  • BioVitality
  • World Green
  • Earth Ambassadors
  • World Wide Garden
  • Beyond Green
  • The Grow Co.
  • Project Earth
  • Nature’s Knights
  • Vitagreen
  • Vitalogic
  • Ecogreen Finds
  • Go Green
  • Green Growth
  • Code Green
  • Waste Free Living
  • Ecolus
  • Agronus Services
  • Greenplicity
  • EcoPeace
  • Eco Eagle
  • Earnestly Eco
  • Eco and Earthy
  • Easy Eco
  • Eco Eatery
  • Elect to be Eco
  • Element Eco
  • Elite Eco
  • Eco Emporium
  • Endlessly Eco
  • Galaxy Green
  • Green Gale
  • Proud Planet
  • Getting Green
  • Grass is Greener
  • Eco Efforts
  • Eco Source
  • Reliable Resource
  • Ready Resource
  • Earth Source
  • Pure Power

Best Real-World Eco & Green Company Names 


The Name

After becoming fed up with plastic pollution and environmentally unfriendly produce, the EcoVibe team began searching far and wide for eco-alternatives to everyday products in 2018. They are now partnered with 53 small eco-friendly UK businesses and offer their own biodegradable, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free products.

Why It Works

Include the main keyword in the name – tick! ‘Eco’ is immediately recognizable and desirable to the target market. Paired with the current buzzword ‘vibe’, this company name coolly lets customers know they’re about all kinds of eco-friendly products. 


The Name

Scentered was established with the aim to “meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers hungry for natural, portable aromatherapy and essential oil solutions”. They offer 100% natural, plant-based essential oil candles, aromatherapy balms, and hair, and body care.

Why It Works

Clever wordplay/merging of the associated root word ‘scent’ and the verb ‘centred’ are responsible for this succinct and effective name. It’s clear that they focus on scents, but it also hints that their focus is centred on sustainability and eco-friendly produce. 


The Name

Alex and JP, the founders of all plants, believe the world would be a much better place if everyone tried to eat more plants – enter their 100% plant-based meal box delivery service!  

Why It Works

How much more straightforward could a company name get? Literally, this company is telling us they’re all about plants! Take heed of the conscious decision not to use capital letters here, adding to the fuss-free, simplistic vibe of the eco & green industry. 

Most Successful Eco & Green Company Names


The Name

Since its founding in 1973, outdoor clothing company Patagonia has been committed to being eco-friendly, from using recycled or organically grown raw materials to funding numerous grassroots environmental groups.

Why It’s Successful

This company name works on two levels – adopting the name of a geographical region, Patagonia, signifies the environment for this brand’s clothes to be worn in, whilst also evidencing the company’s eco-friendly policies.

Seventh Generation

The Name

Since its founding over 30 years ago, Seventh Nation has provided plant-based, eco-friendly paper, cleaning, and personal care products, with packaging that’s just as environmentally friendly.

Why It’s Successful

This company name ties directly into its mission – to “transform the world into a healthy, sustainable & equitable place for the next seven generations”. Though not immediately obvious, Seventh Nation sparks intrigue with its name and also creates an inclusive, ‘together’ feel. 


The Name

After feeling fed up when his son dug up plastic on a beach, founder Jeremy Lang decided that the fight against plastic pollution should start with everyday products – in 2010, Pela began producing the “world’s first 100% compostable phone case”.

Why It’s Successful

We love a name with a story! The name Pela comes from the Spanish word for ‘peel’/’to peel’. The founder’s thought process was simply “what if you could guard your ‘Apple’ with a natural ‘peel’?” – witty, effective, and memorable!

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Eco & Green Company

Feeling inspired by all those real-world examples and the thrill of our eco & green company name generator? To get you well on your way to coming up with some fantastic name ideas, we’ve summarised three top tips below to finalize our guide and to make double sure you’re fully equipped with everything you need to name your eco & green company.

Tip 1: Brainstorm Your Ideas

Mind maps, lists, sticky notes on the wall – whatever your style, brainstorming your initial ideas is a great practice to get into. Sometimes (or, maybe, a lot of the time) when coming up with eco & green company names, you’ll have some pretty rubbish ideas – still, write them down! Some business names come from the silliest, most fleeting ideas, and even the most obscure thoughts can be developed into some fantastic business name options, so be sure to keep a record and you might be surprised at what inspires you. 

No matter the specific industry your eco & green company falls under or the particular products or services it offers, there will be a whole host of associated root words and terms for you to work with, enter into our eco & green company name generator and hopefully create a great name with. It’s a good idea to divide your keywords up and give them ‘subheadings’ – you may have the general eco & green terms like sustainability, recycled, etc, then words more related to your product, for instance, ‘food-words’ like plant-based, vegan and healthy. Separating or sectioning off your brainstorm will order your thoughts – clarity is key when choosing that all-important name!

Tip 2: Pinpoint Your Niche & Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Following on nicely from Tip 1, to have a product-specific section in your brainstorm, you’ve got to know your niche! As we have seen, eco & green companies can and do offer a plethora of products and services, from clothing to food to skincare. It’s important to know when starting your eco & green company, particularly when naming it, what exactly you’re going to be about. Consider the following points:

  • Who is my target market? 
  • What am I going to sell to them? Will there be more than one type of product?
  • How am I going to attract customers?
  • How can I prove that I am eco-friendly?
  • What is my USP?

Once you have identified your target market, gathering a focus group is also a really useful tool for testing out ideas, particularly name ideas. Your unique selling point is something really important to consider when coming up with eco & green company name ideas too, as it may be something that you can incorporate into your name – think Pela and the story behind their name!

Tip 3: Research Competitors

If there is one benefit of starting an eco & green company, it is that nowadays, you’ll never be short of competitor companies to research! It can be daunting to feel like the little fish in a huge pond, but take advantage of the variety and wealth of experience out there.

Market research is an important part of any business plan, but it is especially beneficial when naming your eco & green company. When looking at other companies in your field, ask yourself questions like where did their name come from? Is there a story behind it? Is it immediately obvious from the name what this company has on offer? Has this company used any literary devices in its name? Ultimately, only you can decide on the name for your eco & green company, but conducting research, asking the opinion of your target market and, of course, using our eco & green company name generator will give you a great head start!

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Digital marketing! If one thing will ruin your eco-friendly reputation, it’s wasted paper for fliers and posters. Social media is an obvious modern marketing tool, but there are plenty of companies out there that offer more eco-friendly and tech-friendly ways of conducting business and promoting your company.
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