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Best Handmade Business Name Ideas

A fun and informative business name will catch the eye of prospective buyers and draw their attention to your products, which will wow them into purchasing. Our handmade business name generator is perfect for introducing you to the future name of your business, and coupled with this guide, you can pick up some tips on what will work for you and your business. 

Create fun and informative business name!

One Word Handmade Business Name Ideas

One word business names are a great choice because they are highly memorable and pack a punch. They’re typically unique names that morphe multiple words together to form your short business name. To create the names below, I utilized keywords associated with numerous handmade businesses to give you various options. I used ‘knitting’, ‘handmade’, ‘ceramic’, ‘pottery’, ‘embroidery’, and ‘metal’. 

  • Knittingworks
  • Ceramtastic 
  • Handmadetastic
  • Metalify
  • Handmadeaholic
  • Potterynetic
  • Embrodierscape 
  • Metomatic
  • Embroiderverse
  • Ceramology 
  • Potterporium 
  • Metaholic 
  • Handemadeify
  • Embrodieryopedia 
  • Knittingiva 

Tips For Creating One Word Handmade Business Names 

It couldn’t be easier to create your one-word business name with us. Simply come up with keywords associated with handmade businesses in general or relating to your specific business and pop them into the handmade business name generator. You can adjust the filters to create one-word names only, and you’ll have your pick of choices. 

Handmade Jewelry Business Name Ideas

If you’re planning to start a handmade jewellery business, you want to choose a name associated with your passion and products. By focusing on what is important about your business, you’ll develop keywords that have strong associations with your business as a name should. I focused on products when selecting my keywords such as ‘jewelry’, ‘bracelets’, ‘earrings’, ‘necklaces’ and ‘rings’ because they offered a wide range of name options. 

  • Ringsorama
  • Grace Jewellery 
  • Bracelet Bazaar
  • Boho Jewellery 
  • Atlantis Earrings
  • Botanic Bracelets  
  • Virtue Rings
  • Luxe Earrings
  • Rings Avenue
  • Majesty Bracelets
  • Vogue Jewellery 
  • Concept Earrings
  • Necklacster 
  • Ally Bracelets
  • Sunrise Necklaces

Tips For Creating Handmade Jewelry Business Names

For your handmade jewelry business, there is a whole world of names that will suit your business. You want to have a unique name that will make you stand out, so consider what about your business is unique. Whatever those things are, use them as your keywords and add them to our handmade business name generator. You can choose the placement of the keywords, play around with the filters, and see what fits you. Make sure to be creative because this name will stick. 

Crocheting Business Names

Crochet is a unique word that is hard to compliment with other words. Finding the right combination of descriptive words and keywords can be challenging alone. But with our handmade business name generator, you can receive all the necessary support to find your perfect business name. I came up with some sweet options that emphasize the fun involved in crocheting. I used keywords such as ‘crochet’, ‘hooks’, and ‘yarn’ to create an association between the business and the crocheting process, so it is easily identifiable. 

  • Doodle Crochet
  • Angels Yarn
  • Alpha Hooks
  • Crochet Creations
  • Crochettastic
  • Simply Yarn
  • Crafted Crochet 
  • Crochetish 
  • Crochet Crochet  
  • Elite Yarn
  • Club Crochet 
  • Crochetingopolis 
  • Blossom Hooks
  • Rogue Yarn 
  • Community Crochet

Tips For Creating Crocheting Business Names 

An easy way to craft your identity as a crocheting business is to build associations between your products and your brand. Your process is integral to the function of your business, so it is essential to formulate a link between the two. If you change your industry filters to ‘art, ‘craft’, ‘creative’, and ‘fashion’, you can get even better and more relevant results. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Personal Touch
  • Personal Flair
  • Quiet Quality
  • Handmade Habit
  • No Better Builder
  • Made By Hand
  • Limber Fingers
  • Handmade Magic
  • From The Heart
  • Diy Designs
  • Honest Hands
  • Getting Crafty
  • Crafty Creations
  • Covered In Crafts
  • Designer Hands
  • Loved Creations
  • Sew Much Love
  • Special Gifts
  • Country Crafter
  • Making Memories
  • Designs by Dawn
  • Naturally Made
  • Originally Stitched
  • Down By the Barn
  • Primarily Country
  • Crochet Market
  • Mason Jar Messes
  • Craft Therapy
  • The Craft Gospel
  • Handmade Haven
  • Just Crafting
  • The Krafty Man
  • The Golden Craft
  • Masqraft
  • Unique Made
  • Irocky Design
  • Krafty Focus
  • Laffyett
  • Fotree Design
  • Hanmode
  • Ironbenders
  • Nature Control
  • Rose Wood Made
  • Get Your Kraft
  • Crafistic Tree

Best Real-World Handmade Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Best Real-World Handmade Business Names


How LoudElephant Got Its Name
LoudElephant is a business that sells handmade clothing made by family businesses across Nepal, Indonesia, and India. Their clothing range is extensive and very bright in colour, so there’s something for everyone.

Why LoudElephant Is A Catchy Business Name
Elephants are native animals to these countries, adding personal meaning to the name and connecting the business and its origin. Using ‘loud’ relates the company to the style of clothes they produce, which are bright and patterned. Altogether, this business name represents the values of the owners sufficiently.

Beton Creatif

How Beton Creatif Got Its Name
Beton Creatif is an online business that sells handcrafted concrete home decor originating in the US. They sell unique concrete pieces such as planters, vases, and candle holders in a minimalist style.

Why Beton Creatif Is A Catchy Business Name
In French, ‘beton’ translates to concrete, which is the medium that Sy chooses to work with, and when fully translated, the name means creative concrete, which she produces. The naming of this business correlates to the products that it offers, so it is self-explanatory to customers.

French Knot Creations

How French Knot Creations Got Its Name
French Knot Designs creates embroidered art of varying whimsical themes that can be customized to each customer’s individual preference. Joan is passionate about the enchanted and uses it to inspire her designs, so she envelopes passion into her business.

Why French Knot Creations Is A Catchy Business Name
A french knot is a simple knotted stitch commonly used in embroidery designs. By using a well-known stitch as part of the business name, there is a direct association between the business and embroidery that is easy to make. Thus this business name is easily identifiable to people seeking out an embroidered design for their home.

Most Successful Handmade Business Names

Most Successful Handmade Business Names

From The Page

How From The Page Got Its Name
From The Page is an online handmade business that sells soy candles and wax melts scented to different books. Callie started this business in 2013 as she wanted to create candles that linked back to her favorite novels.

Why From The Page Is A Successful Business Name
The different candle scents connect to scenes and settings in various novels, so the inspiration behind each candle comes ‘from the page’. This business name represents the inspiration behind the business, so it is self-explanatory and quick to represent its brand.

Caitlyn Minimalist

How Caitlyn Minimalist Got Its Name
Caitlyn Minimalist is a highly successful jewelry business based in Los Angeles. All of their jewelry is handcrafted and minimalistic in its design as they value simplicity over extravagance which their jewelry and brand represent.

Why Caitlyn Minimalist Is A Successful Business Name
The use of ‘minimalist’ in the business name immediately signifies the specific type of jewelry that Caitlyn creates. Caitlyn’s business name is representative of her products and style so that buyers know what to expect from her store and associate her with minimalism in general.

Skin Foodie

How Skin Foodie Got Its Name
Selling a range of products aimed at the face, body, and lips, Skin Foodie is an organic and natural skincare company. They advertise themselves as a clean beauty brand for all, targeting a socially conscious audience that enjoys caring for their skin.

Why Skin Foodie Is A Successful Business Name
Skin Foodie is a play on words as skincare provides nourishment to the skin in the same way that food provides nutrition to the body. Therefore, skincare feeds your skin. By employing this literary technique, Aubrey forms a parallel between skincare and food, emphasizing its importance and making customers view her products as necessities.

Tips For Naming Your Handmade Business

Naming your handmade business is no easy feat. It has to represent you, your ideals, and your mission in one or two words. Your name will define you for the long duration of your business, so you must get it right. A firm business name will be unique and easy to recall, so I came up with some top tips to come up with the perfect name for your handmade business. 

Choose Your Handmade Business

When starting your handmade business, you need to decide what you’re going to produce as there are dozens of directions to take. For example, you may love to sew and have a passion for plants, so you can create customised embroidery art for plant lovers across the globe. 

You also might love designing clothes, and by learning to knit, you could sell jumpers and scarves to older women. By selecting your product line, you can start to narrow down a list of keywords like ‘leafy’ or ‘woolen’ to generate your business name. 

Establish Your Target Audience

If your business is going to succeed, you need to decide who your customers are and how you can appeal to them. Your chosen target audience will hugely impact how you market your products and the products you create.

Establish your target audience!

Perhaps you want to make hats for babies; your ideal audience would-be mothers and grandmothers. Then you need to look into why they should buy your hats. If each hat is the shape of a different animal, you should use keywords like ‘wildlife’, ‘jungle’, and ‘birds’ in the handmade business name generator. Find your selling point and then capitalize on it. 

 Look To Other Established Businesses

Long-lasting businesses are reliant on their branding. They craft an identity for themselves and continue to build it as times and styles change. Their name is central to this identity, so you should look to existing hand-made businesses. 

Look into how they created their name: what is the inspiration, and how does it connect to their handmade business. Perhaps it’s a spin on their family name or location, which adds a personal touch to their brand. You could follow suit and come up with keywords based on your passions in the industry and enter them into the generator to find your business name.

 Keep It Short And Sweet 

Once your business plan and values are in order, you’ll have a great idea of what keywords are most relevant to you and your new business. These will be incredibly useful when you start to pin down your name because they will help our handmade business name generator to come up with ideas for you. 

My biggest recommendation to you when selecting your name is to keep it short and sweet. You want your name to impact your customers, which is easier when memorable. A shorter name is more likely to stay in the brain than a long and confusing name. With our handmade business name generator, you can select one or two-word business names to find a snappy and impactful option. 

Think About The Aesthetic

The appearance of your brand name is often equally as important as the name itself. You can change your font, size, and color to draw attention and emphasis to your name and your business. Try changing these features to compliment your chosen name. For example, if you sell your metal jewelry, choosing a metallic color for your business name would create an effective link between your products and brand. 

Think about the aesthetic!

You might also consider designing a logo featuring your business name to create a brand identity for your business. If you choose a color, font, and logo associated with your chosen business name, you will craft a unified brand for your business that customers will regularly associate with your products, making your business more memorable. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With our handmade business name generator, it couldn’t be easier to name your business today. Simply select some keywords that are relevant to you and your business. These might be personal, theme-based, descriptive, or process-based, but once you enter them into the name generator, they’ll be so much more.

You’ll have pages of names to choose from, so you will have no problem naming your handmade business with BizNameWiz.

A handmade business is where all the products are made by hand, including knitted creations, jewellery, skin salves, art, pottery, clothing, and more. It is a term that encompasses many forms of creativity, and so any creation can develop into a handmade business with the proper planning.

Handmade creations are easy to make and monetise to bring you joy and extra financial income. This year's most purchased handmade products included health and beauty products, clothing, candles, and ceramic home decor. These are significant areas in the handmade business sector as they are simple skills to acquire with a market that is begging for more unique creations. Across Youtube, there are dozens of tutorials on how to hone these skills before you use them to start your own handmade business.
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