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The Best Home Decor Business Names

Across every industry, it’s always important to have a good business name that not only lets people know what your company is all about but also gives off a good impression of your brand, encouraging folks to find out more about what you have to offer and pick your business over the competition.

In creative sectors like the world of home decor and interior design, this is even more important. It really pays off to have attractive, engaging home decor business names, so you need to be willing to work hard and come up with great home decor business name ideas to help your brand succeed.

At BizNameWiz, we specialize in helping people find the perfect names for their companies. No matter whether you’re setting up a Southwestern-style home decor business or an interior design firm specializing in Scandinavian decor, we can help you find the right home decor business name ideas.

You can use our home decor business name generator to make lots of amazing home decor business name ideas in an instant, and in the guide below, we’ll also look at other methods you can use to create your own home decor business names.

15 Trendy Home Decor Business Name Ideas 

Home design and decor specialists need to be ahead of the game when it comes to styles and trends, and customers will naturally be drawn to firms that sound trendy and cool. So, without further ado, let’s look at some trendy and on-point home decor business names for you to consider.

  • Get the Look   
  • Home Enhancers   
  • Next Level Decor   
  • RevitaHome   
  • Your Space   
  • The Perfect Home   
  • Cutting Edge Decor  
  • Top Shelf Decor  
  • Adore Decor    
  • Pinnacle Decor   
  • The Sweetest Home
  • Your Maison
  • Casa Complete 
  • Futureproof Homes   
  • Cocoon Decor

Tips for Creating Trendy Home Decor Business Name Ideas 

When it comes to creating trendy home decor business names, the key is to use key words and phrases that exude a sense of authority, style, and sophistication. Words like enhancement, upgrade, and next-level can express how your company is able to elevate people’s interiors to new levels of beauty. Meanwhile, words like cocoon and nest can be playful and modern alternatives to house and home. You can even experiment with words from other languages to give your company an exotic and alluring vibe. Type some of these words into our home decor business name generator for more ideas.

15 Traditional Home Decor Business Names

Home decor business names don’t necessarily need to be ultra-modern and fancy-sounding. Sometimes, taking a more traditional approach can pay dividends and may help your company attract the right people to help it grow. Here are some traditional home decor business ideas you can use as inspiration.

  • Home Sweet Home    
  • Cozy Home Decor    
  • The Beautiful House Co.   
  • Den Decor   
  • Daisy Chain Decor    
  • Sanctuary Decor   
  • Safe Place Design    
  • Calm & Cozy   
  • Rustic Looks   
  • Farmhouse Decor   
  • Countryside Living
  • English Garden Decor
  • Welcome Home  
  • Excellence in Interiors
  • Your Home, Your Style

Tips for Creating Traditional Home Decor Business Names

If you’re interested in giving your home decor business more of a traditional name or offering traditional and comfortable design services, it’s a smart idea to focus on traditional decor-related words for your home decor business names. Words like cozy, comfortable, and classic can work well, and it can also be wise to include evocative words that make people think about pleasant images, like gardens and fireplaces. Try typing some of these words into the home decor business generator for even more great results.

15 Southwestern Home Decor Business Name Ideas

How about if your firm specializes in a specific kind of interior design, like Southwestern decor? Well, in that case, you may want to highlight your love and passion for Southwestern style in your business name. Here are some fun Southwestern-themed home decor business name ideas.

  • Southwestern Style  
  • Leather & Suede  
  • The Southwest Specialists  
  • Down South   
  • Heading Southwest  
  • The Spanish Look    
  • Terracotta Cactus   
  • Sandy Styles   
  • Desert Decor  
  • Shades of Sand   
  • Embracing Nature Decor    
  • Modern Southwest Design  
  • The Southwestern Touch
  • Rustic N Rugged
  • Warm Leather Design

Tips for Creating Southwestern Home Decor Business Name Ideas

If you’re interested in creating Southwestern-style home decor business names, the key is to hone in on Southwestern-related key words. Southwestern style is often associated with desert colors, Spanish vibes, and natural elements, so you can use words that are connected to these themes. You can apply the same basic principle when setting up other kinds of design firms, too. For example, if your business specializes in Scandi-style, you can use Scandinavian-related key words in your home decor business name ideas.

Some name ideas for you:

  • DĂ©cor To Adore
  • Your Own DĂ©cor
  • Visions Realized
  • Vision To Reality
  • Creative Homes
  • Dream Home
  • Dream DĂ©cor
  • Dedicated DĂ©cor
  • Delightful DĂ©cor
  • Serious Visions
  • Revamp Renew
  • Home Renewal
  • DĂ©cor And More
  • Front Door DĂ©cor
  • Desired DĂ©cor
  • Sold With Style
  • Home Unlimited
  • Avenue Design
  • Elegant Interior
  • Wood Groove
  • Home Mayer
  • First Impression
  • A World Away
  • The Treasure
  • Decor And Design
  • Dressed To Sell
  • Interiors By Smith
  • Model By Design
  • Selling Edge
  • Woody Dots
  • House Appeal
  • Fresh Interiors
  • Home Comforts
  • Inside Styles
  • DecoratIn’
  • Flashy Furniture
  • Well Walled
  • Every Inch
  • Want More DĂ©cor
  • Dependable DĂ©cor
  • DĂ©cor Delivered
  • DĂ©cor Delivery
  • Tinyshades
  • Wise Wood
  • Home Harmony

The Best Real-World Home Decor Business Names

best real-world home decor business names

As well as using the home decor business name generator and following the tips and tricks above, you may also want to look at some real-world home decor business names to help in creating your own company name. By looking at real business names and learning the stories behind them, you may find a spark of inspiration that could help you come up with the perfect name for your firm.

Interior Architects

How Interior Architects Got Its Name
Interior Architects is one of the most talked-about residential and commercial decor firms in the world. The idea for this name is based on the team’s approach to reshaping and reimagining interior spaces, almost like how an architect designs a building.

Why Interior Architects Is A Great Home Decor Business Name
Interior Architects is a pleasant-sounding and highly memorable name. It’s also a powerful one. As soon as you hear this name, you can start to get a feel for the passion and determination of the people who work there.

Urbanology Designs

How Urbanology Designs Got Its Name
Urbanology Designs is another successful home decor and design firm that specializes in adding energy, light, and life to homes and buildings in urban spaces.

Why Urbanology Designs Is A Great Home Decor Business Name
The name Urbanology Designs almost has a scientific air to it. It gives off the impression that the people running this business take a smart, analytical, formulaic approach to designs, studying the art of “Urbanology” and transforming interior spaces in exciting ways. It’s a name that evokes mystery and authority at the same time, both modern and timeless.

Aero Studios 

How Aero Studios Got Its Name
Aero Studios is a home decor firm launched by interior designer Thomas O’Brien. It focuses on modern style, and the name was chosen to reflect the firm’s love of open and airy spaces.

Why Aero Studios Is A Great Home Decor Business Name
Aero Studios is quite a simple home decor business name, but it makes use of a very powerful and evocative word: Aero. This word immediately makes us think of air, open environments, cool breezes, and space. Anyone who loves modern design and wants to feel like they can breathe more easily in their own home will be drawn to this brand.

Most Successful Home Decor Business Names


How &ThenTheyWentWild Got Its Name
&ThenTheyWentWild is the name of a London-based decor firm that specializes in creating warm, vibrant, and playful interior environments. The name is a light-hearted expression of the firm’s approach to decor and design.

Why &ThenTheyWentWild Is A Great Home Decor Business Name
&ThenTheyWentWild is one of the most original and interesting names of any home decor business in the world. It’s funny and engaging straight away, and it’s also presented in a really unique way, too, with the & symbol being used and the words all bunched up together. All of this helps to make the name totally unique and highly memorable.


How iCrave Got Its Name
iCrave is a leading decor and design firm which works with a wide range of decor experts, designers, and architects on its projects. The name was chosen to reflect how the company aims to provide whatever its customers crave.

Why iCrave Is A Great Home Decor Business Name
iCrave works nicely as a home decor business name since it’s very short and simple, making it easy to remember. It also cleverly blends the letter “i” with another word, which is a naming technique that many companies have used to great effect over the years.

Alisa Bloom

How Alisa Bloom Got Its Name
Alisa Bloom is a decor and design firm named after its founder, Alisa Bloom, who travels the world to find new ideas and inspiration for her decor projects.

Why Alisa Bloom Is A Great Home Decor Business Name
Alisa Bloom proves that sometimes, naming your business after yourself can be an effective method. This is especially true if you have a poetic, intriguing, exotic, or beautiful name, like Bloom.

Tips for Creating Your Own Home Decor Business Name

Stay on Theme   

Often, home decor and design businesses focus on a certain style of design or have certain areas of expertise. You might be really good at creating rustic themed designs, for example, or you may specialize in Parisian themed decor. Either way, if you have a specific theme for your business, make sure to highlight this in your name. This way, anyone looking for the kind of decor you provide will immediately be drawn to your business, just from hearing the name.

Consider Rhyming or Similar-Sounding Words  

Have you ever noticed how so many business names, including home decor business names, include words that rhyme or sound similar to one another? Well, it’s not a coincidence. A lot of business owners specifically choose rhyming or similar-sounding words in order to make their company names more memorable. You can do the same by picking one word you really want to use and then finding powerful adjectives or other words to associate with it.

Try to Combine Beauty and Honesty

Ideally, your home decor business name should serve two main purposes: firstly, it should inform people about what your business does, and secondly, it should give off a good impression of your company and encourage people to get in touch with you or buy your products and services. This is why, when naming your business, you should try to choose words that are able to convey information and accurately describe the business, while also sounding pleasant when spoken out loud.

Check the Availability

Once you’ve found a name that sounds great and matches your home decor company’s vibe and values, you’ll need to check that the name you want to use is actually available. Often, business owners think that they’ve found the perfect name, but later discover that another has already claimed it. Do some research online using search engines and social media platforms to see if your business name is free to claim before you make it official.

Use the BizNameWiz Home Decor Business Name Generator

If you need any help in creating home decor business name ideas, the home decor business name generator from BizNameWiz can help. Our home decor business name generator is a simple and 100% free tool that anyone can use to create hundreds of awesome business ideas for home decor and design firms in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is type one or several words into the box provided and click on the Generate button.


Hopefully, this guide has given you some great ideas and inspiration to help out with naming your home decor business, as well as showing you some useful methods and techniques that can make the naming process quick and easy. Remember to use the home decor business name generator if you need any extra help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many methods and tips you can use to name a home decor business. It's a good idea to try and choose a name that is honest, informative, and attractive, so try to use words that are relevant to your company's services, while also picking a name that is pleasant to say and hear.

Some good home decor and design names from the real world include Alisa Bloom, &ThenTheyWentWild, and Interior Architects.

Absolutely, our business name generator is always free to use and it's super simple too, ready to provide you with hundreds of great name ideas at the click of a button.
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