Ice Cream Brand & Company Name Ideas

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Best Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

Are you eager to create a fun name for your ice cream business? Well, you have stumbled upon a guide that will help you on your naming journey. Naming a business can be challenging, but with the right tools and motivation, you can create a name that stands out to customers.

We will show you how to use the ice cream business name generator when creating your own business name. Remember to keep this website open if you want to follow our guide. This process requires lots of planning and creative thinking, so if you feel ready to start the naming process, just keep reading! 

One-Word Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

One-word business names are catchy and easily memorable. You can use a single word to describe your ice cream business or highlight your unique selling point. For example, you might use ‘Cheap Lollies’ to represent your cost-effective ice cream. Just think of root words associated with ice cream. I used the words ‘sweet’, ‘cone’, ‘treat’ and ‘scoop’ and typed those into the ice cream business name generator. Then I chose the best names!

  • Scoopsy
  • SweetoryX
  • ConeHut
  • Treatology
  • Scoopnetic
  • Sweetable
  • Conezilla
  • TreatMe!
  • ScoopOcity
  • SweetGenix
  • Coneish
  • TreateX
  •  ScoopDoo
  • Sweetbeans
  • Coneaholic

Tips For Creating One-Word Ice Cream Business Names

Remember to select the ‘one word’ option in the filtered list. This should give you one-word names that use your root words. Consider choosing ‘cafe’, ‘dessert’ and ‘food’ from the industry list as well if you want more accurate results. 

Combining words can also prove effective if you want that extra bit of detail. For example, I combined ‘Treat’ and ‘Me’ so that it resonates more with customers. The added exclamation mark also draws attention to the business name.

Rhyming Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

Rhyming names are excellent for memorability and retaining customers’ attention. You could use half-rhymes, alliteration and full rhymes to create pleasant sounds and words. For example, ‘Cone Zones’ is a full rhyme that incorporates root words. Just search up rhyming words you could add to your business name. I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the ice cream business name generator! Below you will find some results.

  • Scoop Boop
  • Sweet Week
  • Treat Themes
  • Cone Throne
  • Repeat Treat
  • Scoop Troops       
  • Creamy Cones
  • Sweet Story
  • Cone Connection
  • Scoop Surge
  • Sweet Secrets
  • Scoop Summit
  • Crispy Cones
  • Treat Time?
  • Sweet Sprinkles

Tips For Creating Rhyming Ice Cream Business Names

Select the ‘rhyming’ option from the filtered list and choose suitable genres in the industry section. This should give you fun and intriguing rhyming names that will attract customers to your business. You can also experiment with punctuation to strengthen your ice cream business name. For example, ‘Treat Time?’ uses a question mark that almost speaks directly to the customer. Exclamation marks and capital letters are also effective for strengthening your name.

Fun Ice Cream Business Name Ideas

Names that are fun often resonate with customers who seek excitement when purchasing goods. Fun names could include unusual words or language that isn’t often used in business names. For example, ‘Popping Candy Cones’ is a fun name that tells customers exactly what to expect, but also highlights the uniqueness of the ice cream cones. I searched for fun words online and combined those with the root words we’ve been using! 

  • Bubble Ice Factory  
  • Just Scoops Bro
  • Treat Street!
  • Wacky Cones
  • Sweet Sweet Scoops
  • Scooper Dooper Cool
  • Sweet Little Sprinkles 
  • Icy Dreams  
  • More Scoops!    
  • Cone Zones   
  • Sundae Treats
  • Delicious Delights
  • Sweet Sugar Pops
  • Planet Cones
  • Ice Support You

Tips For Creating Fun Ice Cream Business Names

Fun names should have interesting words that capture attention from customers. You can search for interesting ice cream puns that could make fun business names. For example, ‘Scooper Dooper Cool’ plays on the typical saying of ‘Super Duper Cool’. This rhyming name will also resonate with younger audiences who enjoy pleasant words and phrases. Just make sure to type the fun language and root words into the ice cream business name generator!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Three Cheers!
  • Ice Cream Dreams
  • Scooped Delight
  • Dairy Delight
  • Dairy Dreams
  • Cow’S Creation
  • Thankful Cow
  • Frozen Treats
  • Milk And Cookies
  • Frozen Feast
  • Creative Cow
  • Scream For Cream!
  • Icy Indulgence
  • Giant Scoops
  • Serious Scoops
  • Ace Creamery
  • Pink Fundae
  • Dairy Quakes
  • Dreams Cones
  • Spoon Scoops
  • Cones ‘N Creams
  • Blues Conery
  • Creamery Drips
  • Dairy Delights
  • Ice Munchies
  • Bowls Of Bliss
  • Ice Cubes
  • Creambergs
  • Ice Creamers
  • Coldbergs
  • The Creative Cone
  • The Custom Cone
  • The Stacked Cone
  • The Dripping Cone
  • Cone Or Cup
  • Country Ice Cream
  • The Ice Creamist
  • The Ice Creamery
  • Scoopilicious
  • Ice Cream Mania
  • Envy Ice Cream
  • Ice Cream Angels
  • Ice Cream Heaven
  • Creamy Cravings
  • Ice Cream Corner

Best Real-World Ice Cream Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works

Best Real-World Ice Cream Business Names

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

How Rain or Shine Ice Cream Got Its Name
Blair Casey co-founded Rain or Shine Ice Cream in 2014 to create delicious homemade ice cream for his neighborhood. They aim to “spread happiness and smiles” among people who love ice cream. This company strives to create amazing and unique flavors.

Why Rain Or Shine Ice Cream Is A Catchy Business Name
This name stems from the phrase ‘rain or shine’ when someone continues to do something no matter the weather. Ice cream is often enjoyed in warmer seasons, but this business wants to create ice all year around. ‘Rain or Shine’ encourages customers to try the products on gloomier days or during seasons that aren’t warm and sunny.

Udderlicious Ice Cream

How Udderlicious Ice Cream Got Its Name
A married couple opened this business in 2013 to create homemade ice cream using high-quality ingredients. Their ice cream is “frozen with love and care” and stored in safe controlled environments. Customers can also decide what flavors they want next.

Why Udderlicious Ice Cream Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘udder’ will remind people of cows and how the milk in ice cream was produced. Combining ‘udder’ with ‘delicious’ also creates a unique name that sounds humorous and fun to customers. Fun names engage customers and encourage them to try the services.

Loop & Scoop

How Loop & Scoop Got Its Name
Calvin Kayes founded Loop & Scoop to create both ice cream and churros. They mentioned that the love of ice cream and coffee inspired them to create something different. This company has homemade ice cream and vegan options for customers to enjoy.

Why Loop & Scoop Is A Catchy Business Name
This rhyming name is easily memorable for customers who want to visit the parlor again. The word ‘loop’ represents the curved churros in the ice cream. ‘Scoop’ is a root word for ice cream that tells customers exactly what this business serves.

Most Successful Ice Cream Businesses

Magnum Ice Cream

How Magnum Ice Cream Got Its Name
Magnum, a Belgian brand, first launched the classic ice cream in 1989. They released several more flavors in 1992 that are still popular to this day. Magnum are known for their “chocolate coating” and “signature crack” when people first break the chocolate with their teeth.

Why Magnum Ice Cream Is A Catchy Business Name
The word ‘magnum’ can mean ‘big and great’ in latin terms. This might present Magnum in a positive light when referring to their great ice cream. Customers will easily remember a one-word business name that has become very popular over the last 30 years.

Ben & Jerry’s

How Ben & Jerry’s Got Its Name
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield first opened their ice cream shop in 1978 using a $12,000 investment. Ever since then, customers have loved the ice cream products and regularly visit grocery stores to buy the tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, which has plenty of flavors.

Why Ben & Jerry’s Is A Catchy Business Name
Ben and Jerry both used their first names to create this ice cream business. This personal name may resonate with customers who have tried their products for years. Family or friends can continue the legacy and create new outstanding flavors for people to try.

Blue Bunny

How Blue Bunny Got Its Name
Blue Bunny was born when the Wells Brothers held a ‘name that brand’ open contest. A city man submitted “Blue Bunny” with a cool logo for this brand. This is how Blue Bunny got its name and grew the business to become a popular ice cream brand.

Why Blue Bunny Is A Catchy Business Name
Blue Bunny doesn’t relate to ice cream directly, but it still resonates with customers to this day. The city man created a bunny character ‘Blu’ who represents the brand’s logo. This is how Blue Bunny is recognised for the delicious ice cream in its parlor.

Top 3 Tips For Naming Your Ice Cream Business

We know that creating a business name is challenging and time-consuming. This is especially true if you’re new to the naming process and don’t know how to start. Don’t worry, this section will guide you through it and help you find your inner creativity.

You can search through our list of top tips that give you guidance on how to start planning your business. Of course, everyone plans it differently, so it’s up to you how you document the process. Just keep on reading to find three tips that will help you name your ice cream business.

Don’t forget to use the ice cream business name generator if you get stuck!

Tip One: Find Your Inspiration 

Using the internet will help you find valuable resources that can boost your imagination. Just research successful ice cream brands and evaluate their history. Consider the following questions when you stumble across a cool-sounding ice cream business:

  • How did they get the name? 
  • What does the name represent?
  • Why did they create the business? 
  • Does this name sound effective?
  • Will you remember a name like that?
  • Does the name relate to ice cream?
  • What language does it contain?

After you’ve answered these questions, you can discover what ice cream business you feel most attracted to. Write the names down for future reference and study these names in more detail. If you like the way it sounds, you can incorporate that inspiration into your name. 

Tip Two: Discover Your Selling Point 

You should have a unique selling point that distinguishes your ice cream business from other competitors.. A selling point is an aspect of your business that attracts a specific target audience. For example, if you sell cheap ice cream, customers with minimal spending habits might try your services. You can also consider these following five questions:

  • What makes your business different? 
  • Why should customers buy your ice cream?
  • How would you showcase your differences?
  • What customers would try your services?
  • What are your competitors doing?

Make a note of your important business qualities, as this will help you create a relevant name. Let’s say you sell cheap ice cream, or provide great deals. You can choose root words associated with ‘cheap’ and ‘cost-effective’ products. Some of these words might be ‘low’, ‘deals’ and ‘bargain’. Simply type those words into the ice cream business name generator and choose the best names. Examples of these names are ‘Sweet Bargains’ and ‘Delicious Deals’. 

Tip Three: Choose Your Aesthetic

Your logo, font and theme are important for representing your business name. Would your name look effective in a curly font? Can you incorporate color into the name? Considering these aspects could help you create a suitable ice cream business name. For example, if your business is fun and quirky, you could choose a curly font in a bright color. This would grab the attention of customers who are looking for a cute, small business to invest their time in. 


Overall, creating a name that highlights your desire for making ice cream will attract customers to your services. You should make the name sound fun and intriguing, especially if you want to create unique ice cream. Make sure to use literary techniques (like cool rhyming sounds) when designing your name. This will strengthen your brand and selling point. The ice cream business name generator can help you find interesting names that are easily memorable!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to think of root words associated with ice cream and incorporate those into the business name. Some words might be ‘creamy’, ‘sweet’, ‘cold’ and ‘treat’. Simply type those words into the ice cream business name generator and choose your perfect name!

Using the root words ‘creamy’, ‘sweet’, ‘cold’ and ‘treat’ you can expect to find names related to your business. Some effective names are ‘Popping Cold’, ‘Creamy Munchies’, ‘Rainbow Treat’ and ‘Sugar Sweet’. You can find these names on the ice cream business name generator.

Loads of people love ice cream, especially during the summer. Creating a business that sells fun flavored ice cream will certainly attract customers. You can experiment with flavors and grow an audience that loves your cold sweet treats, no matter the season!
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