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The Best Immigration Business Names

Starting an immigration business is profitable and noble as you help provide life-changing opportunities to your clients. However, naming an immigration business is challenging. Enter BizNameWiz immigration business name generator, a free tool that generates thousands of names in seconds.  

BizNameWiz is here to assist you in coming up with an immigration business name that will make you stand out from the competition. If you are interested in creating immigration business names, this guide can help you achieve that goal. 

15 Awesome Immigration Business Name Ideas For Your Immigration Consultancy

Naming an immigration business can be challenging since you are appealing to a smaller percentage of the population. Hence, you need to craft a business name that is professional and catchy enough to catch the attention of your potential clients. Furthermore, the business name must also mention the service you are offering. 

Here are some on-point immigration business name ideas for you to consider:

  • ABC Immigrant Visa Center
  • XYZ Migrations & Education Consultants
  • Insta Entry Immigration
  • Canadian Immigration Consultancy
  • British Visa Consultants
  • Zoom Consulting Inc. 
  • Elvis Immigration and Travel
  • Southeast Asian Relocation
  • EASY Immigration and Paralegal Services
  • Immigration Network Services
  • Primo Immigration and Business Consulting LLC
  • Europe Immigration Assistance
  • Greener Pastures Immigration Consultancy
  • Flight of Migrants
  • Natural Migration

Things To Consider When Creating Immigration Business Name Ideas For Immigration Consultancy

Since you are in consulting, it’s necessary to establish your expertise and experience in the business name. Choosing a name that sounds professional and explains the type of service you provide is one of the better starting points. 

15 Relatable Immigration Business Names For Immigration Services

Immigration consultation firms are in the business of helping people find new life in another country. Often, it requires months of hard work before clients get their applications approved by a nation’s immigration bureau. Thus, naming your immigration business with elements of care and apathy can take your company far. 

The following are some of the immigration business names that can strike the interest of your customers:

  • M & J Solutions Provider
  • Exodus Documentation Services
  • FTC International Consulting Company
  • Rose Consultancy and General Services
  • Value Asia Japan Inc. 
  • Solar Star Global Corp. 
  • Visa & Fintax Consulting Corporation
  • DBS Immigration Management
  • Dencom Manpower and Consultancy Services
  • Quick Visa Consultancy
  • The Journey Immigration Solutions
  • Delta System Consultancy Japan
  • Mach Documentation and Facilitation Services
  • Vertex Consulting Group 
  • Visa Consultancy and Immigration Services

Tips for Creating Immigration Business Name Ideas For Immigration Services

While it’s acceptable to use real people’s names to name your immigration business, it provides little value. Instead, use the company or firm behind it to ensure your customers have a team of professionals who will push their interests. 

15 Effective Immigration Business Name Ideas For Immigration Firms

When making a list of possible immigration business names, you can do a simple competitor analysis to see what works and what does not. Look at the terms of the most successful immigration consultants in your country and determine why they are household names. 

The business names below are a few examples where you can draw inspiration from:

  • New Land Immigration Center
  • Discover Britain Immigration Services
  • Better Opportunities Australia
  • The New Zealand Connection
  • Canadian Immigration Partners 
  • Across Borders Immigration Consultation 
  • Across the Seas Immigration Center
  • New Settlement Immigration 
  • Solace for Migrants
  • Transcontinental Movers
  • Start Again Immigration Consultants
  • Move to Greener Lands Inc. 
  • Hitch Hike
  • Viva Visa
  • Safe Passage Migrants Firm

Tips For Producing Great Immigration Name Ideas for Immigration Firms

Many immigrants nowadays are not the exact demographics you would have two decades ago. Since many young professionals are also migrating for better careers elsewhere, connecting with them is essential. As such, you may want to use terms and slang familiar to them. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Immigration Station
  • Intended Immigration
  • Inside Immigration
  • Easy Entry
  • Intended Entry
  • Incoming Entry
  • Jubilee Immigration Centre
  • Immigration Ethics
  • Overseas Journey
  • Overseas Immigration
  • Overseas Operations
  • Overseas Arrangement
  • Immigration Files
  • Immigration Intention
  • Intended Immigration
  • The Immigration Monitor
  • The Immigration Prospector
  • Alien Consult
  • Overseas Entry
  • Inside Insight
  • Going Global
  • The Enterprising Immigrant
  • Import Immigration
  • Insider Immigration
  • The New Migration Project
  • Heartland Settlement Centre
  • Kinfolk Immigrant Resources
  • Immigration Nation
  • The New Tribe Immigration Centre
  • Intro To Immigration
  • Overseas Opportunities
  • Widening Opportunities
  • Global Access
  • Overseas Access
  • New Adventures
  • Growing Globe
  • Global Opportunities
  • Immigration Insight
  • Wider Options
  • Cross Cultural Partners
  • Worldwide Opportunities
  • Global Opportunities
  • Worldwide Support
  • Immigration Innovation
  • Immigration Expectations

Best Real-World Immigration Business Names

Best Real-World Immigration Business Names


How Migronis Got Its Name
Migronis is an Immigration and Documentation Firm that focuses on helping clients get residency and citizenship through investment. They operate in five countries and have been recognized worldwide for their excellent service. Migronis is a word-play to migrants and a Ukrainian word that loosely means “freedom.”

Why Migronis Is A Great Immigration Business Name
The word is quite cleverly put together. It projects one of the main motivations of many migrants in going abroad and settling in a foreign land. Furthermore, since part of it is in the local dialect, it helps clients associate themselves with what the firm has to offer and the values they share.


How Greenbroad Got Its Name
This newly founded company offers support packages to immigrants who want to get a Green Card. They help petition a relative and a resident’s partner who lives abroad. The goal is to give immigrants their well-deserved citizenship eventually. GreenBroad is a mashup of “green card” and “abroad.”

Why Greenbroad Is A Great Immigration Business Name
Greenbroad uses two standard terms that most immigrants probably have heard before their decision to migrate. As such, their clients already know what services they offer and the value proposition they can get. Overall, the name is quite relatable, especially since it’s the goal their clients try to achieve.


How LegalPad Got Its Name
Legal Pad is a startup company that supports work visas using innovative programs and human support. This firm automates some application processes to save both time and money for the client. Its name comes from “legal,” which denotes making the procedure legal and “pad” since they deal primarily with paperwork.

Most Successful Immigration Business Names

most successful immigration business names


How Boundless Got Its Name
This immigration consulting firm boasts a relatively high success rate of helping its clients move to the U.S. They offer ten immigration products and have helped thousands of customers. Boundless got its name from the concept that its services know no bounds and are readily available to almost everyone.

Why Boundless Is A Great Immigration Business Name
Boundless is a term that is short and simple. It also reflects the plight of migrants in their search for better opportunities. You can associate a lot of things into this word alone, making it sound profound and at the same time relatable. It also is synonymous with freedom, which is a universal yearning.

Citizen Path

How CitizenPath Got Its Name
This immigration consultation firm has a website and app that clients access to monitor their applications. They also employ self-directed software to fast-track the paperwork and other procedures. Since they deal with citizenship, they include that service in their name. Meanwhile, “path” is a clever word to add next to it since it’s short but meaningful.

Why CitizenPath Is A Great Immigration Business Name
Using common words familiar with your target market helps get their trust. Moreover, it helps them manage their expectations and quality whether you are the right company to assist them on their migration issues. CitizenPath works because it directly presents itself just by its name alone.


How SimpleCitizen Got Its Name
This firm helps immigrants get their green cards by shouldering some of the complex processes required by the law. Customers are required to open an account on their platform and upload several documents. But once it’s through, the company does its best to speed up the whole process. The company’s name was inspired by a senior citizen but replaced the first word with simple.

Why SimpleCitizen Is A Great Immigration Business Name
SimpleCitizen works because it holds one of the values held by most immigrants, which is to live a simple, yet fulfilling life. In short, the owners took the no-frills approach to name their business. You rarely need a complex business name since it ends up confusing your customers instead.

Tips For Creating Your Immigration Business Names 

Use Words That Describe Your Service

Immigration businesses provide advice and legal help to immigrants. It entails a lot of work, from communicating with authorities and briefing clients. Hence, try to incorporate words that describe your services, such as “consulting” and “support,” into your business name. You may also add your company’s business structure, such as if it’s incorporated, you may add Inc. at the end. 

People often mistake travel agencies for immigration firms and vice versa, so you need to incorporate unique terms into your business name. Doing so will help people to distinguish one over the other. Hence, you may need to add the word “immigration” and “naturalization.”

Define Your Niche And Integrate It Into The Name 

If you specialize in visa applications and other immigration procedures, you can also add those words to your business name. Immigrants often have different goals for why they want to move to another country. Some want to find permanent employment, others to study, and some want to settle with their partners. 

Hence, you can use words like “solicitors” if you tend to serve immigrants who need employment in another country. Meanwhile, if you plan to target entrepreneurs, you might want to add business immigration into your firm’s name. 

Utilize Words That Evoke Feelings

Migrating to another country is a bitter-sweet experience for many immigrants. Hence, you can capitalize on these emotions by using words that reflect their expectations. For example, the terms “new beginnings” can capture all of their hopes when they finally integrate into their country of choice. If you feel that their migration is more about career development, use words like “professional.”

Meanwhile, some migrants might associate moving to another country with words like “adventure” or “dreams.” In short, you can generate a name they can trust to take them to their ideal place to spend most of their lives. 

Employ Words That Depicts Movement

Another common naming practice by many immigration businesses is to use words that depict motion. Commonly used terms include “go to” and “move to.” These words are easier to understand, especially for clients whose first language isn’t English. 

You can also use “borders” and “overseas” to further emphasize that the service you are offering is related to immigration. Preferably, use shorter words with fewer syllables since they are easy to remember. Other words you may use for the same purpose are “relocation” or “shift.”  

Don’t Forget to Add Country Destination

While some immigration businesses offer consultations on various destinations, yours might deal with just one. If this is the case, adding the country can filter out your target clients from the rest of the population. Meanwhile, if you deal with multiple countries, you can put in general terms like “abroad” or “transcontinental.”  

Moreover, this can save time for people looking for your service. After all, a migrant’s destination is one search term they type into search engines like Google. You may also use the country’s abbreviation if you need the business name to be brief. For example, use the U.S. abbreviation for the United States. 


Choosing a name for your immigration company may be difficult, especially if you want something distinctive that people will remember. Everything is a lot easier if you are creative and have individuals who can assist you in coming up with the appropriate name. If your choice of immigration business names is still insufficient, you can always utilize the free BizNameWiz Name Generator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While choosing a business name is totally up to the proprietors, it pays to stick to tried and true formulae. We've already spoken about how to come up with name ideas for your immigration business. You might ask your family and friends for recommendations if you're still looking for additional names.

Before you go to the local government to register your firm, be sure there aren't any other enterprises with the same name. If the business name you desire is already taken and you can't register it, doing so will save you a lot of inconvenience. It also avoids the likelihood that your potential consumers would confuse you with another company with a similar name.

BizNameWiz is an entirely free name generator tool. You do not have to pay anything to utilize it. Simply fill in the terms you believe are relevant to your immigration company, click Generate, and the software will do the rest.
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