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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Convincing Law Firm Name

If you’re working in law, your reputation is everything. You want to make a name for yourself and your firm, gain the respect of the industry, while helping your clients effectively and ethically. Working hard and making decisions with integrity is key to building trust with your clients, but so is your law firm name.

If you’re struggling to come up with law firm name ideas, use the BizNameWiz Law Firm Name Generator. Simply enter the words that come to your mind about your firm and browse amongst thousands of law firm name ideas listed for you.

In this practical guide, we’ve also gathered the best tips on coming up with some great law firm ideas yourself. Read on to learn the secret behind successful names for law firms, how the most known law firms got their names, and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about good law firm name ideas.

The Best Names For Law Firms

You’ve probably noticed that most names for law firms are a variation of the names of their partners — though it’s not the only option for you. Whether you’d like to find the right abbreviation of your own name or you’d rather take a different approach, these law firm name ideas will get you started.

15 Law Firm Names From Last Names

If you look up the most commonly known law firms in the world, you’ll see that almost all of them carry the last name of the partners who work there or founded them. The American Bar Association used to actually require law firms to be named after people but today, it’s simply a way to honor a longstanding tradition.

It might seem straightforward to simply decide whose last name comes first between you and your partners and then match them together, but that might leave you with a very long firm name. Some last names are also hard to spell and remember so they need simplification. There’s a new trend emerging amongst large law firms to use only one name instead of a long chain of surnames. Here are some options you can consider for naming your law firm after you or your partners.

Law Firms That Use A Single Name

  • Peters Law Associates
  • R. J. Firth Law
  • Longhills Group
  • Pearson Law
  • Edmond LLC

Names Of Law Firms From A Merger

  • Smith-Parkers
  • James & Elliot
  • Howard White Associates
  • Clifford Hogan Dale
  • Schummer-Collins Law Group

Family Law Firm Names

  • The Colin Brothers
  • Anders Family Law Group
  • Riverdale & Riverdale Jr.
  • Morgan & Morgan
  • Riverdale & Son Law Associates

Tips For Creating Law Firm Names From Surnames

The most important thing to remember when using last names in your law firm name is not to overcomplicate it. Firms that build on several decades of tradition have good reason to keep their names, no matter how long it is. However, if you’re starting a law firm today and you haven’t yet built a reputation for yourself, it might be easier to break into the industry with a shorter variation of your or your partner’s surname.

 Create Law Firm Names From Surnames!

15 Names For Law Firms Based On Specialty

Using your surname is not the only way to name your law firm. Another great approach is to include the location or practice area in your name. This naming strategy will help position your firm as an expert in the area. It will also catch the attention of people who are specifically looking for lawyers near them or someone knowledgeable in the issues they’re facing.

Names For Law Firms Inspired By Location

  • North State Group
  • LA Law
  • Washington Law
  • East Coast Lawyers
  • Alabama Law
  • London Law Group
  • South-East Asia Law Group

Law Firm Names By Practice Area

  • Will & Trusts Group
  • ImmiLaw
  • MediLaw
  • Tax Experts
  • The Litigation Group
  • Watergate Divorce Law
  • Davis Family Law
  • Smith Solicitors Group

Tips For Creating Law Firm Names About Your Specialty

If you want to display your specialty with your law firm name, make sure you indicate your expertise clearly. It’s best not to use humor around sensitive areas like divorce or criminal law, just keep it straightforward and professional.

Keep in mind that you might want to expand your law firm in the future to a wider location or to multiple areas. Use a name that’s not too restricting, unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll be sticking to the area you’ve named yourself after.

15 Law Firm Names That Convey Professionalism

The most important values of a law firm are credibility, integrity, and expertise. If you want your law firm to convey these values with its name, you can pick a symbolic name, use common Latin expressions from the law, or one that speaks about your unique selling proposition or customer benefit.

Law Firm Name Ideas Driven By Customer Benefit

  • Progression Law
  • Triumph LLC
  • Winning Streak Law Group
  • Fairman LLC
  • Silver Lining LLC

Symbolic Law Firm Name Ideas

  • Athena Law
  • Themis Group
  • Justicia Law Group
  • Four Virtues LLC
  • Dussehra Law Group

Latin Law Firm Name Ideas

  • Ad Infinitum
  • Bona Fide Group
  • De Jure LLC
  • De Novo Group
  • Nota Bene Law

Tips For Listing Law Firm Name Ideas That Convey Professionalism

Modern law firm names tend to use more imaginative names, breaking away from the old tradition of listing surnames. If you opt for this strategy, pick a name that’s associated with justice, fairness, winning a case, as well as being reliable and knowledgeable. Latin expressions taken from the law can work well so long as they aren’t too hard to remember.

Use more imaginative names!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Above The Bar
  • Justice Served
  • Just Justice
  • Attorney Alliance
  • Legal Legends
  • Law For All
  • Before The Law
  • Argue Action
  • Make The Case
  • Case Race
  • Prosecutors
  • Counsel Council
  • Founding Firm
  • Firm Foundation
  • Justice Judges
  • Ez Law
  • Accurate Law
  • Easy Legal
  • Legal Assistance
  • Correct Contracts
  • Legal Lions
  • Prolegal Services
  • Ace Legal
  • Legal Extra
  • Legal Advantage
  • The Legal Source
  • True Law
  • Fast Defense
  • True Defense
  • Legalities Inc
  • Evans Murray
  • Rivers Shaw
  • Presley Whitman
  • Bennet Dickson
  • Watkins Ross
  • Lee Stark
  • Johnson Argent
  • Wilson Markle
  • White And Jones
  • Adams And King
  • Nelson And Taylor
  • Murphy Rivera
  • Coast Maritime
  • Dice Attorneys
  • Gusto Firms

The Best Real-World Law Firm Names

Best Real-World Law Firm Names

The Virtual Attorney

How The Virtual Attorney Got Its Name
The Virtual Attorney is an innovative law firm that provides estate planning and business law services in the cloud. It’s founded by Michael Brennan who left corporate law to start his own solo firm and adapt to modern-day trends where everything is done remotely, online.

Why The Virtual Attorney Is A Great Law Firm Name
Michael tapped into an emerging trend that traditional law firms couldn’t cater to. His firm name is distinct and it has a clear positioning by highlighting its number one customer benefit: getting your legal matters done virtually from the convenience of your home.


How Winstead Got Its Name
The law firm Winstead was originally known as Winstead Sechrest & Minick, named after the partners working in the firm. Jumping on the new trend amongst law firms, Winstead has decided to simplify its name and go by simply the first part of its previous version. Texas rules require law firms to contain the names only of current law partners, so when William B. Sechrest left the firm, it was the perfect time for Winstead to do so.

Why Winstead Is A Great Law Firm Name
Winstead is named after a surname that’s not too complicated and has positive associations in the context of law (starting with the word ‘win’). Though simplifying the name of the firm might not bode well for other partners involved trying to make a name for themselves, it certainly makes it easier for clients to remember.


How Alithis Got Its Name
Alithis is a Swiss law firm specializing in trusts and non-profit matters. The name of the firm is derived from the Greek name Alithia that means verity or truth.

Why Alithis Is A Great Law Firm Name
The name Alithis is an extremely simple name that has a beautiful sounding, yet it perfectly fits a professional company. Naming the firm after an ancient Greek term brings in an element of tradition into the naming process and the meaning “truth” establishes Alithis as an ethical, noble firm.

How The Most Successful Law Firms Got Their Names

Most Successful Law Firms Got Their Names

Ever wondered why some of the most successful law firms in the world carry the names they are known for? Let’s take a close look at the naming strategies they followed and find out.

Kirkland & Ellis LLP

How Kirkland & Ellis Got Its Name
Kirkland & Ellis LLP is an American law firm founded in 1909 in Chicago. They employ over 2000 lawyers and they are now the largest law firm in the world by revenue. Kirkland & Ellis LLP is named after Weymouth Kirkland and his associate Howard Ellis who joined the firm in 1915.

Why Kirkland & Ellis Is A Great Law Firm Name
The name of your law firm might change several times throughout its history. The people it’s named after aren’t necessarily its founders or the people who are its current partners, but the ones who have built the most notable legacy. If you’d like to keep the tradition of using surnames (and you happen to have one that’s not too complicated), you can name your firm after yourself and let the future decide whether it stays that way or whether your successors take over.

King & Wood Mallesons

How King & Wood Mallesons Got Its Name
Established in 1993 in China, King & Wood Mallesons was born out of the vision that the world needed a top-tier international law firm headquartered in Asia. In Chinese culture, wood symbolizes strength and flexibility as well as generosity and cooperation. China also has a longstanding tradition of monarchy reaching back to 259 BC. The name Mallesons was added after the merger with one of Australia’s oldest and most respected firms, Mallesons Stephen Jaques.

Why King & Wood Mallesons Is A Great Law Firm Name
The name King & Wood is simple yet powerful. It carries ancient symbolism with associations of generosity, power, and cooperation. These values are important for the reputation of a law firm and it seemed to have worked out for the billion-dollar firm.


How Axiom Got Its Name
Axiom is one of the top law firms in the world with over 5,800 lawyers across the world. They enable corporate legal departments to drive efficiency and growth and to adapt to modern-day legal needs. The word Axiom means a statement that’s regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.

Why Axiom Is A Great Law Firm Name
A lawyer’s job is largely about having their truth accepted over another. Therefore working under the name Axiom gives them and their clients confidence that they have the winning statement. The firm’s tagline “law redefined” complements this more rigid concept with creativity and innovation. Adding a short tagline to your firm name is a great way to introduce added meaning to your firm without making your brand name too complicated.

5 Tips For Creating Your Own Law Firm Name

Avoid Anything Misleading

The number one virtue of law firms is credibility. To earn and maintain the trust of your clients, you need to make sure your brand name mirrors what you stand for more than in any other industry. Avoid any sort of hyperbole like calling your firm the best or greatest, and only name yourself after a location, person, or practice area if that actually represents your firm. Reputation in the world of law is hard to earn and easy to lose so only make promises that you can keep.

The number one virtue of law firms is credibility!

Professionalism Over Humor

While a little humor can work wonders in most industries, the law isn’t one of them. You wouldn’t joke around in the courtroom or on a contract, right? So forget funny and rather aim for a name that conveys professionalism and competitive expertise.

Think Twice Before You Commit

Using your surname as your law firm’s name is the most straightforward naming strategy. But don’t forget that adding your name to your firm is a life-long commitment. When your name is your brand, people will associate everything your firm and its employees do with you — and your entire family, potentially for generations to come. It can be a beautiful way to leave a legacy in the world (or to leverage your existing reputation) but don’t take this commitment lightly.

Research Your Name First

Run some research and you might get surprised about what’s associated with your potential business name. If you have a common name, there might be potentially multiple law firms or other types of companies that carry it. Symbols or common Latin expressions might also carry a double meaning that’s worth checking before you put your future success upon them.

Use The Law Firm Name Generator

Don’t get stuck in your ideation process! Use our free BizNameWiz Law Firm Name Generator and get inspired by thousands of names for law firms. Make a list of everything that describes or differentiates your law firm from your competitors, and enter those expressions in the generator. Shortlist your favorites and choose a variation that speaks to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Use the free BizNameWiz Law Firm Name Generator to find thousands of ideas for your new law firm! Enter the words you associate with your practice into the generator, and shortlist your favorite law firm name ideas. Pick the one from your list that’s easy to remember and that conveys professionalism.

Most law firms are not corporations but partnerships. Law firms that carry multiple last names are usually named after the partners joining forces in a merger. The American Bar Association used to require law firms to be named after people, which is still a longstanding tradition, but no longer a requirement for law firms. Nowadays, many modern law firms carry more imaginative names.

Small law firms have the advantage of being able to specialize in a specific location or practice area. If you don’t have a big name to leverage as a small law firm, you can always opt for a more symbolic name that conveys professionalism.

Yes, the BizNameWiz Law Firm Name Generator is completely free to use. Just enter what comes to mind about your new law firm into the search bar and start generating ideas right away!
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