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Best Networking Event Business Name Ideas

Business networking is important for companies to build professional relationships with others in the same industry. A networking event is a great way for gathering people together and encouraging them to make connections. These events are very important for the business world today, as they allow professionals to share their ideas and learn about new opportunities. This is why you need to create a strong, memorable name that attracts business experts to your event.

Don’t worry about the naming process – this guide is here to help you through it. You can use the networking event business name generator to search for creative ideas. Just keep on reading to find more name ideas and tips that should help you settle for a unique name! 

One-Word Networking Event Business Name Ideas

One-word business names are great for retaining customers!

One-word business names are great for retaining customers who want to remember simple words and phrases. They usually stray from overcomplicated names that don’t have a clear message. For example, you can create a name like ‘ProNetworks’ to highlight your business’ purpose. Customers will understand that ‘pro’ refers to the professionals who require networking. 

To get a name like this, you need to think of root words associated with ‘networking events’. I used the words ‘social’, ‘connect’, ‘meeting’ and ‘mingle’ and typed those into the networking events business name generator. Then I chose the names that sounded best! 

  • SocialPad                                
  • Connectgenix                             
  • Networkegy 
  • Connectable                            
  • Socialpedia                                
  • Connectworks
  • MeetingPoint                           
  • Eventonus                                  
  • SocialRoom 
  • MingleoryX                              
  • Meetingya                                  
  • Meetingly 
  • Networkish                             
  • Mingledeck                                
  • MingleNest

Tips For Creating One-Word Networking Event Business Names

Before creating a business name on the generator, you need to select the ‘one word’ option in the filtered list. This should give you a list of one-word business names that include your relevant root words. You can also choose ‘communication’, ‘corporate’, ‘events’, ‘marketing’ and ‘tech’ from the industry list to view more accurate results. 

Combining words is another great way to create one-word names. For example, I combined ‘social’ and ‘room’ to form ‘SocialRoom’. Customers would understand that ‘room’ refers to the meeting hall that professionals usually gather in to communicate. Just experiment with words to see what names you can create for your networking business!

Rhyming Networking Event Business Name Ideas

A rhyming pattern in a name can help customers to remember the business. This is because rhymes create a “pleasing sound effect” in the brain. Rhyming names are great for depicting emotion, meaning and feelings that you want to create for your business. For example, you might have a name like ‘Social Stream’ that uses alliteration to portray your mission. Half-rhymes, metaphors and imagery are also part of ‘rhyming’ names.

You can use your root words to find cool-sounding names. I used the same root words from earlier and popped those into the networking event business name generator. Below you will find great examples of rhyming business names! 

  • Mingle Makers                             
  • Meeting Millions                   
  • Meet and Repeat
  • Social Service                             
  • Social Solution                      
  • Mingle Monkey
  • Meeting Mill                                 
  • Mingle Magic                        
  • Social Strategies
  • Connect Champions                   
  • Social Crew                           
  • Connect Chats
  • Network Numbers                      
  • Chill Connect                        
  • Network Nerds

Tips For Creating Rhyming Networking Event Business Names

Selecting the ‘rhyming’ option in the filtered list should give you plenty of rhyming name ideas. You can also check the domain availability of certain names to see if you can use it in your website links. Make sure to experiment with the filters when generating creative names that use alliteration, half-rhymes, full rhymes, metaphors and imagery. 

The internet is also your best friend when it comes to finding rhyming words. For example, I searched up ‘words that rhyme with meeting’ and found ‘repeat. I then combined this with my root word to create ‘Meet and Repeat’. You can use your creative thinking skills to find rhyming words that are suitable for your networking event business.

Fun Networking Event Business Name Ideas

Customers will most likely enjoy a fun name that portrays your services in an entertaining way. You can search for fun language to use and combine your root words with any intriguing vocabulary. Of course, the networking event business name generator will help you find fun names that relate to your business. For example, you might find names like ‘Coffee Talks’ and ‘The Friend Network’ that may sound more casual to customers.

I used some of the same root words and combined those with fun language. You can also use the networking event business name generator to find these words. Below are some names that I thought sounded best for this type of business!

  • Room of Ideas                              
  • A Social Rush                      
  • Meeting Friends
  • Coffee and Connect                     
  • New Friend Events              
  • Our Network Group
  • Your Social Community                
  • Be My Guest                        
  • New Friends!
  • Meet and Mingle                          
  • Eventastic                             
  • Can You Talk?
  • Make Your Connections!             
  • Business Fanatics               
  • Share and Connect

Tips For Creating Fun Networking Event Business Names

Fun business names often require more creative thinking and ideas. You need to think of fun language and phrases that customers might remember in the future. Memorability is very important for engaging with and retaining customers. For example, I used ‘Be My Guest’ because it’s a common phrase and the word ‘guest’ is associated with events. It’s a good idea to search up relatable phrases that people might recognise or familiarize themselves with. 

Fun business names often require more creative thinking and ideas!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Mix It Up
  • More Mixing
  • Mix And Match
  • Pathway Party
  • Hustle Hour
  • Network Night
  • Business Brews
  • Better Business
  • Mingle Mode
  • Single Mingle
  • Shared Stems
  • Network Now
  • Coffee Chats
  • Hobnob
  • Elbow Rub
  • Networkid
  • Socialme
  • The Mixup
  • Network Join
  • Network Up
  • Up Network
  • Go Meeting
  • Profit Relation
  • ProRelation
  • SkillPro
  • Netting Center
  • ProNetting
  • SkillNetting
  • Expert Skills
  • Pro Meetup
  • Expert Meeting
  • Expert Share
  • Breakfast Skills
  • Power Groups
  • Smart Sharing
  • Expert Meetup
  • Master Meetup
  • Network Power
  • Mind Skills
  • Skilful Person
  • Skilful Man
  • Skilful Future
  • Bemyguest
  • Guestify
  • Guestomary

Best Real-World Networking Event Business Names – How They Got It And Why It Works


Dine & Connect

How Dine & Connect Got Its Name
Innovative Minds created ‘Dine & Connect’ to allow people to expand their networking when starting a small business. They can connect with “like-minded entrepreneurs” in a beautiful venue. People can also share experiences and start new collaborations.

Why Dine & Connect Is A Catchy Business Event Name
Dine & Connect tells customers exactly what to expect in the event. ‘Dine’ already suggests this event will include meals and drinks for people to enjoy. The word ‘connect’ simply implies that people can talk and build relationships with others in the same industry.

Women Of Influence

How Women Of Influence Got Its Name
Women Of Influence UK arranged this event to help women feel “educated and inspired” to dominate in their industry. People can talk to others for inspiration or gain tips on how to start a motivational business. This business wants to help women grow in their business.

Why Women Of Influence Is A Catchy Business Event Name
This name is very direct and tells customers who might benefit from this event. ‘Women’ is a plural noun that will cater to a specific target audience. In this case, women are more likely to be interested in this event if they want to grow their network.

The Marketing Meetup

How The Marketing Meetup Got Its Name
Joe Glover created The Marketing Meetup in 2016 to help people grow their network in the marketing industry. This event is an “informal, friendly place” for people to learn new things. They have drinks, networking, presentations and food that encourage enjoyment.

Why The Marketing Meetup Is A Catchy Business Event Name
The alliteration of ‘marketing meetup’ will help customers to remember the event when referring it to family, friends and colleagues. ‘Marketing’ is also direct and aims to reach a target audience who specialize in the marketing industry.

Most Successful Networking Event Businesses


Startup Grind

How Startup Grind Got Its Name
Startup Grind is a global conference that allows people to “explore the next wave of the web” when starting their own business. They want people from around the world to join this online event and listen to guest speakers who have plenty of industry experience.

Why Startup Grind Is A Catchy Business Event Name
Most people want advice on how to expand their professional connections when opening a small business. If they see the word ‘startup’, they may feel more inclined to attend. Using words related to ‘start’ or ‘beginning’ is very attractive to beginners in the industry.

Social Media Week

How Social Media Week Got Its Name
Social Media Week is a conference that specializes in “industry news platforms” for people in media, marketing and technology. They want to help professionals expand their network and learn about technology insights and opportunities in the “globally connected world”.

Why Social Media Week Is A Catchy Business Event Name
A name that is direct can often attract customers to the event. Professionals who are in the social media industry will naturally gravitate towards Social Media Week. The word ‘week’ also refers to the length of time they will hold these events in certain locations.


How MozCon Got Its Name
Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig founded MozCon in 2004 to help experts share their “research and ideas”. They got the idea of ‘Moz’ from organizations like DMOZ, Mozilla and Chefmoz. This is what created the name of this SEO based business.

Why MozCon Is A Catchy Business Event Name
This one-word name is memorable and will help customers to remember the event in the future. ‘Con’ is short for ‘conference’, which is very suitable for a marketing networking event. The word ‘Moz’ is personal to the business and lets customers know who is organizing the conference.

The Best 2 Tips For Naming Your Networking Event Business

Naming your business can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the networking industry. You can approach the naming process in ways that help you feel comfortable with the planning stages. For example, you might prefer to document your progress on the computer and create a spreadsheet for your potential business names. Other people might enjoy designing a brainstorming map that allows them to explore their creativity when planning name ideas. 

Don’t worry about the pressure you might feel during the name process – it’s bound to happen! This section will help you navigate the planning stages of your business name. From tips to planning examples, you can find everything you need for this big step. Remember, you should have fun naming your business and showing it off. 

Tip One: Research Other Networking Events And Study Them

Research is a very important step that can give you inspiration for your business name. You can search for networking events that have intriguing and unique names. Once you have found a few events, just click on their website and read more about the business. Consider these following questions when looking at the event names: 

  • What part of the name stands out?
  • Does the name relate to the event?
  • Will you remember the name in 6 months?
  • Is the name too long or too short?
  • What are your favorite words in the name?
  • Does the name sound unique?
  • Is the name similar to other events?
  • How could you use the name for inspiration?

After completing those questions, you can decide what names sound best. For example, if you like the names ‘Coffee Chats’ and ‘New Friends’, you might combine some of the words to make ‘Friendly Chats’. Research can give you plenty of inspiration for your own creative ideas.

Tip Two: Consider What Fonts And Colors You Want 

You might not think about colors and fonts straight away, but they can be important for strengthening your name. The design needs to match the aesthetic of your business. Let’s begin with colors and how they will benefit your planning. 

Colors and fonts can be important for strengthening your name!

Colors make a big difference in attracting the right audience. Some people may gravitate towards brighter colors that represent happiness and fulfillment. There’s no doubt that colors generate feelings among people.For example, if you had a name like ‘Yellow Networking Club’, you would choose to have a yellow theme for your name and logo. Yellow is often associated with sunshine, optimism, energy, friendship and joy. 

Fonts are great for enhancing your name on websites, advertisement boards and social media posts. A curly font might tell customers your business is quirky and fun. Bold and simple fonts will often represent sophistication. You can think about how you want to present your business to customers. Should your event be more professional? Do you want your event to be fun and entertaining for guests? Consider the nature of your business and then decide on a font.


Overall, you should create a name that is unique and memorable. Customers want to feel excited when they hear about your business. You can use the networking event business name generator to help you find suitable names. Remember – you should have fun during the naming process and experiment with language that works best for your name! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You need to come up with root words associated with ‘networking events’ and type those into the networking event business name generator. This should give you a range of different names that suit your preferences. Just choose which one sounds the best!

Some examples of good names are ‘Networking Night’, ‘Hello Connections’, ‘Greet & Meet’, ‘New faces’ and ‘Drinks With Chats’. To get these names, you can use the networking event business name generator to find creative and unique business ideas.

Other words you could use are ‘party’, ‘occasion’, ‘gathering’, ‘meeting’ and ‘occurrence’. Just search up ‘synonyms for events’ and scan through lists of words until you find the right ones. Then, pop these into our generator and you’re good to go!


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