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The Best Outdoor Business Names

Who doesn’t love the outdoors? Every once in a while, we want to escape our mundane routines and just be with mother nature. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start an outdoor company, one of the challenges you will face is naming your company. While it’s no easy task, you should prioritize getting relevant outdoor business name ideas. 

One of the challenges you will face is naming your company!

For those who want to make the process of picking a name for their outdoor business easier, there’s the BizNameWhiz tool. This free outdoor business name generator is beginner-friendly and easy to use. You have to type in a keyword related to your business and click get started. After a few seconds, it will generate thousands of name suggestions for your budding company. 

Here’s a handy guide to help you develop various titles for your future outdoor business.

15 Incredible Outdoor Business Name Ideas For Your Outdoor Gear Store

Most outdoor enthusiasts share common characteristics, such as being adventurous, risk-takers, and nature lovers. Hence, you need a brand name that fits the mindset of these explorers and wanderers. After all, the best move a new company can make is to win their customers head-on. 

Here are a few outdoor business name suggestions that will capture this market segment: 

  • Wanderer
  • BIG Outdoors
  • Trek Kings
  • Wild & Free
  • Climbers
  • Hill Billy’s
  • Get A Hike
  • Qayak
  • Campanions
  • Heads or Trails
  •  Add Venture
  • Seven Peaks
  • Mud Scientist
  • The GOAT
  • Cliffhanger

Things To Consider When Creating Outdoor Business Name Ideas For Outdoor Gear Store

When creating your outdoor business name, it’s crucial to have a bit of background on any related outdoor activity. After regular hiking or camping, you find some of the problems that many outdoor enthusiasts face while they are with nature.  You can also hire experts or athletes who can point out some of the innovations they want to have while they’re in the outdoors.

15 Exhilarating Outdoor Business Names For Outdoor Clothing Line

Different parts of the world present various environments that require specific clothing. You need to wear thick clothing with good insulation on the snowy mountains. While on the tropical mountains, you may need thin and breathable clothing. Hence, your business name must also align with what clothing you offer to your customers. 

Below are some business name suggestions where you can take inspiration  for your outdoor clothing line:

  • Staying Alive
  • Nature’s Fit
  • Wear It Wild
  • Avalanche
  • Anti-frost
  • Extreme Wear
  • Tropical Hat
  • It Socks
  • Himalayas
  • The Porter
  • Mountain Goats
  • Sea Gals
  • Rip Tide
  • Wild Ride
  • Nature Boys

Tips for Creating Outdoor Business Name Ideas For Outdoor Clothing Line

Clothes are some of the most in-demand outdoor items because customers need them to thrive in harsh environments. Hence, you need to ensure that your brand name is catchy and reassuring that your products are meant for rugged terrain. If you ran out of ideas, you can use an outdoor business name generator to make your job easier. 

15 Stunning Outdoor Business Name Ideas For Outdoor Snacks

Aside from clothing and gear, snacks are another essential item for any outdoor trip. You must replenish and rehydrate your lost energy and fluids. Thus, there’s a huge market out there for outdoor snacks and hydration that’s easy to carry.

If you plan to establish your outdoor snack brand, below are some business name ideas you may want to look into:

  • Complete Trail Mix
  • Hail, Hydrate
  • Outdoor Tea
  • Camp Snack
  • Mountain Snack
  • Re-Fuel
  • Solar Energy Bar
  • Nuts & More
  • Mountaineer’s Jerky
  • Kwik Bite
  • Re-Energized
  • Trail Fuhd
  • Appalachian Choco
  • Annapurna Mana
  • Lunch Everest

Recommendations For Producing Great Outdoor Name Ideas for Outdoor Snacks

The main point for most outdoor snacks is to provide energy fast. Aside from calories, it should also have nutrients and minerals that tends to be lost during strenuous activities. You can focus on theses aspects when naming your outdoor snacks company. 

15 Mind-Blowing Outdoor Business Name Ideas for Outdoor Essentials

Depending on the outdoor activity you are in, you might need more than your average survival tools. Hence, overnight or weekend campers need other essentials such as cooking pots, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, bear sprays, etc. Naming a brand focusing on these niche items can be pretty challenging since the words to describe them are limited. 

The following are some of the business names you may want to consider:

  • Survivor Kit
  • Anywhere Pot
  • Sound Sleep
  • Nature’s Gear
  • Mount Fuji
  • Adept Camper
  • Rugged
  • Smart Trek
  • Go Anywhere
  • Swiss Gear
  • Nature’s Tool Box
  • Safety First
  • Rain Check
  • Typhoon 
  • Ready 4 Everything 

Advice For Devising Outdoor Business Name Ideas for Outdoor Essentials

Focus on your naming strategy!

Most outdoor equipment and other essentials focus on two things– survival and convenience. Thus, focus on your naming strategy on those two concepts. Furthermore, you need to sell the idea that these items must react should an emergency or an unforeseen event arise. You can also use an outdoor business name generator to ensure you won’t run out of ideas. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Get Outside
  • Get Up And Go
  • Outside Source
  • Adventure Buddy
  • Explore More
  • New Heights
  • Deep Dive
  • Wander Wear
  • Outdoor Alliance
  • Adore Outdoor
  • Open Outdoors
  • Up And Outdoors
  • In And Outdoors
  • Outside Lands
  • Tracked Territory
  • Opt Outdoors
  • Get Outdoors
  • Opt Out
  • Terrain Game
  • Terrain Trek
  • Top Trek
  • Trek Kings
  • We Who Wander
  • Wander Ready
  • Hike Spike
  • Hike Supply
  • Fresh Grass
  • Ride Along
  • Valley Rides
  • Hike Today!
  • On The Hill
  • Nature In Hd
  • Fireside Chats
  • Camp
  • Garden Lovers
  • Outdoorsy Type
  • Never Going In
  • Fresh Air
  • In The Ground
  • Touch The Sky
  • Love The Air
  • Cleaner Breathe
  • Breathe In Now
  • Countrygirl
  • Stay Outside

Best Real-World Outdoor Business Names

Best Real-World Outdoor Business Names

Hoka One One

How Hoka One One Got Its Name
Hoka One One is a renowned outdoor gear manufacturer specializing in making cushioned athletic shoes for trail running. They are known for their colorful products that often have neon color palettes. This brand came from the Maori phrase, which loosely translates to “fly over the earth.”

Why Hoka One One Is A Great Outdoor Business Name
Contrary to most people’s first impression, the brand isn’t pronounced as “Hoka-Wahn-Wahn.” Instead, the proper pronunciation for it is “Hoka-Own-Ay-Own-Ay.” When people discover this fact, they will remember this outdoor business name. Moreover, their business name is fun to pronounce and has a whimsical tone.


How Innov-8 Got Its Name
Innov-8 is a rising brand that manufactures a wide range of outdoor gear and equipment. They are known for their grippy hiking and trail running shoes. Many of their products are budget-friendly and seen as an excellent alternative to expensive brands. Innov-8 is an ingenious word-play to “innovate.”

Why Innov-8 Is A Great Outdoor Business Name
The brand name is simple yet intriguing. Its use of innovation as the main keyword gives the customers the idea that the company constantly improves its products. And they do. Furthermore, since its owner is Asian, incorporating the number 8 is considered lucky in their culture. If you need to draw inspiration, like Innov-8 did, use our outdoor business name generator.

Sea to Summit

How Sea to Summit Got Its Name
If you check the outdoor section of any sports shop or mall, you will likely find many of Sea Summit’s items on display. Sea Summit is one of the largest camping equipment manufacturers that produce sleeping bags, tents, hammocks, and other outdoor essentials. The company got its name from the terrains that true outdoor lovers want to conquer.

Why Sea to Summit Is A Great Outdoor Business Name
Sea to Summit’s brand fits with the aspiration of many outdoor enthusiasts, which is to go and see as much of nature as they can. Furthermore, the brand is easy to remember since they are within most outdoor enthusiasts’ lingo.

Most Successful Outdoor Business Names

Most Successful Outdoor Business Names


How Osprey Hot Got Its Name
If you ask a climber or hiker, “what’s a good technical bag to invest in?” Their answer would likely be Osprey. These lines of bags are known for their high-quality materials, practical design, and reliability. The brand name got its name from the bird Osprey, commonly referred to as a seahawk.

Why Osprey Is A Great Outdoor Business Name
Osprey is a great outdoor business name because it’s named after one of the most iconic animals that have been around for a long time. Furthermore, it’s brief, easy to pronounce, and has a logo that complements its name well.

The North Face

How The North Face Hot Got Its Name
This outdoor recreation brand produces top-quality footwear, clothing, and other sporting equipment. The brand’s name is derived from the north face of Half Dome in Yosemite, California. This place is considered among the most challenging mountains to climb because of its cold and icy nature.

Why The North Face Is A Great Outdoor Business Name
The North Face is an excellent business name because it uses easy-to-understand words, even non-native English speakers. Furthermore, it’s easy to pronounce and can be placed in various ways in any product or advertisement material. For example, The North Face’s tiered logo has a vertical orientation of the brand’s name. If you need more ideas, try using the Biznamewiz outdoor business name generator tool.


How Patagonia Hot Got Its Name
This famous retailer of outdoor clothing has been around since 1973. According to its owners, they were inspired by the 1968 film Mountain of Storms. The film features five adventure-seeking friends who made their way to Patagonia. Located in mainland Argentina, Patagonia is a scrub plateau teeming with unique wildlife and picturesque mountain peaks.

Why Patagonia Is A Great Outdoor Business Name
Ever since the release of Mountain of Storms, people have been fascinated with rediscovering the outdoors. Patagonia is a great name because it reflects nature’s beauty to adventure seekers. Furthermore, the brand name has quite an exquisite sound for people who hear it for the first time.

Tips For Creating Your Outdoor Business Name

Use Words That Are Commonly Done or Found Outdoors

The best way to connect with your customers through your brand name is to use familiar words for them. Fortunately, nature has tons of flora and fauna, which you can use to derive your company name. It can be an endangered species of an animal or a tree commonly found in your area or the region where you first plan to sell your products. 

Your outdoor brand is there not only to sell products but, more importantly, the experience of being outdoors. If there’s a nature park that you frequently visit, you can find brand-name inspirations in that place. For example, if you plan to build a climbing gear company, you can name it IBEX, one of nature’s most excellent climbers. You can use an  outdoor business name generator tool to fast track your work. 

Take Inspiration from Famous Nature Destinations

Another naming method you can use is taking inspiration from geological landmarks or famous nature destinations. You can search the Internet for the most beautiful outdoor locations in the world and try to adapt it to your business name. 

Take inspiration from famous nature destinations!

For example, the Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the world’s most bizarre yet beautiful landscapes. Its Valle de Luna has breathtaking jagged peaks and turquoise riverbeds. You can use this as your brand name, especially if your target consumers are backpacking adventurers and campers. 

Slightly Modify The Outdoor Activity

If you’re the type who wants to keep things simple, then you can take advantage of this method. You simply have to consider the activity or category your product fits into and modify it a bit. For example, if you are into the climbing business, you can name your company Klimb or Klaymb.

Kayaking is another excellent outdoor activity that people do on the weekends. You can use some brand name suggestions for this category: Qayak and Kayaq. On the other hand, if your customer segment is the trail running community, you can instead use TrailX or Kaydence. 

Brand Names WIth Fewer Syllables Are Preferred

When naming your outdoor company, try to keep it to three-syllable phrases or fewer. The shorter the brand name, the easier it is to read and remember. As a result, your clients will be able to recall your store or product even if it has been a few days or weeks since they last saw it.

In addition, the store name should preferably be no more than three words long, as quick recall necessitates simplicity. If you’re going to add a person’s name to a store name, make it as short and distinct as possible.

Take Inspiration from Popular Films Or Media

Some numerous films and documentaries featured different outdoor activities these past few decades. Some memorable ones include the 2007 movie Into The Wild and the 2018 documentary film Free Solo.

Both of these media offer great insights into the multi-faceted outdoors and resonate well with your target clients. Search for a movie or film that targets a specific community of outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s mountain biking, canoeing, camping, or trail running. Then, try to be creative and modify those titles into a brand name that they can connect with. 

Employ the BizNameWiz Outdoor Business Name Generator

It can be challenging to develop your own outdoor business name ideas. Use our outdoor company name generator if you need assistance or want to speed up the process. The BizNameWiz tool can generate a large number of outdoor business names in a matter of seconds, saving you a significant amount of time. 

To use the outdoor company name generator, all you have to do is type one or more words into the given box, such as “trail” or “camping,” and then click the Generate button.


Coming up with specific outdoor name suggestions isn’t always easy. We are convinced that you will be halfway there if you follow our advice. To help you develop a name for your outdoor business, use the BizNameWiz outdoor business name generator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When it comes to naming your company, you have many options. The ideal way, though, is to keep it brief and straightforward. Keep in mind that your target customers are outdoor enthusiasts who prefer adventure. Thus, the name should be exhilarating and lively.

Yes, as long as it doesn't get too obscure. Some of the most well-known outdoor business names have unusual names that cause people to pause and consider their significance. However, before starting down the creative naming path, make sure you've done your homework on your target market.

You can use various techniques, such as outdoor words or rhymes. You may even use well-known phrases and deliberately incorporate outdoor into them. For example, you can mix emotions with specific outdoor activities such as “Thrill of the Trail.”
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