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The Best Names for Psychic Businesses

The psychic industry is growing in the US and many other parts of the world, with many people wanting to get in touch with their spiritual side, find out things about the future, or possibly even communicate with lost loved ones. 

Thanks to this, there are plenty of opportunities for people who are psychically inclined to create their own businesses. However, if you want your psychic business to be successful, you’ll need to pick a perfect name for it.

This guide will go over all the best ways to make amazing psychic business names. We’ll provide psychic business name ideas of our own, analyze real-world psychic business names, and introduce our psychic business name generator, too! Read on for key tips and tricks to name a psychic business.

15 Mysterious and Intriguing Psychic Business Name Ideas 

One of the best ways to break into the world of psychics and instantly get some attention is to use a name that is mysterious or intriguing in some way. After all, the powers of psychics and the realities of the spiritual world are quite mysterious in general, so it’s fitting to have an equally alluring or unusual name for your brand. Here are some mysterious psychic business name ideas to start off with.

  1. Into the Unknown   
  2. Visions and Premonitions   
  3. Future Glimpse    
  4. Moon Sense   
  5. Beyond Aura    
  6. Aura Stories   
  7. The Next Sense   
  8. Beyond the Edge   
  9. The Psychic Realm   
  10. Hidden Secrets    
  11. Clairvoyant Journey    
  12. Beyond Sensory
  13. Third Eye   
  14. Past Nature 
  15. Energies Aligned

Tips for Creating Mysterious and Intriguing Psychic Business Name Ideas

If you want to create psychic business names that sound mysterious and intriguing, it’s a good idea to focus on the most mysterious and alluring phrases and words you can come up with. Psychic and spiritual-related words like energies, powers, senses, visions and secrets can all work well here. Try entering some of these words into our psychic business name generator if you want even more custom ideas.

15 Catchy and Easy-to-Remember Psychic Business Names

Another great way to get people interested in your psychic business is to make use of a name that is specially designed to be catchy and easy to remember. This is particularly important if you plan to do a lot of business online, as a catchy name will make your brand easier for people to find and share with their friends and relatives.

  1. Psychic Central  
  2. Psychic Haven   
  3. Psychic Sisters  
  4. Spirit Sisters  
  5. Vague Visions   
  6. Precise Psychics  
  7. Chakra Shack   
  8. Mentor Medium  
  9. Psy Sense  
  10. Perfect Prophecy  
  11. Fortune Foretold 
  12. Fair Future   
  13. So Psychic  
  14. Tell-All Telepathy  
  15. Beyond Boundaries 

Tips for Creating Catchy and Easy-to-Remember Psychic Business Names

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your psychic business name ideas are catchy and memorable is to make use of words that rhyme or sound similar. For example, you could pick a word like “Psychic” and then try to find words that rhyme with it or start with the same “S” sound, such as sense, spirit, or soul. Use our psychic business name generator to get even more super catchy names. 

15 Psychic Business Name Ideas with Spiritual Keywords  

No matter what kind of company you’re creating, it’s always recommended to include at least one relevant keyword in your business name. So, if you’re setting up a spiritual or psychic company, it’s logical to include some sort of reference to the spirit world or the psychic services you provide. Here are some psychic business names that include relevant spiritual keywords.

  1. Future Seen   
  2. Real Readings   
  3. Visions of Life   
  4. Guardian Angels   
  5. Healing Words   
  6. Prophecy Uncovered   
  7. Soul Connection   
  8. Spirit Bond   
  9. Spirit Journey   
  10. Psychic Palace   
  11. Aura Explained       
  12. In Touch Readings   
  13. Sights of Beyond  
  14. Mystical Expanse   
  15. All-Seeing Clairvoyance      

Tips for Creating Psychic Business Name Ideas with Spiritual Keywords

If you want your business to rank high on Google and get lots of attention from people who are interested in spiritualism and psychics, try to use at least one big keyword such as readings, visions, telepathy, sight, spirits, souls, or clairvoyance. Again, you can type these words into our psychic business name generator to get lots of super psychic business name ideas made for you automatically.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Beyond Natural
  • The Great Beyond
  • Behold Beyond
  • Behold Beneath
  • Beyond Boundaries
  • Beyond Borders
  • Beyond Balance
  • Virtual Visions
  • Trusted Visions
  • Tell All Trust
  • Tell All Visions
  • Total Trust
  • Psychic News
  • The Latest Skies
  • Know Yourself
  • Eye Know When
  • Today’S Psychics
  • Mystic Mavens
  • The Hood Psychic
  • Seek And See
  • Neon Psychics
  • Sky Psychics
  • Mystical Minds
  • Holy Psychics
  • ExtraSense
  • Sensor Place
  • Medium Service
  • Medium Advice
  • Psychic Advisor
  • Mental Mentor
  • Psychic Mentor
  • Mentor Medium
  • Spiritual Mentor
  • Night Medium
  • Psychic Night
  • Spiritual Night
  • Find Trust
  • Love Crystal
  • Trusted Source
  • Psychic Center
  • Honest Psychic
  • Soul Connection
  • Prime Time Psychy
  • Keenlife
  • Thrive Time

The Best Real-World Psychic Business Names

Another good way to get some ideas and assistance with naming your new psychic business is to look at some pre-existing psychic businesses and think carefully about the names they use. Ask yourself questions like “How was that name made?” and “What kinds of emotions does the name provoke?” Here are some examples of great psychic business names, analyzed and evaluated.


How AskNow Got Its Name

AskNow is one of the most popular psychic businesses of modern times, specializing in over-the-phone readings. Its name encourages people to ask the questions they’ve been keeping inside.   

Why AskNow Is A Great Psychic Company Name

A lot of people are hesitant about getting in touch with a psychic, but AskNow has a super name for encouraging those people to give it a try. This name suggests that any question you might have is worth asking and “Now” is the time to do it. 


How Oranum Got Its Name

Oranum is another very popular psychic business. It’s an online psychic reading business, offering various psychic services that people can access online from the comfort of their homes. The name is a spin on the word “Oracle”.   

Why Oranum Is A Great Psychic Company Name

Oranum is an inventive and mysterious psychic business name that does a really good job of generating a special kind of allure and intrigue around this brand. It’s also really short and easy to remember since it consists of just one word.

Purple Garden 

How Purple Garden Got Its Name 

Purple Garden is another highly rated online psychic business that offers a range of psychic services people can access on their computers, laptops, and other devices. Its name is based on the fact that the color purple is frequently associated with psychics and spirits.   

Why Purple Garden Is A Great Psychic Company Name

Purple Garden is another terrific name for a psychic company, and also a highly evocative one. When we hear this name, we can instantly start to imagine a mysterious garden filled with purple plants and flowers. It seems like a mysterious and beautiful place, just like the spirit world that psychics try to connect people to.

Most Successful Psychic Company Names


How MysticSense Got Its Name

MysticSense is an online psychic business that offers detailed, in-depth psychic readings on various subjects, from romance to fortune-telling.    

Why MysticSense Is A Great Psychic Company Name

MysticSense is a simple but effective brand name, made by combining two spiritual keywords, Mystic and Sense, into one simple name. It gets a clear message across about what the business does, without any vagueness or confusion.


How Kasamba Got Its Name

Kasamba is one of the top-rated psychic businesses, often featuring in lists of the best psychic websites to use. It’s been around since 1999 and continues to be a major player in the psychic industry.    

Why Kasamba Is A Great Psychic Company Name

The name Kasamba is quite a mysterious one, and even the company itself has not revealed how or why this name was chosen. Some people say it comes from an African name with connections to spiritualism and dreams, while others have different views. Either way, it’s a great name for generating intrigue and interest in the business.

Psychic Source

How Psychic Source Got Its Name

Psychic Source is a leading psychic business that has been around for several decades, having been founded back in 1989. The company’s name comes from the fact that it’s a great source for people to find psychics, with over 250 psychic experts on the company’s roster.   

Why Psychic Source Is A Great Psychic Company Name

Psychic Source is another simple but powerful psychic business name, just like MysticSense, which makes use of important keywords to help with SEO, marketing, and brand appeal.

Tips for Creating Your Own Psychic Company Name

Evoke an Air of Intrigue

The world of psychics is mysterious, and that’s a big part of the reason why people are so fascinated with psychics and their possible powers and abilities. Lean on that when making your psychic business name ideas by using mysterious words and phrases in order to generate an air of intrigue and mystery. Many of the best psychic businesses have mysterious and alluring names, and you can take examples from them when naming your brand, too.

Think About SEO

These days, a lot of psychic businesses operate online, offering their services over the phone, via video chat, or even in online text boxes where psychics can communicate directly with their clients without the need for a physical meeting. And if you’re setting up an online business, you need to think about search engine optimization or SEO. By using relevant keywords in your company’s name, you can push your brand up the rankings of Google to get more clicks and success.

Focus on Your Specialty, If You Have One

Some psychic businesses are quite generalized and offer a broad range of services. However, there are others that prefer to specialize in one particular area, such as offering guidance for those who are lost in love or offering help for people who are unsure of what decisions they should make with their careers or in their personal life. If your business has a particular specialty or area of expertise, make sure to highlight it in your psychic business name ideas.

Don’t Worry About Vagueness 

One of the best things about naming a psychic business is that there’s nothing wrong with having a vague or strange-sounding name. In fact, many of the best and most successful psychic businesses, like Kasamba, have quite unusual names that don’t necessarily have any links or connections with psychics or spiritualism at all. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid or worry about picking a name that sounds unusual or eclectic. Feel free to think outside the box and find a name that you really feel proud of and connect with.

Use the Psychic Business Name Generator

If you need some help with naming your new psychic business, the psychic business name generator is the tool for you. Free to use and effortlessly simple, our psychic business name generator can make hundreds or even thousands of super psychic business name ideas in the blink of an eye! If you’d like to see what our psychic business name generator can do for you, give it a try today by typing a word into the box at the top of the screen and then clicking on the Generate button.


In the world of psychics and spiritualism, having a great business name can make a major difference and could be the key factor that helps your brand succeed in the long term. So make sure you use the tips and tricks in this guide, as well as the psychic business name generator, to make the perfect name for your new company.

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MysticSense, Kasamba, Psychic Source, Purple Garden, and Oranum are some super examples of real-world psychic business names.

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