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The Best Unique Radio And Talk Show Names

We will create a long list of interesting and unique internet and website name ideas you can use for inspiration. We even broke them down into four different name-type subcategories to help you navigate the long list. We divided them into live shows, chart shows, specialty shows, and talk shows. We created 15 name ideas for each category to inspire your brainstorming sessions. We used our radio and talk show business name ideas generator to help us find these ideas. 

The tools you’ll need for brainstorming internet & website business name ideas: online dictionary and thesaurus, word processor or a pen and paper, our naming generator to speed up the process and give you names with available domains.

Live Shows Name Ideas

The only sense we use for consuming radio shows is our hearing. Because of that, radio shows use simple words for their live shows. They have to ensure people understand what the show is about and that people can remember the name of the show. A lot of shows use the words “live”, “in action”, and similar to highlight it’s a live show. 

  • Marketing Live
  • Politics In Action
  • Talk About A Catch
  • Voice Your Idea
  • Opinionated
  • Bicker Live
  • Brands On Air
  • Rock Studio Live
  • The Recording Stream
  • Press Record
  • Weekly Wonder
  • LiveLand
  • Uninteraputed Discussion
  • Talk Your Heart Out
  • Live from Hell
TIP: We mentioned that live shows have to use simple and meaningful names. You can use a simple trick to check if your name is simple enough. 
Let’s assume you’ve done your brainstorming and created a list of possible ideas. Ideally, you should have between 5 and 10 live show name ideas you’re considering. 
Ask a few friends to help you. Tell them all the names and ask them to write them down and say them back to you. You have to scratch all the names your group of friends has trouble spelling. 
Keep the ones they remember the most. Stick to two-syllable words if possible for best results. 

Chart Shows Name Ideas

You will almost exclusively see real words used for chart show names. Most chart shows cover specific music genres and they use words to describe that. They also often use numbers to show how big the chart is. Common numbers used include “20”, “40”, and “100”. We also sometimes see jargon words if the chart show wants to stand out. 

  • Rock Top 10
  • The Best In Country
  • Pop Top 10
  • Weekly Top 40
  • Hot In Music
  • 100 Best Riffs
  • Drummers Delight Chart
  • The Punk Chart
  • Local Music Char
  • 90s Chart
  • Boombox Worthy Chart
  • Ghetto Rap Top 50
  • Live Act Top 40
  • Hottest Hits of The Year
  • Radio Express Top 10
TIP: We want a chart show name that grabs the attention of potential listeners. The easiest way to do so is by being different. How do you stay meaningful and different at the same time? 
We suggest the use of jargon words. Let’s assume you’re starting a rock chart where you’ll create a top 40 rock chart list every week. 
Search for rock dictionaries, rock lingo, or rock vocabulary online. Try different sources for the best results. Search for relevant rock words that will tie you to the genre yet sound different than most rock chart shows out there. 
You will probably have to repeat this step a few times to get the best possible names for your chart show. 

News Shows Name Ideas

This is one of the oldest radio show types. One of the reasons why radio as we know it got created was to share the news with people. Most news shows use simple and descriptive words that immediately speak to the intended audience. The word “news” is very common in this name type. 

  • Local Daily News
  • First Report
  • Aggregated News Central
  • Crime Scene Report
  • State News Daily
  • This Afternoon
  • Early Morning News
  • News Central Local
  • Back to Studio
  • Latest Events
  • Hot In the City
  • Next In News
  • What You Might Have Missed
  • The Whole Scope
  • In The Know
TIP: We learned that simple, descriptive, and straightforward names do best in this niche. We also learned that most shows use the word “news”. How do you stand out in such a niche?
We suggest you search for words that describe your competitive advantage. What makes your news show different? Do you provide news faster? Do you only cover certain geographical locations? Or are you focusing on a specific industry?
Try searching for interesting word combinations and phrases that will represent your uniqueness. You can add the word “news” at the end to make the name as relevant as possible.
We suggest you stick to alliterations and rhymes if you want the smoothest and most memorable names possible. 

Talk Shows Name Ideas

This is a very broad category with different kinds of shows. We have all types of names. Some are simple and straightforward, while others shows try to be witty and interesting. We can find metaphors, common phrases, and unusual language for talk shows. Some use words that tie them to the topics they cover. 

  • Two On One
  • In The Cave
  • Frontline Stories
  • Cheaters Confessions
  • You Run The Show
  • Everything Goes
  • Where Unexpected Is Expected
  • The Local Sports Hub
  • Who Made the Catch
  • Getting Personal On Politics
  • Healthy Living Hub
  • Optimizing Lives
  • My Life Matters
  • Talk to Me
  • Together We Can
TIP: The most important thing a talk show name should do is grab attention. We can do this by using usual word combinations or common phrases people recognize.
A simple way of grabbing attention is by using idioms people know. We suggest you search for an idiom dictionary online. Go through different idioms and search for the ones that have more than one meaning. 
In an ideal scenario, you’ll find an idiom that has a descriptive meaning in your niche and metaphorical meaning in general use. 
You will probably have to spend a lot of time finding the golden gem. But the time you spend will be worth it when you find the perfect name for your talk show. 

Some name ideas exclusively for you:

  • Across The Waves
  • Way Out Waves
  • Wavy Records
  • Wave Rider Radio
  • Trusted Talk
  • Talk Takes
  • Hot Takes Radio
  • Talking Trials
  • Trusted Talk Show
  • Radio Recommends
  • Radio Reckoning
  • Recommended Listening
  • Waverunner Studio
  • Radio Resource
  • Talking Transport
  • Portable Waves
  • Radio Pleasure
  • Listen Up Lessons
  • Listen Up!
  • Leisurely Listening
  • Listen In
  • Tempted Tune In
  • Afternoon Tunes
  • The Wavy Wake Up
  • Sounds Good
  • Sound Track
  • Sound Effects
  • Radioheads Radio
  • Airwaves
  • Call The Cops
  • Real News Now
  • Old School Jams
  • We Talk You Call Radio
  • Shop Talk Radio
  • Stories From You Radio
  • Wired Media
  • The Walkman
  • Radionics
  • Music Nerds Radio
  • Music Waves
  • Ride Our Waves Radio
  • Fueled Media
  • Old Media Radio
  • The Kids Love Radio Too
  • Radio Deep
  • Sweet Tunes Radio
  • Talk Talk Radio
  • Wonderland Radio
  • Eff The System Radio
  • Rundown Radio
  • Hard Listening Radio
  • Morning Pot
  • Coffeez
  • BlissCoffee
  • Mid Morning Matters
  • Mornings With Mike
  • Morning With Us
  • Top of The Morning
  • Morning breath
  • Morning Glory
  • News and Music
  • Up and Attum
  • The Morning Rush
  • Morning Hour
  • Get Up Right
  • Morning Room
  • Your Morning Drive
  • Drive With Us
  • Wake With Us
  • Rush Hour
  • Test Drive
  • News and Blues
  • Drive Home
  • Drive Home
  • Power Hour
  • Power Drive
  • Disc Drive
  • Drive Time
  • Sound On
  • Sound Up

The Best Real Radio And Talk Shows with Memorable Names – How they got it and why it works

Wait, wait… don’t tell me!

  • How they created it: Wait, what? This funny-named show is basically a humorous quiz program about that week’s news, where you go against stars in the entertainment business. Since it’s testing your knowledge, it makes sense to name it something that represents what the show is about.
  • Why it works: It’s different and funny. It’s not typical, but it shows exactly that it has to do something with questions and answers and that for sure it’s going to be funny. The name is interesting, catchy, and memorable. 

Information please

  • How they created it: The show gets its name after a phrase that was used to request information from telephone operators. It is a spontaneous comedy show as well as a panel game show where you can send in questions, and if your question is chosen, you receive a small prize. If the panel can’t answer the question, you receive a bigger prize. 
  • Why it works: Is it a comedy show? Is it a news program? Is it a gossip program? What is it? It certainly has a little mystery surrounding the name. But nevertheless, it grabs your attention and you kinda want to know what the show is about.

Fresh Air

  • How they created it: The show was created in 1975, and it has had the same host almost from the very beginning. Unlike other radio shows, Fresh Air contains short segments reviewing cultural and entertainment events, books, movies, plays, tv programs, while also playing jazz, popular and classical music. 
  • Why it works: The show really is a breath of fresh air. It’s different, and it includes various segments that other shows don’t. If you stumble upon this show, you get to think to yourself, “hmm, Fresh Air? I wonder how different it is from others”. Even though they review books and plays, which may seem a little old-fashioned, in today’s world full of Arianas and Justin Biebers, this show takes your mind off of this and brings you cultural entertainment in a whole different way.

Crap From the Past

  • How they created it: Happy Birthday to this 30-year old blast from the past in the DOS system. Just look at their website. Forget about modern music, Crap From The Past takes you down the memory lane and is a get moving, rock’n’roll kind of program, where you experience the glory days of music.
  • Why it works: Crap From the Past is a throwback program with a witty name. Have you ever found old cassettes or vinyl disks? Well, this program brings exactly this. No popular music of any kind. We’re talking about music from the 40’s up till the end of the 90’. And it works because you don’t hear that kind of music on the radio anymore.

Little Steven’s Underground Garage

  • How they created it: Little Steven’s Underground Garage was created by Steven Van Zandt, who is best known as a guitarist in Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. The show focuses on rock ‘n’ roll and garage rock. It shows you what’s cool in rock ‘n’ roll as a celebration of pop culture and features the best emerging new bands all over the world.
  • Why it works: This name feels like someone made his childhood radio dreams come true. Imagine little Steven Van Zandt listening to his favorite bands in his parent’s garage, daydreaming about one day having his own radio program which will only play the music that he really likes – which is rock ‘n’ roll.  The name is kind of long, but you know exactly what kind of music you can expect from this program. 

5 Most Known Radio And Talk Shows In The World – How they got it and why it works


  • How they created it: Given the name, you can guess that the show focuses on business, money, economy, and commerce, hence the name “Marketplace”. It helps listeners make sense of business and economy without having any previous knowledge. 
  • Why it works: Well, the name says it all. It’s a place where you can get your ear full of anything money and business related. It’s simple, elegant, memorable and it shows what you’re getting out of it. The name is as straightforward as they get. 

BBC World Service

  • How they created it: Who hasn’t heard of the BBC? A television program where you get all the latest world news. Everything major that happens in the World, BBC is one of the first to cover it. So the same brand name for a radio program is a logical step towards recognition.
  • Why it works: The name has worldwide recognition and a reputation for bringing relevant news to the masses. Since it’s owned by BBC, why name it something else if it works and everyone knows exactly what to expect from it.

All Things Considered

  • How they created it: All things considered is a clever play on everyday phrases. Each show is a combination of the biggest stories of the day, arts, life, music, and entertainment. They literally said it in the title… they will consider all things for you to hear what is happening in the news department.
  • Why it works: They actually consider everything. It’s in the title. It’s unusual but still grabs the attention of their listeners. This is one of the names that are hard not to remember when you first hear them. 

Howard Stern

  • How they created it: Howard Stern knew he wanted to be a radio show host since the age of 5, so after working really hard to make that wish come true, it’s natural to name the show after yourself. The show itself contains world affairs, gossip, bodily functions, conflicts, and so on. The show was so successful he named himself “King of all Media”.
  • Why it works: It’s easy to name a show after yourself. All in all, it’s yours, so you can name it however you want. And if it flops, well, … Howard Stern did anything but flop. He is known for being a controversial radio host, and he knew exactly what he was doing to get the attention of his listeners. 

Morning Edition

  • How they created it: Grab your coffee and turn on the Morning Edition. Every weekday you can enjoy your morning coffee by listening to informational stories that challenge and occasionally amuse you. By the way, there is also a Weekend Edition. Morning Edition premiered in 1979, and since then, it has been among the highest-rated public radio shows, along with All Things Considered.
  • Why it works: If you haven’t noticed yet, most of the morning programs have the word morning in them. It’s logical, clear, understandable, memorable, and simple. They added “edition” to the name, so you don’t get confused since they also have Weekend Edition.

Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Internet Business and Website Names Ideas

We covered different tricks and tips you can use to generate radio and talk show names on your own. We even created over 60 different name ideas for radio and talk shows in different categories to inspire your brainstorming sessions. You understand what kind of names work well in the radio world, and you understand how to create names that will grab the attention of potential listeners. But there are a few additional things you need to consider when creating radio and talk show names.

We learned that real words and simple language work best in a niche where hearing is predominant. There’s one more thing that tends to do well in the radio world – onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named. We do this for literary effect. Sounds like “whack”, “mumble”, “hum” and similar can turn an average name into something very unique and memorable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with onomatopoeia. 

You can use sounds from your niche that can easily be tied to the topics you’ll cover in the show. This will act as a double punch – it will make the names interesting, and make the name relevant. 

Another thing we should mention is name availability. We don’t have to worry too much about domain and trademark availability as we should with regular businesses. But it is important that we don’t use names already in use. It’s hard to compete with existing shows if we use the same name. Especially if the show we share the name with already has loyal listeners. 

We suggest you do a simple Google check for all the names you create. Make sure there are no successful radio shows, talk shows, or podcasts using the same name. Remember, podcasts are direct competitors to radio and talk shows in today’s day and age. Make sure you include them in your search. 

You should also avoid names similar to big brands, even if the brand operates in a completely different market or niche. You never know if the people running the brand ever decide to start a podcast. It wouldn’t be great for you if they picked a name that is similar to yours. 

You can simplify the search for available domains by using our radio and talk show name generator. Not only will the generator create hundreds of names in a few seconds, but it will also even tell you which names have available domains. You can save so many hours with the generator compared to doing the research by hand. 

The last tip we have for you is to not give up. We understand that the naming process can be difficult, and it’s not always easy to find the right name for your radio or talk show. But you have to keep on looking. Sooner or later, you’ll have a breakthrough, and you will find the perfect name waiting for you. Keep your chin up and keep on creating name ideas. 


We’ve reached the end of our radio and talk show naming guide. We shared everything we know about naming a radio show. We’re confident that what you just read is the most comprehensive radio and talk show guide on the internet. 

You know everything you need to know to create memorable and interesting radio and talk show names. You know which name types work the best, and you know how to use different tricks to find the best names. All you have to do is dig deep and do your research.

We suggest you use our radio and talk show name generator. There are no limitations, and you can use it as much as you want to. We can guarantee you will save a lot of hours with the generator. And you will never run out of ideas, which usually happens when you try to create names from the top of your head. 

You have the knowledge and the tools needed to find the right name for your radio or talk show. Go find your name. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Catchy radio names are the ones that are memorable and instantly appealing. They help your show stand out from your competitors. They are also very playful and unique. Catchy radio and talk show names talk to the target audience and capture the attention of potential listeners.

We suggest you start by analyzing the existing radio shows and talk shows in your niche. You continue by brainstorming fresh and attractive show names that will help you stand out in your category. In the end, you pick a modern name that represents your radio or talk show and can legally be used in your target market.

The process is the same - analyze existing radio shows and talk shows and create unique suggestions. After you have your list of ideas, make sure you check which ones are unique. Start by checking if there are already any radio shows or podcasts using the same name. You can use our radio and talk show name generator to create the best name ideas.

Compare your name to existing names in the market. Does it stand out? A catchy name should be different. Make sure you use alliterations, rhymes, and favorable word structures. This is the easiest way to make your name catchy and highly memorable. You can also gather feedback from potential customers to see if your radio or talk show name is catchy.

BBC World Service gets over 188 million weekly listeners, which makes it the most popular show in the world. American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest has an estimated 20 million listeners worldwide and is believed to be the most popular radio show in the United States.
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