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The Best Names for Recruitment Agencies

Many people find it hard to find the right job, and there are also plenty of businesses out there who need help bringing in the best talent to build their brands. Job and recruitment agencies help to solve these problems, matching workers with the ideal jobs to suit their needs, and helping businesses bolster their ranks with talented individuals.

Setting up a recruitment agency can be a challenge, and one of the key things you need to get right is the name. The best recruitment agency name ideas need to be bold, catchy, and memorable, giving off the best impression of your company and encouraging job-hunters and businesses to get in touch.

A lot of recruitment agency names revolve around words that are connected to the job market, such as job, role, talent, hire, and career, but there are plenty of other ways to name this kind of business and dozens of other effective words you can use to build great recruitment agency name ideas.

So, if you’re looking for help in naming your recruitment agency, read on. We’ll list some of our experts’ favorite recruitment agency name ideas, analyze existing recruitment agency names from the real world, and talk more about our super-useful tool: the recruitment agency name generator.

15 Professional Recruitment Agency Name Ideas

If you’re setting up a recruitment agency, you’ll want to try and pick a name that tells people that your brand is serious, professional, and ready to help. Here are some recruitment agency names that make use of powerful, effective, and highly professional key words.

  • Get it Right Recruitment    
  • The Perfect Fit    
  • Optimal Hires    
  • The Career Club   
  • Job Matchers   
  • The Accurate Recruitment Agency     
  • The Talent Pool     
  • Professional Placements   
  • SmartHire Services    
  • On-Demand Labor     
  • Rapid Talent     
  • The Job Board  
  • Dream Team Recruitment   
  • Right Find Recruitment 
  • The Right Path

Tips for Creating Professional Recruitment Agency Name Ideas

If you want to create recruitment agency name ideas that are professional and give off a positive impression of your business, you should try to keep them relatively short, simple, and informative. Include positive-sounding words, such as optimal, accurate, and smart to convey the kind of approach and philosophy your business has, and consider blending words together, like SmartHire or RightFit, to create a unique name that hasn’t already been taken.

15 Recruitment Agency Names for High-Level Recruiting 

There are certain recruitment agencies that have quite a general approach and help lots of different types of businesses find different kinds of workers. However, there are also some agencies that specialize in high-level recruitment, working with highly-talented candidates and very successful enterprises to fill the most prestigious positions. Here are some recruitment agency names for elite recruiting.

  • Top Talent Recruitment   
  • Elite Recruiting    
  • Pinnacle Recruitment   
  • Peak Careers  
  • Big Game Headhunters    
  • Higher Hires   
  • Peak Position Recruitment   
  • Exclusive Headhunters   
  • VIP Positions   
  • First Choice Recruitment 
  • Tiptop Talent   
  • Prime Candidates   
  • The Elite Talent Institute    
  • Trendsetter Recruitment  
  • Apex Recruiting

Tips for Creating Recruitment Agency Names for High-Level Recruiting 

When it comes to crafting recruitment agency names for top-level, elite recruiting, it’s all about the key words you use. You need to focus on words that people associate with excellence and high-end talent, including words such as apex, peak, pinnacle, exclusive, and elite. These kinds of key words will help to build the impression that your business is highly specialized and focused on only the best talents and most prestigious jobs.

15 Recruitment Agency Name Ideas Focused on Speed

Often, when people are looking for jobs or businesses want to find the right people to fill positions on their staff, they want the process to be over quickly and efficiently. Therefore, a good way to attract clients is to make use of recruitment agency business names that are focused on speed and success. Here are some examples.

  • Rapid Recruitment   
  • Speedy Hires    
  • The Efficient Recruitment Agency    
  • Hasty Headhunters    
  • Fast Find Hires    
  • Now Recruitment   
  • 1-Day Recruitment      
  • The Agile Recruitment Agency     
  • Dynamic Recruitment      
  • Swift Headhunters   
  • Accelerated Hiring  
  • Double Time Recruitment    
  • Pronto Jobs
  • Flash Recruitment
  • Snappy Job Services

Tips for Creating Recruitment Agency Name Ideas Focused on Speed

When it comes to creating recruitment agency name ideas that are all about speed, you should try to focus on short and simple names that are easy to say and remember. This will help to build brand recognition. It’s also important to include a key word that tells people how fast and efficient your business is. Words such as speedy, sprint, swift, rapid, and dynamic can all work well for these kinds of recruitment agency names. Try to type them into our recruitment agency name generator for extra ideas.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Headhunters
  • Career Appear
  • Head Start
  • Starting Stars
  • Clear Career
  • Career Club
  • Class To Career
  • Steer Career
  • Placement Pros
  • Right Recruiting
  • Recruit Right
  • Rapid Recruits
  • Recruitment Room
  • Recruit To Boot
  • Career Clear
  • Hired Hunters
  • Wire Hire
  • Truejobs
  • Rightjob
  • Realjob
  • Perfect Jobs
  • Jobs4You
  • Workstay
  • Workpower
  • Capital Labor
  • Central Labor
  • Labor Control
  • Country Labor
  • Recordjobs
  • JobHunt
  • Smartcareer
  • Smartjob
  • Smartoffice
  • Smartlabor
  • Readyjobs
  • Careertime
  • Labortime
  • Officerun
  • Findajob
  • Final Career
  • Retirejobs
  • Wish Careers
  • Scoutish
  • YESearch
  • WorkNet

The Best Real-World Recruitment Agency Names

If you need some inspiration to help you create recruitment agency name ideas, simply look into the real world at existing agencies. By examining the names of real-world businesses, you can gain insight into what kinds of naming strategies they used and see why their names have proven successful. Here are some super examples of real-life recruitment agency names.

Talent Place

How Talent Place Got Its Name
Talent Place is the name of a successful and highly-rated recruitment agency in Poland. The company mostly specializes in matching talented individuals with positions at finance and IT businesses.

Why Talent Place Is A Great Recruitment Agency Name
Talent Place is a clear example of a simple but highly effective recruitment agency name. In just two words, the name states very clearly what the company does, and anyone looking for talent should be able to find what they’re looking for at the “Talent Place”.


How Hired Got Its Name
Hired is one of the biggest online recruitment firms, using AI technology to match tech and sales talents with companies around the globe.

Why Hired Is A Great Recruitment Agency Name
Hired shows that one-word business names work nicely in the world of recruitment and headhunting. Every job-hunter wants to hear that they’ve been hired, and every company wants to be able to find the right talent and tell them that they’re “Hired” too, so the name of this business is highly relevant and evocative.


How Experteer Got Its Name
Experteer is the name of a headhunter network and recruitment agency specializing in executive jobs across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Why Experteer Is A Great Recruitment Agency Name
Experteer is an original and creative name, created by taking the word “Expert” and adding the suffix -eer, giving it a similar sound to words like pioneer or career. This gives the company a fun and inventive name, while also informing people that it specializes in expert-level jobs.

Most Successful Recruitment Agency Names

Most Successful Recruitment Agency Names


How Manpower Got Its Name
Manpower is one of the best and most historic recruiting companies in the US, having been founded way back in 1948. The company’s name reflects how it aims to provide labor, or manpower, to businesses across different industries.

Why Manpower Is A Great Recruitment Agency Name
Like Hired and Experteer, Manpower is a one-word business name that has a lot of power and impact. It instantly tells people what they need to know about the company and evokes a sense of authority, suggesting that this is the No. 1 place to go when you need labor and workers.

A-1 Careers

How A-1 Careers Got Its Name
A-1 Careers is a Colorado-based recruitment firm, founded in 2000. The company’s name was chosen to reflect its high standards of services and its focus on helping top talent get into the best careers.

Why A-1 Careers Is A Great Recruitment Agency Name
A-1 Careers is a really simple and bold recruitment agency name. The founders simply took the word “Careers” and added a descriptor. Another advantage of this name is that it will appear near the top of the list in alphabetic indexes of recruitment companies, which is one reason why many savvy entrepreneurs choose to use the letter A for their business names.


How StaffingPartner Got Its Name
StaffingPartner is one of the top-rated recruitment companies specializing in recruiting software engineers all over the world. The company’s name was chosen to suggest that it can be the best partner for any business in search of staff.

Why StaffingPartner Is A Great Recruitment Agency Name
StaffingPartner is another excellent recruitment agency name that is short, easy to remember, and very clear. It doesn’t include any vague or complicated words, which helps the company give off a positive and efficient first impression.

Tips for Creating Your Own Recruitment Agency Name

Keep it Simple

One of the things that you may have noticed when looking at real-world recruitment agency names is that a lot of the best and biggest brands in this industry tend to have quite simple names. Names like Hired, Manpower, and StaffingPartner work well in this industry, because people tend to be drawn to businesses that are clear, honest, and up-front about what they do. There’s no need to get too complicated or to create a name that is too long, so try to keep your chosen name as short and efficient as possible.

Use Powerful Key Words

Another lesson we can learn for naming recruitment businesses is the importance of key words. Key words are important in any industry, but in the world of job-hunting and talent-finding, they’re particularly powerful. Try to include at least one major key word in your business name, which could be something to do with speed and efficiency, like swift, dynamic, and rapid, or something connected with your high-end services, like elite, peak, or optimum.

Focus on Whatever Makes You Special

The world of recruitment agencies is quite a crowded and competitive place, and there are lots of different agencies for businesses and job-hunters to choose from. In order to stand out from that crowd and give your business the best chance of success, it helps to pick a name that tells people what you do best. Maybe you focus on trying to provide the friendliest and most helpful service, for example, or maybe you specialize in a particular field, like software developer recruitment. Either way, identify your business’ specialty and highlight it in your name.

Check It Hasn’t Been Taken

Even if you think you’ve found the perfect recruitment agency business name, you shouldn’t make it official right away. First, you need to check that it hasn’t been taken already by another business. After all, there are lots of recruitment firms and headhunter agencies out there. So, before you claim your name, check online to see if it doesn’t already exist elsewhere. If another recruitment agency already has the same name, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board and find another one.

Use the Recruitment Agency Business Name Generator

If you’re looking for a helping hand with creating great business names, you can make use of our very own recruitment agency business name generator. The BizNameWiz recruitment agency business name generator is a free and easy-to-use tool that can generate countless name ideas for you in a matter of seconds. To use the recruitment agency business name generator, just think of a word connected to your company, like careers, talent, or headhunter, and then type it in.


Naming a recruitment agency isn’t always easy, but we hope that this guide has provided you with some tips and insight to make the process a lot simpler and help you hone in on the ideal name. Remember to use the recruitment agency business name generator too if you need some extra assistance and ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are plenty of terrific names for recruitment agencies that have already been taken, like Hired, Manpower, and StaffingPartner. There are also some great name ideas you may still be able to claim, such as Peak Careers and SmartHire Services.

When naming a recruitment agency, it's best to use simple, powerful key words and short, honest names. Don't be too vague or complicated. Simply tell people what you do in as few words as possible.

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