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The Best Renovations Business Names

Starting a renovation business is one of the emerging trends in the housing market. However, one of the challenges of starting a remodeling business is coming up with a catchy name. Fortunately, there’s BizNameWiz, a free renovations business name generator tool that you can use to churn up thousands of name suggestions in an instant. 

BizNameWiz is a name generator tool that’s easy to use and produces helpful name suggestions based on your targeted keywords. Moreover, this tool is easy to navigate and accessible to everyone.

If you still want more information on how to create a list of renovations business names, here’s a valuable guide:

15 Awesome Renovations Business Name Ideas For Your Renovations Designer

Most renovations projects start with the designer. They are the ones who put the homeowner or property owner’s renovation ideas into a concrete plan. Furthermore, they also add in the necessary details and figure out how to implement the suggestions of their clients. 

Below are some renovations business name suggestions that you can draw inspiration from:

  • Reno Touch
  • Urban Renovations
  • Glow Up Homes
  • Renew Renovations
  • Sketch & Remodel
  • Simple Touches
  • Home Refresh
  • Renewed Houses
  • Brighter Walls
  • Home Upgrades
  • Renovation Bros
  • Van Gogh Renovations
  • Artistic Reno
  • Remodel Now
  •  Better Offices

Things To Consider When Creating Renovations Business Name Ideas For Renovations Designer

As a renovations designer, your primary focus is to improve a property’s aesthetics and overall functionality. Hence, you need a business name that exudes these functions and your company’s main value propositions. You can use a renovations business name generator from BizNameWiz to get more company name ideas. 

15 Astonishing Renovations Business Names For Renovations Contractor

Construction contractors are integral in the renovations industry. After all, they have skillful workers who can turn every project into reality. Not only that, but they also provide materials and equipment and materials. Because of its multi-faceted nature, naming renovations contractor business can be pretty tricky.  

If you are a renovations contractor who is still thinking of a name for your business, here are a few suggestions:

  • Quick Fixes
  • ABC Builders
  • Neopolitan Renovators
  • The Carpenters
  • We Fix Houses
  • Improve Your Home
  • Property Rehab
  • Modern Reno Nevada
  • Refurb Ur Home
  • Property Recondition
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Home Touch Up
  • Enhance Your Home
  • Renovmatic
  • Doctor House

Tips for Creating Renovations Business Name Ideas For Renovations Contractor

Focus on the services and products you can provide!

When generating business names for your renovations contractor firm, it should focus on all the services and products you can provide. Aside from the workforce, you should also consider your materials’ wide variety and designs. 

15 Genius Renovations Business Name Ideas For Renovations Supplier

Remodeling a house requires unique materials that aren’t usually sold in your hardware shops. Hence, supplying renovation materials and other equipment for this project can be lucrative. 

Here are a few renovations supplier business names that you might want to consider for your firm:

  • Remodeling Supply Center
  • Mister House
  • My Home 
  • Blue House Renovations
  • Renewvation
  • Elevate & Renovate 
  • Sky Innovations
  • Amazing Decors
  • Glow Up Remodelling
  • New Horizon Suppliers
  • Homeworks Remodelling
  • Remodeling Hardware
  • Better Touch Remodeling
  • Renovation Hardware
  • Home Improvement Center

Recommendations For Producing Relevant Renovations Name Ideas for Renovations Supplier

Renovations suppliers can specialize in selling materials and equipment specifically for home and office remodeling. Thus, it’s crucial to differentiate your firm from other hardware shops that offer almost identical products. Furthermore, you should utilize a renovations business name generator if you want to lessen your work. 

15 Mind-Blowing Renovations Business Name Ideas for Renovations Specialist

Some renovation projects require more workforce or sophisticated equipment. Fortunately, renovations specialists are there to cater to these kinds of tasks. Renovations specialists have the right tools and knowledge for projects that ordinary contractors can’t handle. 

For those who want to enter this category in the renovations market, here are a few  business names you may want to look into:

  • Reno Specialist
  • TopCraft Remodelling
  • Cali’s Pro Renovators
  • Majestic Renovations
  • Level Up Builders
  • 360 Renovation Company
  • Inspired Renovations
  • HexaBuild
  • Gran To Reno
  • Reno City
  • Deco Renovations
  • Renomorphous
  • Wise Remodeling
  • Future Concepts Design
  • La Reno Designs

Advice For Devising Renovations Business Name Ideas for Renovations Specialist

When naming renovations businesses specializing in unique projects, try keeping it short and meaningful. You also have to include “remodeling” or “renovations” for people to know the service you are offering. If you specialize in a specific part of the house, you can also specify it in your business name. 

Try keeping it short and meaningful!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Renew Reno
  • Fresh Starts
  • Fresh Start Reno
  • Refreshed Repairs
  • Reno Pros
  • Reno Ready
  • Ready Reno
  • Fresh Paint
  • Fresh Home
  • New Home Help
  • Former Frames
  • Steps To New
  • New Nest
  • Newly Nested
  • Clean Up Crew
  • Fresh Paint
  • New Wall
  • Fifth Wall
  • Walles Brothers
  • Renovate Me
  • New House
  • Ideal House
  • Sweet Home
  • Blue House
  • House Repair
  • RenovateX
  • Fast Renovate
  • Perfect Renovate
  • Ideal Renovate
  • Easy Renovate
  • Break Wall
  • Broken House
  • Renovately
  • Renovatic
  • Renovaq
  • Your Palace
  • Your Vault
  • MyHome
  • Innovate
  • House Modernize
  • TigeRenovation
  • SupeRenovation
  • Mr. House
  • Doctor House
  • Renovate Lab

Best Real-World Renovations Business Names

Granite & TREND Transformations

How Granite & TREND Transformations Got Its Name
This international company was founded in 1996 and had a presence in more than 50 countries. They specialize in using environmentally friendly practices that involve little to no demolition. The company got its name after one of the most common construction materials– granite.

Why Granite & TREND Transformations Is A Great Renovations Business Name
Granite & TREND Transformations is a great business name because it’s simple yet enticing. Granite is one of the most versatile materials for construction projects and is even used in countertops. The word “transformations” is what renovations are all about.

Contractors Inc

How Contractors Inc Got Its Name
This Memphis-based home improvement company has been around since 1999. Since then, they have grown to over 16 locations in the U.S. and have finished more than 57,000 projects. They specialize both in exterior and interior remodeling. The firm’s name is self-explanatory yet effective at telling clients what they stand for.

Why Contractors Inc Is A Great Renovations Business Name
Often, keeping it short and simple is the best approach to naming a business. Contractors Inc followed this principle and decided to use a general term in the construction industry. The abbreviation of incorporated or inc is enough to distinguish itself from other companies offering the same service.


How Belfor Got Its Name
Belfor Property Restoration has been doing business in the U.S. since 1999 and is now one of the most recognized renovations companies globally. They specialize in disaster and emergency restorations for any type of property. Belfor is a surname that originated from the Picts, an old Scottish tribe.

Why Belfor Is A Great Renovations Business Name
Belfor is an incredible business name because it’s short and easy to pronounce. It also sounds foreign, making it easier to be remembered for its unique sound and spelling. Moreover, the name also has some hint of nobility in it. Additionally, you can utilize the BizNameWiz renovations business name generator if you want to generate more company name ideas.

Most Successful Renovations Business Names

Mr. Handyman

How Mr. Handyman Hot Got Its Name
Mr. Handyman is one of the most recognized renovation brands in the U.S. and Canada. They have over 200 locations in these two countries and have served over one million customers. The brand name relates to doing minor renovations and domestic repairs.

Why Mr. Handyman Is A Great Renovations Business Name
Although its brand name is simple, it works when expanding to new markets worldwide. The term “handyman” is also associated with professionals who fix or improve parts of your home or property.


How Re-Bath Hot Got Its Name
Re-Bath is one of the pioneering renovations companies that initially catered to the hospitality industry. It was established in 1978 and has since spread to over 100 locations alone in the U.S. and Canada. They specialized in remodeling bathrooms, hence the name.

Why Re-Bath Is A Great Renovations Business Name
Re-Bath is one of the best renovations business names on our list because it’s simple and states the company’s specialty. Furthermore, instead of choosing a name that covers the general services involved in renovations, they choose the segment regarded as experts.

Power Home

How Power Home Got Its Name
Power Home Remodelling Group, LLC specializes in outdoor renovation projects and has been around for over 30 years. They serve residential and commercial properties across more than 20 states in the U.S. The company’s founders envisioned giving property owners more power and control over what their place would look like.

Why Power Home Is A Great Renovations Business Name
The owner of this business thought of the company’s name thoroughly. It uses simple terms that everyone knows about. It works perfectly well with what the company offers because the name follows its commitment to helping its customers upgrade their property. If you want to come up with more company names, you may use the BizNameWiz renovations business name generator.

Tips For Creating Your Renovations Business Name 

Use Terms Commonly Used In The Construction Industry

It’s essential to know how your customers search for your service and the channels they use. When people want to renovate their property, they use construction-related words to search online or on yellow pages. Some of the simple words they could use are “remodeling” and “redecorate.”  

Meanwhile, some homeowners may search for renovation services using terms relating to professionals involved in this line of work. Hence, they may type in “contractors” or “handyman” on their favorite browsers. Overall, you want your company name to include these words for you to be searched more easily by your customers.

Specify The Type of Product Or Service You Offer

The renovations industry is multifaceted, so numerous integrated clogs make the machine. Some contractors provide the expertise and workforce. Then, there are also designers and architects you can consult about design issues and the feasibility of a project. 

Try Adding Your Family Name Into The Business Name

This naming strategy may not work for everyone, but you can expect great success for your business when it does. The truth is that people tend to gravitate to brands where the owners swear to the quality of their product or service. Adding your surname to the business name is synonymous with ensuring your customers that you are willing to bet your reputation.

Add family name into the business name!

Limit The Number of Words And Syllables You Use

Try to keep your renovations company’s name to three-syllable sentences or less. The easier it is to read and remember a brand name, the shorter it is. As a result, even if it’s been a few days or weeks since they last saw your store or product, your customers will be able to recollect it.

Furthermore, because quick recall needs simplicity, the store name should ideally be no more than three words long. Make a person’s name as short and distinct as feasible if you intend to add it to a store name.

Use The BizNameWiz Renovations Business Name Generator

It can be hard to come up with relevant renovations business name concepts. Use our renovations business name generator if you need help or speed up the process. The BizNameWiz tool can produce hundreds of name suggestions in a matter of seconds. This move saves you both time and money as you won’t need to hire a consultant. 

Simply type one or more words into the provided box, such as “refurbishment” or “home rehabilitation,” and click the button to generate a name for a renovation company.


It’s not always easy to develop unique renovations business name suggestions. However, we are confident that you are already halfway there if you follow the advice above. You can also use the BizNameWiz renovations business name generator to help you create a name for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choose words commonly used in the sector and industry where you belong. If you are offering a specific service, product, or solution, you may also want to include that in your business name. Meanwhile, you should choose words that are short, easy to pronounce, and have excellent recall among your customers.

You can use plenty of approaches to create a list of business name ideas for your corporation. You can look for inspiration on existing renovations companies and read about how they adopted their current names.

BizNameWiz is an entirely free tool for generating renovations business names. You do not need to pay a single penny to use it. Simply enter the keywords related to your renovations business, click Generate, and the software will do the rest.




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