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The Best Salon Business Names

Beauty salons will always be popular, as people love to look their best and pamper themselves with salon services like Salon styling, manicures, and makeovers. However, there’s a lot of competition in the salon world, and you need to create great salon business name ideas to succeed.

If you’re looking for the best salon business names, this is the place to be, and you can use the BizNameWiz salon business name generator to get started. Our salon business name generator can provide you with hundreds of salon business name ideas in a matter of seconds.

This guide will also go over some of our favorite salon business names in various styles and categories, as well as look at some of the best real-world salon business names to inspire you. Read on for all the salon business name ideas you need.

15 Catchy Salon Business Name Ideas

Giving your salon a catchy name can really help it to stand out. Catchy salon business names often include powerful words that are associated with the salon and beauty industries. Here are some examples of catchy salon business names to get you started.

Give your salon a catchy name!
  • True Beauty 
  • Your Best Self 
  • The Style House 
  • The Beauty Co. 
  • Sweet Dreams Salon 
  • Good Lookin’ Salon 
  • Beauty Makers 
  • Trend Setters 
  • Style Lovers
  • Street Style Salon 
  • Indulgent Beauty 
  • The Beauty Haven 
  • The Glam House 
  • The Relaxing Salon
  • Calming Beauty

Tips for Creating Catchy Salon Business Name Ideas

If you want to create catchy, engaging salon business name ideas, it’s a good idea to make use of powerful key words, such as beauty, beautiful, pretty, glam, trend, style, and so on. Verbs like relaxing, indulging, and calming can also work nicely and get people in the mood to indulge in their favorite beauty treatments.

15 Salon Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

Whenever you’re creating business names of any kind, including salon business names, it can be very effective to use words that rhyme or sound similar. Rhyming and alliteration can help to make names sound more beautiful, as well as making them easier to remember and great for marketing purposes, too. Here are some of our favorites for the salon industry.

  • Sweet Style 
  • Sexy Style 
  • Wham Glam 
  • The Hot Spot 
  • The Love Lock 
  • Love Your Look 
  • Luxe Looks 
  • Brilliant Beauty 
  • Happy Hair 
  • Serenity Salon 
  • The Secret Salon
  • Hot Hair
  • Beautiful Bodies 
  • Lovely Lather
  • Hair Repairs

Tips for Creating Salon Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

It’s not too difficult to come up with salon business name ideas that feature rhyming or alliteration. All you have to do is think of some key words that you’d like to include in your business name that express your salon’s values or services. Then, try to think of words that start with the same letter or sound similar and build your salon business names from there. You can also use our salon business name generator for even more ideas and inspiration.

15 Unique and Original Salon Business Name Ideas

Since the salon industry can be quite competitive, sometimes with several salons all on the same street, you need to be creative and original if you want to help your business stand out. Here are some out-of-the-box ideas you might like to consider for your salon.

  • The Upper Cut Salon 
  • Keeping It Cute 
  • The Prettiest You 
  • The Wow Factor
  • Snappy Snips Salon 
  • A New You 
  • Watch Her Go 
  • Girltalk 
  • LuxeStyle 
  • Beautify 
  • The Curl 
  • Haircraft 
  • Standout Salon 
  • Red Carpet Look 
  • Priceless Beauty

Tips for Creating Unique and Original Salon Business Name Ideas

If you want to really stand out from the crowd with your salon business name ideas, you’ll need to get creative. Don’t simply stick with the most common words that many other salons tend to use; think differently and find words that are a little more obscure or unique, but still have strong associations with the beauty industry.

Get creative to standout!

Some more name ideas for you:

  • Better Bubbles
  • Salon De Style
  • Style Salon
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Luxurious Lather
  • Best Bubbles
  • Bubbles
  • Lather
  • Lather Lover
  • Salon Solutions
  • Savored Salon
  • Salon Don
  • Om Salon
  • Salon Solitude
  • Serenity Salon
  • The Hot Spot
  • Babe Salon
  • Upper Cuts Salon
  • Essentials Salon
  • Lovely Salon
  • Cute Stuff Salon
  • Luxury Life Salon
  • Keep It Cute Salon
  • Baddie Salon
  • Sassy Life Salon
  • Love Live Salon
  • Snip Salon
  • Salon De Snips
  • Sunshine Salon
  • Sunny Side Salon
  • Beauty Land
  • Pamper and Shine
  • Cuts and Nails
  • Style Paradise
  • Treat Yourself
  • Unique Style
  • The Only Salon
  • Your Style Spa
  • A Cut Above
  • Fine Inch Nails
  • Love Your Hair
  • Beauty Cares
  • Dreams Cut True
  • Red Carpet Cuts
  • Sass and Class

The Best Real-World Salon Business Names

Best Real-World Salon Business Names

If you want some extra inspiration when creating salon business name ideas, it’s a good idea to take a look at some real-world salons and think about what names they’ve chosen to use and why those names work so well. Here are some of our favorite salon business names from real, established businesses.

Dollyrockers Salon & Boutique

How Dollyrockers Salon & Boutique Got Its Name

Dollyrockers Salon & Boutique is the name of one of the best hair and beauty salons in Arizona. The name was chosen to reflect the rock ‘n’ roll style of this salon.

Why Dollyrockers Salon & Boutique Is A Great Salon Business Name

Dollyrockers is a really fun and vibrant name for a salon. It’s different to many of the typical salon names that you might see while walking along the street, and it suggests that this is a good place to go if you want a rock-style cut or a fresh style that can really change the way you look and feel.

Fringe Hair Art

How Fringe Hair Art Got Its Name

Fringe Hair Art is the name of a hair salon based in Maine. The name was chosen to express the salon’s view that a great hairstyle is akin to a beautiful work of art.

Why Fringe Hair Art Is A Great Salon Business Name

Fringe Hair Art is a sleek and stylish salon name that is easy to remember and instantly evokes a certain sense of class and refinement. The use of the word “Art” is very effective in giving this salon a more upper-class feel, so it will definitely appeal to people who want to have the best possible hairstyle.

The Beauty Room 

How The Beauty Room Got Its Name 

The Beauty Room is the name of a salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The name of this salon expresses that it’s all about beauty and helping people look their best.

Why The Beauty Room Is A Great Salon Business Name

The Beauty Room shows that simple, clear salon names can work really well. It shows that you don’t need to get too complicated or use too many words in your salon names. This name is direct, honest, and authentic, instantly inspiring trust and confidence in customers.

Most Successful Salon Business Names

Most Successful Salon Business Names


How Supercuts Got Its Name

Supercuts is a huge salon franchise with over 2,400 locations in the US. It was founded in California in the 1970s.

Why Supercuts Is A Great Salon Business Name

Supercuts shows that short, simple salon names can be very effective. The founders of the brand combined the words “Super” and “Haircut” into one simple brand name, creating a memorable and iconic name that everyone can recognize.

Sassoon Salon

How Sassoon Salon Got Its Name

Sassoon Salon is a British salon chain that was named after Vidal Sassoon, one of the most celebrated hairstylists of the 20th century.

Why Sassoon Salon Is A Great Salon Business Name

Sassoon Salon works well as a salon business name because the “Sassoon” name is interesting and exotic, as well as being a trusted name in the salon world. The name also features alliteration, which makes it easy to remember and pleasant to say out loud.

Miss Fox

How Miss Fox Got Its Name

Miss Fox is the name of a multi-award-winning salon based in Melbourne, Australia. The salon has been repeatedly ranked as one of the best in the world and was named after its owner, Victoria Fox.

Why Miss Fox Is A Great Salon Business Name

Miss Fox is a classy and elegant name that works really well for the world of salons and beauty, as the word “Fox” is linked to “Foxy”, meaning sexy or beautiful. It also shows that using your own name as part of your salon’s name can be a good technique.

Tips for Creating Your Own Salon Business Name

Make it Beautiful

If you’re in the salon business, then a big part of your work is focused on helping people look beautiful and feel their best. Beauty is an integral aspect of this industry, and it needs to extend to every aspect of your business, including your salon’s name. The best salons have beautiful names that are pleasant to say and hear. These names are very effective at drawing people in and helping your business grow, too. So try to use pretty and poetic words to help your salon stand out.

Make it Beautiful!

Think About Your Audience

It’s also a good idea to think carefully about your audience when you’re coming up with salon business name ideas and try to think of names that will appeal to your target customers and draw them in. For example, if one of the main aims of your business is to offer cheap, simple, good value haircuts and services, using words like budget, value, and affordable in your name can work well. If, however, you’re aiming at a more high-end audience, words like sleek, refined, sophisticated, and elegant may be more useful for your salon business name.

Consider the Competition

As stated earlier on, the salon industry is a highly competitive one. There are a lot of salons out there, with more and more opening up all the time. In order to compete with the others and stand out from the crowd to draw in more customers, you need a great name, and you need to not simply blend in with other businesses in the area. You should therefore take a look at local salon names in the place where you plan to open your business and try to avoid using names that sound too similar to others.

Check Availability

It’s always important to check and see if the business names that you want to use are actually available, and this is especially relevant in the salon industry because there are simply so many salons out there and so many people might have had similar business name ideas to you in the past. So, before you start setting up your new salon and creating your website, do a little research and check that the name you want to use is actually available to claim.

Use the Salon Business Name Generator

It can be hard to come up with salon business name ideas all by yourself. That’s where the salon business name generator comes into play. What is the salon business name generator? Well, our generator is a simple tool that can create hundreds or even thousands of name ideas for you in a matter of seconds. All you have to do to use the salon business name generator is think of one or more words that sum up your business, type them into the box, and press the Generate button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are lots of ways to go about picking a salon name for your business. A good method is to write down lots of key words and phrases that sum up what your business is all about, expressing your values, your philosophy, the kinds of services you offer, and so on. Then, you can use those words to build names or enter them into our salon business name generator for more ideas.

There are countless great salon names out there. You can look at real-world examples of this, like Miss Fox, The Beauty Room, Supercuts, and Fringe Hair Art. Or you can take a look through our lists of salon ideas, like True Beauty and The Style House.

Absolutely, our salon business name generator tool is 100% free to use for everyone. It's also super simple to use; just type one or more words into the box provided and then click on the Generate button to get going.


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