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Naming your Salon

We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Salon names. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Salon name generator to help find more ideas. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Craig

Better Bubbles

Salon De Style

Style Salon

Bubble Trouble

Luxurious Lather

Best Bubbles



Lather Lover

Salon Solutions

Savored Salon

Sophisticated Salon

Salon Don

Om Salon

Salon Solitude

Serenity Salon

Snip Salon

Salon De Snips

Sunshine Salon

Sunny Side Salon

Sunny Street Salon

Style Street Salon

Sanctuary Salon

Best Cuts Salon

Simple Style Salon

Simplicity Salon

Pure Indulgence

Indulgence Salon

Secret Salon

Solo Salon

Shampoo For You


Lovely Lather

Love And Lather

Love And Bubbles

Bubbles Of Love

Wishful Wash

Wash Away Salon

Renewed Salon

Glamour Goddess

Goodness Glamour

Glamour Salon

Happy Hair Salon

Beautiful Bodies Salon

Born To Be Beautiful

Luscious Locks

Luxurious Locks

Terrific Tresses

Hair Repair

Hair Doctor

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Kate

The Hot Spot

Babe Salon

Clippers And Cutters

Upper Cuts Salon

The Barbie Boutique

Pretty Girlz Rock Salon

Natural Girls Boutique

Essentials Salon

Lovely Salon

Cute Stuff Salon

Luxury Life Salon

Keep It Cute Salon

Baddie Salon

Sassy Life Salon

The Sweet Life Boutique

Darling Roots Salon

True Colors Boutique

Love Live Salon

Winners Circle Salon

Girltalk Salon

Your Cut Salon

A New You Boutique

Styles Salon

The Love Look Salon

Lush Locs Salon

Glitter Pop Salon

Pretty Her Salon

Little Sweets Salon

Angel Hair Salon

The Closeup Salon

Loveable Locks Salon

Look At Her

Queen Cuts

The Queendom Salon

Loveher Hair Salon

Charms Salon

Darling You Salon

Girlfriendz Salon


The Babe Spot

Money Bag Salon

Diamond Hair Boutique

Simply You Salon

Bad Girl Barbers

Looklive Salon

Fine Wine Salon

The Money Shot Salon


The Sweet Touch Salon

Divine Looks Salon

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BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Marcus

Your Beautiful Self

Beauty Land

Pamper and Shine

Cuts and Nails

Style Paradise

Treat Yourself

The Indulgence Palace

Your Wish Our Command

The Price of Beauty

Unique Style

The Only Salon

Your Style Spa

Looking Great Feeling Great

A Cut Above

Fine Inch Nails

Love Your Hair

Beauty Cares

Dreams Cut True

Red Carpet Cuts

Sass and Class

Highlight Your Style

Fringe Benefits

Hair Is Art


The Hair Doctors

Long Hair We Care

Bombshell Shelter

Hair Studio

The Craft of Hair

Lock & Curl

Cut or Dye

Curls for Days

Cutting the Dream

From Scissors with Love

Chic Palace

Makeover Paradise

Lavish Hair

The Spiritual Salon

Shine Through

Glowing Hair Mansion

The Hair Switch Project

Short Hair Don’t Care

Clip it Love it

Crave your look

Own your Style

Stand from the Crowd

Turning Looks with Locks

Lucy in the Sky with Highlights

The Shining Goddess

The Beauty Studio

BizNameWiz Writer

Ideas from Sandra

Clips N Cutz




Hair Republic

Bella Chick

Hot Chic

Cool Colors

Braids And Strands


Style Showcase

Style Emporium


Little Castle

Makeover Plaza

Makeover Palace


Primed Up

The Hair Place

Pixie’S Place

Barbie’S Salon

Cool Cutz

Hair O’Clock


Hair Park



Salacious Palace

Blonde Studio

Comb Blonde

Masterwork Hair Place

Hot Comb

Cool Chic

Tresses Place

Ponytail City

Color Blonde

Just Curls


Hair Witch

Beauty Palace

Tousled Up

Beauty Edge

Hair Max

Just Braids


Unique Style Place

Hair Bun


Chic Curls


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