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The Ultimate Guide To Coming Up With A Catchy Social Media Name

Starting a social media page can be a lot of fun and it can even turn into a lucrative business opportunity. Depending on the platform you choose, you can monetize the traffic that you get on your content, earn money by sharing sponsored posts with products of other people, or sell your own products.

Some businesses pay up to $3000 for a single post for social media accounts that have the highest engagement and following in their niche. YouTubers earn an average of $4 for every thousand views which can easily go up to millions for influencers who are actively creating new content and growing their subscriber base. If your niche is too small or too competitive for you to build up a strong follower base, you can still market your own ebooks, courses, or physical products to a smaller but more loyal audience.

It may take some time for you to make your social media business profitable but if you’re in it for the long run and you’re willing to learn, you can make it. However, there’s one thing that you need to nail right in the beginning: your social media page name.

Don’t worry, we’ve created the Social Media Name Generator to do the job for you! You can enter a few keywords that come to your mind about your potential social media business name and find thousands of social media name ideas in the generator. If you’re looking for a bit more advice on how to name your social media company, read on to find some sound advice from our branding experts.

The Best Social Media Page Names

The options for choosing a topic for your new social media page are virtually endless. Whether you have an existing business with a seasoned content creator team or you just want to set up a blog for your mom’s gardening tips, there’s a place for your creativity in the vast ocean of social media feeds.

The right social media page name will largely depend on the niche that you’re in so we’ve gathered the best social media company names for you in each vertical. Get inspired by these catchy social media names or use our Social Media Name Generator to create your own.

15 Creative Names For Hobby Social Media Pages

Some of the most brilliant Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook page name ideas on the internet came from someone who wanted to share their talent in their free time. Whether you do gardening, baking, or DIY crafts as a hobby or as a full-time occupation, your page name will be key to attracting your first followers. Let’s look at some social media name ideas for each.

Names For Gardening Social Media Pages

  • Eve’s Garden
  • DigIn
  • The Herbivore
  • Plantiful
  • My Little Garden

Cooking & Baking Social Media Page Names

  • Sugar And Spice
  • Batter Every Day
  • Bake It Till You Make It
  • The Lazy Chef
  • Cooking Mania

Crafty Social Media Page Names

  • UDoIt
  • Creative Mornings
  • Live Love Create
  • The Craft Binger
  • DIYdias

Tips For Naming Your Hobby Social Media Page

If you’re starting a new social media page for a hobby, it needs to immediately convey what you do so that people know why they should follow you. It takes a split second for someone to decide whether or not to hit that follow button on your page so it needs to be crystal clear what the focus of your content is.

The challenging part is that besides keeping it short and simple, you also need a name that no one is using yet and that won’t be easily confused with another account. It will take a lot of brainstorming but hey — that’s what the Social Media Name Generator is for! It won’t just give you amazing social media name ideas but also show you which ones are still available as a domain to go with it.

15 Effective Social Media Page Names In Business

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need an expensive degree to start a business because there’s plenty of useful information available online to learn from. Entrepreneurs who start unconventional businesses like a startup or a social media content business will benefit from social media accounts with free resources or business motivation that will help them keep up the grind. Here are some ideas for your business social media page.

Social Media Pages About Content Marketing

  • InstaSavvy
  • Content King
  • Follower Magnet
  • Daily Growth Tactics
  • Social Booster

Social Media Page Names For Startup News

  • GetFunded
  • Pivot Master
  • Startuppers Hub
  • Startup Daily
  • Ready4Traction

Social Media Page Names For Business Motivation

  • 5AM Club
  • Billionaire Mindset
  • Always Close
  • The Boss Journal
  • Success Quotes

Tips For Naming Your Social Media Page In Business

When you’re listing down business-related social media name ideas, think about what your followers are looking for. Do they stick around for quick tips and quotes to keep them motivated? Or maybe they want to be the first to know about the in-depth news on industry trends? Try to capture the essence of your feed in one to two words and feel free to play around with creative portmanteau words (blending two words together into one).

15 Cool Social Media Page Names For Content Creators

You don’t necessarily have to be an expert at anything to be a social media influencer. You can create essays or reviews about your favorite movies, songs, or books and simply share your personal opinion about them. If you’re a traveler or a socialite who spends a lot of time exploring new spots in the city, you can share your experience with the world on social media.

Besides, anything you’ve figured out once (using a new feature of a software or installing a home appliance) can be valuable information for others who want to do the same in the form of tutorials. Here are some creative social media name ideas you can use as a content creator in these niches.

Social Media Page Names For Movie, Music, Or Book Reviews

  • Page Turner
  • Binge King
  • OnToday
  • The Everything Critic
  • Alternate Endings

Social Media Page Names For Travel Bloggers

  • Wonders Of The World
  • Jay’s Diary
  • One Way Ticket
  • The Backpacker Blogger
  • Plane Hopper

Social Media Page Names For Tutorials

  • HowToTuts
  • Simple Things
  • InstallMonkey
  • Learn Anything
  • Tutorials For Dummies

Tips For Naming Your Social Media Page As A Content Creator

As a social media content creator, you decide how much you want to be the center of attention. Some of these social media name ideas are about the content you’ll find on the page, some are a witty description of the person sharing that content, others are a kind of premise that the social media account is built around. Each of these three approaches can work so make sure you list as many ideas as you can and go for the one that clicks the most with the people you’ll be engaging with.

The Best Real Social Media Page Names

When you’re considering social media company names, you’re not just setting up an account but you’re establishing a brand. In order to build up a strong brand recognition over time and get people to recommend your page or channel by word-of-mouth, you need to go for a brand name that’s simple and memorable. In other words, something that makes you immediately think “I get it!” Here are some brilliant social media name ideas from real accounts that have nailed it.

5-Minute Crafts

How 5-Minute Crafts Got Its Name

5-Minute Crafts is a DIY style content channel with craftwork tutorials, life hacks, home science tricks, and organization advice. In 2021, it became the 11th most-subscribed channel on YouTube with the highest-performing YouTube Short ever made. Their name refers to the short DIY techniques in their videos that you can do in under five minutes.

Why 5-Minute Crafts Is A Great Social Media Name

5-Minute Crafts has managed to stand out from the ocean of DIY content by focusing on a key need of its audience: to be able to do something creative in a short amount of time. People who watch their videos do craftwork as a hobby or relaxation and don’t want to invest much time or buy expensive gear to have fun at home with creative activities. The name 5-Minute Crafts responds to that simplicity.

Big City Gardener

How Big City Gardener Got Its Name

Big City Gardener is a gardening blog created by Timothy Hammond that has close to 80,000 followers on Instagram. Timothy’s mission is to make the world a greener place and he helps urban gardeners grow plants in big cities, which is what the name refers to.

Why Big City Gardener Is A Great Social Media Name

Timothy has tapped into a growing niche (pun intended) by choosing urban plant lovers as his target audience. Someone who wants to nurture home plants in a big city needs very different advice than someone in the suburbs with an open-air garden.

However, metropolitan residents increasingly feel the need to bring a piece of nature into their home, whether they live in a tiny studio apartment with limited natural light or in a penthouse with a large rooftop terrace. By addressing his niche directly, Timothy managed to attract loyal followers who wouldn’t be interested in general gardening channels.


How 6amSuccess Got Its Name

6amSuccess is a success motivation channel that has 2.4 million followers on Instagram. They’ve gained extreme popularity with their simple inspirational quotes and imagery that speak to a broad audience of entrepreneurs and people with high ambitions. Their name refers to the premise that early bird gets the worm and that waking up early and working hard on your dream is the way to reaching your dreams.

Why 6amSuccess Is A Great Social Media Name

Motivational quotes are one of the most shared, hence the most competitive content on social media. Yet, 6amSuccess managed to stand out from the crowd with a name that captures what it’s about in 10 characters.

The creators of the channel picked a characteristic that’s common in almost all high achievers (waking up early) that can also be conveyed very easily (by 6am). The second half of their name (success) is a more telegraphic description of what the channel is about that’s highly effective for searchability (aka people typing in “success” in the search bar of social media channels). By using the phrase as one word and capitalizing the second word, they’ve made 6amSuccess a strong brand name that’s easily recognizable.

Beautiful Destinations

How Beautiful Destinations Got Its Name

Beautiful Destinations has a 23 million strong Instagram account that shares breathtaking videos of picturesque locations from all around the Earth. Their videos are merely a few seconds long but they capture experiences and lesser-known spots that would impress even seasoned travelers. They also share interesting stories and fun facts behind these beautiful destinations which inspired the name of this channel.

Why Beautiful Destinations Is A Great Social Media Name

Beautiful Destinations is a telegraphic description of the content it shares: a peek into the most beautiful locations on the planet. Its target audience is quite broad and ranges from full-time travelers to people who just want to see places they might never have the chance to visit from the comfort of their couch. However, their content format is highly consistent and templatized, which their brand name covers perfectly.

Crash Course

How Crash Course Got Its Name

Crash Course is an educational YouTube channel teaching a wide range of subjects from entrepreneurship and psychology to history and biology. Their 12-minute videos are a mix of illustrations and historical footage and they keep their lectures entertaining with a hint of humor. Their name refers to the quick and comprehensive essays they share on all things worth knowing about.

Why Crash Course Is A Great Social Media Name

Crash Course isn’t a full-blown educational program or university degree, it’s a collection of short videos that give interesting overviews of subjects that are common knowledge. They fall into the category of edutainment (entertaining and educational at the same time). Their brand name covers this concept perfectly without limiting their audience to any one topic. In other words, their social media name focuses on the format and not the subject because that’s what’s consistent in all their videos.

How The Most Followed Social Media Pages Got Their Names

Now, let’s look at the best of the best: The social media accounts that have risen to the top of their niche and became the first in their category. You’ll see that it doesn’t really matter if you’re in an extremely broad industry like social media content creation itself or in something more specific like calligraphy. The right brand name can be a catalyst for growing your account to millions of followers and outperforming the competition.


How The POPSUGAR Got Its Name

POPSUGAR is a pop culture blog that shares trends and tips in entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, and food. The online magazine was started by Lisa and Brian Sugar and was originally called Sugar, named after the founders. Later they changed the name to POPSUGAR and started using the all caps version of it. The visual language of their social media channels is just as vibrant and colorful as the name itself.

Why The POPSUGAR Is A Great Social Media Name

Since POPSUGAR is a magazine-style content channel that covers a broad range of topics that a young, urban audience is interested in. They couldn’t have possibly fit all of them in a single name but they found something that’s common in all of these subjects: pop culture. Complemented by their sweet last name, they found a name combination that “popped” and helped them grow into a giant social media company valued at $300 million.

Healthy Fitness Meals

How Healthy Fitness Meals Got Its Name

Healthy Fitness Meals is a food blog by Rena Awada, a mom of five children, that has 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Despite the internet being loaded with healthy recipes for people who like to work out, her website and Instagram account managed to rise to the first results in Google for the term “healthy fitness meals.” As the name suggests, she focuses on recipes that are nutritious and support an active lifestyle.

Why Healthy Fitness Meals Is A Great Social Media Name

Healthy Fitness Meals is quite a telegraphic description of the channel’s content but it doesn’t mean it’s generic. Some people look for diet advice that helps them get fit but don’t necessarily focus as much on their health, while others who eat healthy meals might not be interested in keeping their bodies fit. The name captures the needs of both target audiences and targets them more specifically, making it clear whom Rena is speaking to in her posts.

A Beautiful Mess

How A Beautiful Mess Got Its Name

A Beautiful Mess is a home DIY craft channel created by the sisters Elsie and Emma. They share content on interior design and decor, homemade drink and snack recipes, and fashion hacks. Their videos and imagery put a high emphasis on aesthetics and address creative people who like to create at home.

Why A Beautiful Mess Is A Great Social Media Name

The two crafty homebodies don’t mind putting in the time and effort to create something beautiful and enjoy making “a mess” at home — just like the audience they’re speaking to. The words beautiful and mess create a contrast that makes their brand name surprising, hence more memorable.

Social Media Examiner

How Social Media Examiner Got Its Name

The Social Media Examiner is an online content and social media company that shares analysis for marketers on social networks and their respective trends. They’ve been around since 2009 when social media was still just at its dawn without some of the major social networks of today being present. The word “examiner” refers to their in-depth, analytical approach to the latest trends, which is also signaled by their logo of an explorer holding up a magnifying glass.

Why Social Media Examiner Is A Great Social Media Name

There are plenty of educational sites that share industry trends with marketers. However, as professionals in this field know really well, the more specific your name gets the more successful it can potentially become. This is why Social Media Examiner named itself after the category of marketing it exclusively speaks about and the approach it takes in contrast with other purely informative or less in-depth channels.

Cooper Calligraphy

How Cooper Calligraphy Got Its Name

Cooper Calligraphy is an Instagram account with close to half a million followers that share tutorials and inspiration on calligraphy and digital sketches. The name is simply the combination of Jessica’s last name (the artist behind the account) and the style of design she’s creating and sharing on her social media channels.

Why Cooper Calligraphy Is A Great Social Media Name

Cooper Calligraphy follows a traditional naming pattern for a not-so-traditional (but currently emerging) content niche. Large corporations and small shop owners have been using their last name and the name of their craft together since the beginning of time. It just so happens that for Jessica there’s a beautiful alliteration in the matching initials that makes this brand name the perfect choice for her channel.

5 Tips For Naming Your Social Media Page

Optimize Your Name For Social Media

Your social media name should be easy to search for on all your platforms and ideally not longer than one to two words. You can play around with portmanteau words merging two of your social media name ideas into one (for example DIYdias for DIY and ideas) to make it more catchy and shorten it at the same time. 

Since your social media name will be read as one word when people tag you or search for you, pay attention to how your name reads in one and make sure it won’t be misinterpreted. Last but not least, a little rhythm or alliteration can go a long way in making you memorable so get inspired by social media company names such as The Feed Feed or Cooper Calligraphy.

Define Your Target Audience

Think about the kind of people who will follow you or subscribe to your channels. Are they looking for entertainment, education, or a mix of both? What’s their number one need or problem that your content will help with? Just like how we saw in the example of 5-Minute Crafts, you can differentiate yourself from your competition by taking an approach on a topic that’s different from what everyone else is doing in your niche.

Is there a premise or value system that ties your audience together? For example, 6amSuccess values waking up early and taking initiative. Think about what core values your social media followers have that you may incorporate into your branding and page name.

Introduce Who You Are

People who discover you online will take a split second to decide whether to follow you or not so your social media name needs to make it crystal clear what you’re about. For example if you’re sharing recipes, are they vegan, paleo, gluten free, easy and quick, or gourmet recipes?

Since the competition is so high on social media, there are two approaches that work best. One is to choose a broad name and topic but stay extremely consistent with the type of content you share, just like how Beautiful Destinations or 6amSuccess did. The other approach is to narrow your content down to a niche and cover all topics and content types that your followers might be interested in, just like how Big City Gardener did. Both approaches can work as long as you’re specific about what you offer.

Use The Social Media Name Generator

Why sit in front of a blank page when you can use the BizNameWiz Social Media Name Generator for free? Type in a few words about the topic or content of your new page and get thousands of social media name ideas instantly to choose from!

If you find something interesting amongst the search results, you can run that expression through the Social Media Name Generator once again to get similar ideas. You can even filter for one-word or two-word names and add a character limit to customize your search.

Check If It’s Available

One of the biggest mistakes new content creators make is that they don’t check whether the name they chose for their social media handle is available. Before you get all invested in a name (and god forbid, start to design your logo for it), make sure you check whether it’s available on all platforms that you’re planning to use for your content. Look up similar name variations as well to avoid being confused for or competing with other major channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your social media page should convey what type of content you’ll be sharing on it and speak to the target audience who will follow you. Social media name ideas with rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, or a pun work well and are more memorable than others.

Your WhatsApp Business name needs to be longer than three characters and it has to be an actual business or company name, not your full name. You can capitalize the initials of each word but not your whole name and you need to make sure you don’t leave extra spaces in between the words. You can’t use emojis, symbols, and special characters either.

The best social media names are short, simple, and make it crystal clear what your channel or page is about. Some of the best real social media names are 5-Minute Crafts, Beautiful Destinations, 6amSuccess, and Big City Gardener.

You can use our Social Media Name Generator to easily come up with creative and effective social media name ideas. Just type in the topic your page is about and browse amongst thousands of page names.

Yes, the Social Media Name Generator is completely free and very easy to use. When you search for ideas, you can also filter the results for one-word or two-word names and add a character limit to find short names for your new social media page.


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