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The Best Sportswear Business Names

Planning on setting up a sportswear store, selling the likes of New Balance running shoes and Adidas apparel to your customers? Or maybe you’re planning to start a brand new sportswear brand, with exciting new attire and accessories people can wear while working out and staying in shape?

Either way, if you’re setting up a sportswear business, you’ll need to come up with some super sportswear business name ideas before you begin. Naming your business is an important part of the process, and the right sportswear business names can really help you draw in more customers.

If you’re not sure how to create great sportswear business name ideas, this guide will show you how. We’ll cover several methods you can use to make sportswear business names for different kinds of sportswear companies, from online stores to start-up brands.

You can also make use of our very own sportswear business name generator to make great sportswear business names in a matter of seconds. Simply type a word or multiple words into the sportswear business name generator and click on the Generate button.

15 Unique Sportswear Business Name Ideas for Online Sportswear Stores

A great way to break into the sportswear industry nowadays is to set up an online store, as a huge number of sporty people look online for all their fitness needs. Here are some sportswear business name ideas designed to help your company stand out in the digital space.

  • Peak Performance Attire   
  • Athletic Attire & Accessories   
  • Best Value Sportswear   
  • Best Branded Sportswear   
  • 100% Fitness Online   
  • The Home of Sport   
  • Sportswear City   
  • Champion Sportswear  
  • The Field of Play   
  • Total Performance   
  • Active Athletics   
  • Sportswear Central
  • Life’s a Game   
  • All Star Sportswear 
  • Winners Wardrobe

Tips for Creating Unique Sportswear Business Name Ideas for Online Sportswear Stores

If you’re looking for sportswear business name ideas to use for an online sportswear store, it’s a good idea to include some sports-related key words. This will not only help to attract your target audience, but it can also be beneficial for marketing and SEO purposes, helping your store appear higher in search engine rankings and get more clicks and visits. Try using words like performance, athletic, fitness, and sport in our sportswear business name generator for even more awesome ideas.

15 Trendy Sportswear Business Names for New Sportswear Brands

If you’re setting up a whole new sports brand, you’ll need to get creative and come up with some unique, original sportswear business names that can really help your company stand out from the crowd. The sportswear business is highly competitive, but with the right name, your brand can be a success. Here are some sportswear business name ideas to consider.

  • Gameday
  • Warmup   
  • Optimize   
  • Love of the Game   
  • Ready to Win    
  • Fitwear    
  • AimHigh    
  • Revolution Fitness    
  • Final Level Fitness  
  • Athletic Outfitters
  • Hercules Fitness  
  • Superhero Athletics 
  • MuscleMax
  • Ritual Fitness
  • Victorywear

Tips for Creating Trendy Sportswear Business Names for New Sportswear Brands

Creating truly original sportswear business names can be quite a challenge, but the key is to take your time and be as creative as you can be. There are lots of sports brands out there, with lots of different names, so you need to think differently in order to come up with something that is really one-of-a-kind. A good method is to try and focus on sports-related words that are more unusual and extraordinary than the more common words like fitness and athletic. 

15 Sportswear Business Name Ideas Focused on Fitness

These days, a lot of people want to get fit and feel fast, strong, and tough, so they’re looking for companies that share those same values. It can therefore be a very good idea to come up with sportswear business names that are focused on the theme of fitness and health. This can help you reach your target customers more easily.

  • Fitness Fanatics   
  • Field of Fitness  
  • Endurance Athletics   
  • Get Stronger Sportswear    
  • Body Kind Leisurewear  
  • Fit & Fab Sportswear   
  • Feel Fitter Sportswear
  • Core Fitness Apparel   
  • Element Fitness Sportswear    
  • Beyond Fitness 
  • Hit Your Target   
  • Personal Goals Sportswear    
  • Stamina Sportswear
  • Further Faster 
  • Tough Attire

Tips for Creating Unique Sportswear Business Name Ideas Focused on Fitness

If you want to focus on the theme of fitness in your sportswear business name ideas, you’ll need to make use of fitness-related key words. Try to use words that are associated with things like health, strength, endurance, stamina, muscles, and performance. When you’ve identified some key words that you feel best represent your brand, type them into our sportswear business name generator to get some great ideas in an instant.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Sports Pitch
  • Game Of Life
  • Life’S Games
  • Go Go Games
  • Get ‘Em Games
  • Sports Style
  • Love Of Sport
  • Game Of Greats
  • For The Game
  • Matchpoint
  • Just For Sport
  • Super Sportswear
  • Sporting Game
  • Ready To Win
  • Winners Wear
  • Sport Report
  • The Sport Fort
  • Play Fair
  • Fair Is Fair
  • Victory Clothes
  • The Sidelines
  • Fan Fun Apparel
  • Pastime Clothing
  • Ball Up Apparel
  • Action Apparel
  • Athletic GearGazza
  • Boy voyage
  • Tracka
  • Happy Jeane
  • O Circle
  • Superstone
  • Belt highway
  • QuestNeon
  • Cacada
  • Copper bust
  • Cosmic sports
  • Scottish Pro
  • Epic Eclipse
  • Light Pixel
  • Ghetto play
  • Gymwears
  • Gamawears
  • Aquawears
  • Fluxwears
  • Fastrac

The Best Real-World Sportswear Business Names

There are some super sportswear businesses out there in the real world, including actual sportswear brands like Under Armour and stores that sell branded sportswear goods like Decathlon. In this section, we’ll analyze some real sportswear business names and highlight some aspects that make them effective and engaging.

The North Face

How The North Face Got Its Name
The North Face is a recreation and sportswear company that mostly makes clothing and accessories for climbers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. The brand’s name was chosen to reflect its focus on mountain climbing, referring to the northern face of a mountain.

Why The North Face Is A Great Sportswear Business Name
The North Face manages to successfully blend form and function. It’s a name that is both informative and attractive at the same time, delivering a message to people about what the brand has to offer in a subtle and unique way.

Full Court Sport

How Full Court Sport Got Its Name
Full Court Sport is an up-and-coming independent sportswear brand that began by offering tennis attire and has since expanded into other forms of activewear. The brand’s name was chosen to reflect its initial focus on tennis.

Why Full Court Sport Is A Great Sportswear Business Name
Full Court Sport is another great example of a sportswear business name that is both informative and pleasant to say. It makes clever use of two rhyming words, Court and Sport, which makes it more poetic and memorable, and it does a good job of catching the attention of its target audience: tennis players and active people in general.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

How Dick’s Sporting Goods Got Its Name
Dick’s Sporting Goods is the name of one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world. It was named after its founder, Richard “Dick” Stack.

Why Dick’s Sporting Goods Is A Great Sportswear Business Name
Dick’s Sporting Goods is a simple name, but it’s also an honest one, and many people appreciate honesty and clarity when it comes to business names. At this sportswear and sporting goods store, you know exactly what you’ll find, as it’s clearly written out in the company name. The addition of the founder’s nickname helps to give the company a more personal touch, which can be an effective technique to resonate with customers.

Most Successful Sportswear Business Names

Most Successful Sportswear Business Names

Under Armour

How Under Armour Got Its Name
Under Armour is a sportswear and sports equipment company founded by Kevin Plank. The name was chosen due to the company’s initial focus on creating strong, resistant, and absorbent T-shirts that athletes could wear close to the skin, like a layer of armor underneath other sporting attire.

Why Under Armour Is A Great Sportswear Business Name
Under Armour is a great sportswear brand because it’s unique and interesting, encouraging people to find out more about the company. There’s also a real story and meaning behind this name, which also helps to engage customers with the company.


How Decathlon Got Its Name
Decathlon is the name of the biggest sports retailer in the world, with hundreds of stores in 60 different countries worldwide. It was named after an Olympic event.

Why Decathlon Is A Great Sportswear Business Name
Decathlon is a super sportswear business name as it consists of just one word, which makes it easy to remember, and the word is very powerful and evocative, perfectly describing the huge range of sports and activities that are catered for in the average store.


How Nike Got Its Name
Nike is one of the world’s biggest sportswear brands. It was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports but was changed to Nike in honor of the Greek goddess of victory.

Why Nike Is A Great Sportswear Business Name
Nike is very short, simple, and easy to remember. It’s also easily understood by people all over the world, no matter what language they speak, giving the brand global appeal. Plus, there’s an interesting meaning and story behind the name, too.

Tips for Creating Your Own Sportswear Business Name

Make it Unique

The sportswear industry is a highly competitive one, and there are already tons of different brands out there vying for customers’ attention. In order to succeed in such a competitive field, you need to be able to stand out. A boring and bland name will cause your brand to blend in with the crowd, but a unique name can make a massive difference in terms of attracting customers and bringing success to your business. So take your time, get creative, and come up with something that is truly special.

Trigger a Reaction

The most effective and successful brand names tend to be those that trigger some kind of reaction in people when they hear them. The best names can even inspire people, encouraging them to work harder to hit their fitness goals and become more active people. If you want to create a name that has a similar effect, you need to use words that are evocative and powerful. Try testing your name ideas out on people you know to see what kinds of reactions you get.

Keep it Short

When you look at many sportswear business names and brand names, you may notice that a lot of them are quite short, consisting of just one or two words at the most. This is because shorter names tend to work well in this industry. They’re easy for people to remember and they’re better suited for businesses that want to sell their products in different countries, too. So, try to limit yourself to a maximum of two or three words when making your sportswear business name ideas.

Check Before You Make it Official

It’s always important to check and see if the business name you want to use is actually available, as you might find that someone else had the same idea as you and has already claimed the name, the website, and the social media profiles in advance. If this happens, you’ll have to go back to the drawing board and start again in trying to find the right name. So make sure to check online that your chosen name isn’t already taken.

Use the Sportswear Business Name Generator

It can be hard to come up with sportswear business name ideas sometimes. That’s where the BizNameWiz sportswear business name generator comes into play. Our sportswear business name generator is the ultimate tool for making amazing sportswear business names. In fact, it can create hundreds of names for you in a matter of seconds. Just type some words (or even just one word) into the sportswear business name generator to see what it can do.


We hope that this guide has helped you find some useful methods and interesting ideas to help out when it comes to naming your new sportswear business. Always remember to keep your name ideas short, use the most powerful and impactful key words you can think of, and test your name out on people to get valuable feedback before making it official.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are lots of methods you can use to come up with sportswear brand names. A good method is to list lots of key words and phrases that are associated with your business' products, values, and ideas, and then use those words to build great-sounding names.

There are all sorts of amazing sportswear brand names out there, from Adidas and Nike to Puma, Under Armour, New Balance, and Asics.

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