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What’s on your bucket list? The number one item on mine is to travel. Who doesn’t want to experience the world first hand? It’s so massive and there’s so much out there to discover. That’s probably why when people go on vacation the first question they’re asked is, “Where are you going?”

Everyone has a suggestion on what hotel to stay at, what travel agency to use and where to visit. Wouldn’t it be nice if your company name was the first one people suggested? Biz Name Wiz thinks so. Try our generator for free ideas.

Top Brands:

TripAdvisor: This name carries authority in its simplicity, indicating to customers that they are the ultimate advisory in travel.

Emirates: Named after their home country, the United Arab Emirates, this airline’s name also indicates a degree of exotic luxury and high-class service.

Skyscanner: The word ‘sky’ indicates their focus on air travel, while ‘scanner’ tells customers that they compare various options and scan for the cheapest and best deals.

AirBnb: Snappy and easy to remember, the use of ‘bnb’ refers to its focus on accommodation, while ‘air’ adds a modern touch.

Yelp: This company’s name is quirky and memorable, and plays on the idea of a call for help, telling customers that their app can assist with better decision-making.

Citymapper: Self-explanatory and simple, the company derives its authority from its name.

Contiki: Exotic-sounding and unique, this company’s name connotes adventure and excitement.

HelloWorld: This company’s name is cute and relatable, and has the effect of enticing customers to travel.

The Outbound Collective: The use of ‘collective’ indicates a sense of togetherness, while ‘outbound’ refers to adventure and outdoor activity.

Expedia: A play on the words ‘exploration’ and ‘speed’, the name has the added benefit of sounding like ‘expedient’, thus emphasizing the ease and speed of utilizing their website.

EasyJet: Indicates to customers the simplicity of their air travel processes, while also being memorable and snappy.


Clientele & interests:

There are many different types of travelers; people in business, students, backpackers, low-budget and high-budget patrons. There are also many different types of trips these travelers take: week-long holidays, one country holidays, month-long trips, around-the-world journeys, single activity holidays (i.e. skiing, snorkeling), travelling for work, traveling to explore a country, traveling to stay in a resort, wedding traveling and honeymoon traveling. The list is extensive. Most travelers, however, can be said to go on holiday to escape their everyday lives.

Travel, adventure, outdoors, experiences, business, holidays, sightseeing, tourism, photography, hiking, sailing, trekking, camping, exploring, skiing.

Industry related words:

Flights, airplane, travel, travellers, travelling, flying, destinations, break, map, countries, cities, continents, world, globe, planet, airports, train, bus, subway, car hire, accommodation, hotel, BNB, hostel, apartment, rental, motel, airlines, first class, economy, business class, travel agent, escape, adventure, luxury, holiday, popular, prices, deal, discount, cheapest, award-winning, compares, comprehensive, fast, low-cost, reviews, return, book, booking, trips, all-inclusive, island, beach, mountains, jungle, escapade, explore, cruise, boat, highlights, experience, discover, museums, restaurants, landmarks, sight-seeing, tourism, tourists, attractions, photography, outdoors, trekking, hiking, sailing, camping, ratings, package, getaway, budget, journey, voyage, currency, baggage, check-in, seating, boarding, departing, arriving, departures, arrivals, passenger, skiing, insurance, 5-star, reserve, reservation, transport, pick-up, transfer, wanderlust


Marketing strategy & useful advertising terminology:

The travel industry is made up of a plethora of niches. Therefore, a thoughtful approach to these different groups of the clientele is vital. By firstly considering the types of clientele that a business hopes to attract and then advertising in the publications and social networks that these kinds of people frequent, the return in advertisement investment increases exponentially. 

Escape, explore, discover, adventure, journey, luxury, holiday, popular, break, getaway, prices, deal, discount, cheapest, award-winning, compares, comprehensive, fast, low-cost, all-inclusive, 5-star

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