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Best Video Game Business Name Ideas

The video game industry is worth billions of dollars and is easily one of the most successful entertainment industries. In 2020, the PC gaming industry alone made over $36 billion. In the year after the Covid-19 pandemic started, the video industry made more money than the film, TV, and music industries combined. 

With the ever-growing competition, creating a video game business name that stands out can be a demanding task. To help you out, we made many video game business name ideas using our video game business name generator.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Get Gaming
  • Gamer’S Paradise
  • Gamer’S Garage
  • Gaming Garage
  • Golden Gontroller
  • Golden Games
  • Gamegetter
  • Game And Go
  • Go For Games
  • Game Garage
  • Game Systems
  • Go Go Gaming
  • Video Reality
  • Fun Pulse Entertainment
  • YourPick Entertainment
  • Genius
  • NextGen
  • GameMasters
  • King of Games
  • Noname inc
  • IceGames
  • Electronic Future
  • HappyGames
  • FunnyGames
  • BloodyWorld
  • Get Ready
  • Game Over
  • New Record
  • UpSwing Entertainment
  • Increda Entertainment
  • FunWink Elements
  • Jollyhands Studios
  • Spicehands Games
  • Bumblerry
  • KrazyKross Games
  • 1st Front Studios
  • Nexone Elements
  • Turbotecks Games
  • RapoSurf Games
  • Player 1
  • Game City
  • Level Up
  • Mythez Entertainment
  • Jollever Entertainment

Best One-word Video Game Business Name Ideas

One of the best elements of naming a video game business is that there is a massive amount of creative choice; you can name your company anything. However, your name does need to stand out to catch players’ attention. A bold, blunt, and catchy one-word name is a great way to do this.

We typed in multiple video game keywords (game, player, control, gaming, etc.) into our video game business name generator to get some excellent video game business name ideas (we also selected the one-word filter).

  1. Gamernest
  2. Gamegenics
  3. Playerscape
  4. Gamergenics
  5. Playerbio
  6. Gamerverse
  7. Gamehut
  8. Playnetic
  9. Playprism
  10. Playlytical
  11. Controlex
  12. Playerworks
  13. Playporium
  14. Gameops
  15. Game’n

Tips For Making A One-word Video Game Business Name

An essential element with a one-word video game business name is informing players that it’s a video game business. Therefore, you must have a relevant video game keyword in the name. 

For other keywords, you can experiment with as many as you like. To find as many creative keywords as possible, use an online dictionary.

Best Alliterating Video Game Business Name Ideas

Another way of making a video game business name that’s memorable is to use alliteration. Using alliteration, you can create a catchy video game business name that is easy to say and remember.

We used the same video game keywords as the one-word names and inputted them into our video game business name generator with the rhyming filter turned on. Then, we searched the results to find the best alliterating video game business name ideas.

  1. Play Paradox
  2. Pure Player Games
  3. Global Games
  4. Play Plex
  5. Play Program
  6. Press Play 
  7. Play Pedigree
  8. Powerhouse Player
  9. Gen Games
  10. Prophecy Play
  11. Gusto Gaming
  12. Gravity Games
  13. Geo Gaming
  14. Giggle Gaming
  15. Gear Gaming

Tips For Making An Alliterating Video Game Business Name

When making an alliterating video game business name, you must keep two elements in mind.

  • It has to inform the player that it’s a video game business.
  • It has to consist of keywords that make sense together and compliment each other.

Use an online dictionary or our video game business name generator to find the best keywords to alliterate with video game keywords.

Best Horror-themed Video Game Business Name Ideas

To make the most profit in the video game industry, you want to create a business that can flex into multiple genres. However, if you are passionate about a specific genre, you may want your name to reflect that. For example, the video game horror genre is brilliant at engaging players and providing them with terrifying experiences. 

However, how do you develop a horror-based video game business name? We typed in multiple video game and horror keywords (scream, death, blood, bite, etc.) into our video game business name generator to find the best horror-themed video game business name ideas.

  1. Grave Games
  2. Death Dip Gaming
  3. Delicious Death
  4. Death Binge
  5. Scream Dream
  6. Alurring Bite
  7. Scream Addict
  8. Gut Drench
  9. Scream Quake
  10. Scream Crave
  11. Bite Break
  12. Death Day
  13. Blood Abundance
  14. Death Lord
  15. Blood Gala

Tips For Making A Horror-themed Video Game Business Name

When creating a horror-based video game business name, the most crucial thing to remember is to find a video game keyword and a horror keyword that make sense when paired together. The name needs to inform players that you specialize in horror games.

To find as many video game and horror keywords as you can, use the thesaurus or an online dictionary.

What Are The Best Real-life Video Game Business Names, And Why Do They Work?

There are so many video game businesses out there, so it’s a great idea to research the competition to see the best video game business names. Here are three of the best video game business names in the industry.

Insomniac Games

How Insomniac Games Got Its Name

Insomniac Games is a name with a straightforward mission statement. They aimed to make a name that suggests that their games are so fun and addictive that players will stay up all night (hence the word ‘Insomniac’).

Why Does Its Name Work?

With a name as simple as Insomniac Games, you know exactly what you’re getting. They promise an excellent and addictive experience with their name, which is enough to interest players. Thankfully, their games deliver on their name, with their biggest hits being Ratchet And Clank and Spiderman PS4.

Netherealm Studios

How Netherrealm Studios Got Its Name

Netherrealm Studios is a very brave and proud video game business name. They chose the name because it shows how proud and dedicated they are to their most famous property: Mortal Kombat (the Netherealm is a location from the game). They even double down by adding the most iconic Mortal Kombat character (Scorpion) to their logo.

Why Does Its Name Work?

Fans of the Mortal Kombat games respect Netherealm for showing their love for their best franchise so openly. Therefore, the name helps create a dedicated audience who will happily play any other projects that Netherealm is a part of (Injustice, for example).

Epic Games

How Epic Games Got Its Name

Epic Games is one of the most straightforward video game business names we found, but its simplicity is what makes it so effective. ‘Epic’ provides an immense sense of scale and excitement, and that’s what Epic Games provides with its most popular game: Fortnite.

Why Does Its Name Work?

‘Epic Games’ is incredibly easy to remember and effectively creates an image of their gaming experience. In addition, it’s a catchy name that clearly demonstrates the business’s mission statement.

What Are The Most Successful Video Game Businesses And Why Do The Names Work?

As well as looking at some brilliant video game business names, we also chose three of the most successful businesses in the video game industry.

Rockstar Inc.

How Rockstar Inc. Got Its Name

Rockstar Inc. is one of the most critically praised businesses in the industry. They make high-profile games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. They want their name to represent their status in the industry; they make brilliant games, never rush them out, and have their fair share of controversy.

Why Does Its Name Work?

Every gamer knows Rockstar, and every gamer knows the connotations that associate with the name. The company’s excellent game quality track record and their infamy fit perfectly with the idea of a high-profile rockstar. It’s also a punchy and memorable name.


How Nintendo Got Its Name

Nintendo has arguably the most dedicated fanbase in the industry, to the extent that their consoles primarily succeed from their first-party games.

 However, their name is more cryptic than you think. ‘Nintendo’ means ‘leave luck to heaven’, which means that you should put all your creativity and hard work into what you love now and face heaven’s judgment later.

Why Does Its Name Work?

While slightly cryptic, the name perfectly conveys the business’s ethos and mission statement: don’t put anything down to luck and make the games the best you possibly can. The meaning behind the name is one of many reasons gamers love Nintendo and their games. It’s also arguably the most memorable name in the industry.


How Bioware Got Its Name

Bioware is a powerhouse in the Role Playing Game (RPG) genre, creating some of the most popular games like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age Origins. Their name implies medical precision (the two founders were doctors) and attention to detail, with ‘ware’ leaving them open for multiple storytelling genres.

Why Does Its Name Work?

The name ‘Bioware’ works because it speaks to its precision and impressive attention to detail in their games. For example, Mass Effect’s choice system has consequences that ripple into all three original games. ‘Ware’ also informs the customer that they aren’t boxing themselves into one specific story genre (they do sci-fi and fantasy).

What To Consider When Creating A Video Game Business

To stand out and give your video games the best chance possible, you need to create a brilliant video game business brand.

Here are our best video game business branding tips and tricks!

Tip 1: Decide On A Powerful Mission Statement

The video game industry is well-known for being full of companies that find new ways to get you to spend money (a lot of sports games do this with microtransactions). Therefore, a brilliant way to endear yourself to the gaming audience is to create an ethical and compelling mission statement for your business. 

Many video game businesses (Naughty Dog, for example) put the players first by making games that you only have to pay for one time and offer you a complete and fulfilling experience. You can also promote a safe and positive working environment to the gaming community, so they know you don’t overwork your staff or treat them poorly.

Some companies go even further with this; Hazelight Games have a system where you buy the game, and a co-op partner can download a free version and play the game with you, meaning that only one person has to buy the game.

Tip 2: Find Your Video Game Business’s Unique Selling Point Like a Specific Genre Or Subgenre

Most video game companies give themselves a specific video game genre to target; Rockstar focuses on expansive open-world games, Naughty Dog focuses on narrative-driven cinematic adventure games, and Nintendo mainly focuses on platformers. However, there are many different game genres, so trying to do many of them instead of perfecting one is not advisable.

You can also focus on a storytelling genre like horror games or games focusing on historical eras (Assassins Creed, for example). Fantasy and sci-fi games are some of the most popular genres out there, so if you choose them, you know there’s an audience there, but a minor genre might have a more dedicated audience.

Tip 3: Link Your Branding To The Type Of Experience You Want To Provide To Your Audience

Gaming is also about the experience, so it’s a brilliant idea to give your audience an impression of the experience you want to provide. For example, Insomniac Games inform their audience that they provide excellent and addictive experiences to keep players playing them throughout the night.

Tip 4: Design Your Video Game Business Brand And Let The Games Do The Talking

When you decide on your game business’s mission statement and unique selling proposition, you need to create the brand. 

The main elements to consider when creating the brand are:

  • Logo: Your logo must be colorful and unique and must compliment your name and brand.
  • Name: Your name has to clarify that it’s a video game business name and has to get across the type of gaming experience you have to provide. Use our video game business name generator to create some excellent video game business name ideas.
  • Don’t overshadow the games: You must keep in mind that your branding should never overshadow the games you create, the games should always be the focus.

With these tips, you can start to build an excellent video game business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With the ever-growing competition in the video game industry, it can be a demanding task to create a video game business name that stands out. Of course, you need to make it catchy and unique, but it also needs to inform your audience of the niche or experience your business provides.

Using our video game business name generator, you can get video game business name ideas.

When naming a video game, you need to get the atmosphere and the game's concept across while making it a memorable name. For example, The Last Of Us suggests a post-apocalypse and an intimate human story, which is what it provides.

If you need any keywords to make your video game name unique, use an online dictionary or the Thesaurus.

The highest-selling video game to date is Minecraft. It sold 238 million units.

Minecraft is incredibly popular due to its addictive nature and its push for player creativity.

The other highest-selling video games include Grand Theft Auto 5, Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Red Dead Redemption 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Wii Sports.
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