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The Best Vinyl Business Names

Vinyl records used to be the music medium of choice, back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. When the 90s and the new millennium came along, CDs and digital media seemed to take over, but in recent years, vinyl has made a major comeback.

If you’re passionate about this method of storing, collecting, and listening to music, you could start your very own vinyl business, like an online vinyl platform or a local vinyl shop. But before you get started, you’ll need to come up with a great name, and we’re here to help with that!

In this guide, our experts will provide you with dozens of great vinyl business name ideas, as well as looking at several methods you can use to make your own vinyl business names, too. Plus, we’ll look at some real-world vinyl business names and break them down to see their pros and cons.

Not only that, but you can also make use of the BizNameWiz vinyl business name generator to make plenty more vinyl business name ideas in no time at all! Simply take a word into the box provided and click Generate to see what the vinyl business name generator can do for you.

15 Rock n Roll Vinyl Business Name Ideas

Many different genres of music have been stored on vinyl throughout the years, but rock ‘n roll is one of the most common genres people associate with classic records and vinyl collections. With that in mind, here are some rock ‘n roll style vinyl business name ideas for entrepreneurs who hope to make their own rock vinyl stores or e-commerce businesses.

  • Rock On Vinyl
  • Monsters of Rock Vinyl 
  • Anarchy Vinyl 
  • Punk’s Not Dead Vinyl 
  • Devil’s Horns Vinyl 
  • Metalhead Vinyl 
  • The Dark Side of the Moon
  • The Stairway to Heaven 
  • Real Rocker Vinyl
  • Rockin’ Vinyl 
  • Hard Rock Records  
  • Rock’em Records 
  • Rock Addicts 
  • Rock N Roll Rhapsody 
  • For Those About to Rock 

Tips for Creating Rock n Roll Vinyl Business Name Ideas

If you’re looking for rock-style vinyl business names, try to focus on words and phrases that are associated with the world of rock. Using words like rock, rockers, rocking, metal, punk, anarchy, and festival is a good way to get started. You might also like to take inspiration from some of your favorite rock and roll bands or songs, such as Stairway to Heaven or Bohemian Rhapsody. Try typing some rock-related words into our vinyl business name generator to get more great ideas.

15 Stand-Out Vinyl Business Name Ideas 

Since vinyl’s big comeback, there have been more and more new vinyl shops and vinyl businesses appearing all over the world. Due to this higher level of competition, you may want to choose a vinyl shop name that really helps you stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your brand. Here are some unique and original vinyl business name ideas to consider.

  • Vinyl Boss 
  • The Vinyl Level 
  • The Vinyl Straw  
  • Vinyl Call    
  • Vinyl Hurrah  
  • Vinyl Heaven 
  • Vinyl Paradise
  • Rocker’s Haven
  • Vinyl Collector Co. 
  • Real Music Records 
  • Pure Source Music
  • Audiophile Records 
  • AudioMasters 
  • The Vinyl Cave 
  • Vinyl Appreciation

Tips for Creating Stand-Out Vinyl Business Name Ideas

Stand out from the competition!

If you want your vinyl business names to stand out from the competition, the first thing you should do is look at the kinds of names that other local businesses are using and try to avoid using anything similar. Choose different words and find different ways of expressing your business’ identity. You can play around with puns that involve the words “vinyl” or “record” to give your brand some personality, or focus on words like pure, source, and appreciation to show how much you enjoy the beautiful sounds of authentic vinyl records. 

15 Catchy and Memorable Vinyl Business Names

Having a catchy and memorable name is a bonus in any industry, including the vinyl and record industry. It’s great for drawing attention to your brand in the early days and weeks and helping to build brand awareness, too. With that in mind, here are some vinyl business name ideas that are designed to be catchy and easy to remember.

  • Volume Vinyl 
  • Real Records 
  • Final Vinyl      
  • Real Vinyl  
  • The Hum   
  • VinyLove  
  • The Buzz 
  • Kings of Vinyl  
  • On Record   
  • B Side   
  • LP Vinyl   
  • Max Volume
  • Spin Me  
  • Record Playa
  • Spin City

Tips for Creating Catchy and Memorable Vinyl Business Names

If you want to create vinyl business names that are catchy and easy for people to remember, try to keep them short and simple. The shorter and simpler the name, the easier it is for folks to remember. Try to limit yourself to a maximum of two words and opt for short words over long ones. You may also want to consider using rhyming words, like Final Vinyl, or words that start with the same letter, such as Volume Vinyl, to make your name even catchier.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Vinyl Appreciation
  • Original Vinyl
  • Vinyl Sound
  • Sound Of Vinyl
  • Vinyl Days
  • Various Vinyl
  • Strong Ties
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • More Than Flooring
  • Nothing Like Vinyl
  • Vinyl Kings
  • Kings Of Vinyl
  • Power Play Vinyl
  • Play Loud Vinyl
  • Round The Needle
  • Vinyl Vines
  • Vinyl Know How
  • Generations Vinyl
  • Smooth Cuts
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Spin Systems
  • Graphic Sounds
  • Smooth Sounds
  • Bright Vinyl
  • Bright And Bold
  • VinylDance
  • World of Vinyl
  • Vinyl Castle
  • House of Vynil
  • SouthCube Vinyl
  • VinylMan
  • Vinylity
  • Best Vinyl
  • Vinyl Style
  • VinyLock
  • VinyLounge
  • Stickit Vinyl
  • Dark Titan
  • LividSign Print
  • WhiteHorse Vinyl
  • Morekreat Print
  • King Xing Vinyl
  • BlueSky Vinyl
  • Vintage Vinyl
  • VibeGrain Vinyl

The Best Real-World Vinyl Business Names

As well as using the vinyl business name generator and the methods above, another great way to make awesome vinyl business name ideas is to look at real-world vinyl business names and try to think about the pros and cons of each one. Here are a few examples of some real-world vinyl business names, broken down and analyzed.

Vinyl Resting Place

How Vinyl Resting Place Got Its Name

Vinyl Resting Place is the name of a record shop based in Portland that sells a huge range of records of different musical genres like jazz, country, and rock. The brand’s name is a play on words, using the phrase “Final Resting Place” but replacing “Final” with “Vinyl”.   

Why Vinyl Resting Place Is A Great Vinyl Business Name

Vinyl Resting Place is a fun and lighthearted name for a vinyl shop. It’s the kind of name that makes people smile and laugh as they pass by, which is ideal for attracting attention and generating positive hype. 

Vinyl Tap

How Vinyl Tap Got Its Name

Vinyl Tap is the name of a vinyl shop based in Nashville. The store’s name is a reference to the cult “rockumentary” movie, Spinal Tap.    

Why Vinyl Tap Is A Great Vinyl Business Name

Vinyl Tap is a fun and characterful name that will instantly appeal to any fans of rock and roll. It also shows that the people behind this store have a sense of humor, which is another big plus when you want your business to stand out from the crowd.

Reckless Records   

How Reckless Records Got Its Name 

Reckless Records is a record store chain based in Chicago, with three locations dotted around the city. The store’s name refers to its anarchic style, with stacks of records and old music posters placed all over the store.     

Why Reckless Records Is A Great Vinyl Business Name

Reckless Records is a super name for a vinyl business, as it’s both informative and catchy. It also makes use of alliteration, featuring two words that both start with the letter R. This is a useful technique to copy if you want to make a name that is very easy for people to remember.   

Make use of alliterations!

Most Successful Vinyl Business Names


How Discogs Got Its Name

Discogs is one of the top online vinyl businesses in the world. It’s a site where people can buy and sell vinyl, as well as tracking their collections and finding out about new vinyl news and releases. The brand’s name is a shortened version of the word “Discographies”. 

Why Discogs Is A Great Vinyl Business Name

Discogs is a really short and easy to remember name, which is a big bonus for new brands that are trying to stand out. It’s also a catchy and relevant name that will appeal to music fans and record collectors.

Amoeba Music

How Amoeba Music Got Its Name

Amoeba Music is the name of the world’s biggest independent vinyl store. Based in California, this store is known for its enormous collection. The store is named after a single-celled organism called an amoeba. The founders say that they chose the name at random because they felt that the word “amoeba” flowed nicely with “music”.

Why Amoeba Music Is A Great Vinyl Business Name

Amoeba Music is a random but fascinating vinyl business name. It’s catchy, unique, and packed full of personality that has helped this store stand out over the years.


How DustyGroove Got Its Name

DustyGroove is a vinyl business that offers a massive selection of vinyl from all sorts of musical genres. It operates online but also has a store based in Chicago.         

Why DustyGroove Is A Great Vinyl Business Name

DustyGroove is a cool and funky vinyl business name that almost sounds like it could be the name of an album or song itself. Choosing a song-style name is a great way to connect with your target audience.

Tips for Creating Your Own Vinyl Business Name

Make it Musical 

If you’re setting up a vinyl business, it usually means that you care a lot about music and are aiming to please a music-loving crowd, from rock ‘n roll fans to jazz lovers. So, a good way to get in the groove and grab people’s attention right away is to choose a musical name. There are a few different ways to do this. You could opt for a rhyming name, for example, to show off your love of lyrics, or you could actually reference a real song, band, or musical style in your vinyl business name.

Focus on Your Niche

Focus on your niche!

Some vinyl stores offer a wide range of records from different genres, while others tend to specialize in certain specific genres, like jazz, blues, country, rock, or metal. If you have a particular niche or a few specific genres your business focuses on, try to highlight this fact in your vinyl business name. If you want to appeal to a rock-loving crowd, for example, you can use names that make use of rock-related imagery, like guitars, drums, and devil’s horns.

Give it Some Personality

The best vinyl business names tend to have quite a lot of personality. Look at Vinyl Resting Place, for example, or Reckless Records. These stores instantly stand out from the crowd and manage to sound exciting and interesting, especially in the eyes of music fans who tend to appreciate creativity and imaginative ideas in general. If you want to appeal to music lovers, it really helps to have a unique name that has meaning, purpose, and personality.

Avoid Anything Too Complicated

One of the golden rules to keep in mind when it comes to picking any kind of business name, including vinyl business name ideas, is to avoid anything that is too complicated. Don’t pick a name that is overly long, hard to say, or difficult to spell. These kinds of names will only cause confusion and could lead to you losing customers and failing to build your business up in a successful way. Opt for simple and easy to understand names instead to have a better chance of success.

Use the Vinyl Business Name Generator

If you need some extra help coming up with amazing and engaging vinyl business names for your new record shop or online vinyl business, check out our vinyl business name generator. The BizNameWiz vinyl business name generator is able to generate hundreds of funky and fresh vinyl business names for your store. All you have to do is pick a word, enter it into the box provided, and the vinyl business name generator will make names based on that word.


With the right name, your vinyl business can be the next big thing in the music industry! We hope that this guide has given you all the tips, tricks, and advice you need to pick the perfect name and launch your brand in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many methods you can use to make amazing vinyl business names. You can look at existing business names to get some inspiration, use our vinyl business name generator to save time, and make up your own names by thinking of words, phrases, and ideas that express what your business is all about.

Some examples of great vinyl business names that already exist include Discogs, Reckless Records, Vinyl Resting Place, Vinyl Tap, Amoeba Music, and DustyGroove.

Absolutely! Our vinyl business name generator is always free to use, so make sure you give it a try and see how much time it could save you.
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