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The Best Virtual Brand Names and Name Ideas for Virtual Businesses

Thanks to the advances in modern technology, it’s easier than ever to start your own “virtual business”. A virtual business is defined as any kind of business that operates entirely online in the digital world, without a physical store or location for customers to visit.

There are many sorts of virtual businesses, from online-only retailers to online marketing brands, software developers, social media consultants, and more. Regardless of the kind of virtual business you’re setting up, you’ll need to choose a great name for it.

The best virtual business names can help your company stand out in the competitive online world, giving you more attention and more sales. Our virtual business name generator can help out, providing you with hundreds of different virtual business name ideas for your online company.

In the guide below, we’ll also list some of our favorite virtual business name ideas, as well as sharing ways in which you can make your own virtual business names. Not only that, but we’ll also analyze some of the best real-world virtual business names, too.

15 Inventive Virtual Business Name Ideas for Software and App Developers

One way you can break into the virtual world is to set up your own software or app development business. You won’t need a retail location, and a lot of development work can be done either from home, co-working spaces, or small offices, so it’s ideal for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a virtual business on a budget. Here are some inventive virtual business name ideas you can use, too.

  • Horizon Solutions  
  • InnovaWare    
  • Mad Mobile   
  • ExpressDev   
  • Encoders United   
  • Hotwired    
  • TriTech   
  • Sage Solutions   
  • TechMind   
  • Pixels R Us   
  • OmniSoft    
  • Life Enhanced
  • Titan Analytics  
  • IntelliTech   
  • iNautics  

Tips for Creating Inventive Virtual Business Name Ideas for Software and App Developers

Focus on your creative side!

In the world of software and app development, short and catchy names tend to work quite well, and a lot of the most popular apps and software companies tend to have quite concise names. So don’t try anything that is too long. You may also want to focus on your creative side, using interesting and impactful words associated with creativity and ideas to generate hype for your brand. Remember to use our virtual business name generator if you need some assistance.

15 Appealing Virtual Business Names for E-Commerce Companies

Another way to break into the digital world with your own virtual business is by setting up your own e-commerce company. You could create a new platform where people can buy and sell goods, for example, or create a B2B e-commerce company where businesses can do business with one another. Here are some appealing virtual business name ideas to inspire you.

  • eBazaar  
  • WireCart  
  • The Closet 
  • Cloud Market 
  • La Bonne  
  • TechBomb 
  • ElectroEmporium   
  • DigiMart   
  • ArtMore   
  • Brightly   
  • Wonder   
  • Fresh   
  • Fairy Mart   
  • SuperShop    
  • Sure Shop   

Tips for Creating Appealing Virtual Business Names for E-Commerce companies

If you’re getting into the e-commerce world, it’s important to think about keywords that are connected to the kind of business you’re running and the sort of products you have to offer. A name like WireCart or TechBomb, for example, could work nicely for a tech e-commerce brand. When you’ve found some keywords to use in your virtual business names, enter them into our virtual business name generator to get lots of ideas created just for you.

15 Futuristic Virtual Business Name Ideas for Virtual Reality Companies

If you really want to engage with the virtual world in the deepest possible way, you could also create your own virtual reality company. You could develop VR software or VR games and experiences for people to enjoy, for example. Here are some fun and futuristic virtual business name ideas for VR businesses.

  • Astral VR 
  • Cosmic VR
  • Quasar Reality   
  • Ignite Reality   
  • Next Level VR    
  • DigiThrills   
  • Cybonix  
  • MarvelReality   
  • Virtual Lens  
  • Omega VR   
  • VRTronix   
  • InterReality    
  • LazerVR
  • QuantumVR   
  • Proto Reality

Tips for Creating Futuristic Virtual Business Name Ideas for Virtual Reality Companies

Virtual reality is still considered quite a new and futuristic form of technology, so having a sci-fi, futuristic-feeling name is a great way to grab attention. Try to include words and phrases that give your business a futuristic feel, like astral, quasar, and cosmic. You may also want to experiment with different ways of presenting your name, such as writing it all in capitals or including random letters to help it stand out.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Virtual Value
  • Compu Commerce
  • Virtual Readiness
  • Digital Done
  • Business Abroad
  • Digicom
  • Virtual Revenue
  • Virtual Transactions
  • Digital Download
  • Afar Alliance
  • External Exchange
  • Digital Dealings
  • Virtual Store
  • Virtual Profit
  • Online Store
  • SpaceZone
  • MoonShark
  • Virtualizm
  • Virtualytic
  • Virualizy
  • Zcloud
  • VirtualCloud
  • Dnet
  • Virtualitic
  • VirtualBox
  • Virtuado
  • Virtual
  • Virtual Giant
  • Virtuan
  • Virtual Loop
  • Energie
  • Rapidhelp
  • Totalsup
  • Goldstar
  • RunningWave
  • Allpresent
  • Fireboll
  • Solar Nexus
  • Trybeworks
  • Masterworks
  • Masterserve
  • VirtuSource
  • Geneses
  • Mavenus
  • Powasource

The Best Real-World Virtual Business Names

There are countless virtual businesses out there in the real world, from small start-ups trying to make their mark to giant enterprises that are recognized and trusted all over the globe. Let’s take a look at a small sample of real-world virtual business names, investigating how they were chosen and what key features make them great.

Take a look at a some real-world virtual business names!


How Canva Got Its Name

Canva is the name of a graphic design platform that was founded in 2012. This Australian-based business allows users to digitally create, edit, and enhance photos, presentations, graphics, documents, and more. The brand’s name simply plays on the word “Canvas” but removes the final letter.   

Why Canva Is A Great Virtual Business Name

A lot of modern app and virtual business names tend to be very short, simple, and easy for people to remember. Canva is a perfect example of this. It’s only five letters long, making it very memorable, while also being relevant and appropriate to the sorts of services and experiences that users can expect to find from this brand.

Coded Minds

How Coded Minds Got Its Name

Coded Minds is an educational technology start-up that is generating a lot of attention. This brand is aiming to change the game of tech education for students in many parts of the world, like Asia and Africa. The name “Coded Minds” combines words that are associated with both tech and education to sum up the brand’s two key focuses in one short phrase.   

Why Coded Minds Is A Great Virtual Business Name

Coded Minds is a super example of a virtual business name that has clearly been thought about and chosen with a lot of care and attention. The name is a catchy and concise explanation of what the business does, helping to raise a new generation of “Minds” that are “Coded” with the necessary tech information they need to succeed in tech-related careers.


How NeuroFlow Got Its Name 

NeuroFlow is the name of a virtual healthcare company that creates apps to help people track their mental health. The name NeuroFlow is in tune with the brand’s focus on brain health and the flow of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.   

Why NeuroFlow Is A Great Virtual Business Name

NeuroFlow is another example of a catchy and short name that is both easy to remember and highly effective at conveying what the business is about.

Most Successful Virtual Business Names


How Etsy Got Its Name

Etsy is the name of one of the most successful virtual businesses of modern times. The site serves as a marketplace for people to buy and sell arts, crafts, and handmade goods. Co-founder Robert Kalin came up with the name after watching Italian films and searching for words or sounds that he thought sounded catchy. He heard the phrase “Eh si” and created Etsy from it.      

Why Etsy Is A Great Virtual Business Name

Etsy proves that seemingly random business names can also work well in the virtual world. There are many other randomly-named businesses and apps, just like Etsy, that have seen big levels of success. So, if you’re looking for a fun way to make your brand stand out, choosing something random can be a good option.


How Google Got Its Name

Google is one of the most recognizable names in the world, with this giant corporation starting off as a simple virtual search engine and expanding into many other areas of technology over the years. Google’s name comes from the word “googol” which refers to a very large number. It was chosen due to its amusing sound and the fact that the Google search engine is also able to provide a very large number of results for its users.   

Why Google Is A Great Virtual Business Name

Google has become an iconic word in the world of virtual business, and it has even started to be used as a verb in its own right, with people commonly saying that they need to “Google something”. This shows that if you pick a name with impact and traction, you can not only build a successful business, but have an even bigger impact on the world at large.


How Wish Got Its Name

Wish is a leading e-commerce company that allows users to buy and sell a huge range of products. The brand’s name was taken from the fact that users can find almost anything they could wish for on the platform.      

Why Wish Is A Great Virtual Business Name

Wish is a powerful business name because the word “Wish” is so evocative. It makes us think of all the things we wish we could have, while also having associations with magic and wonder. Choosing an impactful and evocative word like this for your business can be a great way to stand out and attract lots of positive attention.

Tips for Creating Your Own Virtual Business Name

Be Creative

As stated earlier on, the virtual world is a very popular place to do business, and there are more virtual companies than ever before. This means that there’s a ton of competition out there, with many other businesses all vying for the same customers as you. If you want to succeed and get ahead of that competition, you’ll need a name that stands out from the crowd. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and use interesting words and fresh ideas to help your brand get noticed.

Think About SEO and Digital Marketing

Think about SEO and digital marketing!

If you’re setting up a virtual business, such as an online marketing consultancy or an e-commerce company, you’ll be doing most, if not all of your marketing online. And your brand’s name can be a big factor in the success or failure of your marketing efforts. Having a catchy and relevant name that includes appropriate keywords can help to boost your SEO results and make your marketing campaigns more efficient, so be sure to keep this in mind when coming up with virtual business name ideas or using our virtual business name generator.

Use Relevant Terms and Phrases

There are lots of different kinds of virtual businesses, and once you’ve established which sort of business you’re setting up, you’ll need to think about what words, phrases, and ideas you can incorporate into your name that are appropriate and relevant. For example, if you’re setting up an app development agency, using words like innovate, create, develop, and design in your business name will make it easier for people to find you and seek out your services. 

Make it Easy to Say and Spell

Another important tip to keep in mind when it comes to making virtual business names or using the virtual business name generator is to ensure that your chosen name is easy for people to say and spell. Try to avoid any name that could cause confusion among your customers, as this may turn them away from your brand. Having an easy-to-spell name is also really important for a digital business, because a lot of people are going to need to Google your name to find your website and social media presence.

Use the Virtual Business Name Generator

One of the easiest ways to get lots of virtual business name ideas quickly and conveniently is to make use of our virtual business name generator. The BizNameWiz virtual business name generator is a free-to-use tool that can give you hundreds, or even thousands of virtual business names in mere seconds. To use it, all you have to do is enter a word, or multiple words, into the box provided at the top of this page. Then press Generate and see how many names the virtual business name generator can give you.


There’s a lot to think about when setting up your own virtual business, and picking a good name is the first piece of the puzzle! We hope that this guide has given you all the advice and insight you need to find and choose a name that will suit your brand perfectly and help you get your new virtual business off to a super start.

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Canva, Coded Minds, NeuroFlow, Etsy, Google, and Wish are just some of the best examples of catchy, inventive, and interesting virtual business names.

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