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The Best Watch Business Names

Founding a watch business can be a lucrative source of short-term and long-term profits. If you are still unsure what to name your watch business, let our BizNameWiz watch business name generator help you. This free name generator can supply you with thousands of unique watch business name ideas in a matter of seconds. 

BizNameWiz is here to help you make a watch business name that will help you break through this competitive market. If you are interested in producing a shortlist of watch business names, then this guide will fast-track the entire process.

15 Awesome Watch Business Name Ideas For Your Watch Outlet

Naming a watch business may take a long time, especially since you can only take one out of the many great names out there. Listing watch-related terms familiar to your clients is a better starting point for this task. 

The following are some attention-grabbing watch business name ideas that can help you in your endeavor:

  • Watchmen
  • TickTock
  • Ticking Time Band
  • Juan O’ Clock
  • Game Time
  • It’s About Time
  • Changing Times
  • Watchdog
  • Time Keepers
  • What Time Is It?
  • Hour Hound
  • Minute Hand
  • Every Second Counts
  • Premium Watch Store
  • Luxury Wrist Watch

Things To Consider When Creating Watch Business Name Ideas For Watch Outlet

Watch outlets often carry different types of watches from various brands. Hence, it’s essential first to identify what kind of watches you sell and their price points. This way, you can also narrow down your target words. If you want to cater to more well-off customers, you can add words like “premium” or “luxury” into your store name. 

15 Astonishing Watch Business Names For Watch Repair Stall

Watch repair services can be lucrative, particularly for those who fix premium watch models. Moreover, you can also sell watch accessories such as straps to complement your repair services. Starting a watch repair stall is also not as expensive as selling a large inventory of watches. 

If you want a list of plausible watch business names for your repair stall, here are some examples that might inspire you:

  • World Of Watches
  • We Fix Wristwatches
  • Precious Seconds
  • Time Repairmen
  • Take Your Time
  • Watch Me Fix It
  • TickTock Repair
  • Time On Our Side
  • Fast Fix Watches
  • Pocket Watch Restorers
  • Kings Of Watch Restoration
  • Timeless Watches
  • Watch Tower
  • First Watch
  • Wrist Bond

Tips for Creating Watch Business Name Ideas For Watch Repair Stall 

Since you are in the business of repairing watches, it’s essential to add words such as “fix” or “restore” in your business name. This way, your customers can manage their expectations and identify you as offering a particular service instead of a product. 

15 Stunning Watch Business Name Ideas For Customized Watch Accessories

One of the emerging niches in the watch business is the sale of customized watch accessories. These small attachments add flair and personalized touch to any wristwatch. Some customized watch services even install some features not present from a store-bought unit.  

If you want to be involved in this type of enterprise, below are some watch business names you should consider:

  • Watch Add-ons
  • Wristwatch Bling
  • Accessorized Ur Watch
  • Watch Straps & More
  • Customized Watch R Us
  • Watch Repair Kit
  • Watch Winder
  • Watch Rings & More
  • We’re Watching
  • Anytime Watches
  • Every Time Watches
  • The Watcher
  • Watch Bracelet, Etc. 
  • Premium Watch Storage
  • Keepsake

Recommendations For Producing Noticeable Watch Name Ideas for Customized Watch

Research the different parts that make a watch, such as a strap, ring, cap, and the main piece. Check if any of these pieces make sense to your offering and adapt it to your business name. It also pays to be creative and alter the words a little to be understood even by a beginner watch collector. 

15 Mind-Blowing Watch Business Name Ideas for Used Watch Marketplace

There is a growing market for used or second-hand premium watches since many go up in value over time. However, naming such a business can be challenging since several players have taken hold of the niche market.

The following watch business names might help you come up with your store name:

  • Second Hand of Time
  • Collectible Used Watches
  • All the Time   
  • Twelve O’Clock 
  • VVatch
  • Watch That Match
  • Used Watches That Rocks
  • Chronosphere
  • Buck to the Future
  • Time Traveller
  • Always On Time 
  • Second Hand Premium Grade
  • Used Watches Agora
  • Second-Hand Wristwatches
  • Classic Watches

Advice For Devising Watch Business Name Ideas for Used Watch Marketplace

If you plan to sell used watches, you can use words that signal the condition of your product. Some expensive watches, although old, are meant to be collectibles. However, second-hand watches are also intended to be worn daily and are much cheaper. 

Some name ideas for you:

  • Telling Time
  • Time Told
  • Watch Watch
  • Which Watch
  • Time Watch
  • Watchful Wrist
  • Watchful Eyes
  • Watch Wish
  • Helping Hands
  • Watch World
  • Ticking Time
  • Time Side
  • Right On Time
  • In Time
  • Plenty Of Time
  • Watcher
  • Evertime
  • Timeless
  • BearWatch
  • Clocksy
  • Oclock
  • Timevo
  • TimeO
  • Chronomile
  • ClockFox
  • ExClock
  • Timeshift
  • King of Time
  • BrilliantClock
  • AquaWatch
  • Pivot
  • Crest
  • Xmen
  • Feud
  • Acid
  • Bolt
  • Sognare
  • Storm
  • Consenso
  • Crux
  • Coast
  • Flash
  • Risen
  • Volcano
  • Valor

Best Real-World Watch Business Names

Swiss Emporium

How Swiss Emporium Got Its Name
Swiss Emporium is a chic store in Melbourne that sells premium watch brands like TAG Heuer, Rolex, and Omega. The Swiss are regarded as some of the best artisans. Many of the best watch brands are made in Switzerland. Meanwhile, an emporium simply means a boutique or store.

Why Swiss Emporium Is A Great Watch Business Name
This business name exudes luxury and exclusivity since many premium watch brands are from Switzerland. Furthermore, emporium is a word that compliments it well since it indicates the diversity of products you can find here.

Watch Depot, Inc.

How Watch Depot, Inc. Got Its Name
This watch repair shop is a newly opened business in Chicago. It has garnered quite the following from local enthusiasts because of the quality of its services. While the sound might sound a bit generic, its name is unique within the area.

Why Watch Depot, Inc. Is A Great Watch Business Name
At first, the watch business name might sound simple. However, upon closer inspection, it’s pretty clever. The name is short, easy to remember, and doesn’t take long to type or write on a piece of paper.

Watch Parts 24

How Watch Parts 24 Got Its Name
This store sells watch accessories and other replaceable parts online and at a few outlets. You can even find watch attachments from some of the luxury brands worldwide. The store’s name is self-explanatory, and the inclusion of the number 24 indicates that they operate every hour of the day.

Why Watch Parts 24 Is A Great Watch Business Name
Watch Parts 24 is an awesome name because it’s direct and doesn’t contain fancy words or jargon. Hence, people can easily understand what they sell and immediately filter out if they are the company’s target market.

Most Successful Watch Business Names


How Rolex Hot Got Its Name
When people think of luxury watches, Rolex is often the first thing that pops into their heads. Wearing one of their timepieces is a status symbol in most parts of the world. There are many theories as to how Rolex got its name. According to some, its founders got it from a French phrase that roughly translates to “hoROLogical EXcellence.” They wanted it shorter, so they settled for Rolex.

Why Rolex Is A Great Watch Business Name
Rolex is a splendid watch name because it’s almost onomatopoeic and almost sounds like a watch being wound. Furthermore, it’s a two-syllable word that is easy to pronounce and remember. The x sound at the end is also unique.


How Omega Hot Got Its Name
Omega is another well-known premium watch brand worn by affluent and famous personalities. A century ago, the company that produced these watches was Louis Brandt et Frères. Omega at that time was just one of their 19 caliber watch models. However, its owners changed its name because of the Omega models’ popularity.

Why Omega Is A Great Watch Business Name
The brand name ticks all the boxes of a great watch business name. It’s short and is easy to pronounce. The omega is the 24th and last letter of their alphabet in Latin. Omega also works well with branding since it has a different brand logo equivalent to its Latin letter.


How G-Shock Hot Got Its Name
Japanese watchmaker Casio manufactures G-Shock watches. Unlike premium Casio watch models, G-shock is more durable and designed to withstand the elements. Its designer Kikuo Ibe wanted a watch that won’t break even when dropped. He comes with the name G-Shock, wherein the G stands for gravity.

Why G-Shock Is A Great Watch Business Name
Ironically, the brand name has a lot of “shock” value. It’s also brief, easy to pronounce, and sticks to the mind of its customers. There is also quite an energetic vibe whenever you speak the brand’s name. Furthermore, the brand sounds modern and even futuristic.

Tips For Creating Your Watch Business Name

Utilize Words That Pertains To Time

Whether you are using a premium or budget-friendly watch, both have the primary function of telling time. Using words related to time can help customers identify what you are offering just by the store name alone. Words like “seconds” and “now” are also quite effective since they implicate urgency. 

Other watch-related terms you can use include timepiece, clock, and ticker. If you specialize in a specific type of watch, such as a digital watch or pocket watch, you can also use them.  Furthermore, you can also add words like “chrono” to create a unique watch business name. For example, you can name it Chrono Crocs, a cross between the popular video game and casual footwear.  

Get Inspiration From Popular Media

Watches have been featured in many films, TV shows, and other popular media. Some of the most popular ones are worn by the film’s protagonist or the show’s host. For example, the Rolex Datejust was prominently worn by Bret Easton Ellis’ character in American Psycho. You can use the watch’s name and tweak it a little, so it becomes more relevant.  

However, the most exciting watches are those treated as  MacGuffin. Every character in the movie is fighting to get this object. For example, the Lancet Trench watch in Pulp Fiction acted as one of the plot devices of this hit Quentin Tarantino movie. 

Think of Other Variations Of The Word Watch

As you would expect from this niche, many companies and establishments already use the word watch. Hence, you may want to use a variation of the word watch so you can differentiate from other watch shops in your area. 

The watch terms you can use are timepiece, ticker, chronometer, and portable timer. While you can use the word clock, make sure you sell this item in your shop. Otherwise, don’t use it on your store name as it can lead to some confusion among your potential clients. 

Be Brief Your Watch Business Name

Longer store names are often difficult to remember. Hence, limit your store name to three or fewer words. If your business relies on word of mouth, it’s best to use a brief watch business name to ensure it sticks to the mind of your customers. 

Furthermore, you can use words that evoke emotions. Since watches are made to tell time, you can choose words centered around urgency and the temporal nature of things.  Time Flies and Now Watch are two great examples of short but impactful business names. 

Shorter Syllable Words Are Preferable 

It’s preferable to stick with three-syllable terms or less when naming your Watch business. They’re easy to memorize and read. As a result, even if it’s been a few days or weeks since they encountered your store or product, your customers will be able to recollect them readily.

Furthermore, the store name should ideally be no more than three words long, as it requires brevity for rapid recall. If you’re going to add a person’s name to a store name, make sure it’s brief and distinct.


It can be challenging to develop a name for your watch company, especially if you want something memorable that your customers will remember. If you are struggling, use the free BizNameWiz Name Generator to make your business name ideation faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are making a watch brand, choose short words or phrases. Not only will it help people remember it consistently, but it also helps with putting your brand name into your product. Most watches have minimal space to set the brand name, so you need to be crafty with the name for it to fit.

You can use the web search tool of your browser. Type in the business name and determine if the search produced similar results. Furthermore, you can go to your city’s business registrar and inquire if the name you want to put into your business already exists or not.

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